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For references to articles in Reviews, etc., and books in which Early English law is incidentally touched upon or records printed, Gross's Sources and Literature of Early English History should be consulted. The subject-index to the books in the London Library is also valuable in this connection. Bassett (T.) Catalogue of the Common and Statute Law

Books of this Realm, and some others relating thereto, alphabetically digested under proper heads, with an account of the best editions. 12mo.

1671; 1682 2. Bridgman (R. W.) Short View of Legal Bibliography, con

taining some critical observations on the authority of the reporters and other law writers collected from the best authorities. 8vo.

1807 Brunner (H.) Geschichte der englischen Rechtsquellen im

Grundriss: mit einem Anhang über die normanischen
Rechtsquellen. 75 pp., 8vo. Leipzig.

1909 4.

Sources of the Law of England: an Historical Introduction to the Study of English Law. From the German, with bibliographical appendix, by W. Hastie. x + (1) + 63 pp., 12mo. Edinburgh.

1888 5. Catalogue of the MSS. in the Cottonian Library deposited

in the British Museum. By J. Planta. Fol. 1802 This collection of MSS. was accumulated by Sir Robert Cotton during the latter part of the 16th century and first few years of the 17th century. The MSS. relate principally to the History, Laws and Constitution of

Britain. 6. Catalogue of the Harleian MSS. in the British Museum.

With indexes of persons, places and matters. 4 vols.

1808-12 A collection of many thousands of books, charters and rolls, including register books, chartularies, copies of laws of the Anglo-Saxon, Danish and Norman Kings of England, transcripts of early statutes, readings on statutes, copies of Bracton. Britton, Fleta, etc., Year Books, Reports, ancient registers of original writs, pleas of the crown, treatises on the institutions, establishment and jurisdiction of the superior and inferior

Courts, etc. 7. Catalogue of the Lansdowne MSS. in the British Museum. In two parts with Indexes. Fol.

1812-19 About fifty volumes contain reports of cases, temp. Henry. VIII. to Charles I., besides numerous other volumes of law collections, readings, entries, pleadings, etc., chartularies, Hudson's Treatise on the Court of

Star Chamber, Sir Julius Caesar's MSS., etc. 8. Clarke (J.) Bibliotheca legum, or complete catalogue of

the common and statute law books of the United Kingdom. 16mo.

1810; 1818 9. Crawford (C. C.) Guide to the Study of the History of

English Law and Procedure. 8vo. Toronto. 1923

Classified references to cases, statutes, or books. 10. Gavet (G.) Sources de l'histoire des Institutions et du

Droit Français; Manuel de bibliographie historique. 8vo.

1899 “ The best general bibliographical and critical survey of European

law."-J. H. Wigmore. 11. Gross (C.) Sources and Literature of English History from

earliest times to about 1485. xx + 618 pp., 8vo., 1900; 2nd edit., xxiii + 820 pp., 8vo.

1915 12. Hoffman (D.) Course of Legal Study. (2) + 383 pp.,

8vo., Baltimore, 1817; 2 vols., 876 [878] pp., 8vo., Baltimore.

1836 Judge Story remarks that “ the writers whom he recommends are of the very best authority, and his own notes abound in just and discriminating criticism."

It is truly a bibliographical treasure.-- MARVIN, Log. Bib. 12a. Holdsworth (W. S.) History of the Sources and Literature of English Law. 8vo.

1925 13. Marvin (J. G.) Legal Bibliography, or a Thesaurus of

American, English, Irish, and Scotch Law Books; together with

Continental Treatises. 8vo. Philadelphia.

1847 14. Nicolson (W.) The English Historical Library, giving a

short view and character of most of our historians either in print or in manuscript, with an account of our Records, Law Books, etc. 2 vols., 8vo., 1696-9; 2nd edit., fol.

1714 15. Scottish Historical Library. Fol.

1702 16. Irish Historical Library. Fol.

1724 17. English, Scotch and Irish Historical Libraries. 4to.


