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im-pūnitās, ātis, f., safety infěr-ior, us, adj., lower. from punishment, impunity. in-fēro, ferre, tůli, illātum, [im-pune.]

V. a., bring in or against, carry in, prep. w. Acc., into, upon, on against. against, towards, according to; in-flecto, ère, flexi, flexum, with ABL., in, on, among,

V. a., bend. during.

in-fluo, ère, fluxi, fluxum, in-cendo, ere, i, sum, V. a., V. n., flow into (of a river). burn, set on fire. [in, candeo; ingens, ntis, adj., vast, huge: cp. accendo, succendo.]

in-icio, čre, in-iēci, iniectum, in-cỉdo, ere, i, cāsum, v. n., v. a., throw in, inspire. [in, fall into, fall upon. [in, cado.] iacio.]

in-citātus, a, um, part., at in-imicus, a, um, adj., un: full speed.

friendly. Subst. -i, m., foe, in-cíto, are, avi, atum, v. a.,

enemy. [in, amicus.) urge on, arouse, excite.

in-iquus, a, um, adj., unjust, in-colo, ere, ui, cultum, V. &ing unfavourable; iniquum est w. inhabit ; v. 1. diell.

inf., it is unfair, 44. [in, in-columis, c, adj., safe. aequus.]

in-commodum, i, n., disaster, in-itium, i, n., commencemisfortune, trouble.

ment, beginning. [in, ire.] in-crē žibilis, e, adj., incredi- in-iect, supine stem of inVle, not to be belicved. (credo.] Ycio.

in-cūso, are, avi, atum, v. a., in-iüria, ae, f., injustice, blame, censure,reproach ; vehe- wrong; abl. iniuriā, wrongmenter eos incusavit, he rated fully. [ius.] them severely, 40. [in, causa.] in-iussu fuo, without his

in-dě, adv., thence (of place); orders, 19. [in-iussus, iubeo.] after that, then (of time). [im in-nascor, i, natus, v. dep., (locative of is), de.]

be born in, spring up, in-dícium, i, n., informa- in-nčoentia, ae, f., blamelesstion; per indicium, by in- ness, 40. [noceo.] formers. [index; in, root pic.] in-ópia, ae, f., want. [op-.]

in-dico, ere, xi, ctum, v. a., in-opinans, ntis, adj., not declare publicly, appoint, pro- expecting, unaware. claim.

in-quiro, ērc, quisivi, quīsī. in-dūco, ere, si, ctum, v. a., tum, v. a., inquire. [quaero.] lead on, persuade, excite.

in-sciens, ntis, adj., not in-dulgeo, ere, si, tum, v. a., knowing. indulge (w. Dat.), 40. [cp. in-sěquor, i, sěcūtus, V. dep., dulcis.]

in-ermus, a, um (-is, -e), in-sidiae, arum, f., ambush, adj., unarmed. (in, arma.] treachery. [sedeo.]

follow up.

in-signè, is, n., ensign, dis- missā nocte, night having intinction. [insignis.]

tervened, 27; flumen intermit in-signis, e, adj., distin- tit, leaves a gap, 38. guished. [in, signum.]

inter-něcio, onis, f., destruo. in-silio, ire, ui, sultum, v. n., tion, annihilation. [inter, leap into or upon. [in, salio.] něco.]

in-solenter, adv., insolently inter-pello, ere, avi, atum, 14. [insolens; in, soleo.] V. a., interrupt, obstruct.

in-stỉtuo, ere, ui, ūtum, v. a., inter-põno, ere, põsui, posự. draw up, establish, provide, set tum, v. a., interpose, allege, 42, on foot, instruct, begin. [sta- bring in. tuo.]

inter-pres, étis, m. f., inter. in-stĩlūtum, i, n., custom, preter. plan, instruction. [instituo.] inter-sum, esse, fui, v. n., am

in-sto, āre, stiti, v. n., press between, take part in; impers. forward, assail ; be near. interest, it is a care.

in-struo, ere, xi, ctum, V. a., inter-vallum, i, n., interval ; draw up, arrange, form. quo intervallo consuerat, at the

intel-lēgo, ere, xi, ctum, usual distance, 22. [lit. the v. a., understand, perceive ; open space between the breastusu. v. acc. and inf. [inter, works (vallum) of a camp.] lego.]

intrā, prep. W. ACC., within. inter, prep. W. acc., between, [contr. from interā (parte).] 1; among, 13; during, 36. in-tueor, ēri, Ytus, v. dep.,

inter-cēdo, ere, cessi, cessum, V. n., intervene, exist between. in-tůl., perf. stem. of in-fero.

inter-clūdo, ere, si, sum, in-věnio, ire, vēni, ventum, V. a., cut off. [claudo.]

