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30. Fowler (J. T.) Coucher Book of Selby Abbey. To which is prefixed Historia Selebiensis Monasterii. 2 vols.

2 vols. 8vo. (Yorks. Arch. Soc.)

1891-93 31. Fraser (Sir W.) The Cartulary of Cambuskenneth. 4to.

1872 32. Gilbert (J. T.) Chartularies of St. Mary's Abbey, Dublin

(ca. 1170-1460), with the Register of its house at Dimbrody. 2 vols. 8vo.

8vo. (Rolls Series.) 1884-86 33. Hardwick (C.) Historia Monasterii St. Augustini Can

tuariensis; by Thomas of Elmham, formerly Monk and Treasurer of that Foundation. 8vo. (Published by the Record Commissioners.)

1858 Contains many valuable charters."— Bigelow, Placita, xlvii. 34. Hart (W. H.) Historia et Cartularium Monasterii Sancti

Petri Gloucestriæ. (Rolls Series.) 3 vols. 8vo. 1863 “ Contains valuable charters."-Bigelow, Placita, i.; vol. 3 contains

various judicial records. 35. Hart (W. H.) and Lyons (P. A.) Cartularium Monasterii de Rameseia. 3 vols.

3 vols. 8vo. (Rolls Series.) 1884-93 Contains charters, inquisitions, manorial extents, surveys of knights' fees, final concords, pleas in royal courts, etc., A.D. 974-1436. The material relating to manorial history is particularly va ble."-Gross,

S. E. H. 36. Heales (A.) Records of Merton Priory (founded in 1114). 4to.

1898 “ The author did not confine himself to the cartulary preserved in the British Museum, but went far afield in search of additional materials. The public records have been freely drawn on; the manuscripts at Lambeth and at the College of Arms have been consulted; the Bodleian Library with those of Oxford and Cambridge colleges have contributed to the collection; and the Winchester diocesan registers have yielded several

documents.' 37. Hearne (T., editor) Chronicon sive Annales Prioratus de

Dunstaple, una cum excerptis e chartulario ejusdem prioratus. 2 tom. 8vo. Oxonii.

1733 38.

Textus Roffensis: a Register or Chartulary of Rochester Cathedral. 8vo. Oxford.

1720 Written about the year 1120 by Ernulf, Bishop of Rochester: with later additions. Of great value. The MS. also contains the Lairs of

the Anglo-Saxon Kings."'-Bigelow. Placita, liv. 39.

Hemingi Chartularium Ecclesiæ Wigornensis. 2 vols. 8vo. Oxford.

1723 Heming was a monk of Worcester, temp. William I., William II., and Henry I. Contains many valuable charters of the 9th and 10th centuries. "-Bigelow, Placita, li.

Holmes (R.) Chartulary of St. John of Pontefract. 2 vols.

8vo. (Yorks. Arch. Soc., vols. 25 and 30.) 1899-1902 Hulton (W. A.) Coucher Book or Chartulary of Whalley

Abbey. 4 vols. 4to. (Chetham Society, vols. 10, 11, 16, 20.)

1846-49 42. Hunt (W.) Two Cartularies of the Priory of St. Peter at

Bath. 4to. (Somerset Record Society, vol. 7.) 1893 Innes (C.) Registrum de Dunfermelyn. Liber cartarum

abbatie benedictine S.S. Trinitatis de Dunfermelyn. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1842 44.

Liber cartarum Sancte Crucis. Munimenta ecclesie Sancte Crucis de Edwinesburg. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1840 45.

Liber cartarum prioratus Sancti Andree in Scotia. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1841 46.

Registrum S. Marie de Neubotle, 1140-1528. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1849 47.

Liber S. Thome de Aberbrothoc, 1178-1536. 2 vols. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1848-56 48.

Liber Insule Missarum. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1847 49.

Liber S. Marie de Calchou, 1113-1567. 2 vols. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.)

1846 50.

Liber Ecclesie de Scon. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh

1843 51. Jeayes (I.) The Rydewere chartulary. Edited by G. Wrottesley. 8vo.

1876 52. Jenkins (R. C.) Chartulary of the Monastery of Lyminge. Folkestone.

1836 53. Laing (D.) Registrum Domus de Soltre, necnon Ecclesie

Collegiate S. Trinitatis prope Edinburgh, etc. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1861 54. Lancaster (W. T.) Abstracts of the Charters and other

Documents contained in the Chartulary of Bridlington
Priory. 515 pp. 8vo.

1912 60 copies privately printed. 55. Lancaster (W. T.) and Baildon (W. P.) Coucher Book

of the Abbey of Kirkstall. 8vo. (Thoresby Society, vol. 8.)


56. Macray (W. D.) Charters of Selborne Priory. 8vo. (Hampshire Record Society.)



Chronicon Abbatiæ de Evesham ad annum 1418. 8vo. (Rolls Series.)

1863 * Contains but little relating to the Norman period, but this little

valuable."-Bigelow, Placita, 1. 58.

Chronicon Abbatiæ Ramesiensis. 8vo. (Rolls Series.)

1886 The chronicle extends from 924 to the end of the thirteenth century.

It contains many charters and throws much light on legal customs. 59.

Sarum Charters. 8vo. (Rolls Series.) 1891 60. Martin (M.

(M. T.) Percy Chartulary, 1167-1377. 8vo. (Surtees Society.)


61. Maxwell-Lyte (Sir H. C.) and Holmes (T. S.) Bruton

and Montacute Cartularies. 4to. (Somerset Record Society, vol. 7.)


