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Page 104 - Treaty, two mixed Courts of Justice, formed of an equal number of individuals of the two nations, named for this purpose by their respective Sovereigns.
Page 205 - Government which shall conceive itself to be wronged thereby shall be entitled to demand reparation; and in such case the Government to which such commanding officer may belong, binds itself to cause inquiry to be made into the subject of the complaint, and to inflict upon the said officer a punishment proportioned to any wilful transgression which he may be proved to have committed.
Page 74 - Who, after having communicated to each other their respective full powers, and found them to be in good and due form, have agreed upon and concluded the following Articles : — ARTICLE I.
Page 104 - ... being made larger, than requisite for the use of the crew of the vessel as a merchant vessel; or more than one boiler, or other cooking apparatus, of the ordinary size.
Page 107 - Ship, the Latitude and Longitude of the Place' where the Detention shall have taken place: and the Number of Slaves found on board of the Vessel at the Time of the Detention.
Page 82 - Netherlands; and the two Governments, at the period of the exchange of the ratifications of the present Treaty, shall declare, each for its own dominions, in what places the Courts shall respectively reside. Each of the two high Contracting Parties reserving to itself the right of...
Page 209 - The commander of any ship of the two navies, duly authorized as aforesaid, who may detain any merchant-vessel in pursuance of the tenor of the present Instructions, shall leave on board the vessel so detained, the master, the mate or boatswain, and two or three, at least, of the crew; the whole of the negroes, if any, and all the cargo.
Page 108 - The expenses incurred by the officer charged with the reception, maintenance, and care of the detained vessel, negroes, and cargo, and with the execution of the sentence, and all disbursements occasioned by bringing a vessel to adjudication, shall, in case of condemnation, be defrayed from the funds arising...
Page 108 - The final sentence shall not in any case be delayed beyond the period of two months, either on account of the absence of witnesses or for any other cause, except upon the application of any of the parties interested...
Page 106 - Treaty, the search shall be conducted with the courtesy and consideration which ought to be observed between allied and friendly nations; and the search shall, in all cases, be made by an officer holding a rank not lower than that of Lieutenant in the...

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