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Decoration Day

was for our nation, yes indeed, That those we mourn were called to

bleed; 'Twas for our nation, that the brave, Were called to fill a soldier's grave.


CHORUS—Yes, you said you loved your free

dom; With your blood your words

were sealed! That our nation then nor never, We to traitorous sons would




We see them now, as we saw them then; They marched with us, fought side by

side, While we were spared to tell the tale;

Their blood it flowed a crimson tide.


We marched with them o'er mountain tops,

And hillside slopes so long, And heard them sing, while tramping through Some patriotic song.


And through the din of battle,

We saw the stretcher there
To bear away our comrades,
Whose groanings filled the air.


Through tangled swamps, and swollen

streams, Our fallen coʻrades trod; Till by the ruthless hand of war,

They sleep beneath the sod.

And, now, dear comrades, ere we part,

We'll pledge ourselves, that we Will meet each year and homage pay, To those who fill our national cemetry.


No More Pensions.

Ho are crying no more pension's?

'Tis not the true and loyal ones;-
'Tis not the blood that drenched our

Saved us from that awful doom!

Who are crying no more pension's?

'Tis not the sons beneath the clay, They who saved our country for us,

Preserved what we enjoy to-day.

Who are crying no more pensions?

'Tis not the mothers through our land, Who are mourning for their loved ones,

Lying in the southern sand.

Who are crying no more pensions?

'Tis not the boys who can't be seen, Who rotted in some southern prison

With scurvy and the foul gangreen.

Who are crying no more pensions?

'Tis not those whom Winder slew, Nor those who fell by a rebel battery,

Masked to catch the boys in blue.

What is crying no more pensions ?

'Taint wooden legs and patent arms; Eyes which you can touch and handle,

But ne'er can see earth's glorious charms.

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