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that, the coldest and most indifferent Tempers, are apt to kindle, and catch hold. Thefe Meetings confift gene• rally of none but young People, who • find it Business enough to ftand out against Temptation when most retired. How much harder then must they be prefs'd, when they enter the Lifts of the Combat; where the Beauty of the Company, the Blaze of the Branches, the Charms of the Mufick, and the Motion of the Dance, are enough to make " an Impreffion upon a Hermit? Those who are protected by Old Age, and might go to a Ball without Damage, would be ridiculous if they fhould appear there: And as for Young People, tho' Custom would allow them this Liberty, yet there's too much of Accident and Danger to venture upon. And therefore 'tis clearly my Opinion, that hone who pretend to Chriftianity ought to go to Balls: And, I conceive, thole who have the Direction of Con'fcience, would do no more than their Duty, if they fhould abfolutely forbid their Charge the use of thefe Diver• fions.

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Suite des

Thus far the Noble Comte de Buffy, Caracte res de Thewho notwithstanding he was bred to the ophrafte. Pleasure and Allowances of the Court, p. 252,

&c. yet,

yet, you fee, the Force of Truth, and the Proof of the Experiment, has drawn this Confeffion from him; and which he has thought fit to recommend, for the Conduct of his Family.

Erot. Have you nothing farther, by way of Prefervative?

Sophron. Nothing at prefent; I am unwilling to fatigue you with any longer Difcourfe.

Erot. Then give me leave to tell you, That you have forgotten one part of Lewdness worse than any you have mention'd.

Sophron. You mean Sodom and Gomorrah.

Erot. Yes.

Sophron. I must ask your Pardon then, if you expect I should enlarge upon this Subject. I thall only in a word or two observe to you, that this Wickedness is

Felony, without Benefit of Clergy, by 25H. 8.6. our Statutes. And in ancient Times, Eliz. 17. thefe Criminals were burnt by the ComFitz. 269. 6 Fi. lib.2. mon Law. Indeed, fuch Monsters ought to be the Detestation of Mankind, purfued by Justice, and exterminated the Earth. You may read the Guilt in the Punishment. Was ever Vengeance difcharg'd in a more remarkable manner? Thele Wretches had Hell pour'd down


upon them from the Sky, were damn'd
before they were dead, and had part of
their Fire and Brimftone in this World. Gen. 19.
But now, if you please, we'll adjourn.


Erot. I fhall recollect what you have faid, and endeavour to make the Use of it you intended..

Tour Servant.

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In a DIALOGUE between

Encratius and OEnophilus.




Nophilus Morrow to you; you are outward bound, I perceive; won't you take a Friend along with you this Morning?


O Enoph. With all my Heart, if you'll walk into the Fields; for I want a little Air to refresh me.

Encrat. That I believe; for you feem to have a strange Mift about your Eyes: I'm afraid those Vapours were all exhal'd from your Stomach.

OEnoph. You guefs right: I own I was fomewhat over-dos'd laft Night.

Encrat. Laft Night! That's a Jeft: You have gone through a Course fince I faw you: And let me tell you, this Phyfick does not agree with you; for you look much worse than you did a Month fince.


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OEnoph. It may be fo: We have been in hot Service, as it has happen'd.

Encrat. You have been in a Furnace, I think, and are almoft diftill'd to a Caput mortuum: For to be free with you, you look wretchedly flat and infipid. Your Eyes are red, and fwell'd, as if you had been under fome unufual Difcipline. What! do you think out of Mortification? Is it enjoin'd you as a Penance? For fuch, I remember, has formerly been the Advice of a certain Director.

OEnoph. I find by the Gravity of your Face, your Raillery has Earnest at the bottom: And, to fatisfy you, I grant, Intemperance is a Fault; I wish I could get above it: But, you know, I am a Man of Bufinefs; and that won't go on without taking a Glafs, and being a little fociable.

Encrat. For all that, there's a great deal of Business done upon the Exchange without a Bottle. The Dutch, you know, are Traders: But 'tis not their Custom to drink till their Affairs are dispatch'd, and the Day is over. OEnophilus, Cof- Sir wilfee and Tea make many a good Bargain liam Temin London: And I could tell you off fome Men of Figure there, who are as remarkable for their Sobriety as for their Wealth. To be clear: This Drinking



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