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An Act for the transportation of Dick, and other Negro


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ty on liquors

An Act appointing a Treasurer; and impowering him

to receive the Monies in the hands of the late Trea

surer. I. D E it enacted, by the Lieutenant-Governor, Coun

D cil, and Burgesses of this present General Assem. Monies arisbly, and it is hereby enacted, by the authority of the 10

ing trom dusame, That all and every sum and sums of money to be and slaves to raised by one act of assembly, passed this session, inti. be paid to tuled, An act for laying a duty on liquors and slaves, the treasurbe constantly accounted for, and paid, by the collectors or receivers thereof, to the treasurer of this his Majesty's colony and dominion, for the time being.

II. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, and it is hereby enacted, That John Holloway, John HolloEsquire, shall be and is hereby nominated, constituted, way appoint

ed treasurer. and appointed, treasurer of the revenues arising by the before specified act; and the said treasurer is hereby authorized, impowered, and required, to demand, receive, and take, of and from every collector and collectors, all and every sum and sums of money, arising by force of the before-recited act of assembly: And the said John Holloway is authorized and required to keep and retain all such money in his own custody and possession, until he shall be ordered and required to dispose of the same, in such manner, and by such warrant, and for such uses, intents, and purposes, and no other, as are limited, appointed, and directed, in the said act.

III. And be it further enacted, by the authority aforesaid, and it is hereby enacted, That the salary of four un per cent. shall be allowed and paid to the said treasurer, out of all and every sum and sums of money by him received and accounted for, to the general assembly, according to the directions of the said act.

iv. And be it further enacted, That the said John Holloway, before his entry and admission into the said Must give office of treasurer, and before his taking upon him to

bond and se.

execute and manage the same, shall give bond in the secretary's office, with good and sufficient security, in the sum of six thousand pounds, sterling, paiable to his Majesty, his heirs and successors, for the true and just performance and discharge of the aforesaid office and place of treasurer, according to the true intent and

meaning of the afore-recited act of assembly. Vacancy'how V. Provided always, That in case of the death, de. supplied. parture out of the colony, or other legal disability of

the treasurer hereby appointed, that then it shall and may be lawful, to and for the honorable the lieutenantgovernor, or the governor and commander in chief, for the time being, with the advice of his Majesty's council, to appoint and constitute sich other person as he shall think fit, to execute the said oflice of treasurer, according to the several rules and directions in this act expressed, who shall hold, have, and enjoy, the said office of treasurer, with all and singular the rights and profits to the said office belonging, until the then next session of assembly, giving such bond and security as herein before is directed; any thing in this, or any other act, to the contrary, in any wise, notwithstand

ing. Burgesses VI. And forasmuch, as a poll-tax hath always been wages for esteemed grievous and burthensome to the people of this this session.

colony, and discharging the salaries of the burgesses in money, hath, by late experience been found an expedient agreeable, satisfactory and easy, to the people, in all parts throughout this colony, Be it therefore enacted, and it is hereby enacted, That the several burgesses of this assembly, be paid for their several attendances, coming and returning, this session, in current money, at the rate of ten shillings per hundred for tobacco.

. VII. And lest any doubt should be made, concerning Appropria tion of mo. the several sums of four thousand pounds, and twelve nies in hands hundred pounds, now in the hands of Peter Beverley, of treasurer, Esquire, supposed by some persons to have been approfor premiums on tar and

"priated to particular uses, mentioned and expressed in

practo particular us hemp.

onc act of assembly, intituled, An Act for encouraging the making of Tar and Hemp, made at a general assembly, in the eighth year of the reign of his present Majesty; Be it therefore enacted and declared, That the said several sums of four thousand pounds, and twelve hundred pounds, in the hands of the said Peter Bever

ley, Esquire, are not, and were not, by the last before. mentioned act of asseinbly, nor was any part thereof, set apart and appropriated for any particular uses or purposes in that act mentioned, or for any other particular uses, intents, or purposes whatsoever: But that the several sums of four thousand pounds, and twelve hundred pounds, in the hands of the said Peter Bevere ley, Esquire, do remain unappropriated and under the power of this assembly, to be disposed of in such manner, and to such uses, for lessening the levy by the poll, as this assembly shall judge reasonable. And that if, at any time it should happen, that there should be a deficiency of money, in the hands of the treasurer of this colony, for the time being, to discharge, pay, and satisfy, the several premiums, rewards, or bounties given, or intended to be given, by the said last before menti. oned act; in such case, such deficiency ought to be made good, and such rewards or bounties are and ought to be paid out of the first money that shall thereafter come into the hands of the treasurer, for the time being, by virtue of any imposition act, or any other money in the hands of such treasurer, not then appropriated..

