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edited by Count Beugnot; texte critique avec une introduction, etc. 2 vols., 8vo., Paris


1899-1900 This treatise of Beaumanoir is so systematical and complete, and throws so much light upon our ancient common law, that it cannot be too much recommended to the perusal of the Engli- antiquary, historian, or lawyer."'--Barrington, Obs. Stats.

Beaumanoir compiled these laws about the year 1283.

3. Berrault. Coutumes de Normandie. 2nd edit. 4to.


4. Caillemer (M.) Le Droit Civil dans les Provinces anglo

normandes au xije Siècle. 72 pp., Paris, 1883; 810., Caen.

1884 5. Carte (S.) Catalogue des Rolles Gascons, Normans, et

Francois, Conservées dans les Archives de la Tour de Londres, tiré d'après celui du garde des dits Archives, et contenant le précis et le sommaire de tous les titres qui s'y trouvent concernant la Guienne, la Normandie, et les autres provinces de France sujettes autrefois aux Rois d'Angleterre. 2 vols. Paris.

1743 6. De Gruchy (W. L.) L'Ancienne Coutume de Normandie.

Réimpression éditée et légèrement annotée. 8vo.

1881 Gives both the Tatin and French text. 7. Delisle. Recueil de jugements de l'echiquier de Normandie au xiiime siècle. Paris.

1864 A collection of judgments delivered in the assizes between 1234 and 1237 will be found in Warnkönig's Französische Staats- und Rechts

geschichte, vol. 2, Urkundenbuch, pp. 48-69. 8. Grand Coustumier du pays et duchie de Normendie. Editions:

Fol., n.p., n.d. Rouen, ca., 1483]; 4to., Rouen, Le Forestier, n.d. [ca., 1494] ; fol., Caen, Hostingue, 1510; fol., Rouen, pour Ingier, 1515; 8vo., Rouen, pour Macé, n.d.; fol., Rouen, pour Regnault, 1.523; fol., Paris, par Regnault, 1534; 8vo., Rouen, pour Gaultier, 1534; fol., Rouen, Leroux, 1539; 8vo., Rouen, l'etit, 1552; 8vo., Rouen, Le Mesgisser.

1578. Sce also Nos. 3, 6, 11, 21. 9. Grand Coustumier du pays et duché de Normendie; avec

plusieurs additions, allegations et concordances tant du droi et canon que civil, composées par maistre Guillaume le Rouille, d'Alençon. Fol. Rouen.

1534; 1539 Included in these two editions are the Jugements de la Mer.

For a full account of the different editions, see Pannier, Ruines de la Coutume de Normandie, 2nd ed., 1856.

The Grand Coustumier is generally supposed to have been compiled about the year 1270, but Count Beugnet places its composition about 1180. The customary laws were reformed towards the end of the 16th century. The ancient customary laws of Normandy are still the main laws which govern the Channel Islands.

* This book does not only contain many of the ancienter laws of Normandy, but most plainly it contains those laws and customs which were in use here in the time of King Henry II., Richard I., and King

John."--Hale, Hist. Com. Law, cb. 6. 10. Haskins (C. H.) Norman Institutions. XV + 377 pp. 8vo.

(Harvard Historical Studies, 24). Cambridge, Mass. 1918

A study of the institutions of Normandy considered particularly in the light of their influence on the constitutional development of England.

Includes a chapter on the early Norman jury. 11. Houard (D.) Dictionnaire Analytique, Historique, Etymolo

gique, Critique et Interpretatif de la Coutume de Normandie. 4 vols. 4to. Rouen.

1780-82 A dictionary and digest of the autumier, and also a biographical account of the lawyers of Normandy. In the fourth volue there is a very old (13th century) Coutumier of Normandy in about 11,500 verses.

12. Le Cacheux (P.) Actes de la chancellerie d'Henri VI. con

cernant la Normandie sous la domination anglaise (142214:35) et extraits des regi-tres du Trésor des Chartes aux Archives nationales, avec une introduction et des notes. 2 vols. 8vo. XX + 405 et 130 pp. Paris. 1907; 1908

Société de l'histoire de Normandie.

13. Luchaire. Institutions monarchiques de la France sous les premiers Capétiens.

1883 11. Manuel des Institutions françaises.


