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27. Tout (T. F.) Chapters on the Administrative History of

Mediæval England: The Wardrobe, the chamber, and the small seals. Vols. 1 and 2. 8vo.

1920 To be completed in 4 vols. 28. Treatise of the just interest of the kings of England, in

their free disposing power, and the validity of their grants made to any of their subjects; and the history of acts of resumption, and how they have been gained ; written at the request of a person of honour in the year 1657, by a person learned in the laws (supposed L. C. J. Hale). 12mo.

1703 29.

of Monarchie, containing two parts-1, concerning Monarchy in generall; 2, concerning this particular Monarchy. Done by an Earnest Desirer of his Countries Peace [P. Hunton). (6) + 79 pp. 4to.

1643 30. ) Witherings (J.) Rules, Laws and Ancient Customs of

Swans, by J. W. the master and governor of the royal game of swans and cygnets throughout England. 4to.,

1632; 4to., 1664. On this subject, see also Herbert's History of Prescription, p. 107

et seq.


Yelverton (Sir H.) Treatise conteining divers Priviledges

and Benefits (Law of Trespass in Parks and Warrens). 4to.



See also ch. i., s. iv., 83.

1. Collections relative to Claims at the Coronations of several

of the Kings of England beginning with King Richard II.

viii + 96 pp., 8vo., 1820; viii + 96 pp., 8vo. 1838 Exhibits in an official form, from authentic sources, claims made at coronations from Richard II. to George II., with the answers of the

Court and their reasons for allowing or rejecting the claims. 2. Round (J. H.) The King's Serjeants and Officers of State with their Coronation Services. xviii + 416 pp. 8vo.

1911 Serjeanty and Knight Service-Some features of Serjeanty, The King's Household— The King's Sport-Coronation Services.

3. Silver (T.) The Coronation Service, or Consecration of the

Anglo-Saxon Kings, as it illustrates the origin of the
Constitution. Svo. Oxford.




Case of the Dutchy of Cornwall. Fol.

1613 The question decided by the Court of Delegates was, whether the King's second son (the elder being dead) be, of right, successor to the Duchy.

2. [Haines (J.)] History of the Constitution of the Duchy of

Cornwall and its Tenants, as established by an Act of Parliament in 1622, for getting the Duchy lands built upon, etc., containing a refutation of the [Chancellor's] Judgment of the Clayton Case in May 1834, with observations on the Acts of 33 Geo. 3d, 7th and 8th Geo. 4th, and 1st and 2d of the present king, (also “ additional observations,” 1835). 148 + 9 pp. 8vo.



Manning (J.) Practice of the Court of Exchequer, Revenue

Branch. 2nd edit. with appendix containing an inquiry into the Tenure of the Conventionary Estates in the Assessionable Manors, parcel of the Duchy of Cornwall. xlviii + 516 pp. 8vo.


Treatise concerning the dignities, title, offices, pre

eminences, and yearly revenues which have been granted by the several kings of England, after the conquest, for the maintenance of the princes their eldest sons, with sundry particulars relating thereto. 4to.


Sect. II. (c).—THE ROYAL HOUSEHOLD. 1. Ancient Legal Course and Fundamental Constitution of the

Palace Court of Marshalsea, with the several charges of all proceedings there and its present establishment. (16) + 57 (55) pp. 24mo.


Bacon (F.) Charge at a Sessions holden for the Verge, 12

miles round the King's Mansion House, in the reign of King James, declaring the Latitude of the Jurisdiction thereof, Offences therein inquirable as well by Common Law as by Statutes herein particularly mentioned. Editions, 4to., 1662; (27) + 62 [36] pp. 4to., 1671; 4to.


3. Carlisle (N.) Enquiry into the Place and Quality of the

Gentlemen of His Majesty's most Honourable Privy
Chamber. 8vo.

Deals with their origin, and the ordinances made by successive
monarchs from Henry VII. to George IV., the form of Appointments,
and the rights, profits, advantages, etc.
Collection of Ordinances and Regulations for the Govern-

ment of the Royal Household, from Edward III. to King William and Queen Mary. 4to.

1790 5. Essay towards an History of the Ancient Jurisdiction of the

Marshalsea of the King's House, [with] an account of
the Court of the Palace of the King at Westminster,
created by letters patent of King Charles II. ; [by Burton
Morice]. 47 pp.
47 pp. 8vo.

1812 6. History of the ancient office of clerk of the market of the

king's household, its authority and usefulness, with the several advantages accruing to the crown on its being duly executed, &c. By Eboranos. 8vo.

1737 7. Larson (L. M.) The King's Household in England before the Norman Conquest. 8vo. Madison.

1904 8. Pegge (S.) Curialia: or, an historical account of some

branches of the Royal Household. 3 pts. 4to. 1782-91 9. Philipps (Fabian) Antiquity, Legality, Reason, Duty, and

Necessity of Præ-emption and Pourveyance for the King: or, Compositions for his Pourveyance. (21) + 495 + (1) pp. 8vo.

1663 10. Robins (R.) Whip for the marshall's court and their

officers; with the petition of the author to the house of commons against the abuses practised in the marshall's court, and a discovery of the jurisdiction and privileges of that court, &c. 4to.

