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CROSFEILD (ROBERT). The Affections of the People, a certain security to the King. 4° Lond. 1702.

CROSSE (JOHN). The Examination Papers for the three theological Scholarships, founded by the late Rev. John Crosse, M.A., in the University of Cambridge. 8° Cambr. 1833.

CROSTHWAITE (J. c.). Observations on Nonconformity and Separation, in a Letter to the Rev. William Burgh, A.B. 8° Dubl. 1834.

CROWLEY (ROBERT). The School of Vertue: and book of good nurture. 16° Lond. 1677.

CROWTHER (J.). A Defence of the Wesleyan Theological Institution. 8° Lond. 1834.

CROZAT (ANTOINE). A Letter to a Member of the P

-t of G-t B-n, occasion'd by the Priviledge granted by the French King to Mr. Crozat. 8° Lond. 1713.

CRUCIUS (WINANDUS). Græcæ Linguæ Erotemata Etymologiam tertiam Grammatices partem complectentia. 8° Colon. Agripp. 1565.

CRUDEN (ALEXANDER). The Corrector's earnest Address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain. 8° Lond. 1756.

Cruikshank's Trip to Greenwich Fair. 12°



Cruikshank r. the new Police. 12° Lond.

CRUVEILHIER (J.). Anatomie pathologique; Livrais. XVIII, XIX. fol.

Par. 1833.

CUBA. Reglamento para las Milicias de Infanteria, y Caballeria de la
Isla de Cuba, aprobado por S. M. fol. Madr. 1769.
CUBILLO DE ARAGON (ALVARO). La Tragedia del Duque de Verganza.
Comedia famosa. 4°.

El mejor Rey del Mundo, y Templo

de Salomon. Comedia famosa. 4°.

La Honestidad defendida de Elisa

Dido, reyna, y fundadora de Cartago. Comedia. 4o.

El Rayo de Andalucia, y Genizaro de España. Comedia. Parte primera. 4° Madrid, 1747.

CUBITT (GEORGE). Observations on Dr. Samuel Warren's Pamphlet, against the Wesleyan Institution. In a letter to the Rev. Joseph Taylor. 8° Lond. 1834.

CUEVA (ANTONIO DE LA). Como Noble, y Ofendido. Comedia. 4o Madrid.

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CULVERWELL (R. J.). Indigestion: its causes, consequences, and treatment with observations on dietetics. 12° Lond. 1833.

On Consumption, Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and other Diseases of the Chest. 12" Lond. 1834.

CUMBERLAND (GEORGE). Bromley-Hill, the Seat of the Right Hon.
Charles Long. A sketch. 8° Lond. 1816.
CUMBERLAND (3.). Minor Theatre, with remarks, biographical and
critical, by D- G——; Vol. v, vi. 12° Lond.

CUNDY (N. W.). of railroads.

British Theatre; with remarks, biographical and G—; Vol. xxxi, xxxII. 12° Lond.

critical, by DCUMMING (R. B.). Ossa Humana; or, the bones of the human body, drawn from nature. obl. fol. Lond. [1834.]

Inland Transit. The practicability, utility, and benefit 8° Lond. 1833.


With an

CUNINGHAME (w.). The Church of Rome the apostacy. appendix. 12° Glasg. 1833.

On the Jubilean Chronology of the seventh Trumpet of the Apocalypse, and the judgment of the ancient of days, Daniel vii. 9. 8 Glasgow, 1834.

CUNNINGHAM (ALLAN). The Cabinet Gallery of Pictures; with biographical and critical descriptions; Vol. 11. 4° Lond. 1834.

CUNNINGHAM (G. G.). Lives of eminent and illustrious Englishmen from Alfred the Great to the latest times; Vol. 1, 11. 8o Glasgow,


CUNNINGHAM (P.). On the Motions of the Earth and Heavenly Bodies, as explainable by electro-magnetic attraction and repulsion, and on the conception, growth, and decay of man, and cause and treatment of his diseases, as referable to galvanic action. 12° Lond. 1834. CUPERUS (GUILIELMUS). Acta S. Jacobi Majoris. fol. Antv. 1729. CURIANDER (ABEL). Vitæ, operumque Joh. Drusii delineatio, et tituli. 4o Franek. 1616.

