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380. Warrant to the Chancellor, for a grant to Thomas Sutton of an exemption for life from being put on assizes or juries, and from being appointed mayor, sheriff, eschaetor, coroner, or bailiff.

381. To the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer, to pay the arrears of Wages due to Thomas Snynyil

, one of the king's archers.

382. To discharge John de Clyfford, late Sheriff of Glocester, of a fine of 100s.

383. p. 153. To discharge the lieutenant of the constable of the Castle of Wyndesor from all account of the issues and profits of the lands, &c. of Sir John Brocas, knight, the king having given such issues and profits to the executors of Sir John for the discharge of his debts.

384. To Thomas Tyrrell and John Esbury, attornies general, and to John James, receiver general of the Earl of Bedford, to pay to John de Chichester, goldsmith of London, a sum due for jewels delivered to Isabella, Countess of Bedford.

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385. p. 154. To the Treasurer and Chamberlains of the Exchequer to pay to Robert de Plesyngton, chief baron, the half of his accustomed fee, and the half of £40, annual pension, to the last Easter, altho in strict law he was only entitled to a proportionable part of the same.

386. To a Lady, telling her, entendant que vous estez nre veue,' his will was that she should take Sir Thomas Trivet, knight, and no other, to be her husband.

387. To the Treasurer and Barons of the Exchequer, to discharge John May, receiver of the manor of Cokeham, of the arrears due from him.

388. p. 155. To the Sheriff of Bucks, that the king had granted certain forfeitures to Henry Almayne.

389. To the Sheriffs of London, to release Nicholas Morle, confined for the murder of William Aldewyncle.

390. To the Sherift of Lincoln, to take surety of the peace of William de Belesby towards the Burgesses and tenants of Grimesby

391. To all Sheriffs and Bailiffs, and other Ministers, as well of the household as others; a letter of protection to Richard Lyons, of London, and his tenants in the manors of Gosfeld and Liston.

392. Similar letter of protection granted to the said Richard Lyons as farmer of the priory of Mersey. 393. p. 156. To the Sheriff of Warwic, to return a jury

p before John de Catesby and Thomas le Hore, the king's eschaetors, to enquire whether Thomas Freburn, late tenant of the manor of Whitley, held the same of the king in capite, and whether Alice his daughter be his next heir.

394. To the Sheriffs of London, to pay out of the fee farm rent of the city the limited prices for all hawks exposed to sale in London, or within ten leagues thereof, and taken by Walter Stapell, the king's falconer, for the king's use.

These limited prices were as follows: 'le Gerfaux, 26s. 8d.; le Faucon gentil, 208. ; le Tercelet gentil, 10s. ; l'Oustour, 138. 4d. ; le Tercel del Oustour, 6s. 8d.; le Laner et Laneret, Sacre et Sacret, chacun, 6s. 8d. Compare the prices given in Issue Rolls of the Exchequer 11 Feb. 22 Ric. II. (8o. 1837).

395. To the Sheriff of York, to execute the king's writ to have the body of William de Dutton before the justices of the King's Bench.

396. p. 157. To the Sheriffs of London, to same purport as $ 394.

397. To the Sheriff of Norfolk, to pay the arrears of a pension of 100 marks granted to John Cobham.

398. To the Sheriff of Warwic, to take such high issues as the law directs of the persons impanelled to pass on a jury in a plea of certain tenements pending in the Common Bench between John de Flanders, a poor man, and Sir John de Clynton, knight, the said cause having been long delayed for default of jurors.

399. p. 158. To the Justice of South Wales, to stay all suits and claims made on John, Duke of Lancaster, and his men

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and tenants of Kidwelly, till the coming of the counsell of the said duke into those parts.

400. To the Chamberlain of South Wales, directing the purchase of oxen for the household.

401. To all Sheriffs, Bailiffs, &c., to the same purport.

402. To the Justices of the Common Bench, to excuse the appearance of John Stoner, engaged in the king's service.

403. p. 159. To all Mayors, Sheriffs, &c., to aid Walter Stapell, the king's falconer, in taking for the king's use, at the limited prices, all hawks exposed to sale in the city of London, and in the ports, &c.

