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4 Hark, O my soul, whatsing the choirs

347. T. 14. Around the glorious throne ?

AMAZING grace! (how sweet the Hark! " the Lamb slain” for evermore

sound!) Sounds in the sweetest tone; The elders therecast down theircrowns, I once was lost, but now am found,

That sav'd a wretch like me;
And all, in endless day

Was blind, but now. I see.
Sing praise to him who shed his blood,
Ånd wash'd their guilt away.

2 'Twas grace that taught my heart

to fear, 5 This, while on earth, we will declare


grace my fears reliev'd ; Cheerful in our degree,

How precious did that grace appear That thro’the blood of God's dear Lamb

The hour I first believ'd !
Each soul may happy be.
But thou, O Lord ! make ev'ry day

3 Thro'many dangers, toils and snares, Thy grace to us more sweet,

I am already come; Till we behold thy pierced side,

'Tis grace hath brought me safe thus far,

And will lead me home. And worship at thy feet.

4 The Lord hath promis'd good to me,

His word my hope secures;
T. 132.

He will my Shield and Portion be
O IF the Lamb had not been slain, As long as life endures.
To save us from perdition,

5 Yes, when this flesh and heart shall fail, And everlasting life to gain,

And mortal life shall cease,
What had been our condition ? I shall possess within the vail,
But since poor sinners favor'd are A life of joy and peace.
To have a Friend so very dear,
We cannot but be happy.

348. T. 22.

My Saviour left his throne, and came 2 With all our errors and mistakes He bears, and loves us dearly ;

From guilt lost sinners to redeem, A contrite soul He ne'er forsakes,

That they might have their sins forgiv'n, That acteth but sincerely,

And find in him their peace and heav'n. When the whole heart to him is giv'n 2 Daily may I from thee receive We have a foretaste here of heav'n, That


the world can never give, In fellowship with Jesus.

Since Jesus on the cross's tree 3 When we have fail'd and deeply

By death procur’d that peace for me.

3 Lord, I am thine, () take me now, That we the Spirit grieved,

I in the dust before thee bow, And to our Lord for comfort turn,

Asham'd, that I no sooner ran We quickly are relieved :

To thee the Saviour of lost man. Whene'er we say, with humble shame,

T. Lord Jesus, I have been to blame,'

4. He saith, “Thou art forgiven." DEAR Lord, when I trace

The offers of grace 4 As pardon'd sinners we rejoice, With Jesus' congregation;

Received from thee,-Thy drawings of Above all other things we prize

love from my first infancy; His bitler death and passion;

2 I fall at thy feet; His wounds, histears and bloody sweat, Thy mercy's so great, We bear in mind, and can't forget I'm lost in amaze :-Thy love and for. His unexampled merey.

bearance all thoughts far surpass. P


349. *

3 I now wish to be

351.* T. 83. Devoted to thee, Who for me hast dy'd-Grant that I

O REJOICE, Christ's happy sheep! may serve thee, and in thee abide. For your Shepherd will for ever

You, his flock in safety keep;

You are objects of his favor : 350.* T, 228.

Only fast unto him cleave,

You he'll ne'er forsake nor leave.
O HOW enraptur'd is my heart,
That in my Jesus I have part,
He is my only treasure !

352.* May I for evermore abide

faithful Friend! A member of his chosen bride, Upon whose mercy I depend;

And live unto his pleasure; Than ought in earthor heav'n more dear; Oh! I-have joy,

My Paschal Lamb from

year At the favor-that


Saviour My Shield, my Rock, my Polar-star, Here already Join'd me to the church his body.' Thou art my God, and ever shalt abide!

T. 97
MY All in all, my

to year;

my Guide,

XX. Of Thankfulness of the Heart for Jesus' Incarnation

and Death.

T. 119.

4 Ah remain :ll


“Ah remain our highest Good !
353. *

In our hearts, dear suff’ring Saviour,
Shed thy dying love abroad;

This will rule our whole behavior, THANKS and praise, :11:

Us with love inspire, till we shall be, Jesus, unto thee are due;

Lord, with thee. : 11:
O accept our adoration,
For the blessings which accrue


T. 14. From thy human life and passion;

To our Redeemer's glorious name May our hearts and lips with one accord

Awake the sacred song! Praise thee, Lord ! :11:

O may his love (immortal flame!) 2 For thy death:11:

Tune ev'ry heart and tongue. Thou art worthy, Lamb of God, 2 His love what angel's thought can That our lives and whole demeanor

reach? Praise thee, yea each drop of blood What mortal's tongue display? Be devoted to thy honor,

Imagination's utmost stretch And our souls uninterruptedly

In wonder dies away. Cleave to thee. :ll:

3 He left his radiant throne on high, 3 O how great :Il:

Left the bright realms of bliss, Are the blessings we derive

And came on earth to bleed and die! From the fulness of our Saviour !

