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his inseparable companion. Jesus, especially according to St. John - eternal life-the light shining in darkness—the love of the only. begotten,-these are the foundations on which his inward soul rests --from which he derives the calm and joyful peace so necessary for those in his position.

"A Hindoo doctor was baptized in September, after an acquaintance with us of only two months, because, in that short time, he became so thoroughly acquainted with the word, which he read day and night, both alone and to his relations, that the moment he was enabled to break through his earthly ties we were constrained to receive him into full fellowship. He has out-grown our other Christians in his hunger and thirst after the unadulterated word. *** His wife has nobly followed him, learned to read since her baptism, and knows already many Psalms by heart.

Also the Tamil youth, whom I mentioned last year as being prevented by his father from reading the Scriptures, has not been able to shake off the impressions received from them. He has believed in the Lord Jesus, and was baptized in December; yet he is not bound up with the word in the way in which the abovementioned are, by whose instrumentality, to the praise of God be it said, a spirit of more diligent and independent study of the Scriptures has been diffused among the older converts."

The Rev. Mr. Hobbs writes

“I have no time to enlarge on the benefits resulting from the circulation of the Scriptures. It is the means in the hands of its Divine Author of converting and sanctifying the soul in this country, as well as elsewhere, and its effects are visible in the amendment of life and godly conversation of numbers amongst our people. If I could not get Bibles to give to our youths, I would break up my schools, and, like the Roman Catholics about these parts, discourage education rather than promote it. Faith and experience convince me, that the reading of the word of God is generally the only means of changing the mere nominal convert into the contrite, sincere, and consistent disciple of the Lord.”

The Rev. J. M. Lechler writes

“The benefits resulting from the distribution of the word of life are incalculable. The sacred Scriptures are the living principle of our Schools, and of all those who enjoy Christian instruction in connexion with the Salem Mission : without them, nothing could be done. I take this opportunity to return my warmest thanks to the Committee of the Madras Auxiliary Bible Society for the liberal aid they have hitherto afforded us. All in connexion with us are desired to learn to read the word of God for themselves; and during the past year

we had several additions to our Bible classes. Among these is a man who very lately cast in his lot with the Christians. He was convinced of the sinfulness of idolatry, and the truth of Christianity, by reading the Bible. He possesses several portions of Scripture, which he considers his most valuable property; and he says he shall consider himself a debtor to the Bible Society, until he has in a measure made restitution for their invaluable gifts.”


Gen. xxviii. 10—22.
Here, (as the place where Jacob trod,)
The sacred, solemn“ house of God,”

A sweet repose I take :
Hard though my pilgrim couch may be,
If here his angel's visit me,

Adoring I awake.
Refreshed and strengthened for my road,
I leave awhile this blest abode,

To shew and do his will.
The“ ladder' of his Word doth prove
A constant pathway of his love,

For, “ Thou art with me still!”
If hence my faith can pierce on high,
What glories stream from yonder sky!

This, this “the gate of heaven."
Jesus the living “way" appears,
His promise soothes my groundless fears-

His Word to sinners given.

The spring has passed, with all her flowers,

And summer too has fled;
And the golden leaves of autumn's bowers

Are fallen now and dead;
And winter's winds are moaning drear,

Among the leafless trees,
As if the farewell of the year

Came sighing on the breeze,

The parting year and wintry wind

Both tell a solemn tale,
That we are journeying, sure and fast,

Onward to death's dark vale.
Then let us pardon seek from him,

(Who will the contrite bless,)
For every hour of wasted time,

And all our sins confess.
Entreating, for the Saviour's sake,

That he will keep us still,
In all we seek or undertake,

To do his holy will.
Then shall our path be like the light

That shines to perfect day;
And till our faith is lost in sight,

God be our guide and stay.

WHAT IS YOUR LIFE ? “Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is

your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away."'-JAMES iv. 14.

What is life? A passing vapour,

Short, uncertain in its stay;
Fitful as a flickering taper,

Borne, like withered leaves, away :
Thoughts and boasts presumptuous banish,
Ere to-morrow life may vanish.
What is life ? A pilgrim's travel

To his last, abiding home;
Where all mysteries unravel,

Where man meets his final doom :
Journey on, like watchful strangers
Passing through a land of dangers.
What is life? 'Tis to the wicked

But the seed-time of their woem
They will reap eternal anguish,

From the seed that here they sow :
Flee their awful condemnation ;
Seek, oh! seek, the great salvation !

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SCRIPTURAL DIFFICULTIES. DEAR SIR,-If you think proper, I should feel much obliged by your allowing the following question to appear in the “Teacher's Visitor," and by your supplying an appropriate answer. How are these two declarations to be reconciled ?

Acts ix. 7.—“Stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man,"

Acts xxii. 9.-—"Saw indeed the light, but heard not the voice of him that spake unto me.” Respectfully yours,

R. F. S. I have been induced to propose this, from an opinion that Sunday-school Teachers ought to be prepared wisely to meet objec. tions which infidelity may oppose to the reception of the holy Scriptures.

Sometimes, indeed, their scholars will put questions of this char. acter, and then they feel the need of giving an appropriate reply.

Bath, September 19, 1845.

SUBJECTS FOR SCRIPTURE PROOFS. Dear SIR,- In teaching a class of children it is a plan very com. monly pursued to set them a subject, and encourage them to find texts from Scripture to prove it; but perhaps many, as well as my. self, have found a difficulty sometimes in selecting suitable subjects. It is not very easy to keep clear of concordances and marginal references, and so to put the question that the children may be obliged to search the Scriptures for themselves in order to find the texts required. It might be a help, then, if teachers so occupied were occasionally to compare notes, and furnish one another with subjects which they have used in their own classes ; and your excellent periodical (if you would allow us to do so) would furnish us with the best means of making an exchange, which might be found mutually advantageous. By way of beginning, I send a few subjects that have been used in my own class, and hope in return, if you approve the plan, to derive benefit from those which may be furnished by others.- I am, Sir, your obedient servant, C. C.

The Christian loves what God commands.
Pleasantness of true religion.
Duty of searching the Scriptures.
God only can enable us to understand the Scriptures.
The door of mercy will one day be shut.
Shortness and uncertainty of life.
“Grace” used for “God's good will towards us."
4 Grace" used for “God's good work in us."

Examples of prayers not immediately answered, or not in the way expected.

Man's wicked actions overruled for God's glory.
Christ while on earth knew all things.
Christians are not to seek to exalt themselves.
The evils of tale-bearing.
The true Christian loves the house of God.
Duty of supporting missions.
Duty of forgiving injuries.
Duty of confessing our sins to God, and our faults to each other.
We should pray for our minister.
Nine different Simons are mentioned in the Bible. Where?
Instances of our Saviour's praying for others.
“Justify” meaning “to make righteous.”
“ Justify” meaning “to pronounce or shew to be righteous."

Encouragements to prayer from every book in the Bible. (This may be given in parts, and a list will be found in the “Friendly Visitor" for June last.)

Examples of resisting the Spirit.
Figures representing the union of Christ to believers... .
Union of believers with each other.
We must practise what we know. .. one s,

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