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1924 Mayer (L.) Views in Egypt, Palestine, the Ottoman Dominions, etc., coloured plates, bound in 4 vol., half calf (not uniform), 1801-10, folio (442) Spencer, £3 3s. 1925 Molière (J. B. P. de). Euvres, par L. Aimé-Martin, portrait, 8 vol., calf, 1824-6, 8vo. (311) Rimell, £2 5s. 1926 Montagu (Lady M. W.) Letters and Works, edited by Lord Wharncliffe, portraits, 3 vol, original cloth, uncut, 1837, 8vo. (356) Hornstein, LI 13s. 1927 Orme (E.) Foreign Field Sports, 100 coloured plates, morocco gilt, g.e., E. Orme, n. d. (1814), 4to. (429) Rimell, £4 16s. 1928 Rabelais (F.) Euvres, Edition Variorum, 9 vol., portraits, plates and woodcuts, calf, 1823, 8vo. (312) Smoyer, £3 10s. 1929 Richelieu (Cardinal de). Mémoires sur la Règne de Louis XIII., 10 vol., vellum gilt, 1823, 8vo. (300) E. Parsons, £1 135. Poems, first edition, vignettes after Turner and Stothard, original boards, uncut, back missing, 1834, 8vo. (347) Spencer, 11s. 1931 Sévigné (Madame de). Lettres, par G. de Saint-Germain, 12 vol., half vellum, 1823, 8vo. (335) Hornstein, £1 18s. 1932 Shakespeare (W.) Dramatic Works, Boydell's edition,

1930 Rogers (Samuel).

engravings after Stothard, Westall, etc., 9 vol., calf gilt, m. e., Bulmer, 1802-Prefaces of Pope and Johnson to the Works, in boards, uncut, together io vol., folio (457) Parsons, £4 4s. 1933 Shakespeare (W.) Plays, by Johnson, Steevens and Reed, portraits and plates, 21 vol., vellum gilt, 1813, 8vo. (313) J. Bumpus, £3 1934 Smith (C. H.) Ancient Costume of Great Britain and Ireland, 60 coloured plates, calf (binding broken), 1814, royal 4to. (430) Sotheran, 1 25.

1935 Swift (Dean). Works, by John Nichols, portraits, 19 vol., calf, 1808, 8vo. (350) Sawyer, £1 18s. 1936 Voltaire. Euvres, par M. Beuchot, 70 vol., calf gilt, m. e., 1834, 8vo. (404)

1937 Young (Edward).

Joseph, £4 4s. The Complaint and the Consolation, or Night Thoughts, marginal designs by Blake (some shaved) and the leaf, "Explanation of the Engravings," morocco, 1797, imperial 4to. (431) Maggs, £7 2s. 6d.

(B) Other Properties.

1938 Baring-Gould (S.) Iceland, its Scenes and Sagas, map, coloured and other illustrations, 1863, royal 8vo. (100)

1939 Barrow (John). Travels into the

T. Milligan, L1 4s. Interior of Southern 1801-4, 4to. (173) Edwards, £1 3S.

Africa, map and plates, 2 vol., calf gilt,

1940 Beauties of England and Wales, 18 vol., and also Brewer's Introduction, map and plates, 19 vol., calf, 1801-18, 8vo.


1941 Bombay Natural History Society.

Edwards, 1 IOS. Journal, coloured

and other plates, 6 vol., half calf, Bombay, 1888-93, 8vo. (39) Quaritch, £2 1942 Bree (C. R.) Birds of Europe, coloured plates, 4 vol., 1863, royal 8vo. (11) J. Bumpus, £1 10s. 1943 Buckler (W.) Larvæ of the British Butterflies and Moths, coloured plates, 6 vol., Ray Society, 1886-93, 8vo. (116) Horniman, £3 15s. 1944 Budge (E. A. W.) Life and Miracles of Talka Hâymânôt and the Book of the Riches of Kings, in the Version of Dabra Lîbânôs, 165 coloured plates, 2 vol., morocco, m. e. (250 copies only), 1906, folio (286) P. Cotton, £8 15s. 1945 Chateaubriand (F. R. de). Memoirs, translated by A. Teixeira de Mattos, portraits, 6 vol., 1902, 8vo. (46)

Hill, £1 125.

1946 Dryden (John). Poems on Various Occasions, first collected edition, original calf, 1701, folio (201) Maggs, £2 45. 1947 Edwards (S.) Botanical Register, coloured plates, vol. i. and xiv.-xxi., 9 vol., calf, 1815-36, royal 8vo. (80)

Walford, £3 35. 1948 Essex. New and Complete History of Essex, by a Gentleman, maps and plates, 6 vol., half calf, 1769-72, 8vo. (50) Walford, I IIS. 1949 Farmer (J. S.) Slang and its Analogues, 7 vol. and part i. of revised edition, 4 vol., half bound, the others as issued, 1890-1904, small 4to. (28) Lockwood, £3 5s. 1950 Freemasonry. The Sentimental and Masonic Magazine, portraits and plates, 6 vol. (all published?), half calf, not uniform, Dublin, 1792-95, 8vo. (93) Shepherd, £175. 1951 Hassell (J.) Life of George Morland, portrait and engravings, original boards, uncut, 1806, 4to. (171)