Was ever love like this! They who him by faith receive, 4 Dear Lord, while we adoring pay And desire to taste his favor,

Our humble thanks to thee, From this source may freely take always May ev'ry heart with rapture say: Grace for grace. :ll:

• The Saviour dy'd for me."


T. 14.

T. 155.


5 O may the sweet, the blissful theme For us he man became, Fill ev'ry heart and tongue,

And still abides the same; Till strangers love thy charming name, To make us all one spirit And join the sacred song.

With him, is his blest aim.

358.* O JESUS, for thy matchless love,

ANGELS, principalities, Accept our warmest praise ;

Thrones and pow'rs in heav'nly places, Since thou didst leave thy throneabove, Worship Jesus, To save a sinful race.

As the Author of their frame;

We with them 2 Thanks for thy suffʻrings, tears, and Praise him for his incarnation, cries,

Human life and bitter passion,
And groans in thy distress ;

And adore his saving name.
The source of never-fading joys,
And endless happiness.

T. 590. 3 Thanks for thy thirst, O Prince of WHAT strikes, O wounded Lamb of peace,

God, When hanging on the tree; My soul so sensibly? What a divine refreshment this 'Tis when I view the fervent love, To souls athirst for thee!

That urged thee to die; 4 Thanks for thy last heart. piercing cry, And feel that from thy precious blood, And meritorious death :

So freely shed for me, Grant we may all on thee rely,

Flows all my happiness in time, And live a life of faith.

And in eternity.

2 This grace, as long as life shall last, 356. T. 167.

I humbly will proclaim;
SING with humble hearts your praises, I, who a sinner void of good,
For our Saviour's boundless grace;

Who dust and ashes am:
Pay due homage to Christ Jesus, 'Tis deeply rooted in my heart,

Come with thanks before his face: Eras'd it ne'er shall be,
Praise him for his death and bleeding, That by thy meritorious death
All our happiness lies there ;

Thou hast redeemed me.
Praise him for his gracious leading,
Praise your faithful Shepherd's care.

3 Thy mercy may I ne'er forget,

While here below I stay : 2 Thou to purchase our salvation I'm lost in wonder and amaze, Didst assume humanity;

When I thy goodness weigh, Jesus, for thy bitter passion,

That I, poor sinner, am become May we ever thankful be:

A child of thine, thro' grace, Filld with awe, and humbly bowing, And being thine, a joyful heir

At thy feet we prostrate fall, Of ceaseless happiness. Gratefully this truth avowing,

4. With contrite tears I thee adore, That thou art our All in all.

And thank for mercy free;

I'll in my walk show forth thy praise, T. 244.

Ev'n in my small degree: REDEEMED congregation,

If thou support me with thy aid, Extol with one accord

As my most gracious Lord; The God of our salvation,

Th' imperfect service which I yield, Sing praises to the Lord :

Will joy to thee afford.


5 Whenever my frail nature swerves 3 I see him in the garden

Beyond the proper bounds, [gives, Shed floods of bitter tears, Thou know'st, O Lord, what pain it Sinking beneath the burden; How grievously it wounds;

I hear his anxious pray’rs ; With eager haste I therefore flee, I see him pine and languish, And safely wish to hide

As on the ground he lay, Within thy wounds, O God my Rock, Till, thro' his pores in anguish, And in those clefts abide.

The blood-sweat forc'd its way. 6 O thou, who to redeem


soul Didst on the cross expire,

4 I fully am assured

My Saviour loveth me, Grant I may love thee in return,

By all he hath endured Be this my fix'd desire :

In his great agony; Henceforth no more to cherish self,

His back plough'd o'er with furrows, But to thy praise to live,

His side pierc'd with a spear, Who lovedst me, and out of love

And unexampled sorrows, Thyself for me didst give.

