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Sailors are admitted on the account of the Collector of the Port, as in other hospitals.

A large number of out-patients are prescribed for at the Dispensary, in the basement, daily (Sundays excepted), in the forenoon.

List of Officers.


Rt. Rev. WM. BACON STEVENS, D.D., President ex-officio.

Term of Service expiring January, 1875.

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Treasurer: Wm. W. Frazier, Jr., 101 South Front Street.
Secretary: Rev. J. A. Childs, D.D., 708 Walnut Street.

Visitors are admitted daily (Sunday excepted) at 1 o'clock, to see the patients.

[Persons desiring information concerning the Hospital, or having communications to be sent to it, will address Rev. J. A. Childs, D D., Episcopal Rooms, 708 Walnut Street.]


Dr. F. P. Henry,

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Jan., Feb., March. Dr. John Ashhurst, Jr.

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Resident Physicians: Drs. H. B. Reed, J. M. Steele, J. M.

Merrill, B. J. Rudderow.

Curator of Pathological Museum: Eugene J. Santee, M.D.

Chaplain: Rev. Henry S. Spackman, D.D.

Superintendent: S. R. Knight, M.D.

Matron Miss Elizabeth Lehman.
Apothecary and Librarian: J. M. Bourke.

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Philadelphia Hospital.



This hospital is supported by the city, and, like the Almshouse, of which it is a department, is under the charge of the "Board of Guardians for the Relief and Employment of the Poor of the City of Philadelphia." It embraces medical, surgical, and obstetrical wards, together with a Children's Asylum. The Insane Hospital is under the charge of a Medical Superintendent,

with an assistant. The medical staff of the establishment comprises five surgeons, five physicians, five accoucheurs, eleven resident physicians, a recording clerk, a curator, and a microscopist.

Out-door relief is afforded to the poor upon application to the visitors of the various districts, or to any of the Guardians. For admission into the Almshouse application may be made at the city office, or at the institution itself (by the Darby cars on Walnut St.).

In order to exhibit the mode of working of this entire system, the following extracts from the rules adopted by the Board are given:

Physicians and Apothecaries for the Out-door Poor.

At the request of a Guardian or Visitor, the physician for the district shall attend each and every case, of whatever nature or kind it may be, that requires medical assistance. He shall direct the necessary medicines to be prepared by the apothecary of his district, and shall bleed whenever that operation is necessary.

The physician shall, when notified by a Guardian or Visitor, examine any applicant for relief, and give a certificate of the applicant's state of health, and ability to procure a livelihood.

The physician shall, immediately after the receipt of a Guardian or Visitor's order, visit the pauper, and continue to attend until the termination of the case; he shall make immediate written report to the Visitor of the district of such cases as, in his opinion, do not require public aid, and shall, once in every month, report to the Visitor the number and condition of the patients under his care during the past month.

Each physician shall annually report to the Board of Guardians, at the first stated meeting in July, a list of all the sick placed under his charge during the past year, in the prescribed form.

The out-door apothecaries shall furnish medicines from their own stock, in compounding and preparing the prescriptions ordered by

the out-door physicians. The prescriptions shall be placed on a file, and at the expiration of each quarter, a bill with the vouchers shall be furnished to the apothecary of the house, who shall compute their value at wholesale prices, and submit the same to the Hospital Committee for approval, previous to their being presented to the Committee on accounts. It is to be understood that the profit paid to out-door apothecaries is a full consideration for services rendered, and the medicines furnished by them shall be at cost prices.

Upon any application for an order of admission into the Almshouse, or to an out-door physician for medical attendance, it shall be the duty of the Visitor to carefully examine into the case, and, if satisfied of its necessity, he may grant an order accordingly, reporting to the Board of Visitors all orders given for medical attendance, except cases of bastardy, which shall be referred to the out-door agent.

It shall be the duty of the Visitor, before giving an order for admission into the Institution of any person alleged to be insane, to require the certificate of two respectable physicians, who shall be qualified before any alderman, that the person for whose admission the application is made is really insane,* and that restraint and medical treatment are necessary for his or her recovery, which certificate, with the order, shall be transmitted to the house agent; and he shall furthermore report such facts as he may be able to obtain, with regard to the patient's former life and habits, and the causes which led to his or her insanity.

It shall be the duty of the Visitor, when application is made to him for the interment of a poor person, to inquire into the necessity of the case; and should he judge it proper, he shall then give an order upon the out-door agent to provide for the burial.

Visitors shall ascertain whether there are any children relieved by them, or belonging to parents by them relieved, who have not been vaccinated, and if they find any such, they shall require that application be made to the vaccine physician of the district, to

See the law on the subject of Insanity.

have it done immediately; and if the parents or nurse should refuse or neglect to comply with the request, the temporary relief granted them shall be withheld.

The Visitors shall devote their whole time to the duties of their office, and they shall follow no other business or occupation without the permission of the Board.

Visitors shall have authority, after careful examination, to grant orders for sending to the asylum foundling and destitute children. Such orders shall specify the name and age of the child, and the names of the parents of such children, as far as can be ascertained, with other particulars of the case, and every order shall be accompanied by a certificate from some respectable physician, that the child is free from any contagious disease.

Rules and Regulations for Hospital and Insane Department.

The Hospital shall be called "The Philadelphia Hospital," and the Insane Department shall be called "The Insane Department of the Philadelphia Hospital."

No patient shall be placed in any of the medical or surgical wards of the Hospital, until he or she shall have been seen and examined by the attending, or resident physicians, and no person shall be admitted or confined in the Insane Department, unless the Resident Physician thereof shall first have certified that, on examination, the person for whose admission application is made is insane, or deprived of the use of his reason, and on that account is a suitable subject; and all such admissions shall also be subsequently examined by the Committee on Insane Department, and the necessary blanks shall be printed in accordance with the above Rule.

No pauper shall be employed as nurse in the Hospital, Insane Department, or Children's Asylum, and the committees having special charge of said departments are requested to employ persons for nurses of known integrity, and steady and temperate habits, and for a reasonable compensation.

No cooking shall be done in any of the wards of the Hospital or Insane department, and one principal cook shall be appointed for

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