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English & Foreign Theology,





At the very moderate Price affixed to each Article,



Catalogues, Is 6d (allowed to Purchasers of 11 10s), may be had

at the Pluce of Sale; of Messrs. Scatcherd & Co. Ave Maria
Lane, London; and may be seen at most of the Principal

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... Part II, intended for Publication, will consist of a large Collection in Antiquities, Nutural and General History, Books of Prints, Greek and Roman Classics, &c. &c. comprising many Thousand Volumes.

Prompt payment and a liberal price given for Libraries of any

extent, or small Parcels of Buoks.

24 JAN 1958




... 1650

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21 10s ..:

FOLIO. 1 AINSWORTH'S Annotations on the Pentateuch, Psalms, aud Canticles, half bound, neat, 18s....

1027 2 Another, urry neal, il is

1627 3 Andrews's (Bp ) Exposition of the Commandments, portrait,

neat, 0.5 4 Annotations on the Old and New Testament, by the Assembly of Divines. 2 vol. very neat, il 168 ..

1657 5 Arnald on ihe Book of Wisdom, boards, 3s 6d ... 1744 6 Arnald on the Apocrypha. complete, the front margin injured

by damp, but not to affect the letter press, binding neat, very siarce, 11 4s

1744 * Altersoll's Commentary on Philemon, neat, 6s 6d 1633 8 Austin's Godly and Learned Meditations, 3s

1637 9 Apother, a trifle wormed, portrait and frontispiece by Glover, neut, gilt leadps. 65....

1635 10 Another, with frontispiece, neatly hf. bd. in morocco, 6s 1637 11 Barrow's (Dr.) Works, by Tillotson, 3 vol. portrait, neat,

...... 1683 12 Bates's (Dr. W.) Works, best edit, portrait, neat, 1178 1723 13 Another, portrait, fine copy, russia back and parchment sides, very neat, 11 43

1700 14 Baster's Practical Works, 4 vol. fine copy, very scárce, 101 10s ..

1707 16 Baxter's Catholic Tbeology, 178 ....

1675 16 Another, portrait, very neat, il Is...

1675 17 Beard's Theatre of God's Judgment against all Notorious Sinners, scarce, 7s 6d ...

...... 1648 18 Blome's Hist. of the Old and New Testaments, with upwards

of CCLX plates, rojal paper, in old blue morocco, gilt · leuves, neat, 21 108......

1705 19 Beveridge's (Bp.) Works, 2 vol. port. fine copy, 21 12s 60 1729 20 Beaumont's Lore's Mystery, in twenty-four Cantos, displaying

the Intercoorse betwixt Christ and the Soul, fair copy. 88'....

1702 21 Apother, portrait, neut, Is...

1703 22 Bernard's Thesaurus Biblicas, with all the Marginal Readings

throughout the Bible, best edition, meat, 125. ...... 1851 * Anotber, fine portrait by Hollar, neatly half bound, 143 164

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24 Bible, the Old Testament and Apocrypha only, with Marginal

Notes, fine large clear type, neat, 11 4s Camb. Buck. 25 Bible, with Apoc. Com. Prayer, Psalms, and Genealogies,

ruled with red lines, in old blue morocco, gilt leaves, 21 4s ....

Norton & Bill. 1629 26 Bible, with Apoc. and Marginal Notes, a fine clear large type,

ruled with red lines, large paper, neatly bound in old blue morocco, 31 38

Buck & Daniel. 1638 27 Bible, with Apoc. Genealogies, and Marginal Notes, black

Jetter, a few leaves supplied from another Edition, and the last 7 Chap. in Revelations wanting, well bound in rough calf, 12s 60 .....

.. Barker. 1611 28 Bible and Apoc. only, with Genealogies and Marginal Notes,

black letter, a good copy, neat, 128 .........ib. 1644 29 Bible, Test, and Apoc. with Marginal Notes, black letter,

illustrated with numerous wood cuts, by V. Solis, of Nurimberg, neat, in blue morocco, the two first leaves mended, scarce, 21 2s

1602 Printed by Barker, Printer to the Queen's most excellent Majesty, 30 Bible, Test. and A poc. with Marginal Notes and Indes, clear

type, well bound in calf, 11 4s.... .... Basket. 1760 31 Bible, Testament, and Apoc. with Index, Marginal Notes.

and Plates by Stort, neatly bound in brown calf, a very scarce edition, 31 13s 6d

Basket. 1723 32 Bible, Test. and A poc. not divided into verses, black letter,

some leaves mended, but has the two scarce frontispieces, in the original binding, with brass clasps and corner pieces, RARE, 31 3s...