His boundless love declare. 7 Thy suff'rings then, and bitter death,

My heart shall e'er retain ; 5 My fav’rite theme is Jesus, And earnestly I'll shun thro' grace,

All else I count but loss; All that which gives thee pain;

His love all thought surpasses, For nothing now which this vain world Ah, view him on the cross! Can offer or devise,

Thence hope and consolation Can yield me any further joy,

I freely can derive; Nought but my ransom price.

Were he not my salvation, 8 For ever then remain engravid

I could not bear to live. Deep in my heart's recess; 6 Near Jesus' cross I tarry, Thee whom I wish to love in truth, On him I fix mine eyes, O may my mouth confess:

Behold him spent and weary Grant that each sheep within thy fold A bleeding sacrifice;

Thy seal impress'd may bear, Once of his heav'nly glory Until thou, at the judgment day, I shall obtain a sight; In glory shalt appear.

But here, his suff'ring beauty

Remains my chief delight.
T. 151.
BEHOLD, my soul, thy Saviour

7 What undeserved favor
Gives up his life and blood,

Hath Jesus to me shown!
Thee to restore to favor,

Might I recline for ever
And reconcile to God;

Ŭpon his breast, like John.

Tis my heart's inclination,
Thy ev'ry pain he cases,
In him thou find'st relief,

Like Mary, oft to sit,
Rise then, and sing his praises,

Until my consummation,
Who turns to joy thy grief.

Lord, at thy pierced feet. 2 How is my soul delighted, 8 In my forlorn condition

Tho'shame o'erspreads my face, Thou, Lord, didst me receive, When I, by faith excited,

Thou savedst from perdition
The Lamb of God can trace,

My soul, and badst me live: In all his bitter passion,

With inward spirit's ardor,
Till dying on the tree !

thank thee for thy grace ; He bare my condemnation,

Thyself this heav'nly fervor
And gained life for me.

Of love to thee increase!

T. 97

361.* T. 146.

I revere-him with fear:

But his expiration
LORD Jesus, who for me

Yields me consolation.
Hast endless bliss obtained,
And as thy property

2 Heart-reviving is the view

Of our lovely Saviour; My soul by blood regained :

Him our highest Good to know,
Accept a weeping eye,

Be our whole endeavour;
A warm and grateful heart,
Tho' a thank-oft'ring poor,

We're unclean,-full of sin,
Yet take it in good part.

But the stripes of Jesus

Heal all our diseases. 2 Jesus, thy dying love

3 Lamb of God, all praise to thee! And thy blood-bought salvation, Thou hast vict'ry gained, By day and night shall prove

And upon the cross for me My fav'rite meditation.

Endless bliss obtained ; When I commune with thee,

Thou art mine,- I am thine; As tho’ before mine


May my whole demeanor I saw thee bodily ;

To thy name give honor. My faith this vivifies.

363.* 3 I look to Golgotha, For me I view thee languish,

THANKS to the Man of sorrows be, And melt like wax away

To Jesus Christ, who set us free Before thy pain and anguish;

From sin and death, when on the cross

He suffer'd to retrieve our loss;
By faith I see God's wrath
In what on thee did fall,

Had he not shed his blood our debt to The fountain too and bath



We still had been the devil's wretched For my offences all.

2 O had not Jesus' blood been shed, 4 Most gracious God and Lord !

Life would a burden be indeed,
Mankind's almighty Saviour !
Worthy to be ador'd

No comfort could we ever find,
By all both now and ever!

ray of hope to cheer our mind; Those souls are blest indeed

But now on earth wemayenjoyhisgrace, Who thee embrace by faith, And humbly hope in heav'n to see his As thou for us wast laid

face. Low in the dust of death.

3 Rise, brethren, we to all the earth

Our Lord's atonement will set forth, 5 In thee I trust by faith,

Will love our Master unto death,
God and Saviour;

And humbly cleave to him by faith. On thy atoning death

Lord Jesus, be thou prais'd eternally, My soul shall feed for ever ;

If there no Jesus were, what should Thy suff'rings shall remain

we be ! Deep on my heart imprest, Thou Son of God and man!


T. 146. Till I with thee shall rest.

WE sinners void of good,

Defil'd by sin and stained,
T. 149.

Yet bought with Jesus' blood,

Who our salvation gained, WHEN I Christ in spirit trace As helpless, vile and poor, As the world's Creator,

Appear before his face, And regard the sinfulness

And humbly him adore fallen nature;

For our blest lot of grace.


Jesus, my

362. *

Of my

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