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page. The first is “Gardez la primere p’me apres la typhaine e de
iloec cuntez v iors o le primer dimenge apres auerez septuagesme. pur
elore Alleluia." Between the Calendar and the first page of Psalms,
16 leaves are inserted in a hand of about 1380; which give the Office
of the Virgin. On the reverse of the sixteenth of these leaves is
written “Iste dominus Ethelredus rex fundatores. Et Alfritha regina

fundatrices hujus monesteri e Wheruelle."
18* HERODIANI Historia a Politiano in Latinum versa, small folio, MS. on
paper, in a semi-Italic hand, 97 leaves, twenty-nine lines to the page;

About 1488

hf. bd.

3 3 0

49 ASCHAM (Roger) Autograph Letter, in Latin, 3 pages, small 4to. addressed

to William Parr, Earl of Essex (brother of Queen Catherine Parr), and
enclosed in a presentation-copy of the first edition of Ascham's Toxophilus,
1545, which it accompanied. The book is in its original calf binding
(rebacked), gilt in the Italian style, executed either for Ascham or
for the Earl

1545 36 0 0
A most interesting and excellent memorial of a notable English worthy. He
speaks of the Earl's sister as Diva semperque augusta Catarina. She had asked her

brother, " What book is that ?" when it was shown in the Royal Council-Chamber. 50 THOMAS A KEMPIS. DE IMITATIONE CHRISTI. The Imitation of Christ :

being the Autograph Manuscript .. reproduced in facsimile . . with
an introduction by Charles Ruelens . . 18mo. bound in stamped morocco,
uncut edges

1879 0 10 0 51 SILVESTRE, PALEOGRAPHIE UNIVERSELLE, Collection de fac

similés d'écritures de tous les peuples et de tous les temps, tirés des
plus authentiques documents de l'art graphique chartes et manuscrits
existants dans les bibliothèques de France, d'Italie, d'Angleterre;
publiée, d'après les modèles écrits, dessinés, et peints sur les lieux
mêmes, par M.J.B. SILVESTRE, accompagnée d'explications historiques
4 vols. atlas folio, original edition, with 303 magnificent plates, containing
specimens of every style of Calligraphy, and Facsimiles of Miniatures,
many of them splendidly illuminated, hf. bd. morocco, gilt

tops, uncut

Paris, Didot, 1839-41 40 0 0 52


copy, 4 vols. atlas folio, red morocco extra, gilt edges, broad gold borders

1839-41 45 0 0 53

the same, 4 vols. folio, 1839-41-ALPHABET-ALBUM, Collection de 60 feuilles d'Alphabets historiés et fleuronnés, tirés des principales Bibliothèques ou composés par Silvestre, 1 vol. 1843

together 5 vols. atlas folio, hf. blue morocco, gilt edges 1839-43 42 0 0 54

UNIVERSAL PALEOGRAPHY; or a Collection of Facsimiles of the Writings of every Age; taken from the most authentic Manuscripts existing in the Libraries of France, Italy, Germany and England, New and Improved Edition by Sir FREDERICK MADDEN, 2 vols. impl. folio and 2 vols. 8vo., with upwards of 300 magnificent plates, richly illuminated in the finest style of art, half red morocco extra, gilt edges

1850 30 0 0 This is one of the finest books in the world, and the most interesting to the scholar and the man of taste. Three hundred facsimiles, of the choicest Manuscripts in Europe, need no other recommendation than to state the fact. The work cost nearly twenty thousand pounds in getting up, and the expense was chiefly defrayed by His Majesty Louis Phillippe, who subscribed at the outset for sixty copies, at about £75

55 ASSEMANUS (Jos. Sim.) Bibliotheca Orientalis Clementino-Vaticana,

in qua Manuscriptos Codices Syriacos, Arabicos, Persicos, Turcicos,
Hebraicos, Samaritanos, Armenicos, Aethiopicos, Graecos, Aegyptiacos,
Ibericos et Malabaricos. ex Oriente conquisitos, comparatos,
advectos et Bibliothecae Vaticanae addictos recensuit, digessit et
genuina a spuriis secrevit, 4 vols. folio, old calf gilt, very rare

Romae, 1719-28 16 16 0 59 FACSIMILES of Beautiful Miniatures chiefly of the 14th and 15th Centuries,

typographically printed by L. Lott, 8vo. 72 coloured plates, calf extra,
gilt edges
A pretty volume.

Vienna, n. d. 2 2 60 ManuscrITS FRANÇOIS (Les) de la Bibliothèque du Roi, par M. Paulin

Paris, LARGE PAPER, 7 vols. royal 8vo. culf gilt, gilt top, Paris, 1836-48 2 5 61 NOUVEAU TRAITE de Diplomatique (par Toastain et Tassin), 6 vols.