15. Pardessus (J. M.) Mémoire sur l'Origine du droit Coutumier en France. Ito. Paris.


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16. Petrie (H) Great Roll of the Exchequer of Normandy for the year 1184 (in Latin). 12 pp. Ito.

1830 17. Poingdestre (Jean) Les commentaires l'ancienne Coutume de Normandie. 4to. Jersey.

1907 18. Rotuli Normanniæ in Turri Londinensi asservati Johanne et

Henrico Quinto 11200-5; 1417). Edited by T. D. Hardy.
Vol. 1. Ito.


19. Steenstrup. Inledning i Normannertiden. Copenhagen.

376 The anthor gave a French translation of this in the Bulletin de la Société des Antiquaires de Normandie, vol. 10, p. 185, under the title Etudes préliminaires pour servir à l'histoire de; Norman'is.

20. Stapleton (T.) Magni Rotuli Scaccarii Normanniæ sub

Regibus Angliæ. ccxxxvii + cccxxx + 575 pp. 2 vols. 8vo.

1840-4 These rolls were reprinted in Mémoires de la Société des Antiquaires de

Normandie, vol. 15. 21. Tardif (E. J.) Coutumiers de Normandie.

Coutumiers de Normandie. Textes critiques publiés avec notes et éclaircissements. Tome I., Première partie: Le très ancien Coutumier de Normandie. Texte latin, 8vo., Rouen, 1871, xcvi + 132 pp., 8vo., Paris, 1881. Deuxième partie: Le

très ancien Coutumier de Normandie. Textes français et normand. ( + 143 pp., 8vo., Paris, 1903. Tome II.: Summa de Legibus Normanicæ in curia laicali. 8vo., Paris, 1904.

(Société de l'Histoire de Normandie.) 22.

Les Auteurs présumés du Grand Coutumier de Normandie. 8vo. Paris.

1885 23. Terrien (G.) Commentaires du Droict Civil tant public que

privé, observé au pays et Duché de Normandie. Folio. Paris.

1574; 1578; 1654 The Commentary of Terrien may be reasonably regarded as the best evidence of the old custom of Normandy, and also of the Channel Islands before the separation of Normandy from the English Crown.”—Per Lord Westbury, L. R. 3 P. C. 136.

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Sect. IV.-CARTULARIES. See also sects. ii. and iii., supra, Ecelesiastical Records, ch. vi., sect. v., and Cities and Boroughs, ch. xv.

The Cartularies and the Manorial Extents, and the Court Rolls, give us two most important sources of law for the thirteenth and following centuries. The Cartularies contain documents and legal proceedings the muniments of title of the possessions of the great landowners. The Extents describe the actual condition of their manors. Both the Cartu. laries and Extents give us practical illustrations of the working of the law. They stand to an abstract exposition of the law in the same relation as a decided case or an abstract of title stands to such an exposi. tion at the present day. They let us see the actual working of the agricultural system and the manorial organization; and some knowledge of the actual fields is needed if we are to understand aright the legal doctrines relating to them."-Holdsworth, Hist. ii., 273.

* The great usefulness of the Leiger Books and other Monastic Records is so apparent to any man that has had the least acquaintance with them, that I need not insist on so known a subject. The most eminent of our historians are visibly indebted to them for their chief materials; and 'tis from hence that they are enabled to clear the Tenures of Estates, the ancient Customs of Counties, Cities and great Towns. . They have always been allowed as good evidence in our Courts of Judicature. Nicholson, Engl. Hist. Lib.

** The legal proceedings of the Saxons were transacted at the County Court, and were sent to the chartulary of some adjacent monastery to be registered."'--Calendar of Irish Patent Rolls, v. 1, p. x.

1. Anderson (J.) Selectus Diplomatum et Numismatum

Scotiæ Thesaurus.
A collection of ancient charters. A short notice of this rare work

will be found in Nicolas on the Public Records, pp. 120-122. 2. Atkinson (J. C.) Coucher Book of Furness Abbey 2 vols.

in 6 parts. 4to. (Chetham Society, new series, vols. 9, 11, 14, 74, 76.) Manchester,

1886-1918 A very considerable portion consists of pleadings in law suits in the 13th and 14th centuries. It contains also numerous charters relating to

the possessions of the monastery and much correlative matter. 3.