18. Stubbs (W.) Lectures on Early English History. 8vo.

1906 Contains (pp. 37-133) a full account of the law books of the Norman

period. 19. Wallace (J. W.) The Reporters arranged and character

ised; with incidental remarks. 3rd edit., 424 pp., 8vo., Philadelphia, 1855; 4th edit., by F. F. Heard, vi + (1) + 654 pp., 8vo., Boston.

1882 20. Worrall (J.) Bibliotheca Legum, or compleat list of the

common and statute law books of this realm. 16mo., 1731 ; 3rd edit., 1736; 6th edit., 1746; 1763 ; 1768; 1782 ;

1788 The 1788 edition is in two parts. Part 2 contains a general account of the laws and law writers of England, the public records, statutes, reports, etc., by E. Brooke.



See also ch. i., s. iv., 73; ch. xv., $. V., 36. 1. Agard (A.) Explanation of the more difficult words in

Domesday book, MS. Cott. Lib. Vitell, n. 9. It is printed in Append. to Gale's Honoris de Richmond. See also Herne's Law of Conveyances. There is also further assistance of this kind by another eminent antiquary, Mr. Francis Tate, whose exposition of the more difficult words in Domesday was formerly in the library of Ld. Hatton. His explication of the abbreviated words in that ancient record is printed in preface to Hearne's

Curious Discourses. 2. Ancient Laws and Institutes of England, with a compendious glossary, etc. 2 vols., 8vo.

1840 Issued also in 1 vol., folio. 3. Betts (A.) Glossary of Ancient Words, mostly in connection

with fines and mulcts, services and tributes, punishments, etc. vii + 86 pp., 4to.

1907 Contents, Abbadia-Azenaria. 4. Blount] (T.) Nouo-ACELKOV; a Law Dictionary.

preting difficult and obscure words and terms in Common or Statute, Ancient or Modern Lawes. Not paged, 4to., 1670; 2nd edit., not paged, fol., 1691 ; 3rd edit., by W. Nelson, not paged, fol.


5. Bosworth (J.) Anglo-Saxon Dictionary. 8vo., 1838; 8vo., Oxford.


PP., 4to.

6. Brief Method of the Law French. Fol.

1670 7. Byrne (W. J.) Dictionary of English Law. xliv + 942

1923 8. Calvinus. Lexicon Juridicum Juris Romani Simul et

Canonici: Feudalis Item. Civilis, Criminalis: Theoretici,

Ac Practici: Et in Schola, Et in Foro. Fol. 1600 9. Catholicon Anglicum; an English-Latin Wordbook, 1483.

Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by S. J. H.
Herrtage, with Preface by H. B. Wheatley. (Camden
Society, N.S., v. 30.)

1882 9a. Chassant (L. A.) Dictionnaire des Abréviations. Svo., Evreux.

1846 9b. Paléographie des Chartes. 8vo., Paris.


1847 10. Clover (B.) The Mastery of the French Language in

England from the 11th to the 14th Century; including the Phonetics and Morphology of the Norman French Language with special reference to the Law Reports contained in the Year-Books. iv + 123 pp., 8vo. New York.

1888 11. Cowell (J.) Interpreter; or, Booke containing the Signifi

cation of Words. Wherein is set foorth the meaning of words and termes mentioned in the Lawe Writers or Statutes. Not paged, 4to., Cambridge, 1607; not paged, 4to., 1637; not paged, 4to.

1658 12.

Nouooerns; the Interpreter. Enlarged by Tho. Manley, not paged, fol., 1672; 2nd edit., by Tho. Manley, not paged, fol.

1684 13.

Interpreter of words and terms used in the Common or Statute Laws of this Realm. Augmented. Not paged, fol.

1701 14.

Law Dictionary; or, Interpreter of words and terms used in the Common or Statute Laws of England. Augmented, to 1708. Not paged, 4to., 1708; augmented, not paged, fol.

1727 The Interpreter was written at the suggestion of Bishop Bancroft, and is an enlargement of a Treatise entitled Les Termes de la Ley. It was the misfortune of Cowell to live in tyrannical times, and some of the author's enemies, among whom were Sir Edward Coke, discovered that the Interpreter contained what they represented to be dangerous doctrines, under the titles Subsidy, Parliament, King, Prohibition, etc.

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