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Dar nella rete, to fall into a Snare...
Dar le carte, to deal, or give the Cards.
Dar' animo, to give courage, or to incourage.
Darsi l' animo, to have Courage.
Dar fede, to believe.
Dari ad intendere, to make one believe.
Dar in nulla, not to facceed.
Darsi P incenfo,, to prajse one's self,
Dari in luce, to publish.
Darsi a fare, to set one self about a Thing.
Dar nel rosso; to be a little on the Red.
Darsi pensiere, to care for.
Dar del signore, to call one a Gentleman.
Dar del furfante, to call one a Rogue.
Dar parola, to promise.
Dar ne' ladri, to fall into the Hands of Thieves.
Dar la burla, to laugh at a Person.
Dar, leva, to provoke.
Dar' in prestito, to lend.
Dar fuoco, to burn, or set on fire.
Dar ficurtà, to Bail.
Dar nel matti, to play the fool.
Dar la caccia, to put to flight.
Dar principio, or fine, to begin, or end.
Dar conto, to give an account.
Darsi allo studio, to apply one's self to Study.
Dar calci al vento, e pugni all' aria, to fight with

one's Shadow. Dar di bocca d'ap pertutto, to concern one's self with

every Man's Business. Dar da ridere, da parlare, to make one Laugh, to

make one Spcak. Darsi bel tempo, to divert one's self. Dar addietro, to give back.


Dar adito, to give access to.
Dar alla mano, to Bribe.
Dar a'vedere, to give one to understand.
Dar campo, to give Liberty.
Dar capo, to come to the end of a Matter.
Dar copimento, to finish.
Dar da bere, to give one Drink.
Dar da dormire, to give one a Night's Lodging.
Dar de ingoffi, to give a good box o'th' Ear,
Dar il batesimo, to baptize.
Dar il buon anno, to wish a merry New-year.
Dar un buon giorno, to bid one Good Morrow.
Dar il buon viaggio, to wish one a good Journey.
Dar il buon arrive, to bid one Welcome.
Dar il grande Addio, to bid the World Adieu.
Dar il viso, to turn one's Eyes on any Thing.
Dar in Terra, to run aground.
Dar la ben-venuta, to bid one friendly welcome
Dar la buona mano, to wifh one good Luck.
Dar l'anello, to marry:
Dar la voce, to raise a Report.
Dar l ultimo crollo, to fall down stark dead.
Dar la vinta, to yield the Victory.
Darsi to apply one's self to.
Darsi pace, to live quietly.

FARE, to do, &c.

Far animo, to give Courage.
Farsi animo, to take Courage.
Fare a propofito, to be proper, or fit.
Far motto, to make a Sign.
Far il bravo, to set up for a Bully.
Fare scelta, to chuse.
Far pompa, to boast.

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Far' il grugno, to pout at one.
Far danari, to heap up Money.
Far gente, or soldati, to raise Soldiers.
Far di mestieri, to be neceifary:
Farsi innanzi, to come forward.
Farsi in quà, to approach, or advance.
Fársi in , to go at a distance.
Farsi in dietro, to retire.
Far a lepere, to let one know.
Far a tacei, to throw or fight with Stones.
Far avanzo, to thrive.
Far baca baco, to play Bo-peep.
Far broglio, to make a hurley-burley.
Far buona vicinanza, to keep fair with one's Neigh-

Far com lo speraviere, to live from Hand to Mouth
Ear cose di fuoco, to do wonderful Things.
Far del grande, to take State upon one.
Far del vezzoso, to play the wanton.
Far di capello, to pull of one's Hat.
Far d una lancia un faso, to bring a Noble to nine,

pence. Far faccia, to set a good Face on Things. Far fagotto, to pack up one's Awls and be gone. Far Figliuoli, to begat and bear Children. Far gala, to be gay and Merry. Far gofoviglia, to throw the House out at the Wing

dow. Far greppo, to make up a Mouth, Fare i fatti suoi, to follow his own Affairs. Fare il balórdo, to play the Ninny. Far il diavolo, to play the Devil. Far il gattone, to make as if one law or knew not. For, le spece, to bear one's Charges.


STARE, to stand, & Co

Stare in piedi, to stand upright. Star fu to rise ; Star giù to fit down. Star per uscire, to be just going out. Star ben a cavallo, to fit well on Horseback, Star' in casa, to stay at home. Star lefto, to be upon one's Guard. Star k burle, to jest, to banter. Star saldo, to hold out stoutly, or fast. Star per cadére, to be ready to fall. Star per morire, to be like to die. Start in dubbio, to be in doubt. Star' a vedere, to expect the Issue. Star colle mani a cintola, or a cintura, to stand idle,

or with one's hands in one's Pocket. questo vi ftà bene, that becomes you well. questo non mi stà bene, that does not become me well Star? a becco, to out-face, Star' a bottega, to mind one's Shop. Star' a crepa cuore, to live at Heart's Ease. Star' in disagio, to live in Sorrow. Star a dormire, to lye Sleeping. Star' a fronte, to out-face. Star' a gala, to float. Star' al dettó, to rely on a Man's Word. Star' allegro, to live, or be merry, Star' al mondo, to live in the World. Star' a pollo pesto, to be at the Point of Death, Star' a segno to stand near the Mark. Star' in speranza, to live in Hopes, Star' a fiento, to live in forrow.

Stano per , to be Hail Fellow well met
Star' a uno, to depend upon one.
Star' innamorato, to be in Love.
Starin letto, to be abed.
Star in molle, to lye asleep.
Star' in orechio, to hearken.
Star' in rischio, to be in Danger.
Star' in fe, to be positive.
Star' in zurlo, to stand in Amaze.
Star' maggiefe, to live Idle.
Star sopra di , to presume too much on one's felf.
Star punta per punta, to be always at Variance,
Star fano, to be in Health.
Star fu'l aviso, to be prepar'd.
Star trà'l si el , to be between yes and no.

AVERE, to have.

Aver dell'huomo da bene, to look like an honest Man.
Aver del miracolo, to look on't as a Maricle.
Aver caro, aver da caro, to be well pleas'd.
Aver a bene, to approve of.
Aver per bene, to like or consent to.
Aver per male, to disapprove of.
Aver a male, to dislike,
Aver a cuore, to have at Heart.
Aver il capo altrove, to think of other Things.
Aver de fare, to be busie.
Aver in pregio, in istima, to esteem.
Aver a capitale, to efteem much.
Aver a dispetto, to have in despite.

Aver agio, to be at ease.
Aver bel Tempo, to live a merry Life.
Aver buona voce, to be well spoken of.

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