1647 Written in a very acrimonious style, the author being at the time under confinement in the Fleet.

Sect. III.-SPIRITUAL AND TEMPORAL POWER. 1. Adams (J.) Essay on the Canon and Feudal Law. 8vo., 1768; 1782 ; 8vo., Philadelphia.

1783 A work well adapted to convince or confound the advocates, either for civil or ecclesiastical tyranny. Its title is thought to have been rather inappropriately chosen, since it is a political rather than a legal Essay."

29 pp.

n.p., n.d.

2. Bastwick (J.) Answer to the information of Sir J. Bancks;

in which there is sufficient demonstration that the prelates are invaders of the King's Prerogative Royall

, contemners and despisers of Holy Scripture, advancers of poperie, superstition, idolatry, and prophanisse, etc. 4to.

1637 3. Bekinsau (J.) De Supremo et Absoluto Regis Imperio. 8vo. Berthelet.

1546-47 4. Bridges (J.) The Supremacie of Christian Princes over

all persons throughout their dominions in all causes ecclesiastical and temporal. 4to.

1573 5. A Dyalogue of one Clement, a Clerke of the Convocacyon,

and one Barnarde, a Burges of the Parlyament, dysputinge betweene them, what auctoryte the Clergve

have to make lawes, etc. 12mo. 6. [Fox (E.)] De Vera Differentia regiæ potestatis et Eccle

siasticæ. 4to., Berthelet, 1534 ; 8vo., Berthelet, 1538.
The true Differens between the Regal Power and the
Ecclesiastical Power. Translated by Henry, Lord
Stafford. 12mo. W. Copland.

1548 7. More (Sir T.) The Apologye of Syr Thomas More, Knyght,

made by Him anno 1553 after he had geuen over Th’ office of Lord Chancellour of Englande. 290 11. 16mo. W. Rastell.

1533 The last 40 chapters are printed against St. German's Treatise concerning the Division between the Spiritualty and the Temporalty. St. German replied in “ Salem and Bizance," which called forth a rejoinder by More entitled The Debellacyon of Salem and Bizance. -Avó., W. Rastell, 1533.

This work is divided into two parts, the first of which ends on fol. cui. The second part begins a fresh set of signatures and concludes on fil.

clxxiii. There are two leaves of errata. 8. [Parsons (R.)) Answere to the Fifth Part of Reportes

lately set forth by Syr Edward Cooke, concerning the
ancient and moderne Municipal Lawes of England which
do apperteyne to Spirituall Power and Jurisdiction. By
a Catholicke Devyne. (72) + 386 (385) + (14) pp.

1606 The fifth part contains a report of Caudrey's Case which embracez a discussion effectually disposing of the Pope's supremacy in England and decided that a bishop might deprive of his living any parson who

preached against the Book of Common Prayer. 9. Pettus (Sir J.) Independency of England upon the Papal

Power stated historically and judicially, by Sir John Davis and by Sir Edward Coke, in two reports selected from their greater volumes. 4to.

1674 10. Prynne (W.) [Records, 4 vols., fol.] Exact Chronological

Vindication and Historical Demonstration of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English Kings Supreme Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction in, over all spiritual or religious affairs, etc. Vol. 1, 1666 ; vol. 2, 1665, 1666; vol. 3, 1668, 1670, 1672 ; vol. 4.

n.d. For a description of this work, of which only one copy of vol. 4 is

known to exist, see Spilsbury's Lincoln's Inn, pp. 283-7. 11. Regall and Ecclesiasticall Power. 12mo. W. Copland.

n.d. 12. St. German (C.) Salem and Bizance. A Dialogue between

two Englishmen, one called Salem, and the other Bizance. 16mo. Berthelet.

1533 Collation : evill., A to N in eights. 0 3 leaves, and one blank. Reprinted in 1534 with additions. It was written in answer to Sir Thomas More's

Apology and answered in the Debellacyon of Salem and Bizance. 13.

Treatise concerning the Division between the Spiritualtie and Temporaltie. 8vo., Redman, n.d.; A-E 7 in eights, 8vo., Berthelet.

n.d. This seems to be the same work as The Pacyfyer, or the Division between the Spiritualtie nd Temporaltie," printed by Berthelet, n.d., which, being remarkable for impartiality and the Temperature of its language, was pointed out to Sir Thomas More, by his judicious readers, as an example for him to follow in his er ntroversial writings, and which

incited him to publish his · Apologve. - Bridgman, Leg. Bib. 293. 14. The True Dyfferens between the Regal Power and the

Ecclesiastical Power; translated out of Latin by Henry
Stafford. 12mo. W. Copland.

1548 15. Washington (R.) Observations upon the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of the Kings of England. Hvo.


Sect. IV.-PARLIAMENT. 1. Arcana parliamentaria ; or, precedents concerning elections,

proceedings, and privileges in Parliament, by R. C., esq., to which is added, the form and manner of holding Parliaments, by Sir Thomas Smith. (3) + 116 pp. 12mo.

1685 Also in Several Treaties of Parliaments, 1703. Atkins (Sir R.) Power, Jurisdiction, and Priviledge of

Parliament, and the Antiquity of the House of Commons asserted. (3) + 63 pp. Fol.

1689 Also in his Parliamentary and Political Tracts.


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