CUSTOMS. Supplement, for 1834, to the Laws of the Customs; with notes and index by J. D. Hume, Esq. 8° Lond. 1834.

CUTLER (THOMAS). The Surgeon's practical Guide in Dressing. 12° Lond. 1834.

CUVIER (G. L. C. F. D.). The Animal Kingdom, arranged in conformity with its organization. Translated and abridged by H. McMurtrie, M.D. 8° New York, 1833.

The Animal Kingdom, arranged according to its organization: translated and abridged by H. M'Murtrie, M.D. 8° Lond. 1834.

CUVIER (GEORGE) et VALENCIENNES (-). Histoire Naturelle des Poissons; Tom. IX. [With Plates.] 8° Par. 1833.

CYCLOPEDIA. The British Cyclopædia of Arts and Sciences. By C. P. Partington; Vol. 11. 8° Lond. 1835.

CYCLOPEDIA. The Cyclopædia of practical Medicine. Edited by John Forbes, M.D.; Alexander Tweedie, M.D.; and John Conolly, M.D.; Vol. II. E L E-IS C. 8° Lond. 1833.

The Penny Cyclopædia; Vol. 1, II. 4° Lond. 1833, 4. * The Popular Cyclopædia; Vol. 1. Pt. II.; Vol. II. Pt. 1. Glasg. 1834.

DACCA. Antiquities of Dacca; No. I—IV. fol. Lond.

DACIER (BON-JOSEPH). Rapport historique sur les progrès de l'histoire et de la littérature ancienne depuis 1789, et sur leur état actuel. 8° Par. 1810.

DACRE; a Novel. Edited by the Countess of Morley; 3 Vol. 12o Lond. 1834.

DAGGETT (JOHN). Sketch of the History of Attleborough. 4o Dedham, 1834.

DAILLE (JEAN). XLIX Sermons upon the whole Epistle of Saint Paul to the Colossians. Translated by F. S. fol. Lond. 1672. DALBY (WILLIAM), Lectures on the Life of Samuel. 12° Lond. 1834. *

The real Question at issue between the Opponents and Supporters of "A Bill to remove certain disabilities which prevent some classes of his Majesty's subjects from resorting to the Universities of England, and proceeding to degrees therein." 8° Lond. 1834.

DALMAN (JOH. WILH.). Analecta Entomologica. 4o Holmiæ, 1823. DALRYMPLE (DAVID), Lord Hailes. Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session, from 1766 to 1791. Collected by Sir D. Dalrymple, Lord Hailes. Selected from the original MSS. by M. P. Brown, Esq.; 2 Vol. 4° Edinb. 1826.

DALRYMPLE (GILBERT). A Letter from Edinburgh to Dr. Sherlock, rectifying the Committee's notions of sincerity. 8° Lond. 1718. DALRYMPLE (JOHN), Earl of Stair. An Attempt to balance the Income and Expenditure of the State. 8° Lond. 1783.

DALZELL (J. G.). Some Account of an ancient Manuscript of Martial's Epigrams. 8° Edinb. 1811.

The darker Superstitions of Scotland, illustrated from History and Practice. 8° Edinb. 1834. DAMM (CHRIST. TOBIAS). Joannis Morisonii Duncanii Novum Lexicon Græcum ex Christiani Tobia Dammii Lexico Homerico-Pindarico retractatum. Emendavit et auxit Valent. Christ. Frider. Rost. 4o Lipsia, 1831.

DANGERFIELD (J.). A Stenographic Lecture. 12° Lond. 1834.

DANIEL (LORENZO), Y QUADRADO FERNANDEZ DE ANDUGA (A. A.). La Toma y di San Felipe por las Armas Españolas. Comedia. 4o Madr. 1782.

DANIEL (SAMUEL). A Funeral Poeme uppon the death of the late noble Earle of Devonshyre. 4°. [With a MS. note of Mr. Richard Heber.] DANIELL (W.). Sketches representing the native Tribes, Animals and Scenery of Southern Africa, from drawings by the late Samuel Daniell. 4° Lond. 1820.

DANTE Alighieri. La Traducion [dela primera cantica dela comedia] del Dante en verso castellano por Don P. F. de Villegas. fol. Burgos, por Fadrique aleman de Basilea, 1515. [Lit. Goth.]

