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3028 a. The antiquities of York city and the civil government thereof, collected from the papers of Christopher Hildyard, with notes etc. by James Torr. York 1719. 8. mit 18 Wappen u. f. w. (Lo. IV, 1829. 6 S. — 6 S. 6 D).

(3) Der Klöster.

3029 a. Dugdale's monasticon abridged (by James Wright of Rutland) Lond. 1693. f. w. plat. (1 E. 16S. Bo).

3029 b. John Tanner's notitia monastica; or, an account of all the abbies, priories, and houses of friars heretofore in England and Wales, and also of all the colleges and hospitals founded before 1540. Lond. 1744. f. with plates of arms. (Longm. 3 L. 3 S. Bo. 2 L: 5 S). with additions by James Nasmith. Cambridge 1785. f. (Longm. 7 L, 7 S). Bo. giebt an 1787. (6 L. 16 S. 6 D).


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3031 a. A view of the silver coin and coinage of Scotland from Alexander the first to the union of the two kingdoms. By Thom. Snelling. Lond. 1774. f. mit 10 Kpftaf. (Lo. IV, 1703).

3035 a. Collection of 260 portraits of eminent Scotch persons drawn and etched from life. By Kay. 4. ob mit Wappen? (Lo. III, 1057).

? 3035 b.

Forsyth's beauties of Scotland. Edinb. 1805 1808. 8. 5 voll, mit vielen Kpf. (2 L. 10 S. Longm.

3 L. 13 S. 6 D. Bo).

2036 a. nobility, their titles, marriages, chief-seats. etc. By M. Salmon, No. 2968 d.

A short view of the families of the Scottish

their arms, mottos and

Lond. 1759. 8. S. oben

3038 a. The peerage of Scotland: a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of that ancient kingdom, their descents, collateral branches, births, marriages and

issue. Together with a like account of all the attainted peers; and a complete alphabetical list of those nobles of Scotland whose titles are extinct, Collected from parliament rolls, records, family documents, and the personal information of many noble peers. Also the paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters, and mottos, most elegantly engraved. (By J. Almon). London: printed for J. Almon etc. 1767. 8. 337 S. (M. 409. Lo. IV, 1624. 5 S. 6 D).

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3042 a. The arms of the royal boroughs in Scotland, und the arms of archiepiscopal and episcopal sees established in Scotland findet man in J. Edmondson's complete body of heraldry etc. Lond. 1780. S. hinten Zusag zu S. 324. No. 1967.

30426. The history of Edinburgh, from its foundation to the present state of Leith and a perambulation of divers miles round the city. In nine books. By Wm. Maitland. Edinb. 1753. f. (Lo. III, 1197. 1 L. 4 S. — 1 L. 10 S. — 1 L. 19 S.-2 L. 7 S). wahrscheinlich auch hieher Gehörendes ents haltend, wie desselben Verfassers history of London.

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3042 c. An historical account of the blue blanket, or the Craftmen's banner: containing the fundamental principles of the good town, with the powers and prerogatives of the crafts of Edinburgh etc. The second edition, enlarged and adorned with the fourteen incorporations' arms. (By A. Pennecuik). Edinb. 1780. 12. 170 S. (M. 438).


3043 a. The peerage of Ireland; or an exact catalogue of the present nobility, both lords spiritual and temporal, with an historical and genealogical account of them. Containing the descents, creation, and most remarkable actions of them, their ancestors, and some of their monuments; also the titles of honor they now enjoy, both here, and in England; their preferments and the time of their promo

tions, with their marriages and issues continued to this time, with the paternal coats of arms of each family in blazon; and of the archiepiscopal and episcopal sees, and the time of their consecrations and translations, with their respective arms, crests, supporters and mottos. The whole collected from the most authentik histories, pedigrees, choice manuscripts, certificates, and other records of this kingdom. By Aaron Crossley, herald - painter of Dublin, Dublin printed for the author. 1725. f.


3043 6. The Irish compendium etc. By F, Nichols. Lond. 1745. S. hinten Zus. zu S. 522. No. 2927.

3044 a. A short view of the families of the present Irish nobility; their marriages etc. arms. .By M. Salmon. Lond. 1759, 8. S. oben No, 2968 d.

3045 a. The peerage of Ireland: a genealogical and historical account of all the peers of that kingdom, their descents, collateral branches, births, marriages and issue. Collected from parliament rolls, records, family documents, and the personal information of many noble peers. Together with the paternal coats of arms, crests, supporters, and mottoes, most elegantly engraved. Also complete lists of the baronets, extinct peers, and chief governors of Ireland, some account of the ancient kings etc. (By Almon). London: printed for J. Almon. — 1768. 8. 2 voll. (M. 410). 6 S. Lo. II, 1001.

