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persone ecclesie de Saham Monachorum et Galfrido Baret de dicto mesuagio cum omnibus suis pertinenciis exceptis cotagio gardino et duabus acris terre antedictis.' 28 Edw. III.-f. 406.

907. “Littera attornatoria ad liberandam seisinam dicti mesuagii cum pertinenciis.' 28 Edw. III.—f. 406 b.

908. 'ffinalis concordia inter dictos Edmundum, Edmundum, et Galfridum et dictos Johannem de Chebenhale et Alionoram uxorem ejus de uno mesuagio cum pertinenciis in ffresingfelde.' 29 Edw. III.-- f. 406 b.

909. “Quieta clamancia dictorum Edmundi Brundische persone ecclesie de Saham Monachorum et Galfridi Baret facta Edmundo Brundische persone ecclesie de Castre de omnibus terris et tenementis que et quas ipsi una cum predicto Edmundo perquisiverunt de Johanne Chebenhale et Alionore uxore ejus.' 30 Edw. III.- f. 406 b.

910. 'ffinalis concordia inter Edmundum de Chebenhale, Alexandrum ffresingfelde, Galfridum fratrem ejusdem Alexandri, et Galfridum Carletone de uno mesuagio, quadraginta acris terre duabus acris prati in ffresingfelde et Laxfelde.' 21 Edw. 1.-f. 407.

911. Redditus et consuetudines et extenta Manerii de Chebenhale antiquitus.'--f. 4076.

The last column of folio 408 b, and the greater part of 409, column 1, are blank.

Chedberwe. 912. Note concerning Chedberwe.-f. 409.


913. Account of the manor of Cheleswrth.- f. 409.

914. 'Carta Edgari Regis facta predicte Aylflede de predicto manerio de Cheleswrth.' A.D. 962.- f. 409.

915. "Termina prefate terre assignate.' In Anglo-Saxon.- f. 409 b.

916. Note that Aylfleda gave Cokefelde and Cheleswrth and all their dependencies to the convent.- f. 409 b.

917. 'ffinalis concordia inter Sampsonem Abbatem et Benedictum de Blakenham de manerio predicto et Lacford et aliis, Little Thornham, Whepstede and Neutone. 4 Joh.-f. 409 6.

918. 'Anselmus Abbas perquisivit x s. redditus in eadem villa de Cheleswrthe ut patet per copia bulle Eugenii Pape.' A.D. 1147.—f. 4106.

919. “Carta Sampsonis Abbatis facta Benedicto filio Ricardi de Blacheham et heredibus suis de terra in Cymwrth et de Chelesworth in feodi firmam et aliis.' A.D. 1198.- f. 410 b.

920. 'Copia composicionis de Cheleswrth,' A.D. 1352, concerning an exchange of rents there for land at and the advowson of 'Foullemere sive Fulmere.' There is a note that it was not confirmed by the chapter nor the king.-- f. 411.



921. John, Earl of Oxford, orders his bailiff at Chelesworth to pay certain rents due to the convent. 18 Hen. VI. Written in a later hand.- f. 411.

922. Pages 411 b and 413 a are blank. Folios 412, 414, and 415 are wanting.

Chelmesforde qui aliquando dicebatur Mulesham. 923. 'Carta Ricardi de Mulesham de quodam mesuagio ibidem et aliis.' - f. 413b.

Donewych. 924. * De decimis navium allecium Edwardi Engelle de Donewye pro decimis Sti Edmundi in Donewyco de navibus allecium ad festum Sti Mar. tini ii millia allecium. Sequitur carta Hugonis Abbatis de materia predicta.' -f. 416.

925. 'Decima,' due apparently to the cellarer. - f. 416.

On the last page of the book, folio 416b, there is an imperfect and partly erased note concerning the taxation of certain men of Bury.


Gg. iv. 5. A large quarto, on vellum, of 160 leaves (the last of which is blank), each page containing about 30 lines legibly written in a cursive hand of the xivth century.

The preface begins (fol. 1):

Moris est usitati...
Ends (fol. 1b):

...totum opus per capitula distingamus (sic).
The poem begins (fol. 2):

Primus Aristotelis imbutum nectare sacro

Scribit Alexandrum, sceptrisque insignit et armis.
Ends (fol. 112) :

Fudit ut hostiles possis contempnere linguas.
After this follow 7 hexameters, being a dedication to Bishop Guillermus,
beginning :

Suscipe Galteri studiosum magne laborem
Presul, et hanc vatis cinctus tua tempora sacre

Non dedigneris ederam conjungere mitre.
Then follows a note, ' Explicit liber Alexandri Magni versificatus, qui
quondam dicioni sue et imperio totum mundum subiugavit, scriptus et
finitus anno Domini M.ccco. sexagesimo quarto, die ix, mensis Octobris.'

A MS. note occurs at the beginning of the volume, ‘Vide Barthium (Adversar. Lib. 11. x.). [Auctorem] monachum vocat non ineruditum. Citat Sylvester Giraldus.-J. Wasse.'

For an account of this production and of the editions of it, see Grässe, Lehrbuch einer allg. Literärgeschichte, Vol. 11. pt. 3, pp. 443, 444. Dresd. 1842.