4to. stamped pigskin, £5.; or 6 vols. in 7, royal 4to. red morocco extra,
gilt edges

Paris, 1750-65 10 0 With numerous illustrative plates. A book of permanent value. 62 Notices et Extraits des Manuscrits de la Bibliothèque du Roi, de la

Bibliothèque Impériale, et d'autres Bibliothèques, vols. 1-XIX, and
XX pt. 2, in 21 vols. 4to. 16 vols. half calf gilt, and 5 vols. bds.

Paris, 1787-1862 5 0 63 WESTWOOD (J. O.) Palæographia sacra pictoria, impl. 4to. with 50 coloured

facsimiles of early Biblical MSS. hf. bd. morocco, gilt edges 1843-45 3 10 4

A series of Illustrations of the ancient versions of the Bible, copied from Illumi

nated Manuscripts.
64 WESTWOOD (J. O.) Facsimiles of the Miniature and Ornaments of the

Anglo-Saxon and Irish Manuscripts, impl. folio, 53 beautifully coloured
plates (subscription price £17. 178 6d), cloth

1868 10 00 Only 220 copies were printed. 65 Illuminated Illustrations of the Bible copied from select MSS. of

the Middle Ages, roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, 40 coloured plates; red morocco
extra, gilt edges

1846 4 5 65*WRIGHT (A.) Court Hand Restored : the Student's Assistant in reading Old Deeds, Charters, Records, etc. 4to. 23 plates, cloth

1846 0 10 6 Eighth edition, with an appendix of ancient names of places in Great Britain and Ireland.

66 COMPLUTENSIAN POLYGLOT. Title to Vol. I (under

a woodcut of the Ximenez arms printed in red, above which
are four verses beginning Haec tibi pentadecas) : Vetus
testamentū multiplici lingua nūc | primo impressum. Et
imprimis | Pentateuchus Hebraico Gre- co atq3 Chaldaico
idioma- | te. Adiūcta vnicuiqz sua | latina interpreta- |
tione, On the third leaf from the end of the fourth volume :
Explicit quarta et vltima pars totius veteris testamēti ..
Industria & solertia honorabilis viri Arnaldi Guillelmi de
Brocario artis impressorie Magistri. Anno Domini Milles-
simo qngētesimo decimo septimo Tttle of Vol. V:.
Nouum testamentum | grece z latine in academia | coin-
plutensi nouiter | impressum. ... Colophon

Colophon on the last

page of the Apocalypse: ... Anno domini Millesimo quingentesimo decimo quarto ..

There are six unnumbered leaves of a Greek introduction preceding St. Paul's Epistles. At the end of the book, the colophon leaf is followed by a leaf of verses, ten leaves of Nominum interpretatio, one leaf of an introduction to Greek Grammar, and thirty-eight leaves of a Greek Vocabulary. Title to Vol. VI:

Title to Vol. VI:. . Vocabularium
hebraicum atqz chaldai, i çī totius veteris testamenti cī
alijs tractatibus.. Colophon at the end of the Vocabulary:

Anno Domini Millesimo quingentesimo decimo quinto
The leaf containing the colophon is followed by thirty-

£ $. d. two leaves of a Latin Index, two leaves of Names variously written, and fifteen leaves of an introduction to Hebrew Grammar.

6 vols. folio, one leaf mended and made up ; in the original Spanish binding of red morocco gilt over thick wooden boards, and bearing on the sides and backs the crest of the early owner: a goat rampant surmounted by a coronet


OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. Nouum Testamentum
grece z latine in academia | complutensi nouiter | impressum

Folio, wanting the ten leaves of Nominum Interpretatio;

1514 60 0 () With the MS. (autograph ?) inscription of "Thomas Cantuar .. (slightly cut into) at the top of the title-page; the autograph inscription of Lord Lumley below : " Lumley,” and the press-mark“ B.2. 10.Th.".—This volume is probably wanting in Cranmer's copy of the Complutensian Polyglot in the British Museum. The conjecture may be hazarded that the ten leaves of Interpretatio deficient at the end of the Testament were transferred (or intended to be transferred) by

Cranmer to Vol. VI in his copy of the Bible.
68 LONDON POLYGLOT. S.S. BIBLIA Polyglotta complectentia Textus

Originales Hebraicos cum Pentat. Samarit. Chaldaicos Græcos
Versionumq3 Antiquarum Samarit. Chaldaic. Lat. vulg. Æthiopic.
Græc. Sept. Syriacæ. Arabicæ. Persice Quicquid comparari poterat.
Ex MSS. Antiquiss: . . Edidit Brianus Waltonus S.T. D. Anno
M.DC.LVII, 6 vols. with portrait, frontispiece, and plates, 1654-57–
CASTELLI (Edmundi) Lexicon Heptaglotton, 1 vol. divided into 2, with
portrait, 1660—together 8 vols. folio, calf, gilt backs

1657-60 10 0 0 69 another copy, 8 vols. roy. folio, without the portrait of Castellus, and some of the engravings in the Bible; calf

1657-60 14 0 0 This remains, and is likely still to remain, the best of all the Polyglot Bibles. 70 American. ELIOT'S INDIAN OLD TESTAMENT, FIRST EDITION.

