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portrait, and plates by George Cruikshank (with the border by Crowquill round the last plate in vol. ii.), 2 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, 1838, 8vo. (458) Maggs, £4 2486 Dickens (C.) Great Expectations, first edition, the series of etchings by Pailthorpe, on Japan paper, inserted, 3 vol., morocco extra, t. e. g., uncut, by Rivière, 1861, 8vo. (468) Maggs, £10 15s. 2487 Dickens (C.) A Christmas Carol, first issue, with the "Stave I." on first leaf, and the green end papers, 1843The Chimes, first issue, 1845-The Cricket on the Hearth, 1846-The Battle of Life, 1846-The Haunted Man, 1848, all first editions, together 5 vol., original cloth, g. e. (474) Thorp, £6 2488 Lever (C. J.) The Confessions of Harry Lorrequer, 1839Charles O'Malley, 2 vol., 1841 Our Mess (Tom Burke of "Ours," 2 vol., and Jack Hinton), 3 vol., n. d. — Arthur O'Leary, first demy octavo edition, 1845-The O'Donoghue, 1845-The Knight of Gwynne, 1847-Roland Cashel, 1850 -The Daltons, 2 vol., 1852-The Dodd Family Abroad, 1854-The Martins of Cro' Martin, 1856-Davenport Dunn, 1859-One of Them, 1861-Barrington, 1863-Luttrell of Arran, 1865, each vol. illustrated by "Phiz," "Arthur O'Leary" illustrated by George Cruikshank, all first editions (except "Our Mess"), 18 vol., uniformly bound in half morocco, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, 8vo. (477)

Lupton, £10 2489 [Apperley (C. J.)] Life of John Mytton, second edition, coloured illustrations (a few cut down and margins of some leaves repaired), morocco extra, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, R. Ackermann, 1837, 8vo. (484) Hornstein, £6 2490 Historical Records. 9th Lancers, 13th Dragoons and 14th Dragoons, coloured plates, 3 vol., cloth, 1841-7, 8vo. (488) Ackermann, 2 14s. 2491 Historical Records. 36th Foot, 46th Foot, and 53rd Foot, coloured plates, 3 vol., cloth, 1849-53, 8vo. Ackermann, £i 2492 Historical Records. 61st Foot, 71st Foot, and 73rd Foot, coloured plates, 3 vol., cloth, 1844-52, 8vo. (490)

Ackermann, 1 145. 2493 Blackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone, first edition, autograph letter-card from the author inserted, 3 vol., 1869-Cradock Nowell, 3 vol., 1866—The Maid of Sker, 3 vol., 1872-Alice Lorraine, 3 vol., 1875—Cripps the Carrier, 3 vol., 1876— Erema, 3 vol., 1877 Mary Anerley, 3 vol., 1880 Cristowell, 3 vol., 1882–-Tommy Upmore, 2 vol., 1884Springhaven, 3 vol., 1887 Kit and Kitty, 3 vol., 1890 — Perlycross, 3 vol., 1894, all first editions, together 32 vol., uniformly bound in half morocco, t. e. g., 8vo. (492)

Lupton, £10 2494 Hardy (T.) Works. Desperate Remedies, a Novel, 3 vol., Tinsley Brothers, 1871—Under the Greenwood Tree, 2 vol., 1872-A Pair of Blue Eyes, 3 vol., 1873—Far from the Madding Crowd, illustrations, 2 vol., 1874-The Return

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of the Native, 3 vol., 1878—The Trumpet Major, 3 vol., 1880-A Laodicean, 3 vol, 1881-Two on a Tower, 3 vol., 1882 — The Mayor of Casterbridge, 2 vol., 1886 — The Woodlanders, 3 vol., 1887 - Wessex Tales, 2 vol., 1888 — Tess of the D'Urbervilles, 3 vol., 1891 - A Group of Noble Dames, 1891 - Life's. Little Ironies, 1894 — Jude the Obscure, etching, 1896 - The Well Beloved, etching, 1897 -Wessex Poems, etc., illustrations, 1898, all first editions, together 37 vol., uniformly bound in half morocco, t. e. g. (493) Quaritch, £29 2495 [Stevenson (R. L.)] The Charity Bazaar, printed on ribbed paper, the author's initials at end, with a letter relating to the same and a photograph of the author, 4 pages, as issued, [1868,] foolscap 4to. (496)

2496 Stevenson (R. L.) 2497 Stevenson (R. L.) cloth, 1879 (499)

An Inland Voyage, cloth,

Travels with a Donkey

Edwards, £2 1878 (498) W. Brown, £3 in the Cevennes, W. Brown, £3

Spencer, £2

2498 Stevenson (R. L.) Deacon Brodie, or the Double Life, by R. L. Stevenson and W. E. Henley, grey wrapper [Privately printed], 1880, 8vo. (500) 2499 Stevenson (R. L.) Deacon Brodie, revised edition, wrapper, Edinburgh, for private circulation only, 1888, 8vo. (501) Spencer, £15s. 2500 Stevenson (R. L.) Admiral Guinea, by W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson (with note on fly-leaf, “Believed to be the author's own copy, with his corrections on pages 24 and 60"), wrapper, Edinburgh, for private circulation, 1884 (502) Spencer, £2 8s. 2501 Stevenson (R. L.) Macaire, by W. E. Henley and R. L. Stevenson, wrapper, For private circulation only, 1885 (503) Spencer, £2 2502 Stevenson (R. L.) Virginibus Puerisque, and other Papers, enclosed in a morocco cover, silk ties, cloth, 1881 (505) W. Brown, £2

Spencer, 1 25.


