Annals of Philosophy, Or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts, Volume 15

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Thomas Thomson
Robert Baldwin, 1820 - Agriculture

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Page 193 - Moses only ; that those laws were written by the finger of God on two tables of stone ; that when Moses brought...
Page 266 - In vain shall all the mathematicians in the world tell me, that I perceive certain lines and angles which introduce into my mind the various ideas of distance ; so long as I myself am conscious of no such thing.
Page 449 - At this meeting a paper was also read, on the Mode of Formation of the Canal for containing the Spinal Marrow, and on the Form of the Fins, if they deserve that name, of the Proteosaurus, by Sir E. Home.
Page 163 - Also, a specimen of an attempt to analyse the air by a great Variety of Chymiostatical Experiments, which were read at several meetings before the Royal Society.
Page 257 - ... that the quantity of vapour capable of entering into the air increases in a greater ratio than the temperature; and hence he fairly infers, that whenever two volumes of air of different temperatures are mixed together, each being previously saturated with vapour, a precipitation of a portion of vapour must ensue, in consequence of the mean temperature not being able to support the mean quantity of vapour.
Page 47 - That this deviation varies with the dip of the needle, the position of the compass, and the direction of the ship's head. It increases and diminishes with the dip, and vanishes at the magnetic equator. It is a maximum when the ship's course is W. or E., and it is proportional to the sines of the angles between the ship's head and the magnetic meridian.
Page 259 - The whole quantity of water in the atmosphere in January is usually about three inches, as appears from the dew point, which is then about 32░. Now the force of vapour at that temperature is 0'2 of an inch of mercury, which is equal to 2-8 or three inches of water. The dew point in July is usually about 58░...
Page 206 - When the plates come out of the pickle, they are put into pure water, and scoured in it with hemp and sand, to remove any remaining oxide or rust of iron that may be still attached to them, for wherever there is a particle of rust, or even dust upon them, there the tin will not fix ; and they are then put into fresh water to be there preserved for the process of tinning. The design of putting the plates into pure water, after they come out of the sours, is to prevent their becoming again oxidated...
Page 370 - Generally, when the disorder proved fatal in this stage, the tongue, from being cream-coloured, became brown, and sometimes black, hard, and more deeply furred ; the teeth and lips were covered with sordes, the state of the skin varied, chills alternating with...
Page 449 - The author stated, that, in the winter, he put a small quantity of the red globules composing the substance in question, into a phial filled with compressed snow, which was placed in the open air, in a north-west exposure. A thaw coming on, the snow was found melted ; and the water being poured off, more snow was added. In two days, the mass of fungi was observed to be raised in little pyramids, which gradually increased in height, occupying the cells of the mass of ice. A thaw now continued for...

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