Ancient Spanish Ballads: Historical and Romantic

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Charles Card Smith
Whittemore, Niles, and Hall, 1856 - Ballads and songs, Spanish - 151 pages

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Page 107 - My ear-rings! my ear-rings! he'll say they should have been, Not of pearl and of silver, but of gold and glittering sheen, Of jasper and of onyx, and of diamond shining clear, Changing to the changing light, with radiance insincere — That changeful mind unchanging gems are not befitting well — Thus will he think — and what to say, alas! I cannot tell.
Page 107 - My ear-rings ! my ear-rings ! they were pearls in silver set, That when my Moor was far away, I ne'er should him forget ; That I ne'er to other tongue should list, nor smile on other's tale, But remember he my lips had kissed, pure as those ear-rings pale. When he comes back, and hears that I have dropped them in the well, Oh ! what will Muca think of me, I cannot, cannot tell...
Page 63 - Then comes the bride Ximena — the King he holds her hand ; And the Queen, and, all in fur and pall, the nobles of the land ; All down the street the ears of wheat are round Ximena flying, But the King lifts off her bosom sweet whatever there is lying.
Page xix - O, for a blast of that dread horn, On Fontarabian echoes borne, That to King Charles did come, When Rowland brave, and Olivier, And every paladin and peer, On Roncesvalles died...
Page 108 - A tower is fallen, a star is set. Alas! alas for Celin!" Three times they knock, three times they cry, and wide the doors they throw; Dejectedly they enter, and mournfully they go; In gloomy lines they mustering stand beneath the hollow porch, Each horseman grasping in his hand a black and flaming torch; Wet is each eye as they go by, and all around is wailing, For all have heard the misery. "Alas! alas for Celin...
Page 38 - Seize! seize him!" loud the king doth scream; "There are a thousand here; Let his foul blood this instant stream! — What! caitiffs, do ye fear? Seize! seize the traitor!" — But not one to move a finger dareth, Bernardo standeth by the throne, and calm his sword he bareth.
Page 60 - To the good King Fernando, in Burgos where he lay, Came then Ximena Gomez, and thus to him did say ; — ' I am Don Gomez' daughter, in Gormaz Count was he ; Him slew Rodrigo of Bivar in battle valiantly.
Page 138 - Ye mariners of Spain, Bend strongly on your oars, And bring my love again, For he lies among the Moors. n. " Ye galleys fairly built, Like castles on the sea, O great will be your guilt, If ye bring him not to me.
Page 98 - ... cavern drear ; Down — down like driving hail they come, and horse and horsemen die Like cattle whose despair is dumb when the fierce lightnings fly. Alonzo, with a handful more, escapes into the field, There, like a lion, stands at bay, in vain besought to yield ; A thousand foes around are seen, but none draws near to fight ; Afar, with bolt and javelin, they pierce the steadfast knight.
Page 36 - God ! is the Count of Saldana indeed coming?' — ' Look where he is,' replied the cruel King, ' and now go and greet him whom you have so long desired to see.

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