2503 Stevenson (R. L.) The Story of a Lie, watered silk, enclosed in a morocco case, 1882, 8vo. (506) 2504 Stevenson (R. L.) Familiar Studies of Men and Books, cloth, 1882, 8vo. (507) Pickering, £1 6s. 2505 Stevenson (R. L.) New Arabian Nights, 2 vol., cloth, 1882 (508) Edwards, £6 5s. 2506 Stevenson (R. L.) The Silverado Squatters, frontispiece, first published edition, 1883-Prince Otto, 1885, cloth, together 2 vol. (509)

Thorp, £15s.

2507 Stevenson (R. L.) A Child's Garden of Verses, cloth, 1885,

8vo. (511)

2508 Stevenson (R. L.)
30 copies only,
University Union
2509 Stevenson (R. L.)

Some College Memories, wrapper uncut,
Edinburgh, printed for
Committee, 1886 (514)
Ticonderoga, 50 copies

Thorp, £2 18s.

Members of the

Spencer, £1

printed, vellum,


Spencer, £2 45.

boards, Edinburgh, printed for the author, 1887, small 4to.

2510 Stevenson (R. L.) An Object of Pity, or the Man Haggard, parchment wrappers, g. e., enclosed in a morocco case, Imprinted at Amsterdam [1892], 8vo. (522)

Spencer, £2 10S. 2511 Stevenson (R. L.) Familiar Epistle in Verse and Prose, facsimile (limited to a few copies for private circulation only), 1896-Three Short Poems (limited to 30 copies), facsimiles, 1898, 2 vol., vellum boards, 8vo. (526)

Spencer, 1 IS. 2512 Stevenson (R. L.) Letters to his Family and Friends, with the Additional Letters, 4 leaves, frontispieces, 2 vol., 1899 -Life, by Graham Balfour, plates, 2 vol., 1901, together 4 vol., half morocco, t. e. g. (540) Maggs, £175. 2513 Kipling (Rudyard). Quartette. The Christmas Annual of the Civil and Military Gazette (containing “The Phantom 'Rickshaw "), original wrapper, Lahore, 1885, 8vo. (543) Spencer, 1 6s. 2514 Kipling (Rudyard). Letters of Marque, first edition, autograph presentation copy, original cloth, Allahabad, 1891, 8vo. (544) Maggs, £1 19s. 2515 Kipling (Rudyard). Departmental Ditties and other Verses, original edition, wrapper (flap wanted), Lahore, 1886, narrow 8vo. (546) Spencer, 1 IS. 2516 Kipling (Rudyard). Plain Tales from the Hills, first edition, original cloth, Calcutta, 1888, 8vo. (547) W. Brown, I IOS. 2517 Kipling (Rudyard). Soldiers Three-The Story of the Gadsbys In Black and White, original Indian editions (3), in a half morocco slip case, Allahabad, 1888, 8vo. (548) Spencer, £3 105. 2518 Kipling (Rudyard). Under the Deodars-The Phantom Rickshaw-Wee Willie Winkie, original Indian editions (3), in a half morocco slip case, Allahabad, n. d. (1888), 8vo. (549) £3 2519 Lang (A.) Fairy Books, Poetry Books and Story Books, all first editions, illustrations by H. J. Ford and others, 18 vol., original cloth (various colours), g. e., 1891-1905, 8vo. (556) £3 7s. 6d. 2520 Greenaway (Kate). Almanacks, coloured illustrations, original picture boards and cloth gilt, 18 in all (including 4 duplicates), in silk cover, 1883-97, 48mo. (570)

Myers, £2 18s. 2521 Hissey (J. J.) An Old Fashioned Journey through England and Wales-A Drive through England-On the Box Seat -A Holiday on the Road-A Tour in a Phaeton (one of 25 copies, with artists' proofs on India paper)-Across England in a Dog-cart-On Southern English RoadsThrough Ten English Counties-Over Fen and WoldUntravelled England, numerous illustrations, first editions, together 10 vol., original cloth, 1884-1906, 8vo. (578) Edwards, £9 17s. 6d.

