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One of the crimes laid to Cowell's charge was his vilifying the laws of England, and endeavouring to expose Littleton's Tenures; whereas, in truth, all that could justly be charged on him (as to this particular) was only a modest recital of Hottoman's Raillery and Objections; under the word Littleton." But this, together with Coke's proverbial hatred of the civilians, was enough to excite his deep and continued animosity towards Cowell, who, chiefly through Coke's influence, was thrown into prison, threatened to be hanged, and his Interpreter was suppressed by a royal proclamation and publicly burned; "for which the Commons returned thanks with great joy at their victory."

The edition of 1637 is purged from the objectional passages. The Interpreter, by Thomas Manley, in 1672, and by several anonymous editors since that time, has been considerably enlarged. Selden and other writers of, and since, his time have freely used the work, and previous to Jacobs' it was the best existing Law Dictionary. 'With the exception of the prerogative doctrines in Cowell's Interpreter, it is a useful work, and is an excellent glossary to Coke, Littleton, and the old law books, and will be found of considerable utility to a modern student of English law and antiquities." 1 Hall, Const. His. 444; Eunomus, 126; Biog. Brit., art. Cowell; 1 Kent's Com., 508; Gregor's Fortescue, Pref. 17; 3 Nic. Hist. Lib. 177; 2 L. M. 513; Marvin's Leg. Bib.; 149 L. T. 435.

15. Davies (J.) Antiquae linguae Britannicae, nunc vulgo dictae Cambro-Britannicae, et linguae Latinae dictionarium duplex. Fol.


16. Du Cange (Ch. Dufresne, Seigneur.) Glossarium ad Scriptores Media and Infimæ Latinitatis. 3 vols., fol., Paris, 1678; 2 vols., fol., Lugduni, 1688; 3 vols., fol., Frankfort, 1681 and 1710; 6 vols., fol., Venice, 1736; 6 vols., fol., Paris, 1733-36; 6 vols. in 3, Basle, 1762; Carpentier's Supplement, 4 vols., fol., Paris, 1766; with Carpentier's Supplement, 7 vols., 4to., Paris, 1840-50; Supplement (Latin-German), by L. Diefenbach, 4to., Frankfort, 1857. This learned work comprehends the terms used by Bracton, Glanvil. and our older law writers, and explains words omitted by Spelman, and in our English dictionaries. An abridgment of Du Cange and Carpentier, by J. C. Adelung, was published in 6 vols., 8vo., Halle, 1772; 2nd edit., 1784.


Exposition of certaine difficult and obscure wordes, and terms of the lawes of this Realm, newly set forth and aug mented, in French and English; [by John Rastell. With the olde Tenures. Tottell, 1563; 1567; 1572; 1575; (4) + 211 fol., 24mo. [London], Tottell [1579]; Tottell, 1592; augmented (4)+ 192 fol., 16mo., London, Assignee of Yetsweirt, 1595; (4) + 196 fol., 24mo., London, 1602, 1607; (4) + 196 fol., 24mo., London, 1609; (4) + 196 fol., 24mo., London, 1615; (4) + 196 fol., 16mo., London, 1618. For other editions, see


18. Expositiones Terminorum Legum Anglorum. Et Natura Brevium cum diversis casibus. (8) + ciii fol.


(J. Rastell), 1527; fol., J. Rastell, n.d.; 12mo., R. Wyer, For later editions, see RASTELL, J.

1527. 19. [François (J.)] Dictionnaire Roman, Walton, Celtique et Tudesque, pour servir à l'intelligence des anciennes loix

et contrats, des chartes, etc., écrits en langue Romance ou langue Françoise ancienne. 4to. Bouillon. 1777 19a. Godefroy. Dictionnaire de l'ancienne langue française et de tous les dialectes du ixe au xve siècle. 10 vol. Paris.

