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1590 Camerarius (J.) Symbolorum Centuria tertia, upwards of 400 plates (title mounted), 4 vol., 1590-1604, 4to. (372)

Sotheran, £210S. 1591 Cole (William). Adam in Eden, or Nature's Paradise, half calf, 1657, folio (395) Maggs, £1 1592 Curtis (William). The Botanical Magazine, coloured plates, vol. i.-lxx., in 49 vol., 1787-1844-Indexes to vol. i.-xx., i.-xlii. and i.-liii., 3 vol., 1805-17-28, original calf, not quite uniform (190) Quaritch, £21 1593 Dobson (G. E.) Monograph of the Insectivora, plates, parts i.-iii., 1882-90, royal 4to. (309) Wesley, £2 8s. 1594 Dodoens (Rembert). A Niewe Herball, first edition, black letter, woodcuts (title and some leaves mended), oak boards, Gerard Dewes, 1578, folio (392) Quaritch, £6 15s. 1595 Grote (George). History of Greece, portrait (spotted), maps and index, 12 vol., uncut, 1854-7, 8vo. (192)

Sotheran, £3 12s. 1596 Herbert (W.) Amaryllidacaæ, first edition, with autograph letter of author, 48 coloured plates, 1837, royal 8vo. (343)

Wheldon, £6

1597 Hooker (J. D.) Himalayan Journals, maps and illustrations, 2 vol., calf, 1854, 8vo. (199) Young, I IS. 1598 Hooker (J. D.) The Rhododendrons of the Sikkim-Himalaya, 1849-51-Illustrations of Himalayan Plants, 1855, coloured plates, in 1 vol., half russia, folio (211) Quaritch, £7 10s. 1599 Hooker (W. J.) and R. K. Greville. Icones Filicum, coloured

plates, 2 vol., 1829-31, half russia, folio (209) Quaritch, £2 1600 Ibis (The), series i.-viii. (wanted second series vol. i., sixth series vol. iii. No. 10, seventh series vol. ii.-iv.), together 45 vol., including General Index to series i.-iii. and series viii., 34 vol. in cloth, 2 vol. sewn, remainder as issued, coloured plates (some missing), 1859-1906, 8vo. (287)

Porter, £10 155.

1601 Jerdon (T. C.) The Birds of India, 2 vol. in 6, half calf, Calcutta, 1862, 8vo. (277) Grote, £250

[Author's own copy, evidently prepared for another edition, which was not published in consequence of his death; interleaved, and contains numerous coloured drawings, pencil sketches, MS. notes, etc. With this lot was sold the author's original MS., prepared for a supplement, apparently never published, and a collection of drawings made by Dr. Jerdon, coloured lithographs, etc., enclosed in pamphlet boxes in a mahogany case. Lots 281 and 281*. -ED.]

1602 Jerdon (T. C.) Birds of India, Dr. John Anderson's private copy, with annotations, etc., half calf, Calcutta, 1862, 8vo. (278) Grote, £5 1603 Jacquin (N. J.) Selectarum Stirpium Americanarum Historia, frontispiece and 183 plates, calf, rebacked, Vindobona, 1763, folio (381) Quaritch, £3 3s. 1604 Jacquin (N. J.) Oxalis Monographia Iconibus Illustrata, 80 coloured plates, half morocco, Vienna, 1794, 4to. (369) Quaritch, £10

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Sotheby (Miscellaneous), Nov. 20th and 21st, 1907.

1605 Loudon (Mrs.)

The Ladies' Flower-Garden, 90 coloured plates, original cloth, W. S. Orr, n. d., 4to. (204)

Quaritch, 155. 1606 Maund (B.) and Henslow (J. S.) The Botanist, coloured plates, 5 vol. in 2, half calf, n. d., 4to. (370)

Walford, £110S. 1607 Merian (M.) Florilegium nenovatum et auctum, engraved title and 176 plates, half calf, Fran., 1641, folio (390)

Quaritch, £5 1608 Moore (T.) and Lindley (J.) The Ferns of Great Britain and Ireland, 51 plates, with Descriptive Text, half russia, 1855, imperial folio (210) Quaritch, L IS. 1609 Passæus (Crispian). Hortus Floridus, both parts, engraved title and upwards of 230 plates (engraved title cut), half calf, Utrecht, 1614, oblong 4to. (373) Quaritch, £6 5s. 1610 Pitt-Rivers (Lieut.-General). Excavations in Cranborne

Chase, plates, etc., 4 vol., original cloth, presentation copy, Privately printed, 1887-98, royal 4to. (308) Batsford, £3 4s. 1611 Redouté (P. J.) Les Liliacées, vol. i.-iv. (décrites par M. de Candolle), 240 coloured plates, 4 vol., half morocco, g. e., Paris, Didot, 1802-8, imperial folio (396) Wheldon, £6 155. 1612 Reichenbach (H. G. L.) Icones Florae Germanicae et Helveticae, coloured plates, vol. i.-xix., bound in 12 vol., half russia, Leipzig, 1834-60, 4to. (202) Wheldon, £54 10S. 1613 Reichenbach (H. G. L.) Iconographia Botanica, 10 Centuries, coloured plates, bound in 4 vol., also descriptive text, together 5 vol., half russia, Leipzig, 1823-32, 4to. (201) Quaritch, £33 10s.