Mamusse wanneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God naneeswe Nukkone
Testament kae wonk Wusku Testament. . . noh asoowesit John Eliot.
Cambridge: .. Samuel Green kah Marmaduke Johnson. 1663 .

Small 4to. wanting signatures A-Dd, otherwise perfect down to the
end of the metrical Psalms, with the titles, preliminaries, and end-leaves ;
fine sound copy in the original calf Cambridge (New England), 1663 23 0 0

This copy would make a splendid basis for a complete copy. The Pentateuch and

the New Testament would have to be added to it.
71 BAY PSALMBOOK. THE PSALMS, | Hymns, & Spiritual Songs, | of

THE ) Old and New TESTAMENT, Faithfully translated into English
Metre. Being the New-ENGLAND Psalm Book Revised and improved :
By an Endea- | vour after a yet nearer Approach to the inspired
Original, as well as to the Rules of Poetry. . . . Imprint at foot :
BOSTON : N. E. | Printed, and Sold by D. HENCHMAN, in Cornhill,
and S. KNEELAND in Queenstreet. 1758.

Small 8vo. fine copy in the original sheep binding, from the library of
Wendell Phillips

Boston, 1758 5 15 0
EXTREMELY RARE. The title and preliminaries occupy 4 leaves; the text of the

work 360 numbered pages.
72 Arabic. PENTATEUCH, Arabic, in Hebrew Letters. Heading of Preface:

Be-shem Yaziz . . hāzā sharh at-Tūrah li Rāsi 1 Mutayyiba Rabbinu
Sa'diya Gā’ūn. Heading of text on fol. 4: Bismi llāhi r rahmāni
r-rahim, ibtadi bi-Sharhi t Tūrah bi l' Arabi.

Small 4to. MS. on paper, in Rabbinical letters, 195 leaves, 22 lincs

[blocks in formation]

to the page (the headings of sections in square Hebrew letters); hf. ud.

(Near Baghdad ?) 400 (1640) This is a celebrated translation or paraphrase made in Arabia in the tenth

century, but written usually as it would seem in Hebrew letter. 73 TŪRATU Musa'n Nabiyy . . Pentatevchvs Mosis Arabice. [edante Erpenio] Lugduni Batavorum 1622. Small 4to. bd.

1622 74 KITABU L 'AHDIL JADID (Carshuni New Testament, i.e. Arabic in Syriac letters), 4to. calf

Parīz, 1827 75 KITABU L MUKADDAS (Bible, in Arabic), 8vo. calf

London, 1860 75A the same, in Arabic, with all the points, roy. 8vo. calf Oxford, 1871 75B the same, in Arabic, 2 vols. roy. 8vo. bd.

Bairut, 1864 750- the same, in Arabic, with all the points, 3 vols. imp. 8vo. printed within borders and illustrated with uumerous plates ; bound,-a fine book

Bairut, 1876-78 76 Bohemian. BIBLI SWATA. Togest Kniha. MD XC VI

Thick small 8vo. fine copy in the original calf binding (rebacked) stamped with an escutcheon on the lower cover, and on the upper with the inscription "RZZ SS 1598"

(Kralitz) 1596 A Hussite Bible, with a liturgical list, at the end, of Lessons for the festivals of the Church. Among the Saints' days, along with Mark, Peter and Paul, Mary Mag

dalen, etc., is that of “Mistra Jana Husy” (John Huss).
77 Danish. BIBLE. Biblia Det er, Den gantske Hellige Scrifft, paa Danske,

igen offuerseet oc Prentet . . Met Register, Alle D. Lutheri Fortaler ..
Final Colophon on last page: Prentet i Kiöbenhaffn, Aff Matz Vin-
gaardt. Anno M.D.LXXXIX.