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Begins (fol. 112):

Bella per Emathyos plus quam civilia campos. (Lib. 1. v. 1.)
Ends (fol. penult.) abruptly:

Mille (sic: leg. milite) bella geras tantam consumere. (Lib. viii. 324.) The remainder of the work is wanting; and some lines of the eighth book (294—307) are also absent.

No notice is taken of this MS. in Weber's catalogue of the MSS. of Lucan prefixed to his edition. Lips. 1828.

A note at the end states that this book belonged to Rotheram.


Gg. iv. 6.
A folio, on parchment, 137 leaves, double columns of about
36 lines each, well preserved and neatly written in a hand of the
xivth century: enriched in the early part by many illuminations.
The MS. has neither title nor colophon.

Begins (fol. 1a):

Maintes gens dient qu'en songes
Ne sont que fables et menconges
Mes len puet bien tel songe songer

Qui ne sont mie menconger.
Ends (fol. 137 a):

Par grant ioliuete cueilli
La fleur du beau Rosier fleury.
Ainsi oi la rose vermaille

A tant fu iour et ge m’esuaille.
The joint authors of this poem were Guillaume de Lorris and Jehan de
Meung, or Clopinel, the latter of whom flourished in the 13th century:
see Roquefort's Glossaire, 11. 764, à Paris, 1808.

The whole has been printed more than once. In the edition published in Amsterdam, 1735, the present text terminates at v. 22708.


Gg. Iv. 7. A folio, on parchment, containing ff. 155, in double columns of 51 lines each. Date, the xivth century.


Begins (after the dedication, “ Reverendo patri et domino suo Willelmo dei gratia senonensi archo.'):

Imperatorie majestatis est... (The initial I being illuminated.)


Ends: loco magis honorabiliori scilicet in cathacumbis. First printed Rutlinge, 1473, and frequently since.

A modern hand has given at the end the place of his burial (the church of S. Victor at Paris), and the usual epitaph, ‘Petrus eram quem petra

tegit,' &c. 1507

Gg. iv. 8.

. A folio, on paper, containing 109 leaves, paged, but after p. 106 the paging goes on to 117, apparently by an error; there is an unpaged written leaf at the beginning, and another at the end; the former has a table of contents, with incorrect references; on p. 4 the table is repeated, with correct references. Fairly written in a hand of the early part of the xvuth century; the lines in a page varying from about 36 to 40.




1. p. 1. Grant of Arms to the College by Rob. Cooke, Clarencieulx Roy D'Armis, dated 23 November, 1570.

2. p. 3. “Statuta Collegii Corporis Chri & Beate Virgīs, Cantabrigie.'

Printed in Lamb's edition of Masters' History, and by direction of the University Commissioners in 1852.

At the foot of the blank space left for the arms of the College are these verses, supposed by Strype to have been written by Parker:

*Signat avis Christum, qui Sanguine pascit alumnos,

Lilia virgo parens intemerata refert,' with references to Sts Jerome and Augustine upon the habits of the pelican.

3. p. 19. “De Juramento officioque MStatutum novum," 6 February, 1416.

4. p. 20. “Carta Regis Edwardi Sexti de Visitatione.'
5. p. 22. Carta Regine Elizabethe de Visitatione.'

Statutum novum de senescallo vel bursario Collegii,' 5 May, 1569.

7. p. 28. Tempora trium Collegiorum.'
8. p. 29. Historia de fundacione Collegii.'

The first 2 pages of this History are left blank, p. 31 commencing with an incomplete sentence. It has been made use of by Masters in his History


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P. 26.

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of the College, and is probably that said by Strype to have been written by Joscelyn at the instigation of Parker.

9. p. 70. The last Will and Testament of Sir Robert de Thorpe, dated 29 June, 1372, from the Register of William de Wittlesey, Abp. of Canterbury.

10. p. 71. A quadrupartite Indenture, dated 12 April, 1580, to secure the proper disposition of a grant of money &c. made to the College by Abp. Parker.

10. u. p. 81. Historia de vita Archiepiscopi’ Parker. 12. p. 127. • Indentura tripartita de fundatione Schole de

p. Rachdale,' dated 1 January, 7 Eliz.

13. p. 131. 'An Indenture for iij Scholars in Norwich,' dated 24 June, 9 Eliz., with the Norfolk Preachers from 1567 to 1573. 14. p. 143.

143. A list of Masters of the College from 18 Edw. III. to 32 Eliz.

15. p. 141. Books and Implements to remaine in the Chambers of the vj Norwich Scholers.'

16. p. 145. "Indentura quadrupartita de Libris Bibliothece,' dated 1 January, 1574.

17. p. 155. “Carta Regine de Grenshurst,' et ‘Donatio Ecclesie per Archiepiscopum.'

18. p. 158. Carta Regine de Abchurche.'

19. p. 160. “An Indenture for iij houses in Westminster,' dated 1 March, 4 Eliz.

20. p. 163. “Carta Regine de parochiis Grantecestr', S. Neotis, et de tribus tenementis in Westm.' 21. p. 170. “Acta quedam per Mattheum Parker, Magis.

. trum & Seniores Collegii, xv Decembr anno 1544, de Cista de Billingforde.'

22. p. 173. Ordinatio de Hospitali de Eastbridge, Cantuar.' 20 Maii, 1569.

23. p. 179. 'An Indenture for ij Scholars' exhibition out of the hospital of Eastbridge,' 22 May, 11 Eliz.

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