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EDWARDUS Dei gratia etc. Dilecto nobis in Christo Procancellario ac Procuratoribus Universitatis Cantebr. salutem. Cum nos per litteras nostras commissionales magno sigillo nostro sigillatas dat.. die mensis. . . . . Anno regni nostri secundo Reydis. in Christo patribus THOME ELIENSI et NICHOLAO ROFFENSI episcopis et fidelibus consiliariis nostris, WILLMO PAGET ordinis garterii nostri militi, hospitii nostri Antigrapho seu controlatori, THOME SMITHE militi secretario nostro, JOHANNI CHEKE nostræ Adolescentiæ institutori, GULIELMO MAYE supplicum libellorum nostrorum magistro ac legum Doctori, THOME WENDIE medico nostro ac medicinæ Doctori inter cetera authoritatem commiserimus quatenus vos academiamque nostram Cantebr. NECNON magistros regentes, præpositos, custodes, socios, scholares, studentes ac ministros quoscunque universitatis, collegiorum, domorum hospitiorum sive aularum ac omnia et singula collegia domos hospitia aulas et loca alia quæcunque ibidem exercitio scholastico deputate visitent, Cetera quod omnia et singula quæ ad visitationem nostram generalem pertinent peragant et expediant. Vos igitur tenore præsentium peremptorie citamus ac per vos peremptorie citari volumus et præcipimus omnes et singulos magistros, custodes, præpositos, socios, scholares, studentes, ac ministros prædictos quoscunque quatenus compereatis comperiantque illi et quemlibet eorum personaliter in nova capella dictæ universitatis sexto die mensis Maii inter horas octavam et decimam ante meridiem proxime futur. cum continuatione et prorogatione dierum tunc proxime sequentium, visitationem tunc et ibidem suprema authoritate nostra regia exercendum et celebrandum debite in omnibus subituri, universitatis, collegiorum, domorum, hospitiorum, ac aularum prædictarum fundationes, dotationes, indotamenta, cartas, concessiones, statuta, ordinationes, compositiones, computas, inventoria, regestra, ceteraque omnia et singula id genus scripta illis ostensuri et exhibituri, Veritatem etiam quam super inquirendum ab eisdem visitationem nostram hujusmodi concernent. dicturi. Necnon illa quæ ex

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parte nostra illis proponentur audituri ulteriusque facturi et recepturi quod hujusmodi visitationis nostræ qualitas, natura, et inscitia postulant exigunt et requirunt sub pœna contemptus in ea parte transgressoribus graviter infligendum. De die insuper receptionis præsentium executioneque ejusdem deque omnium et singulorum qui per vos citati fuerunt nominibus et cognominibus in schedulis litteris vestris certificatoriis pro quolibet collegio, domo, hospitio, ac aula, intra dictam academiam nostram per vos faciendum et præsentibus anectendum dictis die et loco distincte clareque absque aliqua ambiguitate certificetis seu certificari faciatis per litteras vestras patentes harum serium continentes autentice sigillatas. In cujus rei testimonium sigillum nostrum ad causas ecclesiasticas pro Dioc. Eliens. præsentibus est appenDat. in palatio nostro apud Westm. decimo die mensis Aprilis Anno regni nostri tertio.


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Anno tertio Edwardi Sexti Anno Dni 1549.

Thorder of the vysytacon. Mm. Vysytors were the Byshoppes of Ely and Rochester, Wyllm. Pagett, and Thomas Smythe, Knights, Jhon Cheke, W. Maye, and Thomas Wendye.

[Dr. Byll Master of St. John's Vicechancellor.]

vio MAII

FYRST they sent a precept to thunyversyte wherein the Vyc. and Proctors were cyted and they commawnded to cyte the rest of thunyversyte tappere vito Maii in the cocom (common) scholes of thunyversyte and so all the vysytors save my lorde of Ely were here vo Maii which was sunday without any receyving and my lorde of Ely was here the munday arryving by ix of the clocke and lyghted at Christes College, whyther all the rest of the vysytors came. and the Vyc. with certayne of the heades and so came all together from thens to St. Maryes Church wher the Byshoppe of Rochester preached a sermon, that day they came all to the Kynges College Church and there syttynge in the quere before the Awlter agaynst the vestry dore withowte any receyvyng with oracon at any tyme red ther commytyon, The Vyc. and Proctors delivered them a certyfycat of ther sytacon made with bylls therunto annexed of all that belonged eyther unto thunyversyte or to any Colleges of the same and upon that fyrst the Proctors then all the colleges delivered uppe ther statute books, This done the certyfycat was fyrst red and then all the bylls begynnyng at thunyversyte and every man ther present being called tooke an othe for thabolyshement of the Byshoppe of Rome and for the supremyte of the Kynges Majestie, and pronounsed those that were absente contumacious this done Mr. Cheke took the Book of the new statutes sygned with the Kynges hand and subscrybed with the cownsell and red every worde ther in and delivered it unto the Vyc. And when the Byshoppe of Ely had made a short proposityon wherein amongst others he dyd chefflye exhorte all men to be obedyent

unto the Kynges procedings and to renownce all papystrye and superstytyon and to bryng in bylls every man of all thynges worthy reformacon as well in the universyte and colleges as of every private person which don they went all to St. Johns and dyned in the Vyc. chamber at thunyversyte's cost and besydes the vysitors boorde there were ii tables of ther servantes and other strawngers viz. vi or vii messe of meate.


The next daye they vysyted the same college callyng in every man before them privately wyth his byll subscrybed with his owne hande from the hyghest and senior felow unto the yongest scholer and so supped ther that nyght with lyke numbre of men and meate as before.


On Wednesday they wente to Trynytye College and contynued and satt everye daye ther untyll Sundaye, and had iii meales there Wednesday, thursday, and fryday, save that my lorde of Elye taryed not ther on the fryday at nyght.


On the monday they went to Gonwell Hall and had made an ende by iii of the clocke and before, and so took only a banket there in steade of bever att iii of the clocke and supped at Doctor Wendyes, wher no meate was provyded but only for the vysytors, all the servauntes and other departed save only wayters Mrs. Cheke and her syster supped ther allsoo.

xiv Mail.

On the tuesday they sate at Trynyte Hall in the presidents chamber D. Harvy and ther supped that nyght.


On the Wendysday att Clare Hall in the Mrs. Chamber and ther supped that nyght and came agayn thyther on the thursdaye and ther sate untyll . . . of the clocke and then went to the provostes place of the Kynges College to supper.


From frydaye untyll saterday at afternoone thei contynued in visytacon at the Kynges college and from thens with halfe an howres warnynge wente unto saynte Katheryns Hall and made an ende ther before supper and put them to no more cost but ther bever and supped every at home.


xx MAII.

On the munday which was the xxth day thei sate at the quenes college and made an ende and supped ther.


On the tuesday they vysyted benet College and had sone made an ende and supped ther. [Dr. Parker than Mr of the college and supplienge the Rome of the Vicechancellor in his absence for the most part of the visitacon*.]


On the Wendysday they vysyted pembroke hall and supped ther with my lorde of Rochester.


On thursday at Peterhowse and ther supped and great complayntes were layde in against the Master. [Mr. Aynsworth.]


On fryday at St. Nycholas hostle before noone and so to Christes College and made an ende ther that day.


On the Saturday in the mornynge to Mawdlen college and fynyshed ther before noone and so to Jesus College and supped ther that nyght and came agayne thyther on the sundaye at

• This parenthesis is inserted by Archbishop Parker.-ED.

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