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For Girls

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Miss Hall's


In the Berkshire Hills, on the Holmes Road to Lenox. Forty-five acres. One thousand feet above the sea level.

Miss MIRA H. HALL, Principal

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

NEW YORK, Irvington-on-Hudson


For 45 Boys; 8 to 16. Beautiful location; 22 miles from New York. First prize winner competitive military drill, 71st Armory, N. Y. (1000 boys took part.) Your school looks so homelike." Thus visitors express their first impression when in search of a suitable school they Arst view the

Kyle School. Summer camp in the Catskills.
DR. PAUL KYLE, Principal of Kyle School for 29 years.

Irvington-on-Hudson. Box 506.
NEW YORK, Ossining-on-Hudson. Box 170.

OSSINING SCHOOL FOR GIRLS. 51st year. Academic and economic courses. Separate school for very young girls. For Brochure address


MARTHA J. NARAMORE, Assoc. Prin. NEW YORK, Garden City. St. Paul's School Healthfully located in beautiful Garden

City, Long York. Buildings completely equipped. Gymnasium, swimming pool, i ne athletic fields. Prepares for any college or scientific school. Competent master at the head of each department. A lower school for younger boys. Foi Catalog, address

W. R. MARSH, Headmaster, 152 Stewart Ave.

A Country School for Girls

Head of School
CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles.

A big school for little boys.

Open all the year. Semi-ireproof buildings; no high school boys, but everything adapted to meet the needs of the little folks: the largest school of its class in America. Ask for catalog. Address ROBERT A. GIBBS, Headmaster. Page Military Academy,

R. F. D. No. 7, Box 947. Los Angeles, Cal.
TENACRE A Country School

for girls 10 to 14. Preparatory to Dana Hall, 14 miles from Boston. All sports and athletics supervised and adapted to age of the pupu. Finest instruction, care and influences.

Miss HELEN TEMPLE COOKE, DANA HALL. NEW YORK, Brlarclift Manor. MRS. DOW'S SCHOOL FOR GIRLS Junior Department for girls under 15.


Page Military Academy

TABOR Academy

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ON BUZZARDS BAY TABOR ACADEMY is best described as a junior Annapolis. The only school for boys in New England offering elementary naval training in addition to preparatory school work.

A Summer Cruise to France

for the boys who make good. Tabor Academy is an endowed school preparing boys 13 to 18 for all colleges. Individual training and close personal instruction, Sea-bathing, sailing, camping trips on Cape Cod. Practico cruises on beautiful

Buzzards Bay. Here is a school that is different. A thorough mental training with emphasis on concentration. Careful personal attention during those important years when the boy lays his foundation in character and physique.

For Illustrated Oatalog addre88 WALTER HUSTON LILLARD, A.M. P. 0, Box 78

Marlon, Massachusetts

Its cause and Qure"

You can be quickly cured if you stammer. Send 10 cents, coin or stamps, for 70-page book on Stammering and Stuttering. It tells how I cured myself after Stammering and Stuttering tor 20 years.

BENJAMIN N, BOGUE 459 Boguo Bidg.

Indianapolis, Indiana

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. Laugh- In the favor of a guest who lingers to admire ing exclamations of delight.

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return to treasure her tokens of love and friend. "Won't Barbara just love this tea service!" ship-beautiful silver, useful silver, everlasting "I never saw such an exquisite selection of silver has won its way by merit alone to the silver-and just what is needed, too."

front ranks of appropriate things to give. THE RANGE in prices of silverware permits a very

especially appropriate for wedlling gifts is available from leading

jewelers everywhere,

Gorham. Sterling Silverware

great latitude of choice.


Copyright 1919

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