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21. Saltern (G.) Of the Antient Lawes of Great Britaine. (86) pp. 4to. John Jaggard.

1605 22. Sharp (G.) Account of the ancient division of the English

nation into Hundreds and Tithings. An appendix to several Tracts on National Defence, etc. 370 pp. 8vo.


23. Stubbs (W.) Lectures on Early English History. Edited by A. Hassall. 8vo.

1906 Contains (pp. 37-133) a full account of the law books of the Norman

period, also a full and valuable comment on Leges Henrici Primi. 24. Summary View of the Feudal Law, with the differences of

the Scots Law from it: together with a Dictionary of the select Terms of the Scots and English Law, by way of appendix. [By J. Dundas.] (6) + 156 pp. 16mo. Edinburgh.

1710 25. Vinogradoff (Paul Gavrülich]) Villainage in England;

([ essays in English Mediaeval History. xii + 464 pp. 8vo. Oxford.

1892 26. Vinogradoff (Sir P.) Outlines of Historical Jurisprudence. Vol. 1, Tribal Law. 8vo.

1920 27. Wilkins (D.) Leges Anglo-Saxonicæ Ecclesiasticæ &

Civiles, accedunt Leges Edvardi Latina, Guilielmi Conquestoris Gallo-Normannicæ, et Henrici I. Latinæ ; subjungitur Henr. Spelmanni Codex Legum Veterum Statutorum Regni Angliæ, quæ ab ingressu Guilielmi I. usque ad annum nonum Henr. III. edita sunt. Præmittitur Dissertatio Epistolaris admodum Guilielmi Nicolsoni de Jure Feudali leterum Saxonum. (16) + xyiv + 434 + (18) pp. Fol.

1721 As a monument of industry, this edition is very creditable to Dr. Wilkins; at the same time it must be acknowledged by everyone competent to judge, that, as a translator of Anglo-Saxon, he not unfrequently betrays an ignorance even of its first principles, that is perfectly

astounding.”—THORPE, Ancient Laus, xxi. 28. Yeatman (J. Pym), Sitwell (Sir G. R.), and Foljambe

(C. J. S.) Feudal History of the County of Derby, chiefly during the 11th, 12th, and 13th Centuries. 2 vols. 8vo.

1886 This work comprises the Dorresday Book translated, The Pipe Rolls for Derbyshire and Notts. (in English), Lost Certificates and Knights. Tees for Derbyshire and Notts., and the Testa de Nevil (in English) for Derbyshire and Notts.

in addition to the four feudal sources mentioned above, there are also printed here :- The Red Book of the Exchequer; The Baronies of the Earl of Ferrars, of Ralf Hansein, of Roger de Buron, of Hascuil Musard, of R. de Chauz, of Hubert fil Kalf, of Ralf fil William ; The Honour of Peveril, The Certificate of Wm. Briwere, The Corpus Comitatus (Derby and Notts.), Kirby's Quest, A Scutage of 4 Edward II., A Return of Tenants who ought to be knighted, The Scutage 30 Edward I., Book of Aids (Edward III.), Muster Roll 21 Ed. III., The Scutage 13 Henry IV., List of Knights Fees 6 Henry VI., The Feodary of Tutbury, Ashford-inthe-Water Court Rolls.

29. Zezas (S. G.) Essai historique sur la législation d’Angleterre jusqu'au xii siècle. 8vo. Paris.


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See also ch. i., s. iv., 29.
Bacon (F.) Charge of Sir F. B. touching duells, upon an

information in the Star Chamber against Priest &
Wright. With the decree of the Star Chamber upon
the same cause. Ito.


37 pp.

2. Gibson (W. S.) Some Ancient Modes of Trial, especially the Ordeals of Water, Fire, and other Judicia Dei. 4to.

1818 'From Archæologia, vol. 32, pp. 263-297." 3. Gilchrist (J. P.) Origin and History of Ordeals, Trials by

Battle, Courts of Chivalry or Honour, and the decision of private quarrels by Single Combat, also a register of the principal duels from the accession of His late Majesty [George III.). xliii + 346 pp. 8vo. 1821

Superseded by H. ('. Lea's Superstition and Force." 4. Hurry (J. B.) Trial by Combat of Henry de Essex and

Robert de Montfort at Reading Abbey. (2) + 32 pp.
Front. 8vo.


