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trueft; but till then we must suspend our Judg. ment, both as to the Signs themselves, and as to the exact Times for

their Completion. (51.) It is here fore

(51.) This Sign has told, that about thefe not yet been verified by Times Blood shall drop any Event of that Naout of the Wood. ture that I know of. Yet

do I not doubt of its Ve. rification in due Season hereafter ; 'especially

when, (52.) 'Tis here fore

(52.) A remarkable told, that some eminent Stone, or Rock, which Stone, or Rock, shall is the next Signal, and give its Voice about this

not less strange in itself Time.

than the former, has very lately been verified in our own Country. Take this astonishing History in the Words of the ori. ginal Letter, dated at Cockermoutb in Cumberland, Sept. 3, 1749. It is printed in the General Evening Post, from Thursday, Sept. 12, to Thursday, Sept. 14, the


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same Year, as follows: • The Eruption of the « Mountain of Saint

John's, near this Place, cis Matter of great Spesculation to all the Viri tuosi in these Parts. • It happened in the • Night between the 6 22d and 23d, in the • Midst of the (N. B.) 6 moft terrible LightI ening and Thunder • that ever was seen, or I heard, by the oldest • Man living. A large Ć Rock, near the Tops • of the Mountain, be*ing intirely rent asun

out of which came so great a De

luge of Water and that (with such Violence and

Rapidity as carried all • before it, such as folid Stones of incredible Weight, Houses, Barns,

Mills, &c. and even ç erased their very Foundations, so that you


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cannot now tell where

they stood. The Mill• stones are carried some 6 hundred Yards from ' the Mill, and tossed

upon the Rubbifh and • Sand; the Quantity of • which is so great, thai • it has laid waste a great · deal of arable and Mea• dow Land, which will, « for the future, be ever • spoiled ; being as deep « in some places as the • Tops of Trees. It o would surpass all Cre(dit to give you eve

ry particular Circum• itance of this fuprising « Cataract ; which still 6 continues to discharge o a large Quantity of « Water, of such a · strange Nature as to « tincture all the River Derwent quite down

to the Sea ; which s must be near twenty

Miles. The Damage o done to the Hay,

• Corn,


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• Corn, and the Pro

prietors of the neigh

bouring Fields and · Houses, is computed

at near 4000 l.' (53.) 'Tis here fore-,

(53.) This already betold, that the People gins to be fulfilled, and shall be troubled at such many are now so afstrange Appearances. frighted at the London

Earthquakes, as to be ready to leave the City ; nay, not a few went beyond Sea very lately upon a frivolous Rumour of a Dæmoniacal Madman, that there would be a third Earthquake just four Weeks after the second ; because the second had been just four Weeks after the first, a vast Multitude, supposed by some no fewer than

100,000 left their Houses the E. vening before, and went into St.James's and HydePark, &c. and many


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staid there, or fat in their

Coaches, for Fear of it. (54.) 'Tis here fore

(54.) This will soon told, that a Person, or be fulfilled, when in the People, shall rule whom

Words of Ezekiel, The the World looked not dry Bones, or whole House for ; viz. as I suppose, of Israel will live, and the Messiah, and his for- when God will make the merly contemptible Peo

two Bodies, of the Ten ple the Jews.

and of the Two Tribes one Nation, and one King Mall be King to them all--When David, God's Servant, or the Messiah, fall be King over them,

&c. Ezek.xxxvii. per tot. (55.) 'Tis here fore

(55.) This has alreatold, that at this Time dy been fulfilled in Part, the Air shall be changed. if not in Mr. Childrey's

strange Atmosphere about the Sun ; which is either a new Phænomenon, or one newly discovered: Yet certainly, by the numerous and surprising Meteors, or Northern Lights, Balls of Fire, Storms of Thunder, Lightening, and Wind, is shewn, that this


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