Cartularium Abbatiæ de Whiteby, fundatæ 1078. 2 vols. (Surtees Society, vols. 69, 72.)

1879-81 4.

Cartularium Abbathiæ de Rievalle ordinis Cisterciensis fundatæ 1132. 8vo. (Surtees Society, vol. 83).

1889 5. Banks (R. W.) Cartularium Prioratus S. Johannis Evangelistæ de Brecon. 8vo. (Cambrian Association.)

1881 Bates (E. H.) Cartularies of Muchelney and Athelney. 4to. (Somerset Record Society, vol. 14.)

1899 7. Batten (E. C.) Charters of the Priory of Beauly, with

notices of the Priories of Pluscardine and Ardchattan. 8vo. (Grampian Club.) Edinburgh.

1877 8. Birch (W. de G.) Cartularium Saxonicum; a Collection of

Charters relating to Anglo-Saxon History, A.D. 430-976. 4 vols. 1to.

1885-99 Includes a number of documents not in kemble's Codex. 9. Brown (W.) Cartularium Prioratus de Gyseburne, Ebor.

dioceseos, ordinis S. Augustini, fundati 1119. 2 vols. 8vo. (Surtees Society, vols. 86, 89.)

1889-94 Brownbill (J.) Ledger-Book of Vale Royal Abbey. xvi + 259 pp.

8vo. (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. 68.)

1914 Part 2 of the Ledger Book contains an account of the various legal proceedings, pleas, etc., in which the Abbey was involved, and includes

the customs of Darnhall and Over. 11. Canterbury. Translation of the several Charters, etc., granted to Canterbury. 8vo.

1791 12. Cartulary of Mynchin Buckland. 4to. (Somerset Record Society, vol. 24.)

1909 13. Charters of Inchaffray Abbey, 1190-1609. 8vo.

8vo. (Scottish History Society.)


14. Charters of the Abbey of Crosraguel. 2 vols. 4to. (Ayr

shire and Galloway Archæological Association.) 1886 15. Chartularies of Balmerius and Lindores. 4to.

(Abbotsford Club.)

1841 16. Chartulary of Coldstream. (Grampian Club.) 17. Chartulary of Lindores Abbey, 1195-1479. 8vo. (Scottish History Society.)

1903 18. Chertsey Abbey Cartularies. 8vo. (Surrey Record Society.)

1916. In course of publication.
19. Coucher Book of Furness Abbey. Edited by J. C. Atkinson.

(Chetham Society, N.S., vols. 9, 11, 14, 74, 76, 78.)
2 vols. in 6 parts. 4to.

1886-1919 20. Coucher Book of Whalley Abbey. 4 vols. 4to.

4 vols. 4to. (Chetham Society, vols. 10, 11, 16, 20.)

1847-49 21. Coucher Book of the Abbey of Kirkstall. 8vo. (Thoresby Society, vol. 8.)

1894 22. Crawley-Boevey (A. W.) Cartulary and historical notes of

the Cistercian Abbey of Flaxley. 4to. Exeter. 1887 23. Davies (J. S.) The Tropenell Cartulary. 2 vols. 8vo. (Wiltshire Arch. Society.)

1908 24. Dowden (J.) Chartulary of Lindores Abbey, 1195-1479. 8vo.

1903 25. Duckett (Sir G. F.) Charters and Records among the

Archives of the Ancient Abbey of Cluni, 1077-1534.
2 vols. 8vo.

1888 26. Edwards (E.) Liber Monasterii de Hyda. 8vo. (Rolls Series.)

1866 This comprises a chronicle of affairs and a Chartulary of the Abbey from 455 to 1023. There is also a translation by J. Stevenson. 8vo.

27. Farrer (W) Chartulary of Cockersand Abbey of the Pre-

monstratensian Order, transcribed and edited. 3 vols.
in 7 parts. 4to. (Chetham Society, N.S., vols. 38, 39,

40, 43, 56, 57, 64.)

1898-1909 28. Farrington (E.) Charters of St. Albans. 8vo.

1813 29. Fowler (J. T.) Chartularium Abbathiæ de Novo Monas

terio, ordinis Cisterciensis, fundatæ 1137. xxi + 340 pp.
8vo. (Surtees Society Publications, 66.)


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