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2. True, 'tis a strait and thorny road,

And mortal spirits tire and faint; But they forget the mighty God,

Who strength imparts to ev'ry saint: 3. The mighty God, whose matchless pow'r

Is ever new and ever young,
And firm endures, while endless years

Their everlasting circles run. 4. Swift as an eagle cuts the air,

We'll mount aloft to thine abode;
On wings of love our souls shall fly,
Nor tire amidst the heav'nly road.

HYMN 289. c. M.
WAKE my soul! stretch ev'ry nerve,

And press with vigour on:
A heav'nly race demands thy zeal,

And an immortal crown. 2. A cloud of witnesses around

Hold thee in full survey :
Forget the steps already trod,

And onward urge thy way.
3. 'Tis God's all-animating voice,

That calls thee from on high ;
'Tis his own hand presents the prize

To thine aspiring eye:
4. That prize, with peerless glories bright,

Which shall new lustre boast,
When victor's crowns and monarch's gems
Shall blend in common dust.

HYMN 290. C., M. 1. OUI

UR country is Immanuel's ground;

We seek that promis'd soil :
The songs of Zion cheer our hearts,

While strangers here we toil. 2. Oft do our eyes with joy o'erflow,

And oft are bath'd in tears:
Yet nought but heav'n our hopes can raise

And nought but sin, our fears.

3. The flow’rs, that spring along the road,

We scarcely stoop to pluck;
We walk o'er beds of shining ore,

Nor waste oné anxious look.
4. We tread the path our Master trod;

We bear the cross le bore ;
And ev'ry thorn that wounds our feet,

His temples pierc'd before.
5. Our pow’rs are oft dissolv'd away

In ecstacies of love;
And, while our bodies wander here,

Our souls are fix'd abuve.
6. We purge our mortal dross away,

Refining as we run ;
But, while we die to earth and sense,
Our heav'n is here begun.

HYMN 291. L. M.
1. LET sorrow, Lord, my bosom fill,

When impious men transgress thy will; Teach me to mourn, when lips profane

Take thy tremendous name in vain. 2. With indignation may I treat

The works of malice and deceit;
And ever from their friendship flee,

Who dare to scorn thy laws and thee. 3. Doth secret mischief lurk within ?

Do I indulge some unknown sin ?
O turn my feet whene'er I stray,
And lead me in thy perfect way.

HYMN 292 s. M. 1. YE servants of the Lord,

Each in his office wait, Observant of his heav'nly word,

And watchful at his gate. 2. Let all your lamps be bright,

And trim the golden flame,. Gird up your loins, as in his sight, For awful is his name,


1. A

3. Watch ! 'tis your Lord's command;

And while we speak, he's near. Mark the first signal of his hand,

And ready all appear. 4. O happy servant he,

In such a posture found !
He shall his Lord with rapture see,
And be with honour crown'd.

HYMN 293. L. M.
SSIST us, Lord, thy name to praise,

For this rich gospel of thy grace;
And, that our hearts


love it more,

Teach them to feel its vital pow'r.
2. With joy may we our course pursue,

And keep the crown of life in view;
That crown, which in one hour repays

The labour of ten thousand days.
3. Should bonds or death obstruct our way,

Unmov'd their terrors we'll survey ;
And the last hour improve for thee,

The last of life or liberty.
4. Welcome those bonds, which may unitę

Our souls to their supreme delight !
Welcome that death, whose painful strife
Bears us to Christ, our better life,

F Α Ι Τ Η.

HYMN 294. o'. M.
FATH alds new chaines

to rearthly bliss, Its aid in ev'ry duty brings,

And softens all my cares ; 2. Extinguishes the thirst of sin,

And lights the sacred fire
Of love to God and heav?nly things,

And feeds the pure desire.

3. The wounded conscience knows its pow'r

The healing balm to give;
That balm the saddest heart can cheer,

And make the dying live.
4. Wide it unveils celestial worlds,

Where deathless pleasures reign ; And bids me seek my portion there,

Nor bids me seek in vain.
5. Shews me the precious promise seal'd

With the Redeemer's blood;
And helps my feeble hope to rest

Upon a faithful God.
6. There, there unshaken would I rest,

"Till this vile body dies; And then on Faith's triumphant wings At once to glory rise.

HYMN 295 L. M. 1.'TIS by the faith of joys to come,

We walk through deserts dark as night; Till we arrive at hear'n our home,

Faith is our guide, and faith our light. 2. The want of sight she well supplies;

She makes the pearly gates appear ;
Far into distant worlds she pries,

And brings eternal glories near.
3. Cheerful we tread the desert through,

While faith inspires a heav'nly ray;
Though lions roar, and tempests blow,

And rocks and dangers fill the way.
A. So Abrah’m, by divine command,

Left his own house to walk with God.
His faith beheld the promis'd land,
And fir'd his zeal along the road.

HYMN 296. L. N.
1. BY various maxims, forms, and rules,

That pass for wisdom in the schools,
I strove my passions to restrain;
But all my efforts prov'd in vain.

2. But since the Saviour I have known,

My rules are all reduc'd to one:
To keep my Lord, by faith, in view.

This strength supplies and motives too. 3. I see him lead a suff'ring life,

Patient amidst reproach and strife;
And from this pattern courage take

To bear and suffer for his sake. 4. Upon the cross I see him bleed,

And by the sight from fear am freed.
This sight destroys the life of sin,

And quickens heav'nly life within. 5. To look to Jesus as he rose,

Confirms my hope, disarms my foes.
The world I shame and overcome,

By pointing to my Saviour's tombe 6. I see him look with pity down,

And hold in view the conq'ror's crown.
If press’d with griefs and cares before,

My soul revives, and asks no more. 7. By faith I see the hour at hand,

When in his presence I shall stand.
Then it will be my endless bliss,
To see him where and as he is.

HYMN 297. 1. M. 1. ORD, dost thou shew a corner stone,

That the fair edifice may rise

Sublime in light beyond the skies?
2. Thy people long this stone have try'd,

And all the pow'rs of hell defy'd.
Floods of temptation beat in vain ;

Well doth this rock the house sustain. 3. When storms and tempests round prevail,

Whirlwind and thunder, fire and hail ;
'Tis here our trembling souls shall hide,
And here securely they abide.

HYMN 298. L. M.
1. IN vain would boasting reason find

The path to happiness and God;

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