V. a., come upon, find. inter-dico, ere, xi, ctum, in-victus, a, um, invincible. V. a., forbid to use, W. DAT. of in-vīto, are, avi, atum, V. a., person, Acc. of thing, 46. invite, induce.

inter-dřū, adv., by day. invitus, a, um, adj., unwill[dic s.]

ing; se invito, against his inter-dum, adv., sometimes. wish.

inter-eā, adv., meanwhile. ipse, a, um, pron., self ; him-, [perh. inter ea(m) rem.] her-, itself; themselves ; someinter-esse. See inter-sum. times used in oblique cases

inter-fício, ere, feci, fectum, for se, sibi, etc. V. a., slay. [facio.]

īrācundus, a, um, adj., pasintěr-im, adv., meanwhile. sionate, angry. [inter, im (old acc. of is).]

irě. See eo. inter-mitto, ere, misi, mis- ir-ridícủlē, adj., without wit, sum, 7. a., put between; inter- 42. [in, ridiculus; rideo.]

look upon.



is, ca, id, pron., that ; he, burden. [= iugimentum, she, it; eo magis, so much the iungo.] more, 23; pl. they, them.

iungo, ere, nxi, nctum, v. a., îtă, adv., so, thus. [is.] join. [root iug; cp. Ceúyvuu..]

Itália, ae, f., Italy, esp. Iūra, ae, m., the Jura, a North Italy (i.e. Cisalpine range of mountains between Gaul).

the Sequani aud Helvetii, from îtăquě, adv., and so, there- the Rhone to the Rhine. fore. [ita, que.]

ius, iūris, n., right, authority, item, adv., also, likewise, law; ius belli, the customs oj [is, tam, acc. fem.; op. tam.]

îter, îtìněris, n., way, road, ius-iūrandum, iuris-iuran. route, march; magnis itineri- di, n., oath, 3, 30. bus, by forced marches, 7; iustitia, ae, f., justice. [ius. facere iter, to march, 10.

tus.] [= itiner, from it-, supine iustus, a, um, adj., just, stem of eo.]

right, exact, complete. [ius.] îtěrum, adv., a second time; iůvo, are, iūvi, iūtum, v. a., semel atque iterum, once and help. again, 31. [acc. 8. of comparative of is.]

kålendae, arum, f., kalends iacto, are, avi, atum, v. a., (1st) of month. See calendae. cast about; metaph., discuss, 18. [frequ. of iacio.]

Lă biēnus, i, m., Titus Laiam, adv., now, already. bienus, Caesar's chief lieute[= diam, collat. form of diem; nant-general, afterwards decp. pri-dem, du-dum.]

serted to Pompey, and fell išba, ae, f., mane.

B.C. 45 at Munda. iŭbeo, ere, iussi, iussum, lăbor, õris, m., labour, toil. V. a., command, bid. [perh. lăboro, are, avi, atum. v. n., ius habco.]

labour, be in distress. [labor.] iūdicium, i, n., judgment, lăcesso, ere, ivi, itum, v. a., trial, decision. [iudex.] harass, attack, challenge. [la

iūdico, are, avi, atum, v. a. entice; laqucus.] and n., judge, determine, pro- lăcrima, ae, f., tear. [= danounce, decide. [iudex.] cruma; cp. dákpv, tear.]

iŭgum, i, n., yoke, i.e. two up- lăcus, ūs, m., lake. right spears and a third placed lăpis, idis, m., stone. upon them, n, under which a

largior, iri, ītus, v. der., defeated'army was forced to go, spend money, bribe, 18. [lar7, 12; of mountains, ridge.

gus.] [cp. iungo.]

largiter, adv., largely, exlūmentum, i, n., beast of | tensively, 18. [largus.]

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largitio, onis, f., profusion, lex, lēgis, f., enactment, law. liberality, bribery: [largior.] [op. lựgo bind.]

lātē, adv., widely, far and libenter, adv., willingly. [liwide. [latus.]

bens, libet.] lātitudo, inis, f., widt'., līber, era, erun, adj., free. breadth. [latus.]

[cp. libet, libido.] Latovici, orum, m., a Ger- līběrālítās, ātis, f., generosity. man tribe living near modern [liberalis = generous ; liber.)

] Baden, 5, 28, 29.

līběrē, adv., freely, without lātus, a, um, part. of fero. check. (liber.]

lātus, a, um, adj., broad, līběri, orum, m., children. wide.

