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W. Parish. xiv + (1) + xxviii + 138 pp. Map. Fol.

1886 51. Warwickshire. Domesday Book for the County of Warwick,

translated by W. Reader. XXX + 93 pp., 4to., Coventry,

1835; 2nd edit., viii + 38 pp., 4to., Warwick. [1879) 52. Wiltshire extracted from Domesday Book. To which is

added an English translation, by H. P. Wyndham. xlii + 535 pp. 8vo. Salisbury.

1788 53.

Domesday for Wiltshire, accompanied with Translations, Illustrative Notes, Analysis of Contents, and General Introduction, by W. H. Jones. lxxvii + 255 pp. 4to. Bath.

1865 54. Worcestershire. Literal Extension of the Latin Text; and

an English translation of Domesday Book in relation
to the County of Worcester. By W. B. Sanders. To
accompany the facsimile photo-zincographed copy. (4)
+ 50 pp.
Fol. Worcester.

1864 55. Yorkshire. [Gale (R.)] Registrum Honoris de Richmond, ,

exhibens Terrarum et Villarum quæ quondam fuerunt Edwini comitis infra Richmondshire descriptionem, ex Libro Domesday. Fol.

1722 56.

Skaife (R. H.) Translation of Domesday Book for Yorkshire. 8vo. Reprinted from Yorkshire Archæological Society's Journal, vols. 13 and 14.

Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds preserved in H.M.
Record Office. 6 vols.

1890 2. Calendars of Charters and Rolls in the Bodleian Library.


3. Calendar of the Lancashire Assize Rolls in the Public

Record Office, London ; transcribed by John Parker. 2 parts. (Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vols. 47, 49.)

1904-05 Hardy (Sir T. D.) Syllabus (in English) of the documents

relating to England and other kingdoms contained in “ Rymer's Fødera.” 2 vols. 4to. (Calendars of State Papers, vol. 1, 1066-1377; vol. 2, 1377-1654.) 1869-73 5. Index of Ancient Petitions of the Chancery and of the Exchequer preserved in the Public Record Office. Fol.

1892 6. Lancashire and Cheshire Records in the Public Record

Office, London ; edited by W. D. Selby. 2 parts. 8vo.
(Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vols. 7, 8.)

1882-3 7. List and Index of Admiralty Records in H.M. Record Office. Vol. 1. Fol.


8. List and Index of Court Rolls in the Public Record Office.
Part I.



List and Index of Placita de Banco, 1327-28. 2 parts. Fol.


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10. List of Plea Rolls of Various Courts in Public Record Office, fol., 1894. Revised edition, 8vo.

1910 List and Index of Proceedings in the Court of Requests in the Public Record Office. Vol. 1. 8vo.



12. Index of Proceedings in the Court of Star Chamber in the

Public Record Office. Vol. 1, 1485-1558. 8vo. 1901 13. William Salt Archæological Society. Collections for a History of Staffordshire. 8vo.

1881 (current) This series includes Pipe Rolls, Cartularies, Plea Rolls, Final Con

cords, Hundred Rolls, De Banco and Coram Rege Rolls, etc.
14. Rotuli Selecti ad Res Anglicas et Hibernicas spectantes

ex Archivis in Domo Capitulari Westm. deprompti.
Edited by J. Hunter. 8vo.


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Sect. 1.-GENERAL. 1. Adams (G. B.) Constitutional History of England. x + 518 pp. 8vo. [L.S.A.]

[1921] 2.

The Origin of the English Constitution. 378 pp. 8vo. New Haven. London.

1912 A study by the Yale Professor of History, embodying matter which appeared in the American Historical Review and the English Historical Review, the purposes of which is to point out the feudal origin of the English Constitution—the transition in fundamental principle being

effected by Magna Charta. 3.

and Stephens (W. M.) Select Documents of English Constitutional History. + 555 pp. 8vo. New York.

1901 4. Ascham (A.) Discourse; wherein is examined what is

particularly lawfull during the Confusions and Revolutions of Government, or how farre a man may lawfully conforme to the Powers and Commands of those who hold Kingdomes divided by Civill or Forreigne Warres; likewise whether the nature of Warre be inconsistent with the nature of the Christian Religion. (24) + 143 pp., 16mo., 1618; 16mo.

1619 5. [Atwood (W.)] Jani Anglorum facies Nova: or, Several

Monuments of Antiquity touching the Great Councils of the Kingdom, and the Court of the King's immediate Tenants and Officers, from the first of William the First to the forty-ninth of Henry the Third, reviv'd and cleard. (2) + 266 pp. 12mo. London.

1680 Written in reply to Pettyt's Ancient Rights of the Commons.

Reviewed in Brady, R., Jani Anglorum facies Antiqua. 6.

