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Attending Physicians: Drs. S. Weir Mitchell, Edward Wallace, D. Flavel Woods, and James Markoe.

Physicians for Diseases Peculiar to Women: Drs. Robert M. Girvin and John S. Parry.

Ophthalmic Surgeons: Drs. W. Wallace McClure and George Strawbridge.

Aurist: Dr. Charles S. Burnett.

Pathologists: Drs. De Forest Willard and George S. Gerhard. Resident Physicians: Drs. Thaddeus F. Truman and Joseph M. Raub.

Superintendent: Mr. John A. E. Walk.

Matron: Anna M. Knisell.

Apothecary: Charles C. T. Gerhard.

Out-Patient Department.

Surgeons: Drs. De Forest Willard and S. S. Stryker, Jr. Physicians: Drs. George S. Gerhard and Jerome Longenecker.

Germantown Hospital.


Applications for admission may be made daily at 12 Cases of recent accident admitted at any hour.




Open daily (Sundays excepted), from 9 to 10 A.M.


President: James E. Rhoads, M.D.

Secretary: Thomas Stewardson, Jr.

Treasurer: Norton Johnson.


James E. Rhoads, M.D.,

John S. Haines,

Elliston P. Morris,

J. Livingston Erringer,

Norton Johnson,

Owen J. Wister, M.D.,

Charles Spencer,

F. Mortimer Lewis,
Redwood F. Warner,
Thomas Stewardson, Jr.,

Henry H. Houston,
Franklin Shoemaker,
Wm. Henry Bacon.

Hospital Physicians: Drs. Wm. Darrach, T. L. Leavitt, A. F. Muller, Thos. C. Potter.

Out-door Physicians: Drs. Wm. Darrach, A. F. Müller, T. L. Leavitt, Thos. C. Potter, Lawrence B. Hoff.

Attending Physician at the Dispensary: Dr. T. L. Leavitt. Consulting Physicians: Drs. W. R. Dunton and R. M. Downs. Consulting Surgeons: Drs. Thos. F. Betton and Jas. Darrach. Matron: Mrs. Elizabeth J. Woodward.

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This Institution is supported by a fund bequeathed by the late James Wills, a merchant of this city, and by voluntary contributions. It is under the general con

trol of the Directors of City Trusts, and immediately supervised by a committee of five of said Board.

The Hospital has forty beds, all free, which are kept constantly filled.

Admission of patients, without regard to creed or color, may be obtained by personal application to any of the surgeons, all of whom are on duty during the entire year.

A daily clinic is held from 2 to 3 P. M. for out-door patients, Sundays excepted.

Four surgeons are in attendance every other day at 2 o'clock, as follows:

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays: Drs. Norris, Thompson, Harlan, and McClure.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays: Drs. Keyser, Hall, Strawbridge, and Goodman.

The clinics are open to all regular practitioners and students of medicine who desire to study the diseases of the eye.

Board of Directors of City Trusts, 1874.

WM. WELSH, President,

Ex officio Member of Standing Committees.

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Committee on Administration of Wills Hospital.

Messrs. Collis, Chairman, Biddle, Claghorn, Drayton, and Mann.

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The Philadelphia Orthopedic Hospital and
Infirmary for Nervous Diseases.

Incorporated 1867.

This Institution occupies a large building at the northwest corner of Seventeenth and Summer Streets. It is sustained by voluntary aid and by State appropriations, and contains two rooms for private patients, and thirty free beds.

All applications for admission to the Hospital, as house patients, or for aid in the purchase of necessary mechanical appliances, should be through the Executive Committee, and may be made in person on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 12 o'clock M., or may be addressed to Alfred Jones, Chairman of the Committee, at the Hospital.

The diseases treated are: all forms of bodily deformity-such as club-foot, joint diseases, and spinal distortions; and all nervous maladies--such as paralysis, chorea, epilepsy, and neuralgia.

The clinics for out-door patients are arranged as follows:

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 12 o'clock M., for Nervous Diseases. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, at the same hour, for Deformities.

These clinics are open to all regular practitioners, or students of medicine, upon application to the attending medical staff or executive committee.

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Attending Surgeons: Dr. Thomas G. Morton and Dr. H. Earnest Goodman.

Attending Physicians: Dr. S. Weir Mitchell and Dr. Wharton Sinkler.

Assistant Surgeons: Dr. David Davidson and Dr. C. H. Merklein. Assistant Physicians: Dr. George S. Gerhard and Dr. Robert H. Alison.

Consultants: Prof. S. D. Gross, M.D., Dr. William Hunt, Dr. George W. Norris, and Prof. D. Hayes Agnew.

Resident Physician: Dr. M. F. Kirkbride.
Orthopedic Mechanist: D. W. Kolbe.
Mechanical Electrician: Otto Flemming.
Matron: Anna Lukens.

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