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FO R many Years red Sand constantly came from me, without Pain or Inconvenience. About nine Years ago I began to be uneasy; andbefore twelve Months had passed, was so much but of order, that I could no longer ride; the Motion of a Coach grew insupportable; and that of a Chair dr Walking, was generally attended.-. "with bloody Water.

%be Regimen.

I took Mrs. Stepbens,s-Medicine in the solid: Form, three Ounces a Day for about five Years when I changed it for the fame Quantity of Castile Soap; which, about a.Year since, I reduced, to two Ounces; and lately to one Ounce, with,, about a Pint of Lime-water mixt with Milk; being^willing to regain my Liberty as far as is consistent with Ease and fafety. This Regimen I haveincessantly, pursued-; except some few Days that I have purposely omitted it, to observe the Con*, sequences of such Omission,

The EffeBs;

Whilst I pursue this Regimen; I never discharge red Sand; whenever, I omit it for a few. Days, I constantly do. By a steddy Perseverance, in it, my particular Complaint has been gradually. . ~ diminished;

diminished; and my Health,. in general improved. I believe I could now ride, though I have. not tried. I seldom feel any Uneasiness in a Coach j and when I do, it is inconsiderable; though sometimes (but very rarely) it is attended with bloody Water. And the Motion of a Chair or Walking do not affect me. In short, I have exchanged Pain for Ease, and Misery for Comfort ; and had it not been for this Medicine, I should not have. been now alive to have told my Story..

My Conclusions are these r

r. Mrs. Stepbens* Medicine, or Castile Soap, are fafe Remedies; and three Ounces may be taken every Day for Years together (and, probably, during Life) without any ill Consequence*

2. That Health in general.will improve by their Use j for by their cleansing Quality, I imagines they better prepare the Stomach for Digestion,, and the Intestines for Chylifjcation.

3. They are Preventives of the Stone; either by hindering the Generation or Formation of those Particles of which it is composed, or by-facilitating the Discharge of them before Concretion. And I am. persuaded, that, by taking them, Persons who have.not that Distemper, willbe secured from. itand those. who have it, from.' growing worse. And if, on lessening my Quantity, I again find the Appearance of red Sand, T will increase it again to. a Quantity susficient to .

W^- . .. + They

4. They are Lithontripticsu Of this I have often had ocular Proof; and the discharged Fragments are softened, and their Parts more easily separated.

5. They are Lenitives, where the Stone is not entirely discharged; so that when* complete Cureis not obtained, Ease may, as I have happily experienced. But from what Cause this proceeds,..

"let Physicians enquire and determine.

I believe Men scarce differ so much in the Temper of their Bodies, as of their Minds; and though many Cafes may be very unlike my own,. I am. persuaded, that a regular Use of this Medicine would, for. the most Part, be as beneficial to others as to myself. Persons, with whom it difagrees, in other Respects, are excluded from this Benefit; as the Intemperate are from the Benefit of this or any other Medicine. .

I have, for a long Course of Years, abstained' from all strong. Liquors; but drink everything that is small. Lean eat any thing, but not much; and like the most common Diet best. I prefer most things to Flesh; and of Flesh the whitest. I never altered my commen.Diet on Account of this Medicine; or the Times of my Meals, which . have ever been very irregular. I have always taken an Ounce at a time; sometimes before, sometimes at, and sometimes after, Meals; and f have often made a Meat of the Medicine itself, only with a Glass of small Liquor.(of any Sort) and a Tittle Bread, which I have always taken 'with it. 1 generally took the three Ounces at

proper i

proper Intervals; and sometimes at very short ones. This Medicine has always agreed with me; and I never once felt it on my Stomach, or any other Inconvenience from it. And I think if my Duty to omit no Opportunity of publishing its Virtues to the World.


SIN CE I finished this Essay, I am in doubt whether I ought not to change the Title. For I have heard of a very ingenious Performance-, called 72<? Afialysts ef Beauty, which proves incontestable that it consists in. Curve Lines: I congratulate my Fraternity; and hope, for the future, the L«diefe wiH esteem them Dai Beaux. G*rfinr. :-; .. t. I •',


IWonder, that in the first Edition of this Esfay, I forgot to mention some Inconveniences I suffer of a very grievous Nature ; and which have a Right to a Plate in Pages 100 and 101 of this Edition.

When I am in a Coach with a Fair Lady, I am hid by Silk and Whale-bone. When I sit next her at Table, my Arm is so pinioned, I can neither help her nor myself. We arexleprived of the Pleasure of seeing each other; and she would scarce know I was there, if she did not sometimes hear me under her Wing. I am in Purgatory on the Confines of Paradise. I therefore beg one Favour, and which she may grant with Honour; that (since I despair of supplanting her [/] Lapdog) she will allow me a Cushion to raise me above such Misfortunes.

[r] N. B. Many Ladies fay, that Shock is as ugly a Cur as myself, and unworthy of his Post. But nothing so disrespectful shall ever escape me; lest it should osfend, or be thought the Envy of a Rival.

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