Jus Anglorum ab Antiquo: or, Confutation of an Impotent Libel against the Government by Kings, Lords, and Commons, under pretence of answering Mr. Petyt and the author of Jani Anglorum facies Nova, with a speech according to the answerer's principles made for the Parliament at Oxford. [By William Atwood.] (35) + 224 + (1) + 27 pp. 4to.

1681 7. Bacon (Sir F.) History of the Reign of Henry VII. 248 pp., fol., 1622, 1629, 1641, 1676 ; 8vo.

1881 It contains a careful note of all the legislation of the reign, it shews the diplomatic and international law developments of the Tudor period, and it discusses the value of “ Sovereignty.

Bacon's summary of the legal and constitutional changes of Henry VII. is masterly; it is even more complete within the narrow

compass--than that of any successor. 8.

(X.) Historical Discourse of the Uniformity of the Government of England, from the First Times till the End of the Reigne of Queene Elizabeth, 2 vols., 4to., 1647-51; 2 parts in 1 vol., fol., 1689 (each part has title page dated 1682); 2 parts in 1 vol., fol., 1739 ; 2 parts in 1 vol., fol.

1760 This work is highly praised by the Earl of Chatham in his Letters to his Nephew. It was secretly reprinted in 1672 and in 1682, for which

editions the publishers were prosecuted. 9. Betham (Sir W.) Origin and History of the Constitution

of England, and of the early parliaments of Ireland. 8vo. Dublin.

1834 10. Boutmy (E.) Développement de la constitution et de la

société politique en Angleterre. 8vo., Paris, 1887;

translated by I. M. Eaden, xvii + 212 pp., 8vo. 1891 11. Bowen (F.) Documents of the Constitution of England

and America, from Magna Charta to the Federal Constitution of 1789. vii + 142 pp. 8vo. Cambridge.

1854 12. Brief Enquiry into the Ancient Constitution and Govern

ment of England, as well in respect of the Administration as Succession thereof; by a True Lover of his Country. (10) + 101 pp. 16mo.

1695 13. Brodie (G.) Constitutional History of the British Empire

from the Accession of Charles I. to the Restoration. 3 vols. 8vo.

1866 14. Büdinger (M.) Vorlesungen über Englische Verfassungsgeschichte. X X + 341 pp. 8vo. Wien.

1880 15. Chaloner (T.) Tractatus de Republica Anglorum instauranda libri decem. 4to.

Pr. by T. Vautrollier.

1579 See a further description of this very curious book in Ames, v. ii. 1070.

379 pp.


[Cock (C. G.)] English-Law; or, Summary Survey of the

Houshold of God on earth, and that both before and under the Law, and that both of Moses and Jesus, with an essay of Christian Government. Under the regiment of our Lord and King. (20) + 194 + (1) pp. 4to.


17. (Cotton (Sir R. B.)] The Forme of Governement of the

Kingdome of England. . Wherein is manifested the customary uses of the Kings of England upon all occasions, either of Marriage, Peace or Warre, to (all their Peeres and Barons of the Realme to be bartners [sic] in Treatizes, and to give their juditious advice. 4to.

1642 18. Creasy (Sir E. S.) Rise and Progress of the English

Constitution. 8vo., 1853 ; 4th edit., xii + 400 pp., 18.58; 7th edit., 8vo., 1862 ; 14th edit., 8vo.


19. Crompton (R.) The Mansion of Magnanimitie. Wherein

is shewed the acts of sundry English Kings, etc., in defence of their countrie, etc. Whereunto is also adjoyned a collection of diverse lawes and statutes, etc., with a briefe table shewing what munition ought to be kept by all sorts of her Majestie's subjects for the defence of her realmes. 4to.

1599 20.

Short declaration of the ende of traytors, etc., and of the duetie of subjects to their souueraigne. Wherein are also breefely touched sundry offences of the S. Queene cômitted against the crowne of this land, and the manner of the honorable proceding for

her conviction thereof, etc. 4to. Charlewood. 1587 21. [De Lolme (J. L.)] Rise and Progress of the English

Constitution ; with historical and legal introduction and notes by A. J. Stephens. 2 vols. clxxxi + (2) +

( 8vo.


1139 pp.

22. Eliot (Sir J.) De Jure Maiestatis: or, Political Treatise

of Government (1628-30). And Letter-Book (1625-32). Edited by A. B. Grosart. 2 vols. xxiii + 188, ix + 236 pp. Fac-sims. 8vo.

1882 23. Enquiry into the Ancient Constitution and Government of England. 8vo.

1695 24. Floyd (J.) Picture of a Perfect Commonwealth. 16mo. S. Stafford.


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