1880-1902 Halliwell (J. O.) Dictionary of Archaic and Provincial Words, Obsolete Phrases, Proverbs, and Ancient Customs, from the 14th century. 2 vols., xxvi + 960 pp., 8vo., 1847; 5th edit., 2 vols., xxxvi + 960 pp. 8vo. 1901 21. Herne (J.) Law of Conveyances; with an exposition of divers obscure words and termes of law used in ancient records, etc. 8vo. 1656; 1658 22. Jacob (G.) Law Dictionary; explaining the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the English Law, etc. Fol., 1729; 1732; 1736; 1739; 1744; 1750; 1756; 1762; 1772; 1782; enlarged by Tomlins, 2 vols., 4to., 1797; 2 vols., 8vo., 1809; 2 vols., 4to., 1820; 2 vols., 4to., 1835; 3 vols., 8vo., Philadelphia. 1836

23. Jenkinson (H.) Palæography and the Practical Study of Court Hand. (8) + 37 pp.; plates, large 4to. 1915 Johnson (C.) and Jenkinson (H.) English Court Hand, 1066 to 1500. Illustrated chiefly from Public Records. Vol. 1, text, 8vo.; vol. 2, plates, 1. fol. 1915

25. Kelham (R.) Dictionary of the Norman or Old French Language, [with] the Laws of William the Conqueror, notes, and references. viii+ 259 + xii + 88 pp. 8vo.

"Incomplete and unscholarly."-GROSS, S. E. H.


26. Lacombe (F). Dictionnaire du Vieux Langage françois : contenant aussi la Langue Romance ou Frovençale et la Normande, du neuvième au quinzième siècle, pour faciliter l'intelligence des Loix, des Usages, des Coutumes et des Actes Publics, nécessaire pour l'intelligence des lois d'Angleterre publiques en François depuis Guillaume le Conquérant jusqu'à Edouard III. 2 vols., 8vo. Paris.



Langlois (E. H.) Essai sur la calligraphie des manuscrits du moyen-age. 8vo. Rouen. 1841 Law-French Dictionary. To which is added the Law Latin Dictionary, being an alphabetical collection of such LawLatin Words as are found in several authentic manuscripts and printed books of precedents, with a more accurate exposition of the terms of the Common Law than any hitherto extant. Collected by F. O. 12mo., 1701; corrected and enlarged, 8vo.


The Law-French Dictionary is French-English, but the Law-Latin Dictionary is English-Latin.

29. Leigh] (E.) Philologicall Commentary: or, Illustration of the most Obvious and Usefull Words in the Law, with their distinctions and diverse acceptations as they are found as well in reports ancient and modern as in records and memorials never printed. (14) + 237 + (8) pp. 12mo. 1651; 1652; 1658

30. Lewis (T.) Glossary of Medieval Welsh Law. Based on the Black Book of Chirk. xxi + 304 pp. 8vo. 1913 Littleton (A.) Latin Dictionary, in four parts. 5th edit.,




One part contains Law-Latin words.


Lye (E.) Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum; accedunt Fragmenta versionis Ulphilanæ necnon opuscula quædam Anglo-Saxonica. Edidit O. Manning. 2 tom. Not paged. Fol.


33. Martin (C. T.) Record Interpreter; a collection of Abbreviations, Latin Words and Names in English historical manuscripts and records. ix + 341 pp. 8vo.

1892; 1910

34. Meriton (G.) Nomenclatura Clericalis; or Young Clerk's Vocabulary in English and Latin, containing several hundred English words rendered into Latin not elsewhere to be found, with precedents, etc. (2) + v + v + 474 pp. 12mo.

35. Metivier (G.) Dictionnaire Franco-Normand. 8vo.



Jena. 1870

Minsheu (J.) The Guide into Tongues, viz., English, High Dutch, Low Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, etc. Also the Exposition of the Termes of the Lawes of this Land drawne from their original the Saxon and Norman Tongues, with a description of

the Magistrates' Offices and Officers and Titles of Digni-
ties. 18+ 543 pp., fol., 1617; 4 pp. + 760 col.

1625; 1626; 1627
Minsheu was a teacher of languages in London. His Lexicography
was the first book published in England by subscription.