E. Massey, £1 1952 Hayley (William). Life of Romney, portraits and engravings (some wanted), original boards, uncut, Chichester, 1809, 4to. (172) E. Massey, £1 1953 Hewitson (W. J.) Eggs of British Birds, third edition, coloured plates, 2 vol., 1856, 8vo. (119) Quaritch, £3 10s. 1954 Hook (W. F.) Lives of the Archbishops, both series (no Index), 11 vol., original cloth, 1861-75, 8vo. (99)

1955 Humphreys (H. N.) and Westwood (J. O.) flies and Moths, 166 coloured plates, 1841-45, 4to. (166)

1956 Ireland (W. H.) History of Kent, plates, 1828-30, 8vo. (49)

Joseph, 110s. British Butter3 vol., half calf, Quaritch, £3 35. 4 vol., half calf, Hill, £1 135.

1957 Moore (J. B.) International Law Digest, with Index, 8 vol., Washington, 1906, 8vo. (219) Wilder, £2 8s. 1958 O'Brien (Henry). The Round Towers of Ireland, first edition, plates, half morocco, 1834, 8vo. (90) Shepherd, 16s. 1959 Rawlinson (G.) Five Great Monarchies, maps and illustrations, 3 vol., 1871-Sixth and Seventh Monarchies, maps and illustrations, 2 vol., 1873-76-History of Phoenicia, map and illustrations, 1889, together 6 vol., 8vo. (95) Maggs, £5 7s. 6d.

1960 Scott (Sir W.) Poetical Works, portrait, 10 vol., morocco gilt, g. e., Edinburgh, 1822, 8vo. (82)

Maggs, £1 18s. 1961 Southey (R.) The Doctor, first edition, 7 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1834-47, 8vo. (47)

Hill, 12s. 1962 Voragine (Jac.) Legenda Sanctorum, lit. goth., large coloured initial, half calf (a few pages stained), Nuremberg, A. Koburger, 1481, folio (185) Godfrey, 175. 1963 Walker (J. C.) Historical Memoirs of the Irish Bards, engravings, 2 vol., half morocco, Dublin, 1818, 8vo. (91) E. Massey, Li

1964 Willelmus (Episcopus Lugd.) Summa viciorum


Tractatus Morale, lit. goth., capitals printed in gold and colours, original oaken boards covered with stamped calf with diagonal ornaments, brass corners (joints cracked), Absque nota [circa 14-], folio (184) Maggs, £4 16s.

1965 Wordsworth (William). Lyrical Ballads, first edition, name on title, and some MS., calf, 1798, 8vo. (8)

Spencer, £1




(No. of Lots, 594; amount realised, £1,136 10s.)

1966 Addison (J.) Works, portrait and plates, 4 vol., calf, Birmingham, J. Baskerville, 1761, 4to. (498)

Tregaskis, £3 3s. 1967 Advice to Sportsmen, by Marmaduke Markwell, coloured frontispiece (only) by Rowlandson, calf, 1809-Peacock (T. L.) Genius of the Thames, first edition, 1800, together in 2 vol., 8vo. (159) Bain, L1 6s. 1968 Albertino (F.) Opusculum de Mirabilibus noue & veteris Urbis Rome, limp vellum, Romae, 1515, 4to. (397)

1969 Appianus (P.) Cosmographia, woodcuts,

Stow, £25s. and a spherical

map containing America, old limp vellum, Parisiis, Viuantius Gualtherst, 1551, 4to. (398) Stow, 110s.

1970 Astle (Thomas). Origin and Progress of Writing, original edition, plates, half calf, Printed for the Author, 1784, 4to. (337) Dobell, 6s. 1971 Baronius (R). Philosophia Theologiae Ancillans (headlines shaved), russia, Andreapoli, 1621-Ad Georgii Turnebulli Tetragonismum Pseudographum Apodixis Catholica

(stained and defective), old vellum, Abredoniae, E. Rabanus, 1631 (30) Tregaskis, £ 6s. 1972 Barros (João de). Decadas da Asia. Decades I.-IV., (Barros), IV.-VI. (Couto), and V. Books of Decade XII., with 2 vol. in duplicate (three titles missing and several leaves stained), together 10 vol., parchment and old calf (not subject to return), Lisboa, 1628, etc., folio (101) Stow, £2 1973 Beaumont (Jos.) Psyche, or Love's Mysterie, first edition, original calf, monogram of Sir Francis Digby on back, 1648, folio (367) Cotton, Is. 1974 Bewick (Thos.) History of British Birds [second edition], 2 vol., original boards, uncut (backs damaged), Newcastle, 1804, 8vo. (306)