Grafton. 1540 33 Bible and Testament, with Explanatory and Practical Notes,

abridged from the Rev. M. Henry, numerous plates, very

neat, (sells 51 7s) only 21 18s 34 Bible (History of the) by Stackhouse, numerous plates, 2 vol. best edition, neat, 21 12s 6d .....

1752 35 Birckbeck's Protestant's Evidence; shewing that divers

worthy Guides of God's Church have, in Nine Articles, * taught as the Church of England now doth, neat and scarce, los 6d

1657 36 Bolton's Dead Saint speaking to Saints and Sinners living, neat and scarce, 8s 6d

1657 37 Boys's (Joho) Works, frontispiece by Payne, 6s .... 1629 38 Boys's (James) Exposition of the XXXIX Articles, half bound, 2s 6d

1716 39 Brent's History of the Cooucil of Trent, from the Italian of

Father Paol, best edition, with his Life, and History of the
Inquisition, neat, 10s 6d

1676 40 Broughton's (Hugh) Works, neat, 16s

1662 41 Burgess's (Anthony) Doctrine of Original Sin, Asserted and Vindicated, neat, 7s 6d......

1650 42 Burkitt's Expository Notes on the New Test. ncat, 18s 1796 43 Another, a trifle stained, portrait, calf, neut,,ll is, &.. 1707


.... 1724

44 Another, numerous plates, handsomely bound, 11 18s 1762 45 Burtret (Bp.) on the XXXIX Articles, 8s

1609 45° Another, 7s 6d

1700 46 Another, with neat MS. Notes on the blauk leaf by R. Gould, . with his Autograph, fine copy, 9s.....

.. 1705 47 Burnet's History of his own Times, 2 vol. large paper, half

bound in russia, 21 12s 6d......... 48 Burnet's History of the Reformation, 2 vol. portraits, neat, Il 10s ....

1670 49 Another, 3 vol. portraits, neat, 41 4s

1681 50 Burnei's Hist. of the Reformation abridged, neatly half bound, uncut, 155

1737 61 Byfield on the three first Chapters of the 1st of Peter, 8s 1637 62 Another, half bound, neat, 9s....

1037 63 Byfield on ihe Colossians, calf back, parchment sides, very neat, 8s

1637 54 Calvin on Isaiah, wants title, very neat and scarce, 165 55 Calvin's Institution of the Christian Religion, by Norton, scarce, 158 ...

1634 56 Another, the Rev. A. Fuller's copy, with Autograph, very neat, 18s

1634 57 Cambridge Concordance to the Holy Script. neat, 10s 6d 1672 58 Another, best edition, fine copy, very neat, 18s........ 1720 59 Causio's Holy Court, treating of the Lives of the most Illus

trious Courtiers, taken out of the Old and New Testament, í

5 vol. in 1, portraits, title a trifle torn, 9s G0 Another, with frontispiece, very neat, 14s

• 1650 61 Collier's Ecclesiastical History of Great Britain, from the first

Planting of Christianity, to the end of the Reign of Charles

II. 2 vol. fine frontispiece, neat, 11 18s .. .. 1708 62 Caves Lives, Acts, and Martyrdoms of the Apostles and Pri

mitive Fathers, 2 vol. in 1, portraits, neat, 12s... 1681-2 63 Cave's Acts, Death, and Writings of the Fathers of the

Chorch, frontispiece of the Council of Nice sitting, and cuts, neat, 7s 60...

1683 64 Charnock on the Attributes, fine copy, very neat, 1l 1s.. 1682 65 Charpock's Works, 2 vol. thick paper, fair and neat, 31 1684 “ In Charnock you will have substantial Divinity, and of the right

sort.”—Mather's Preacher. 66 Clarke's Annotations on the Old and New Testaments, withi

Parallel Scriptures, neat and scarce, 1l 10s........ 1690 67 Clarkson's (Darid) Sermons and Discourses, !| 10s.... 1696 08 Claud on the Doctrive of the Eucharist in all Ages, Touching

the Belief of the Greek, Muscorite, Armenian, Cop!ic, and other Eastern Churches, with the frontispiece, file copy, very neat, 73

1684 69 Common Prayer, with Psalms, the short Service, fine clear

type, ruled with red lines, neat, 6s .. Buck & Daniel. 1638 70 Cotton's Concordance to the Bible, a little stained, half bound, neat and scarce, 6s


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