37. Prou (M.) Manuel de Paléographie.

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Shows us how a Year-Book should be read."-Selden Soc., v. 17,


38. [Rastell (J.)] Exposicions of the termes of the lawes of England, with divers propre rules and principles of the lawe as well out of the books of Maister Littleton as of other gathered both in French and English [by John Rastell]; with the Olde Tenures [Edited by William Rastell. 24mo., Tottell, 1563; (3) + 140+ (3) fol., Tottell, 1567; (3) + 138 + (2) fol., 24mo., Tottell, 1572; 24mo., Tottell, 1575; (4) + 211 fol., 24mo., Tottell, 1579; 24mo., Tottell, 1592; augmented, (4) + 192 fol., 16mo., Assignee of Yetsweirt, 1595. (This last edition and the following do not contain the Tenures). 24mo. 1602; 1607; 1609; 1615; 1618 (all (4)+ 196 fol.).


Les Termes de la Ley; or, Certaine Difficult and
Obscure Words, and Termes of the Common Lawes of
this Realme expounded. Augmented, French and
English. (7) + 311 fol., 16mo., 1624; (7) + 311 fol.,
16mo., 1629; with addition of above 250 words, (8) +
302 fol., 16mo., 1636; (5) + 289 fol., 16mo., 1642; 16mo.,
1641; (7) + 271 fol., 16mo., 1659; corrected and en-
larged with addition of above 100 words, by T[homas]
Blount], (14) + 613 pp., 4to., 1667; 12mo., 1669; (16)
+ 613 pp., 16mo., 1671; with additions, (4) + 671
[667] pp., 4to., 1685; (3) + 556 pp., 4to., 1708; with
addition of many words, (4) + 592 pp., 12mo., 1721;
(4) +592 pp., 8vo., 1742; 1st Am. from Lond. edit. of
1721, iv + 391 pp., 8vo., Portland.

40. Saunders (W.) Ancient Handwritings.
Ancient Handwritings. A Manual for the
student of Diplomatic. 4to.


41. Scott (H. T.) and Davey (S.) Guide to the Collector of Historical Documents, Literary Manuscripts, Autograph Letters, etc., with an Index of Valuable Books of Reference where several thousand Facsimiles of Handwriting may be found for the verification of MSS.; also a new edition of Wright's Court Hand Restored. 4to.



42. Sheppard (W.) Epitome of all the Common and Statute Laws of this Nation in force; wherein more than 1,500 words or terms of the Law are explained. Published by his Highness's special command. (24) + 1131 pp. 4to. 1656; 1658


"This methodical Abridgment of both the laws, as well that called Common, as the Statute-Law (now in force), wherein I have at once perform'd two things, viz., My utmost ability in collecting the dispersed Cases and particular conclusions of law under the general entituling, my commanded duty in faithfully rendering them into English, according to the prescription of the Act of Parliament in that case provided."— Preface.

Universal Palæography, translated by 2 vols. 8vo.

Silvestre (J. B.)


44. Skene (Sir J.) De verborum significatione. The Exposition of the Termes and Difficil Wordes, conteined in the Foure Buikes of Regiam Majestatem; and uthers, in the Acts of Parliament, Infeftments, and used in practicque of this Realme, with diuerse rules and common places, or principalls of the Lawes. 139 pp. 4to. Edinburgh, Waldegrave, 1597. 4to., 1641; 1644; 1681. (Appended


to Bell, R. Dictionary of the Law of Scotland, vol. 2, 1808, 157 pp.; also to editions of 1815 and 1826, vol. 2, 146 pp.)

Skinner (S.) Etymologica expositio vocum forensium tum antiquarum et jam obsoletarum, tum recentium, et quæ adhuc in usu sunt, rejectis etiam hic quæ aperte Latinos natales agnoscunt (contained in Skinner's Etymologicon Anglicanum). Fol.


Somner (W.) Dictionarium Saxonico-Latino-Anglicum voces phrasesque præcipuas Anglo-Saxonicas cum Latino et Anglica vocum interpretatione complectens; accesserunt Elfrici Abbatis Grammatica Latino-Saxonica, cum glossario suo ejusdem generis. Not paged. Fol. Oxonii. 1659. (First published in folio 1652, annexed to Twisden, Decem Scriptores.)

Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum, Lexico magna parte auctius; operâ Thomæ Benson. Not paged. Pl. 8vo. Oxoniæ. 1701

48. Spelman (Sir H.) Archæologus. In modum Glossarii ad rem antiquam posteriorem continentis Latino-Barbara, peregrina, obsoleta et novata significationis vocabula, quæ in Ecclesiaticis profanisque scriptoribus legibus anti

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