3046 a. Die erzbischöflichen und bischöflichen Wappen u. f. w. in Irland, findet man in Crossley's Werke. S. Nr. 3043 a. In Jac. Wara ei de Hibernia et antiquitatibus ejus, disquisitiones. Ed. sec. emendatior et quarta parté auctior. Accesserunt rerum Hibernicar. regnante Henrico VII. annales. Nunc primum in lucem editi. Lond. 1658. 8. befinden sich S. 89 die Wappen der vier erzbischöflichen Site in Irland damahliger Zeit abgebildet.


3046 b. Whitelaw and Walsh's history of the city of Dublin, from the earliest accounts to the present time; containing its annals, antiquities, ecclesiastical history, and charters; biographical notices of eminent men; its public buildings, institutions, population, commerce etc. Lond.

1818. 4. 2 völl. w. numerous plates, plans and maps. (5 L. 5 S. bei Bo. 1 L. 11 S. 6 D; large paper 8 L. 8 S. bei Bo. 2 L. 12 S. 6 D)


IV). Spanien.

3050 a. Retratos de los reyes de Espana desde Atanarico hasta D. Carlos III. - con il sumario de la vida de cada rey. p. Manuel Rodriguez. Madrid 1782-1790. 3 Th. in 4 Bånden, in 4. mit Bildnissen und dazu: Les retratos de los reyes de Aragon desde Inigo Arista hasta D. Fernando el Catolico..p. Man. Rodriguez. Madrid 1794 1797. 2 voll. 4. mit Bildn. (Br. n. r. III, 187).


3050 b. Les delices de l'Espagne et du Portugal, par Almenez de Colmenar. Nouv. edit. avec cart, et fig. Leide 1715. 8. 6 voll.

3068 a. Retratos de los Espanoles ilustres con un epitome de su vidas. Madrid, imprente real 1791 ff. gr. fol. mit 108 Bildnissen. (270 F. Br. n. r. III, 170); ob mit Wappen?

V). Portugal.

3085 a. Theatro genealogico, que contem as arvores de costados das principais familias do reyno de Portugal, e suas conquistas, por Manoel Carvalho de Ataidė T. I. Napoles 1692, f. (B. Lus. III, 216). Wahrscheinlich mit Wappen.

3086 a. Es scheint auch ein hieher gehörendes Werk: Nobiliarchia Portugueza zu geben, wie man aus folgender darauf Bezug habender Schrift ersiehet: Francisco Coelho Mendes advertencias feitas ao livro intitulado Nobiliarchia Portugueza, que toca às. armas das familias. Sahin no Tom. 6. das provas da Hist. Gen. da casa real Portug. Lisboa nau offic. real Silviana 1748. 4. Desde p. 662 ate 702. Nesta obro allega muitas veces com a seguinto, que estava prompta para ao impressao Thesouro da nobreza de Portugal. S. B. Lus. IV, 131.

3086 6. Historia breve de Coimbra, sua fundacao, armas, igrejas, collegios, conventos, e universidade, p. Bernardo de Brito Botelho. Lisboa 1733. 4. (B. h. Port. 100. No. 142).

VI). Italien.

Ob in folgenden Werken bei den Bildnissen auch Wappen befindlich sind, ist ungewiß.

3097 a. Vite e ritratti d'illustri Italiani. Padova, Bettoni 1812. ff. gr. 8. Bis 1824 waren 61 Hefte, jeder mit einem Bildnisse, erschienen. (Br. n. r. III, 424).

3097 b. Vite e ritratti di Brescia e Milano 1818 - 1820. f. 424).

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sessan ta illustri Italiani. (300 Fr. Br. n. r. III,

3097 c. Famiglie celebri d'Italia. d. Pompeo Li'tta. Milano. 1819. ff. f. bis 1832. 26 Hefte zu 120 Fr, ohne Kupfer, 450 Fr. mit den Kupfern, zum Theil in Farben. (Br. n. r. II, 310).

3099 a. ? ? Van der Burchii Sabaudorum ducum principumque historiae gentilitiae. Lugd. Bat. 1599. 4. c. figg.

3111 a. La carte figurative de la noblesse de Venise, par Stephano Scolari, à Venise. (Fl. I, 58. 62. II, 26). Derselbe Fl. nennt ihn II. 11. 20 u. f. w. Nicol. Scho


3118 a. Storia delle monete dei gran duchi di Toscana. Fior. 1756. 4. (M. 631),

3126 a. Phil. Bonanni numismata pontificum Roma


quae tempore Martini V. usque ad a. 1699 in lucem prodiere. cum 86 figg. aen. T. I. II. Romae 1699. f. (v. Der. III, 114. 875. für 7 Fl. verkauft.


3136 a. Rome moderne avec ses magnificences et ses delices, en VI tomes, par F. Deseine. av. figg. à Leide 1713. 8.

3142 a. I regali sepolcri del duomo di Palermo riconosciuti ed illustrati d. Fr. Daniele. Napoli 1781. f. mit 19 Kpftaf. (Br. n. r. I, 402) dürfte wol hier eine Anfüh rung verdienen.

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