3 vols. in 1, folio, about 130 woodcuts within borders; slightly
wormed and having the title mounted ; old French culf, with the insignia
of the Bishop of Rennes (Henri de la Motte Houdancourt, about 1650)
in gold on the sides

Copenhagen, 1589
The second Danish Bible ; RARE. A copper-engraved portrait of King Frederick

II of Denmark is inserted in the book.
78 Ethiopic. MASHAF HENOKH. The Book of Enoch, in Ethiopic, smallest

4to. MS. on vellum, 80 leaves, double columns, twenty-two lines to the
column, complete ;

Abyssinia, apparently about 1650
Some copies of this apocryphal book are to be found in the British Museum and
other institutions, but so far as the open market for purchase is concerned, it may be

described as a volume of singular rarity.
79 English. BIBLE, COVERDALE, FIRST EDITION. Title, within

a woodcut border: BIBLIA | The Bible, that is, the holy
Scripture of the Olde and New Testament, faith- | fully
and truly translated out of Douche and Latyn | in to
Englishe. | M.D.xxxv. | S. Paul ... The reverse of this
title is blank. Fol. 2a : Unto the most victorious Prynce |
and oure most gracyous soueraigne Lorde, kynge Henry
the eyght, | .: Line 13: your dearest iust wyfe, and
most vertuous Pryncesse, Quene Anne, Amen. Fol. 4b:
A prologue. | Myles Couerdale Unto the Christen reader.

Fol. 76 : The bokes of the hole Byble, | how they are

Fol. 86. : The fyrst boke of Moses
Fol. 9a (numbered Fo. i): The first boke of Mo- ses
called Genesis. ... Fol. 99, title : The seconde par- | tie ..
Fol. 100a (numbered Fo. ij): The boke of Josua Fol.
219a (numbered Fo. i): The boke of Job ..

Fol. 271,
title : All the Prophetes | in Englishе. . . Fol. 272
(numbered Fo. ij): The prophet Esay. Fol. 373, title:
APOCRIPHA | The Lokes and trea | tises

Fol. 456,

6 6 0


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a blank cut away.

Fol. 457, title: The new testament. Fol. 5696, colophon: Prynted in the yeare of oure LORDE M.D.XXXV. , and fynished the fourth daye of October. A large folding map of the IIoly Land between foll. 98 and 99.

Small folio, having leaf 2 in facsimile by the first Ilarrisse, the initial I of Genesis and the few words behind it also in facsimile, a little portion of the map and a small corner bit of the twentieth leaf repaired by facsimile ; otherwise A PERFECT COPY OF THE FIRST ENGLISH BIBLE, bound in blue morocco by Charles Lewis

(Zürich ?) 1535 1050 0 0

This copy, formerly belonging to Lea-Wilson, afterwards to Dunn Gardiner, and lastly to Lord Ashburnham, is superior to any other known copy except the Leicester and the Osterley copies. The title was when Lea Wilson owned it supplied for him in facsimile from the Leicester copy, by Harris, and that facsimile leaf is still retained to show the variation between the genuine title now inserted and the Leicester title. In the first place there is a list of contents on the back of the Leicester title, while the page is left absolutely blank in our genuine title. In the second place, among the inscriptions on the woodcuts we find the words Go once and Gospel twice. The three capitals G appear in Harrisse's facsimile of the Leicester title in a peculiar Gothic shape resembling S; while in our genuine first title it is a true G in which the curves are divided by two parallel vertical strokes. Now as the London-printed title retains in its border the S-shaped G, this other original title in which the genuine G is found, must have been anterior to the title in the Leicester copy.


may be confidently said that no other such copy as the above can ever come into the market, and the man who would secure a volume of such extraordinary character and value must be quick in making his purchase.

In his dedication to the King, Coverdale says he thought it was his duty—“when I had translated this Bible, not onely to dedicate this translacyon unto your Highnesse, but wholy to commytte it unto the same to the intent that .. it may stonde in your Graces handes to correcte it, to amend it

my poore translacyon . I have nether wrested nor altered so much as one worde . . but have with a cleare conscience purely and faythfully translated this out of fyve sundry interpreters.”—In the prologue to the Reader he says, “it greved me that other nacyons shulde be more plenteously provyded for with the scriptures in theyr mother tongue than we,-therefore when I was instantly requyred though I coulde not do so well as I wolde I thought it yet my dewtye to do my best” ... For the which cause . . I toke the more upon me to set forth this speciall translacyon, not as a despyser of other mens translacyons.” And further on, explaining why he sometimes uses different synonyms for one word, he says “ this maner have I used in my translacyon.”

These phrases are surely enough to settle the question as to the translator and to show how groundless was the late Henry Stevens' notion that the Fleming Meteren did the work of translation while Coverdale only revised him. It may of course be true that Jacob van Meteren was the person who urged Coverdale to the work, and that it was he who paid the cost of the printing, but the press was assuredly not an Antwerp one. The wood blocks may have been cut in Antwerp after designs of Beham and others, and the cutter is responsible for spelling Sviid on the illustration of the Tabernacle. The types of the quarto edition printed by Froschauer at Zürich in 1550 are smaller, but


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