5. Lea (H. C.) Superstition and Force; Essays on the Wager

of Law, the Wager of Battle, the Ordeal, Torture. 1st edit., Philadelphia, 1866; 3rd edit., 552 pp., 8vo., Philadelphia, 1878; 4th edit., 8vo.

1892 6. Patetta (F.) Le ordalie. 8vo. Turin.

1830 · Valuable; the best account of ordeals."--Gross, S. E. H. 7. Selden (J.) Duello, or single combat: from antiquity

defined into England, with the forms and ceremonies thereof. 4to.

1610 And in Hearre's Curious Discourses, and also in his works, vol. iii.


Neilson (G.) Trial by Combat. xvi + 348 pp.

12mo. Glasgow

1890 · The author naturally gives most of his attention to Scottish antiquities, but he throws a good light on matters common to Scotland and England or even wholly English. He brings out with great clearn ss the distinction between the Anglo-Norman judicial duel as we find it in Bracton and the Year Books and the chivalrous duel imported from France in the fourteenth century."-6 L. Q. R. 225.

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Aronius (J.) Diplomatische Studien über die älteren

angelsächsischen Urkunden. 8vo. Königsberg. 1883 This work criticises Kemble's Codex and analyses the structure of the charters.

2. Attenborough (F. L.) Laws of the Earliest English Kings.

Edited and translated. xii + 256 pp. 8vo. 1922 The Kentish Laws-Laws of Ine and Alfred - Treaties with the Danes ---Laws of Edward the Elder and Athelstan-- Appendixes-Notes.


Chadwick (H. 1.) Studies on Anglo-Saxon Institutions. xiii + 422 pp. 8vo. Cambridge.

1905 Monetary System-Social System- Earl-Danelagh-Administrative System— Tribal Hidage_Constitution of the National Council-Funetions of the National Council-Tenure of Land-Origin of Nobility History of older Counties.


Cook (A. S.) Extracts from the Anglo-Saxon Laws. 8vo.
New York.



Discourse on the Bookland and Folkland of the Saxons ;

wherein the nature of those kinds of estates is explained and the notion of them advanced by Sir John Dalrymple in his essay on Feudal Property examined and confuted. Reyner Heckford.] viii + 54 pp. 12mo. Cambridge.



Dreyer (J. C. H.) De usu genuino juris Anglo-Saxonici in

( explicando jure Cimbrico et Saxonico liber singularis. 4to. Kilonii.



Dunkin (A. J.) Corpus Juris Cantici: The Dooms or the
Saxon Laws of Kent. 39 pp. 8vo.

n.d. Only 12 copies privately printed.

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8. Earle (J.) Hand-Book to the Land-Charters and other Saxonic documents. cxi

+ (2) + 519 pp. 12mo. Oxford.

1888 “ It is not only the land law of the Anglo-Saxons that these charters illustrate. They convey other things besides land. They illustrate all parts of Anglo-Saxon law and history. They show the law actually at

work."—Holdsworth, H. E. L. ii., 15-21. 9. Elton (C. I.) Origins of English History. 8vo.

1882; 1890 Includes a description of Anglo-Saxon law. 10. Essays in Anglo-Saxon Law. xii + 392 pp. 8vo. Boston, Mass.

1876 Contents :--Anglo-Saxon Courts of Law, by Henry Adams; AngloSaxon Land-Law, by H C. Lodge; Anglo-Saxon Family Law, by Ernest Young; Anglo-Saxon Legal Procedure, by J. L. Laughlin; Appendix :

Select Cases in Anglo-Saxon Law. 11. Facsimiles of Ancient Charters in the British Museum. Edited by P. A. Bond. 144 facsimiles. 4 vols. Fol.

1873-78 Autotype facsimiles of all the Saxon Charters then in the British

Museum. 12. Facsimiles of Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts. Edited by E. A. Bond. 3 parts.