1614 Robinson (W.) Flora and Sylva, a Monthly Review, coloured plates, 3 vol., half vellum, uncut, t. e. g., 1903-5, 4to. (361) Kerr, £275.

1615 Smith (Sir J. E.) Exotic Botany, 120 coloured plates, 2 vol., original calf, 1804-5, 8vo. (189) Wheldon, £2 16s. 1616 Sowerby (James). English Botany, third edition, coloured plates, 12 vol., half calf, 1863-76, royal 8vo. (191)

Wheldon, £14 5s. 1617 Stray Feathers, a Journal of Ornithology for India, edited by A. Hume, vol. i.-xi., coloured plates, etc., vol. v. and xi. in wrappers, as issued (wanted vol. v., part i.) Calcutta, royal 8vo. (251) Quaritch, £1 18s. 1618 Swift (Dean). Travels into several remote Nations of the World, first edition (second issue), portrait and 6 maps, separate pagination, 2 vol., calf (wormed), Benj. Motte, 1726, 8vo. (344) Spencer, £5 1619 Tissot (J. J.) Life of Jesus Christ, 365 compositions from the Four Gospels, with notes and drawings, 2 vol., half parchment, t. e. g., 1897, royal folio (205)

J. Bumpus, £2 6s. 1620 Tristram (H. B.) Fauna and Flora of Palestine, coloured plates, presentation copy, half morocco, t. e. g., Palestine Exploration Fund, 1884, 4to. (306) Quaritch, 19s. 1621 Walton and Cotton. Complete Angler, first edition edited

1622 Waterhouse (G. R.)

by Sir J. Hawkins, portrait and plates, morocco extra, 1760, 8vo. (353) Walford, 1 15s. Natural History of Mammalia, coloured plates, etc., 2 vol., half calf, 1846, 8vo. (245) Quaritch, 15s. 1623 Watson (P. W.) Dendrologia Britannica, 172 coloured plates, 2 vol., half calf, 1825, royal 8vo. (341) Wesley, £3 9s.

[NOVEMBER 21ST, 1907.]



(No. of Lots, 205; amount realised, £1,600 12s. 6d.)

(a) Americana.

1624 Tarleton (Lieut.-Colonel). History of the Campaigns of 1780 and 1781 (2 leaves torn), Dublin, 1787-Earl Cornwallis's Answer to Sir H. Clinton, 1783, in 1 vol, old tree calf gilt, 8vo. (27) Dobell, £1 14s. 1625 Douglass (W.) A Summary of the First Planting and Present State of the British Settlements in North America (no map), 2 vol., old calf gilt, 1760, 8vo. (28) Leon, £1 11s. 1626 Lahontan (Baron). New Voyages to North America, maps and plates, vol. 2, 1735-Dampier's Voyages, vol. 3, 1709, 2 vol., old calf (29) Leighton, £2 5s. 1627 Du Perier (Monsieur). General Voyages and Travels, plates by Vander Gucht, old calf, E. Curll, 1708-Hacke (W.) Original Voyages to Darien, etc., maps, old calf, 1699, 2 vol., 8vo. (30) Leighton, 1 IOS. 1628 [Chetwood (W. R.)] Adventures of Captain Robert Boyle, frontispiece, 1728-Moll (H.) Atlas Manuale, coloured maps (including 8 of America), 1723, 2 vol., old calf, 8vo. (31) H. Stevens, 1 IIS. 1629 Hakluyt (R.) Virginia Richly Valued (upper margins of 7 leaves at end defective, a few headlines cut into, and one or two other defects), calf, Printed by Felix Kyngston, 1609, small 4to. (32) Quaritch, £5 1630 Hudson (Henry). Descriptio ac Delineatio Geographica Detectionis Freti, sive, Transitus ad Occasum, supra Terras Americanas, first edition, three folding maps (that of Hudson's Bay and Greenland defective, headlines of 2 leaves cut into, and a few letters of text defective), calf, Amsterodami, anno 1612, small 4to. (33) Quaritch, £33

[The rare first edition of the first printed account of Hudson's Discoveries in North America, and the second published account of the discovery of the Northern Coasts

of Australia by De Quiros. The collation of the above is as follows: A 6 leaves, B to E in fours, and F 1 leaf =23 leaves. Catalogue.] 1631 Smith (Captain J.) A Map of Virginia . . . Whereunto is annexed the proceedings of those colonies, by W. S[trachey], two titles, blank leaf before second title (wanted the map and last leaf), calf gilt, Oxford, 1612, small 4to. (34) Sabin, £510S. 1632 Whitbourne (R.) A Discourse containing a Loving Invitation... for the advancement of his Majesties most hopefull Plantation in the New-Found-Land, half calf (collation, A to G in fours, last leaf blank), London, Felix Kyngston, 1622, 4to. (35) L. Rosenthal, £10 10s. 1633 Eburne (R.) A Plaine Path-Way to Plantations . With certaine Motives for a present Plantation in New-foundland, 3 parts in I vol., polished calf gilt (facsimile of first titlepage given in catalogue), John Marriot, 1624, small 4to. (36) Quaritch, £70

[7 by 5 inches, the corners of a few leaves water-stained,
one leaf (C 2) cut into, a small hole in the last leaf.
Collation A 4 leaves, B 5 leaves 9 preliminary leaves,
C to M in fours, N 2 leaves (only), O to Q in fours, R 3
leaves, there being 66 leaves in all. There are three titles
and only one leaf (the second title) between pages 80 and
89 as numbered.-Catalogue.]

