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And many a time, in my nightly slumbers,

Bearing a glove as a lady's I held the lists against countless numbers,

After the style of the middle......



I am changed at present; the olden fever

Has left my brain in a sounder state ; In common-place I'm a firm believer,

And hunt for figure and fact and date. I have lost a lot of my old affection,

For books on which I was wont to But still I can thrill at the recollection

Of mystery, magic, and martial

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The ORIENTAL REPOSITORY (LIMITED), HORBELAYDOWN. My Dear Young FRIEND,—Your kindly note, ordering of me for to describe my visit to the gay capital of our lively neighbours, and to do it if possible like the French style more than in my usual way, such being a method of composition which requires a good deal of space, it have come safe to hand; but you have been grossly misinformed, Sir, or you would never go so far as to say as the Old Man have been leading an abandoned life and made himself notorious at half the drinking-shops of Paris, there being a good deal of exaggeration in the reports concerning of my conduct. Gay I may have been, having your own instructions to that effect in writing, deny it, my dear young friend, if your conscience will allow you; but with the exception of a fling or two, owing to the light wines, Nicholas being used to a more trustworthy description of liquor, and freely confessing that I went about seeing life like any other fine old English gentleman, all the rest is but the turpid calumnies of them which grudges me my situation.

On one point, my dear young friend, it is impossible for the Prophet to be too explicit. There is no truth in the report that Nicholas have been photographed along of MENKEN, she never having offered the Old Man anything for to do so. Please contradict the rumour amongst the aristocracy. And so here goes for what they call a “fooleytone."


Up all night, a-drinking of claret wine along of the Britannic exhibitors, than whom a more affectuous nor yet a more respectuous corps, though a little gay, but youth will be served.

Toujours gai, ba! ha! ha!

Bu qui s'avance; not as your Prophet quite knows why the words should keep on a-ringing in his head, and a-singing in his ears, except perhaps his having sat up all night with a sick friend than whom no one more fond of cheerful music

and a social glass. Résumons.

The Exhibition—it is the triumph of civilization, Napoleonic and august.

So it says in the French papers, which they do not give you much for the money, and the Sporting Intelligence, my dear young friendI mean MONSIEUR LE REDACTEUR-it ain't fit for the lowest capacity.

Bu qui s'avance.

Ah, hospitality sympathetic of the old Gaylish nation! No sooner had the musicians of Paris heard of your Old Man's arrival, than they proposed to give a speeial performance in his honour, and out of compliment suggested “Le Prophete."

NICHOLAS, however, do not like these public ovations, he having his own reasons for keeping just a little in the background for a while.

Bu qui s'avance. Accept, Monsieur my dear young Redactorial Friend, the assurance of my most distinguished consideration,

NICHOLAS. (Suite next week.) P. S.-If it is all to be done in these here jerking sort of sentences, you and me must come to some new agreement with regard to the honoraryrium, as we say in the classics.

A Deputation. The papers, under the heading “a gorilla hunt,” state that three gigantic specimens of the species made their escape the other day from a caravan at Belper. The account goes on to state that " after consulting together on the top of the caravan they all set out for Derby." The noble Earl no doubt received the deputation with his usual urbanity, but, as yet, no account of what transpired at the meeting has appeared in those organs, which would of course be supplied with the monkeys.

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SCENE.—Hampstead Heath on Sunday morning. Cad (to Curate on his way to his duty) :-"Now's YER CHANCE, BIR. HERE'S THE 'oss As'LL TAKB YER ALL ROUND CANTER BEFORE CHURCH TIME!"



No. 15. Go and visit Trafalgar-square Say whose works are the finest there; Praise each artist, and still confess, This is the painter to paint a dress : Be it velvet or satin sheen, Clothing a child or mighty queen, Never a limner, all men know, Skill like his at a dress can show.

To hit it you can never fail,
A simple third note in the scale.

7. Supposing a pretty girl asked for a kiss, I'll wager your answer would surely mean this.

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A city where the sunlight smiles
On leagues of long canals, and tiles.

Well has SHELLEY told the awful story

Of a father's guilt, a daughter's woe;
When a great crime won immortal glory
For a lovely maiden long ago.

3. You hear it when you pace the village street, When summer eventides are fresh and sweet, Still loud resounding with the blows, the theme Once of a great musician's tuneful dream.

4. The artist may have done his work with skill, And yet our wood-block needs a something still Before it meets the public's eager eye, And that this man can best of all supply.

6. There's something wrong and so you look For these at one end of the book.


C Caw
R Rienzi I
I Idiotic
C Cork
K Kettle
E Elephant

T Thames
F. W.; Blind Cat; Benhill; Three Furies; Ah, that Rascal; F. and P.; Gyp;
Spodger; Middle Stump; H. McP.; Acute; N. L. R.; Kiss Polly Twice; J. B.D. W.;
Sandy shin; T. B.; Nlxns, etc.; D. N. 0. B.; G. W. M. H.; Entrave; J. S.;
0. and Sons; Covent Garden; W.D., Jockey Club; Tzatleca; Lechuga; P. L. A. T.;
Hat and Jin; Jumper; Fides; Vampyre; W. H.; Jock; Mountain Heath; Kate
V.; BKLKK.; A Voice from Bradbourne; A Gowk; Nem; M. T.; Bumplepuppy;
The Old Man , Pater ; S. S. N.; Anser; W. F., Croydon; Ginger; Bob de Vichy;
H. B. P.; Harrow Weald; Dio dell' or; Miles ; R. S.; Quartette; Clara B.;
Portobello; Constance; Old Trafford ; Nobs; Rhoda; Shorncliffe; Ruby; L. A. K.;
Never No More ; Brick Court; Snooks ; South Side ; Trissie ; Warming Pan;
Penalverne; W. B. ; Caterham; Breakside and Hamish; Mike; Liverpool; Icks;
F. A. B.; Jib Jobbey; Three Glasgow Bodies; Mammy Muff Rose 8.; C. M.;
Knurr and Spell; Four Boobies; Thomas à T.; Two Marine Dealers; D. E. H.;
Wisbechensis; Corporal Chalks; O. K., Brighton; Mem Jay; Regento; F. W.;
Leo Minor; Tsatlee; Correct Kyard; H. B. C.; Tootle Three; Myrtle; J. H.
and A. L. S.; Tommy; A. H. Y.; He Who Is; É. G. C.; Bow Wow; A Gowk;
D. C. L.; Snip; B. W. S. H.; Ormskirk; Xarifa; F. J.G. W.; Cerevino.

PARLIAMENTARY.—There is no truth in the report that MR. DISRAELI is about to be raised to the peerage under the title of Baron De Veer!

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