Power, £1 16s. 1975 Bible (Holy). Authorized Version, old morocco gilt, g. e., T. and J. Buck, 1629, folio (105) Leighton, 1 IOS. 1976 Bidpay. Dis ist das buch der wyszheit der alten wysen, von geschlecht und welt, Strassburg, Grünninger, 1501Die Vier und Zwenzig Alten, ib., J. Knoblouch, 1508Der heiligen Kirchen und des Römischen reichs, ib., Grüninger, 1504, lit. goth., woodcuts (coloured), together in vol., oaken boards, half stamped leather (wormed and a leaf in first work defective), Strassburg, 1501-8, folio (278) Quaritch, £4 8s. 1977 Blome (R.) Gentleman's Recreation, first edition, plates, half morocco gilt, t. e. g. (pages 271-280 cut short at lower margins), 1686, royal folio (273) Tregaskis, £5 1978 Brabazon. Genealogical History of the Family of Brabazon, tables and plates, coats-of-arms in the margins, half morocco, g. e., Paris, 1825, 4to. (85) Quaritch, LI 4s. 1979 Breydenbach (B. de). Sanctaram Peregrinationum in montem Syon Opusculum, lit. goth., with the arms of Ph. de Birken by Dürer, engravings and woodcuts, Spira per Petrum Drach, 1490, folio (282) Leighton, £6

[This copy contained only the two large folding engravings of Candia and Rhodes (the latter mended), and the smaller engravings of Venice (half gone), Parens and Corfu.Catalogue.]

1980 Brough (R. B.) Life of Sir John Falstaff, plates by George Cruikshank, original cloth, uncut, 1858, imperial 8vo. (203) Walford, £475. 1981 Browning (Robert). Bells and Pomegranates, first edition, No. vii., presentation copy from the author to "Eliot Warburton, Esq. with the author's best regards," Moxon, 1845, 8vo. (150) Hornstein, £8 15s. 1982 Bruce (J. C.) The Roman Wall, third edition, half morocco, uncut, 1867, 4to. (497) Bain, £4 1983 Canons and Constitutions Ecclesiasticall for the Government of the Church of Scotland (headlines cut and last leaf defective), half calf, y. e., Aberdene, E. Raban, 1636, 4to. (78) Barnard, £2 4s. 1984 Carlyle (Thomas). Collected Works, Library edition, 30 vol.

-Translations from the German, 3 vol.-Index, 1 vol., together 34 vol., calf gilt., m. e., 1869-71, 8vo. (413) Hornstein, £20 15s. 1985 Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles (Les), etc., vignettes by Picart, 2 vol., old calf gilt, m. e., Cologne, P. Gaillard, 1736, Svo. (298) Dobell, £1 IS. 1986 Cervantes (M. de). El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, primera parte segunda edicion de Madrid, 12 preliminary leaves (6 defective and some misplaced, first leaf defective, several margins frayed by damp), vellum, En Madrid por Juan de la Cuesta, 1608, small 4to. (334) Tregaskis, £3 35. 1987 Cervantes (M. de). Don Quixote, by J. P.[hillips], plates (wanted frontispiece), old calf, T. Hodgkin for J. Newton, 1687, folio (372) Reader, 155. 1988 Charles I. Eikon Basilike, folding frontispiece by Marshall, oval portrait of the King and Prince Charles inserted, original brown morocco gilt, W. Dugard, 1649, 8vo. (318) Leighton, £3 3s. 1989 Chaucer (Geoffrey). The Workes of Geffray Chaucer, newly printed (with Wm. Thynne's Preface to King Henry VIII.), black letter, woodcut titles and woodcuts, contained 8 preliminary leaves and ccclv. folios, the right number of leaves being 360 in all, 3 leaves having been skipped in the pagination, old calf, Thomas Petit, n. d., folio (369) Pickering, 35 10s.

[This edition has Thynne's Preface, in which the "Plowman's Tale" follows the "Manciple's Tale," instead of following the Parson's tale, as in the 1542 editions. -Catalogue.]

1990 Chaucer (Geoffrey). Works, by John Urry, old calf, B. Lintot, 1721, folio (363)


1991 Cicero. Officia M. T. C. . . . in Latein geschriben welchs auff Herren Johansen von Schwartzenberg, etc., 103 woodcuts by Burgmaier, and portrait of Schwartzenberg, by Albert Dürer, half vellum, folio, Augsburg, H. Steyner, 1531, folio (279) Leighton, £1 15s.

Civil War Newspapers.

1992 The Newes, October 13, 1663 to April, 13,

1993 Mercurius Publicus, April 19, 1660 to (93)

1994 The Intelligencer, 70 numbers (various),

1665 (92) C. Lindsay, £5 5s. February 13, 1661 Pickering, £3 125. 1663-1664 (94) Pickering, £3 18s.

1995 The Publick Intelligencer, 188 numbers (various), 1655-60

1996 Mercurius Politicus, 278 numbers,


1660 (96)

Pickering, £3 18s. October, 1650 to April, Pickering, £4 15s.

1997 Mecurius Aulicus, 88 numbers, 1642-45 (97)

Pickering, £3 3s.

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