1634 [Gordon (Sir Robert)]. Encouragements, For such as shall
have intention to bee Under-takers in the new plantation
of Cape Briton, woodcut coat-of-arms on title, repeated on
verso of D 2, polished calf, Edinburgh, Printed by John
Wreittoun, Anno Dom. 1625, small 4to. (37) Sabin, £140
[The above example is sound and in clean condition, and
measures 6% inches by 54 inches. Collation: A 2 leaves,
B to D in fours, E 3 leaves = 17 unnumbered leaves. A
facsimile of the title page is given in the Catalogue. See
BOOK-PRICES CURRENT, Vol. vii., No. 5492.-ED.]
1635 Bullock (W.) Virginia Impartially Examined, calf, John
Hammond, 1649, 4to. (38)
Maggs, £24

[64 inches by 51⁄2 inches, having a blank leaf at the end,
making 67 leaves in all. Collation :— +4 leaves, A 2 leaves,
B to I in fours, K 2 leaves.-Catalogue.]

1636 Williams (E.) Virgo Triumphans, first edition, woodcut on title (title and a few leaves soiled, and last leaf defective), 6 inches by 51⁄2 inches, calf gilt, Thomas Harper for John Stephenson, 1650, small 4to. (39) Quaritch, £7 10S. 1637 Eliot (J.) A Brief Narrative of the Progress of the Gospel amongst the Indians in New-England, in the year 1670 (title soiled and corner of last leaf torn away), 6 leaves, polished calf gilt, Printed for John Allen... Wentworth Street, 1671, small 4to. (40) Quaritch, £13

1638 Hennepin (L.) A New Discovery of a Vast Country in America, first English edition, 2 large folding maps and


folding plates, including a view of Niagara (1 map repaired. and I plate cut close), old calf, M. Bentley, 1698, 8vo. (41) Edwards, £13 158.

1639 Budd (T.)

Good Order Established in Pennsilvania and New-Jersey, in America, calf gilt [Philadelphia, William Bradford, Printed in the Year 1685, small 4to. (42)

Sabin, £101

[A good copy of what is generally recognised to be the first Book printed in America by William Bradford, the first printer in Pennsylvania. Bradford accompanied Penn on his first voyage to Pennsylvania. inches (one leaf defective in the printing, and had a small 7 inches by 57% hole in it). A facsimile of the title-page is given in the Catalogue.-ED.] 1640 Dickenson (Jonathan). God's Protecting Providence Man's Surest help in Defence, old sheep (rebacked and first leaf torn), with bookplate of Joseph Harford, Printed in Philadelphia-Re-Printed in London, T. Sowle, 1700, 12mo. (43) Quaritch, £1 145.

1641 [Horsmanden (Daniel).] A Journal of the Proceedings in the Detection of the Conspiracy . . . for burning the City of New-York in America, by the Recorder of the City of New-York, first edition, unbound and uncut, New-York, Printed by James Parker, at the New Printing Office, 1744, 4to. (44) [10%1⁄2 inches by 74 inches. Collation: Title and Preface Sabin, £51 4 leaves, A 2 leaves, B 2 leaves, C to D d in fours, Appendix A 4 leaves, B 4 leaves. Facsimile of title-page given in the Catalogue.-ED.]

1642 Evans (Lewis). Geographical, Historical, Political, Philosophical and Mechanical Essays, original issue of the map, engraved by J. Turner, in Philadelphia, coloured (but third issue of the title-page), unbound, uncut, Philadelphia, printed by B. Franklin and D. Hall, 1755, and sold by R. & D. Dodsley, in Pall Mall, London, small 4to. (45) 1643 Harvard University. Pietas et Gratulatio Collegii CantabraLeon, £115s. giensis apud Novanglos, old calf extra, with the Royal Arms on the sides, g. e., Bostoni-Massachsettensium Typis J. Green et J. Russell, 1761, 4to. (46) [Collection of poems on the Death of George II. and Sabin, £20 10s. Accession of George III. It contains the first specimen of printing with Greek type executed in America.-Catalogue.] 1644 Charters. The Charters of the following Provinces of North America, viz., Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Pensylvania, Massachusett's Bay and Georgia, large folding map, dated 1763, unbound, Printed for W. Owen, J. Almon, &c., 1766, 10 inches by 7 inches (47) Leighton, L4 5s.



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