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This bibliography having been compiled almost entirely from catalogues, it is inevitable that some books are wrongly classified and that some of the editions do not exist but are the product of misprints in the catalogues from which they are taken. For the same reason it has been necessary to list under Miscellaneous some works the titles of which do not afford sufficient clue to their contents.

It does not claim to be complete, but it is hoped that no work of importance printed before 1650 has been omitted. The time at the disposal of the compiler was not sufficient to enable him to be as thorough as he would wish; moreover, a really satisfactory bibliography cannot be compiled by a layman but only by a lawyer with considerable knowledge of early legal history and with access to the books themselves. The labour of compiling it would be so great that it is unlikely that it will ever be undertaken.

An attempt has been made to list every edition of the books included and in many

cases the collation also is given.

It was thought that this volume of the catalogue would be more useful if the books were classified under subjects instead of being arranged alphabetically under authors. An index of Authors and Subjects will be found at the end of the book.

In the chapters containing Maritime and Mercantile Law a number of Continental authors have been included.

Much assistance has been obtained from the valuable catalogue of the Library of the Law School of Harvard University, which gives the full titles of the books in the library and the collation. Our thanks are due to the Librarian for his kind permission to use the catalogue.

Notifications of errors and omissions will be thankfully received.

Two further volumes are being prepared. One will contain the law books published between the years 1650 and 1801, and the other the law books published in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

The older volumes being out of print, no prices are affixed. But the publishers always have a large stock of old books and will be glad to quote prices.

Books not in stock will be searched for and advertisements for them inserted in the trade papers without charge to customers.

Most of the modern books which are still available are contained and priced in Sweet & Maxwell's Catalogue L, a copy of which will be sent post free to any applicant.

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