404. To the Bailiffs of Great Yarmouth, to do justice to the Commons of the town in their suits.

405. To the Sheriff of Norfolk, to execute the king's writ, granted at the suit of the commonalty of Yarmouth.

406, 407, 408. To the Justice and Chamberlain of Chester, to enquire into the right of Patronage in the Deanry of St A saph's belonging to the Earls of Chester on the vacancy of the See of St Asaph's, with two other writs directed to certain persons to aid the said justice therein.

409. p. 160. To the keeper of a castle in Aquitaine, to deliver the same for five years to John de Greilles, Captall de Buche. 410.


161. To the keeper or farmer of the manor of Witteley, to pay to John Brown, keeper of the park there, the arrears of his wages. 411. To

to proceed by virtue of a writ of Nisi Prius, to take an inquisition in a plea of Quare impedit, touching the advowson of the church of Sutton in the diocese of Lincoln.

412. p. 162. Similar order to proceed on a writ of Nisi Prius touching the advowson of Compton Martyn in the county of Somerset.

413. To the King's Eschaetor, in the counties of Devonshire and Cornwall, to pay to Alexander Longwith 20 marks of

the goods and chattels of Richard Atte Welle, of Tavystoke, an outlaw.

414. To Johan de Wodhouse, Chamberlain of Chester, to pay to John Gray, his wages of 3d. per diem as chiunclour of a forest in Chester.

415. To the Sheriff of Dorsetshire, to impanell a jury to try an issue in a plea of trespass between Alice Stoure, plaintiff, and the Abbess of Shaftesbury, defendant.

416. p. 163. To certain prelates sent by the pope to mediate between England and France, thanking them for their diligence, and praying them to continue it.

417. To the same, excusing his embassadors not being in time at Brughes, and complaining that Bertram de Guesclin, count of Longvil, had extorted a third ransom from the inhabitants of Jersey.

418. p. 164. To the Abbat of Clum, recommending Robert de Dunton, monk of Codelacre, to be prior of Bermondsey and vicar of the abbat over the cells of the order in England.

419. To the Earl of Flanders, praying restitution of certain wools and cloths shipped by the merchants of Florence and Luca residing in London on board a vessel for Italy, driven by stress of weather into the port of Sluce. 420. p. 165. To.

thanking him for his conduct in defending the city of Bayonne against the attack of the bastard Henry, styling himself king of Castile, the Duke Davion, and Bertram Claykin.

421. p. 166. To the Duke of Brittany, that the king had sent him 500 marks, and had written to his son, the Earl of March, about the plate and jewels which the Duke had pledged to him; in return he desires the Duke either by ransom or exchange to obtain the freedom of Sir William de Nevill and Sir William Bruys, hostages for the town of Brest.

422. To William de Grantson, acknowledging his services, and informing him that he should have timely notice when to repair to the king.

423. p. 167. To the Count de Foix; the king acquaints him with his recovery from illness, and that he had appointed commissioners to conclude a treaty of alliance with him. 424. To

.; the king desires, that altho the day of payment of £1000 borrowed of him was passed, he would not proceed to the sale of the jewels and plate pledged to him, and promises speedy payment. 425. p. 168. To ......; that the king had sent the bishop

. of Bangor and others, to treat of certain matters proposed on his part to the king's councill, and also to seek redress of certain wrongs done to the king's subjects since the peace.

426. To the Duke of Luxemburgh and Brabant, that Sir Warner Voskyn, a German knight, who had been arrested in passing thro' Brabant, on occasion of certain sums demanded by the city of Brussels from the Dutchy of Gelders, and obliged to give his word to surrender himself prisoner on St Andrew's day, may be released.

427. Without direction, but probably to the city of Brussels on the same subject.

428. p. 169. To the Duke of Juliers : a letter of credence for Sir Canon Robesart, knight, and John Cadeford, Doctor of laws.

429. To the Earl of Flanders, the Duke of Brabant, and Duke Aubert de Bremere, letter of credence for the same.

430. To the King of Scotland, that, complaints having been made by many subjects, of their lands, &c., in Roxburgh and elsewhere having been seized by certain Scotch, contrary to the truce, he would send, on the day of the marches in the next Lent, commissioners with full powers to redress the said wrongs, on which day le Sire de Percy should be there with full power on the king's part.

431. To the Captain, Mayor, and Treasurer of Calais, not to give leave of absence to any of the garrison.

432. p. 170. To the Treasurer of Calais to account with the late Captain of the town.

433. To the Bailiffs, Jurats, Gentlemen, and Commons of the

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