Disease and Its Causes

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Health Research Books, 1998 - Diseases - 112 pages
Selections from the book How to Live Forever. This book tells of the degeneration of man since the time of Eve. it shows a path to a simple life following the rules of God to attain a healthy lifestyle.

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Generally the medical industry and more specifically the pharmaceutical industry have used humans as their lab rates for going on two centuries now. They have added nothing to the quality of life except a long line of guinea pigs who, while seeming to live longer, actual are living shorter and less healthier lives. Popping doctor prescribed pills that only sustain disease but do nothing to eleviate it!
This small treatise gives a spiritual view of just how many people have unwillingly and in many cases willingly given their lives and the lives of their loved ones to an industry that is merciless and unforgiving. In 2009 there third leading cause of death in America was ADR (Adverse Drug Reactions). I am not speaking about illegal drugs or even mis-diagnosed instances, I am addressing the cases wherein physicians who "practice medicine" have prescribed medicine to patients without considering the underlying situation, family history, allergies or even lifestyle. The effects have resulted in over 140,000 deaths in the U.S. (2009) attributed to ADR's. This ranks as number three in all categories for non-violent deaths, behind Heart Desease and Cancer.
If Boeing or Airbus, GM, Toyota, Honda, Nissan, etc. had that many deaths in one year there would be a moratorium on flights and driving.
The book "Disease and It's Causes" proves that the practice of medicine is just that... a practice and humans are the sheets of paper waiting to be balled up and thrown in the waste basket when things go wrong, with the next person in line being used like an artist's sketch paper. Each person raising their hands saying "pick-me, pick-me!"
Hopefully, someone will read this book and mass produce it and give it to every American. Unfortunately, few Americans care enough about themselves to read. If it is not on the T.V. it won't be read.
I recommend this book highly.

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Ellen Gould Harmon White, born Ellen Harmon in 1827, is one of the founders of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She was believed by some within the Church to be a prophetess, and White herself claimed that she was the messenger of the Lord. White's writings, which includes books, articles and essays, often related to her many visions, total over 100,000 pages. Many of her writings are of interest primarily to Adventists and religious readers, but her Conflict of the Ages Series is of mass appeal. White died on July 16, 1915.

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