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Accession of Edward VI.-Removal of all Restrictions on Bible Reading-
Opposition to English Bible in various Parts of the Country-Insurrection
in Devonshire-Sir John Cheke's Translation-Numerous Editions of the
Bible in the Reign of Edward-Cranmer and the Burning of Joan of Kent
-Accession of Mary-Gardyner and Bonner-Character of Gardyner-
Heath-The Bible even in Effigy not to be endured now-Nor any Frag-
ment or Text-Bonner's wrathful Mandate-Numbers who perished during
Mary's Reign-Proclamation against Reading and Importation of Scriptures
-John Rogers the first to die under Mary-Cranmer, Ridley, Hooper, and
Others follow-Life of Coverdale after Publication of Great Bible-Sum-
moned before Mary's Council and made a Prisoner at large-Macalpine and
Coverdale-Danish King's Letters in favour of Coverdale-His Release
and Departure to Denmark-Gardyner's Death-Persecution carried on by
Bonner and Pole-Coverdale returns Home after Accession of Elizabeth-
Public Merits not rewarded-The Living of St. Magnus-His Poverty-
Death-Character-Unjustly disparaged by Anderson--His Epitaph, 420

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