La Divina Commedia col comento del P. Baldassare Lombardi, ora nuovamente arrichito di molte illustrazioni edite ed inedite ; 5 Vol. 8° Padova, 1822.

La Divina Commedia postillata da Torquato Tasso; 3 Tom. 4° Pisa, 1830.

Il Convito con note critiche e dichiarative di Fortunato Cavazzoni Pederzini e d'altri. 8° Modena, 1831. DANTISCUS (JOANNES). De nostrorum temporum calamitatibus Sylva.

8° Colon. 1530.

DARCIE (ABRAHAM). Frances Duchesse Dowager of Richmond and Lenox, &c., her funerall Tears. Fr. Engl. [With the proceeding to the Funeral of Lodowicke Duke of Richmond; and Funerall Complaints.] 8". [Imperf.]

DARLING (JAMES JOHNSTON). The Practice of the Court of Session; 2 Vol. 8° Edinburgh, 1833.

DARVILL (RICHARD). A Treatise on the Care, Treatment, and Training of the English Race Horse; Vol. 11. 8° Lond. 1834.

DATCHWORTH. An Account of four Persons found starved to Death, at Datchworth in Hertfordshire. [By Philip Thicknesse.] 4° Lond.


DAVENPORT (SELINA). Personation. A novel; Vol. 12° Lond. 1834.

DAVID. An historical Account of the Life and Reign of David, King of Israel. [By Patrick Delany.] 3 Vol. 8° Lond. 1740–2.

DAVID (-). Campagnes du Général Pichegru, en Hollande. 8° Par. an viii. 1799.

DAVIDSON (DAVID). The Pocket Commentary; consisting of critical notes on the New Testament. 12o Edinb. 1834.

DAVIDSON (JAMES). The British and Roman Remains in the Vicinity of Axminster, in the County of Devon. 12° Lond. 1833.

DAVIES (HENRY). The Stranger's Guide through Cheltenham. 8° Lond. [1834.]

DAVIES (JOHN). Mirum in Modum. the Soules Shape. 4° Lond. 1602.

A Glimpse of Gods Glorie and

Summa Totalis, or, all in all, and the same for ever. 4° Lond., William Jagyard, 1607.

The Holy Roode, or Christ's Crosse. 4° Lond., John

Windet, 1609.

DAVIES (RICHARD). A Sermon on Natural Theology. S° Lond.


DAVIES (SAMUEL). A Fast Sermon, preached in Hanover, Virginia. With a preface by the Rev. Thomas Gibbons. 8° Lond. 1757. Children invited to Christ. A sermon. 12" Lond.


The Vessels of Mercy, and the Vessels of Wrath, delineated. A sermon. 8° Lond. 1758.

DAVIS (STEPHEN). Notes of a Tour in America, in 1832 and 1833. 129 Edinb. 1833.

DAVISON (DAVID). Remarks on the best Means of School Education. 8o Lond. [1833.]

DAVISON (FRANCIS). Poems, or, a Poetical Rapsodic. 8° Lond. Printed by B. A. 1621.

DAUMONT (ALEXANDRE). Voyage en Suède; 2 Tom. 8° Par. 1834.

Atlas. 4° Par.

DAVY (CHARLES). Letters to a young Gentleman, upon subjects of literature; 2 Vol. 8° Bury St. Edmund's, 1787. DAVY (WILLIAM).

Divinity, or Discourses on the Trinity. With a memoir of his life by the Rev. C. Davy; 3 Vol. 8° Exeter, 1827.

DAVYS (GEORGE), Dean of Chester. A Sermon at the Festival of the Sons of the Clergy. 4° Lond. 1833.

Translations into English Verse from his Poems.

Davyth ap GwILYM.
S" Lond. 1834.

DAWE (G.). Life of Morland, with remarks on his works. 8° Lond.


DAWSON (BENJAMIN). Philologia Anglicana: or, a philological and synonymical dictionary of the English language; Pt. 1-v. 4o Ipswich, 1806.

DAY (ALFRED). The Latin Syntax. 12° Bristol and Exeter, 1832. * DAY (JAMES). A new Spring of Divine Poetrie. 4° Lond. 1637.

DAY (THOMAS). Some Considerations on Maidstone Gaol. With an appendix. 8 Maidstone. [1784.]

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