VIII. And it is hereby further declared, That this present general assembly, and all other assemblies, are bound and obliged to take care and provide, that there may always remain unappropriated, in the hands of the treasurer of this colony, for the time being, sufficient money to discharge and satisfy all and every the premiums, rewards, or bounties given, or intended, by the last before-mentioned act, as the same may be severally demanded, or become paiable, or otlicrwise, to make good the same, by the specdiest methods pos. sible.

IX. And be it further enacted, That the said Peter Beverley, esquire, do and shall, iminediately after the passing of this act, pay unto the above named John Holloway, esquire, the sum of three thousand pounds; and within six months after, all and every such other sum and suns of money, which he the said Peter Beverley hath received, by virtue of his being treasurcr', of the impositions or duties on liquor's or slaves, or either of them, which at the passing of this act shall remain in the hands of him the said Peter Beverley, esquire, to be accounted for to the general assembly; and not

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drawn out of his hands by any act or acts, order or or. :
ders of assembly, or warrants under the land of the
governor or commander in chief, for the time be-
ing, pursuant to the powers lodged in such governor:
And that the receipt or receipts of the said John Hol-
loway, for such sum and sums, as the said Peter Be-
verley, esquire, shall pay him, shall be sufficient dis-
charges to and for him the said Peter Beverley, es-
quire, bis heirs, executors, and administrators, and
every of them, for all and every such sum or sums of
money so paid by him; ony act or acts heretofore made
to the contrary, or seeming to the contrary, notwith-
standing. And the governor or commander in chief,
for the time being, is hereby impowered and desired,
from time to time, as occasion sball be, to issue his
warrant or warrants, directed to the said John Hollo-
way, now treasurer, for the paiment of the several sa-
laries of the burgesses, and other charges of this as-
sembly, and all other paiments to be made, by any act
or order of this assembly, and not paid or discharged by
the said Peter Beverley, esquire: All which warrants,
the said John Holloway is hereby impowered and re-
quired to obey and discharge, and to account, upon
oath, to the next general assembly, of and for all and
every such sum and sums of money, as he shall at any
time, by virtue of this act, receive from the said Peter
Beverley, esquire, or by his order, and of all paiments
by him the said John Holloway to be made: And this
to be done without any fee, reward, or allowance, for
so doing.

An Act for raising a Public Levy.

CHAP. X. '
An Act for enlarging the jurisdiction of the Court of

Hustings, in the Črty of Williamsburg, within the

limits thereof. Recitalot the I. IT HEREAS, your Majesty, by your letters pacharter of the 28th of my tents, bearing date the twenty-eighth day of July, 1722. July, in the eighth year of your reign, under the seal of

this your Majesty's most ancient colony and dominion
of Virginia, hath been graciously pleased to grant un-
to the inhabitants of Williamsburg, your Majesty's
chief town in the said colony, that the same shall be a
city incorporate, consisting of a maior, one person
learned in the law, stiled and bearing the office of re.'
corder of the said city, six aldermen, and twelve com-
mon council men of the said city: And, among other
things, your Majesty bath been pleased, by your said
roial charter, to grant, that the said maior, recorder,
and aldermen, and their successors, or any four or
more of them, of which the said maior, recorder, or
the last preceding maior shall be one, shall hold a
court of bustings once in every month, within the said
city; and shall have jurisdiction and hold plea of tres-
pass and ejectment, and of all writs of dower for any
lands and tenements within the said city, and of all other
actions personal and mixt, arising within the said city:
And as a court of record, may give judgment, and
award execution thereon, according to the laws and
statutes of England, and of the said colony: Provided,
the demand in the said action, personal or mixt, do not
exceed twenty pounds current money, or four thousand
pounds of tobacco. And whereas, the peace and good
government of the said city, do very much depend upon
a due regulation of the ordinaries and public houses,
and the well ordering of servants and apprentices, with- :
in the said city, whereof the said court hath not at pre-
sent competent jurisdiction: May it therefore please
your most excellent Majesty, that it be enacted,

II. And be it enacted, by his Majesty.s Lieutenant- Power of Governor, Council, and Burgesses, of this present Gene- court of ral Assembly, and by the authority of the same, That hustings, as from and after the passing this act, the said court of ries. hustings shall have the same power over the ordinaries and public houses within the said city, as well in granting licences, as in any other matter or thing; and shall and may hear and determine all complaints of masters, servants, and apprentices, within the said city, in the same manner as the courts of the counties of York and James City, respectively, now have or do; any act heretofore made to the contrary notwithstanding. , III. And for the more easy und speedy proceedingin

"tions, for cri the examination and commitment of persons commit-minal offenting capital crimes, or other offences, triable in the ces,


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