Moore (S. A.) Cartularium Monasterii S. Johannis Bap

tista de Colecestria. 2 vols. (Roxburghe Club.) 1897 63. Page (W.) Chartulary of Brinkburn Priory. xvi + 224 pp. 8vo. (Surtees Society, vol. 90.)

1893 64. Phillipps (Sir Thomas) Cartæ Baroniæ de Kemeys in com. Pembroke. 30 pp.

1841 65. [Phillipps (Sir T.)] Cartularium S. Johannis Bapt. de Caermarthen. Cheltenham.


66. Raine (J.) Charters of Endowment, Inventories, and

Account Rolls of the Priory of Finchale, in the County of Durham, 1143-1535. (Surtees Society Publications, 6.)

1837 67. Registrum de Dunfermelyn. Liber Cartarum abbatie

benedictine S.S. Trinitatis et B. Margarete Regine de Dunfermelyn. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.


68. Registrum Monasterii S. Marie de Cambuskenneth. 4to. (Grampian Club.)

1872 69. Rogers (C.) Chartulary of the Cistercian Priory of Cold

stream, with relative documents. 8vo. (Grampian Club.)


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Round (J. H.) Ancient Charters, Royal and Private, prior

to 1200. Pt. I. xii + (2) + 133 pp. (Pipe Roll Society Publications, 10.) 4to.

1888 · Mr. Round has given us in a very useful shape an excellent collection of documents which serve to illustrate the history of conveyancing."

-5 L. Q. R. 435. 71. Royce (D.) Landbocsive Registrum Monasterii Beate

Mariæ Virginis et Sancti Cenhelmi de Winchelcumba. 2 vols., 798-1477. 8vo. Exoniæ.

1892-1903 72. Ryland (J. W.) Records of Wroxall Abbey and Manor. 8vo.

1903 Includes charters and court rolls. 73. Salter (H. E.) Cartulary of the Abbey of Eynsham. 2 vols. (Oxford Historical Society.)

1907-8 74.

Cartulary of the Hospital of St. John the Baptist. 3 vols. 8vo.


75. Salzman (L. T.) Chartulary of the Priory of St. Peter

at Sele. xxvii + 118 pp. 8vo. Cambridge. 1923

The Charters are translated into English. 76. Scargill-Bird (S. R.) Custumals of Battle Abbey, in the

reigns of Edward I. and II., 1283-1312. (4) + xlv + 166 pp.

8vo. (Camden Society Publications, N.S., 41.) 1887 77. Spottiswoode (J.) Liber S. Marie de Dryburgh. 4to. (Bannatyne Club.) Edinburgh.

1847 78. Stenton (F. M.) Transcripts of Charters relating to the

Gilbertine Houses of Sixle, Ormsby, Catley, Bullington,

and Alvingham. 8vo. (Lincoln Record Society.) 1922 79. Stevenson (J.) Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon. (Rolls Series.) 2 vols. 8vo.

1858 " The Chronicle consists mainly of charters, valuable, but rather loosely strung together; the second volume covering the period from the Norman Conquest to the reign of Richard I. Many of the Charters are

also printed in the Monasticon (Dugdale's)."-Bigelow, Placita, xlvi. 80. Tait (J.) Chartulary or Register of the Abbey of St.

Werburgh, Chester. 2 parts. 4to. (Chetham Society,
N.S., 79, 82.)

1920-23 81. Turner (G. J.) and Salter (H. E.) Register of St.

Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, commonly called the
Black Book. (British Academy.) 2 parts. 8vo. 1916-24

The second and smaller part of the register forms a collection of charters and other legal instruments by which the Abbey acquired various small properties after the Norman Conquest. The earlier part

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contains a rental and custumal of the chief estates of the Abbey, together with much additional matter, such as ordinations of vicarages, documents relating to ecclesiastical taxation and a few charters of various dates. This edition has for its main object the contribution of material for the elucidation of the legal and agrarian institutions of Kent."

Introduction. 82. Walker (J. W.) Abstracts of the Chartularies of the Priory

of Monkbretton. (Yorkshire Arch. Soc., vol. 66.) 1924 Warner (G. F.) and Ellis (H. J.) Facsimiles of Royal

and other Charters in the British Museum. Vol. 1. (William I.-Richard I.) (6) + iii + 101 + 19 pp. + 50 pls. Fol.

1903 Continues, in necessarily modified form, a work

begun in Facsimiles of Ancient Charters in the Museum.”- Preface. 84. Watson (W.) Historic Memorials of Coldstream Abbey, collected by a Delver in Antiquity. 8vo.

1850 Privately printed. It contains an English translation of the charters. 85. Weaver (F. W.) Cartulary of Mynchin Buckland Priory. 4to. (Somerset Record Society.)

1909 86. Wigram (S. R.) Cartulary of the Monastery of St. Fride

swide at Oxford. 2 vols. 8vo. (Oxford Historical Society.)

1895-96 Wordsworth (C.) The Fifteenth Century Cartulary of St.

Nicholas' Hospital, Salisbury, and other Records. 8vo. (Wiltshire Record Society.)

1902 Wrottesley (G.) Abstract of the Contents of the Burton

Chartulary. 101 pp. Contained in vol. 5, pt. 1 of the
William Salt Archæological Society. 8vo.



1. Bede (The Venerable) Historiæ Ecclesiasticæ Gentis

Anglorum Libri V, access. Anglo-Saxonicae Leges, etc.
Fol. Cantab.

1644 See also p. 123. 2. Chronicon Monasterii de Bello. (Anglia Christiana Society.) London.

1846 A history of the vicissitudes of the monastery founded by William the Conqueror at Senlac, in commemoration of his victory over Harold, extending to the year 1176. Of great value in legal history."-Bigelow, Placita, xlvii.

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