[liber.] lătus, eris, n., sille ; (of an lībertās, ātis, f., freedom. army) flank; aperto latere, [liber.]

the exposed fank, 25. liceor, ēri, itus, v. dep., bid. [πλατύς.]

licet, ēre, uit (-itum est), v. laus, dis, f., praise, renown. impers., it is lawful, allowed. [for claus, op. cluo.]

Lingones, um, m., Celtic lēgātio, onis, f., embassy. people in the Vosges, near the [lēgare charge with a com- sources of the Marne and Maas, mission.]

with chief town Andematūnuin lēgātus, i, m., ambassador, (Langres). lieutenant ; l. pro praetore, 24. lingua, ae, f., tongue, lanThese adjutants (appointed by guage. (=dingua ; cp. tongue.] the Senate), 10 in number, led linter, tris, f., skiff, boat. different divisions of the army. Liscus, i, m., the chief magis[legare.]

trate (vergobretus) of ihe légio, onis, f., legion, con- Aedui. sisting of 10 cohorts and a lītěra, ae, f., letter (of alphatroop of horse. (Each cohort bet); pl. an epistle. contained from 300 to 360 locus, i, m. (pl. -i and -a), men, 3 manipuli; each mani3

place, ground ; abl. loco, in pulus 100 to 120 men and 2 the light of, 42. centuriae.) [lčgo.]

longē, adv., far; non lonlėgionārius, a, um, adj., gius abesse, to be not farther legionary, belonging to the le- distant than, etc.; longe lategion. Also subst. [legio.] que, far and wide. [longus.]

Lemannus, lăcus, m., lake of longinquus, a, um, adj., rlisGeneva, 2, 8.

tant. [longus.] lēnitas, ātis, f., gentleness, longitudo, Inis, f., length; slowness, 12. (lenis.]

in longitudinem, in length. Leuci, orum,

Celtic longus, a, um, adj., long, people on the Moselle, 40. distant.



loquor, i, locūtus, v. dep., | they held by the agreement 8pcak, say, talk. [cp. náokw.] [root MAN think; thinking Lūcius, i, m., Roman prae- | leading to hesitation.]

mănus, ūs, f., hand; band, lūna, ae, f., moon. [= luc- force. [root MA, MAN, that na = that which shines.] which makes.]

lux, lūcis, f., light, esp. day- Marcomanni, orum, m., the light; primā luce, at dawn. Marchmen, a contingent of

Ariovistus's forces. măgis, adv., more ; eo ma- Marcus, i, m., Roman praegis, so much the more. [op. nomen, usually expressed by magnus.]

the letter M. măgistrātus, ūs, m., magis- Mărius, i, m., Gaius Marius trate, magistracy. [Tho rank (B.c. 157-86), a great Roman of a magister.]

general who had saved Italy magnitudo, inis, f., great- from the Gauls, and who was ness. [magnus.]

the bitter foe of the Aristocrats magno opěrě (magnopere', and Sulla. greatly, especially, more than mătăra, ae, f., pike, 26. one shoulil, 13.

māter, tris, f., mother. [root magnus, a, um, adj., great. MA, the maker; cp. manus.] [100t MAGH ; cp. maior, inaies- mātrimonium, i, n., martas.]

riage ; dare in matrimonium, māior, us, comp. adj., greater. to give in marriage. [mater.] [= magh-ior.]

Matrona, ae, f., the Marne, māiores, um, m., ancestors. a river which flows into the [māior.]

Seine just south of Paris. mălē, adv., ill, badly, unsuc- mātūrē, adv., early; matucessfully, 41. [malus.]

rius, too early; quam maturmáleficium, i, n., mischief, rime, as early as possible, 33. harm, 7. [mălus, făcio.] [maturus.)

mălus, a, um, adj., bad; mātūro, are, avi, atum, v. n., mălum, i, n., evil.

hasten. [maturus.] mandātum, i, n., command, mātürus, a, um, adj., ripe, commission; in mandatis dare, timely. [root ma = measure, to commission. [mando.] time.)

mando, are, avi, atum, v. a., maximē, adv., very greatly, entrust, command ; sese fugae chiefly ; quam maxime, as mandarunt, betook themselves greatly as possible. [used as to flight. (manui do = give superl. of magno opere.] into the hand.]

maximus, a, um, adj., greatmăneo, ēre, si, sum, v. n., est ; quam maximus, as great as remain ; si in co manerent, if | possible. [superl. of magnus.)

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