Fol. (Ordnance Survey Office.) Southampton.

1878-84 13. Halifax and its Gibbet Law placed in a true light [by Samuel

Midgley). (6) + 174 pp., 16mo., 1708; (4) + 95 pp., pl., 16mo., Halifax, 1761; (6) +92 pp., pl., 8vo., Bingley,

1888 (a reprint from the 1708 edition). An instance of Anglo-Saxon procedure which survived until the middle of the seventeenth century and throts light on the nature of trial by

jury in its earliest form. 14. Hazeltine (H. D.). Zur Geschichte der Eheschliessung nach Angelsächsischem Recht. 38 pp. 8vo. Berlin.

1905 Sonder-Abdruck aus der Festgabe für Bernhard Hübler." Hermann (E.) Die Ständegliederung beiden Sachsen und Angelsachsen. 8vo. Breslau.

1894 Folkland and Bocland are dealt with in an appendix. 16. Heywood (Serj.) Dissertation upon the distinctions in

Society and Ranks of the People under the Anglo-Saxon
Governments. 8vo.

1818 17. Kemble (J. M.) The Saxons in England. 2 vols. 8vo.

2 .

1849 Cited by Mr. Gomme as an authority on the history of the shire.

18. Kemble (J. M.) Codex Diplomaticus Aevi Saxonici [Chartz

Anglo-Saxonicæ]. 6 vols. 8vo. (English Historical

1839-48 A collection of most of the existing Anglo-Saxon charters from the earliest times to the Norman Conquest, including a large number of private legal documents, conveyances of lands, or land boks as they were called, leases, wills and so forth.

19. Kolderup-Rosenvinge (J. L. A.) Legum Regis Canuti

Magni quas Anglis olim dedit versionem antiquam Latinam ex codice Colbertino variantibus lectionibus atque observationibus additis, cum textu Anglo-Saxonico. (2) + xii + 120 pp. 8vo. Hauniæ.

1826 * These are a comprehensive code designed for the Saxons and the Danes. Cnut was the last great legislator of the Anglo-Saxon Kings. To this cause we owe the two Latin versions of (nut's laws--thie Consiliatio Cnuti and the Instituta Onuti-which were made after the Conquest. The Quadripartitus gave the greatest prominence to Cnut's law."-Holdsworth, H. E. L. ii. 10.

20. Lambarde (W.) 'Apxalovouia, sive de priscis Anglorum

legibus libri, sermone Anglico, vetustate antiquissimo, aliquot abhinc seculis conscripti, nunc demum e tenebris in lucem vocati. Anglo-Saxon and Latin. (18) + 141+ (2) fol. 4to. Day.

1568 A collection of the Anglo-Saxon laws. " Lambarde's text resembles no manuscript at present to be found in the library of Corpus Christi College, and with regard to the locality of the other manuscripts used by him, he leaves us in a state of perfect ignorance, not however to be regretted, as their manifest worthlessness, in comparison with the existing manuscripts, reduces every question concerning them to one of pure

curiosity.”—THORPE, Ancient Laws, xx. 21.

Same. Another edition. (16) + 226 + (9) pp. Fol. Cantab.

1644 * The editor was Abraham Whelock, who added to it the laws of William the Conqueror, those of Henry the First, the Canons of Edgar, and those of Alfric. From its greater comprehensiveness, as well as from his corrections of Lambarde's style, his work is by far preferable

to that of his predecessor."-THORPE, Ancient Laws, xx. 22. Lappenberg (J. M.) History of England under the AngloSaxon Kings.

Translated from the German by B. Thorpe. 2 vols. 8vo.

1815 Includes an account of the Anglo-Saxon laws. 23. Leo (H.) Rectitudines singularum personarum, nebst e.

Abhandlung ii bäuerliche, etc. Verhältnisse d. Angelsachsen. 8vo. Halle.


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Liebermann (F.) Die Gesetze der Angelsachsen, Bd. 1,

Text und Uebersetzung, 4to., Halle a/S., 1903; Bd. 2,

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