2522 Harper (C. G.) Old Inns of Old England, illustrations, 2 vol., cloth gilt, t. e. g., 1906, 8vo. (579) Reeves, 16s. 2523 Highways and Byways Series. Devon and Cornwall, North Wales, etc., each volume illustrated, first editions (with two exceptions), 15 vol., half calf, t. e. g., 1898-1906, 8vo. (580) Lupton, £3 IOS. 2524 Haddon Hall Library, portraits and other illustrations (some coloured), 9 vol., cloth extra, t. e. g., 1899-1903, 8vo. (581) Hill, £145. 2525 Page (J. L. W.) Dartmoor and its Antiquities-Exmoor and the Hill Country of West Somerset-The Coasts of Devon, etchings on India paper, and maps, LARGE PAPER COPIES, 3 vol., half roan, t. e. g., 1889-95, 8vo. (582) Reeves, 16s. 2526 Ibis (The). First series, vol. iii. to vi.—Second series, vol. iv. and v.—Third series, 6 vol., with Index to Series i.-iii. (1859-76) Fourth series, vol. i. to v.-Fifth series, 6 vol.— Sixth series, vol. i. and iii. to vi.-Seventh series, 6 vol.Eighth series, 6 vol.-Ninth series, vol. i., together 42 vol., hand-coloured plates, half morocco, cloth sides, t. e. g. (6 vol. not uniform), 1861-1907, 8vo. (587) Quaritch, £30 2527 Atkinson (G. F.) Curry and Rice, 40 lithographed plates, original issue, cloth gilt, t. e. g., Day and Son, imperial 8vo. (589) Grant, £135. 2528 Vasari (G.) Stories of the Italian Artists, by E. L. Seeley, coloured plates and other illustrations, vellum extra, t. e. g., 1906, 8vo. (591) Phelps, Li 2529 Rabelais (F.) Works, translated by Urquhart and Motteux, illustrations by Chalon, 3 vol., calf gilt, 1904, 8vo. (592) Phelps, £2 25. 2530 Secret Court Memoirs. Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe, illustrations on Japan paper, édition de luxe, 20 vol., half morocco, t. e. g., Privately printed, n. d., 8vo. (593) Bumpus, £9

[DECEMBER 11TH, 1907.]




(No. of Lots, 338; amount realised, £514 16s. 6d.)

2531 A'Beckett (G. A.) Comic Histories of England and Rome, édition de luxe, 3 vol., original cloth, uncut, Bradbury, Agnew and Co., n. d., 4to. (1)

2532 Arabian Nights' Entertainments, edition, edited by E. S. Poole, cloth, uncut, 1883, 8vo. (7)

Winter, £

IS. by E. W. Lane, new engravings, 3 vol., original Hitchman, 10s.

2533 Barrie (J. M.) Novels, Tales and Sketches, Author's edition, portrait, 8 vol., 1896-The Little Minister, 3 vol., 1891The Little Minister, first illustrated edition, 1893, and others by J. M. Barrie, chiefly first editions, uncut, together 23 vol., 8vo. (16) Thin, £2 95. 2534 Bibliothèque de Carabas. Cupid and Psyche-Euterpe of Herodotus-Fables of Bidpai-Fables of Æsop-Attis of Catullus, etc., edited by Joseph Jacobs, Grant Allen, etc., LARGE PAPER (60 copies), frontispieces in two states, 10 vol. complete, half parchment, uncut, 1887-96, royal 8vo. (22) Dobell, £2 11S. 2535 Bibliothèque de Carabas. Fables of Bidpai and ÆsopAttis of Catullus-Plutarch's Romane Questions-Tyson's Pygmies of the Ancients-Barlaam and Josaphat, small paper (limited issue), frontispieces, 7 vol., parchment, uncut, 1888-96, small 8vo. (23) Dobell, 18s. 2536 Boswell (J.) Life of Johnson, 6 vol., half bound, t. e. g., Oxford, 1887, 8vo. (30) Askew, £2 6s. 2537 Bridges (Robert). Carmen Elegiacum, presentation copy, autograph letter inserted, morocco super extra, by Zaehnsdorf, 1877, 8vo. (32) Dobell, 10s. 2538 Bridges (R.) Poetical Works, 6 vol., buckram, uncut, 1898, 8vo. (33) Dobell, 135. 2539 Bridges (Robert). Plays, complete. Nero-Palicio-Return of Ulysses Christian Captives Achilles in Scyros Humours of the Court-Feast of Bacchus, together 8 vol., original wrappers, uncut, 1890, etc., 4to. (39)

Maggs, £116s. 2540 Bullen (A. H.) Musa Proterva, Privately printed, 1889— Speculum Amantis, ib., 1889, half bound, uncut, t. e. g., small 4to. (43) Maggs, £145. 2541 Burns (R.) Works, LARGE PAPER, proofs on India paper, maps and facsimiles, 6 vol., original cloth, uncut, 1877-79, imperial 8vo. (47) Hunt, 12s. 2542 Burns (R.) The Poetry of Robert Burns, edited by Henley and Henderson, portraits, 4 vol., uncut, limited issue, Edinburgh, 1896-97, 8vo. (49) Bain, £1 155. 2543 Caldecott (Randolph). Complete Collection of Pictures and Songs, Preface by Austin Dobson, LARGE PAPER, original cloth, uncut, t. e. g., 1887, royal 4to. (56) Pickering, £ɩ 8s. 2544 Daniel Press. The Garland of Rachel, by H. D. and divers kindly hands, facsimile reproduction of the original manuscript (36 copies only), morocco super extra, uncut, t. e. g., by Zaehnsdorf, Oxford, 1881, 8vo. (80) J. Bumpus, £10 [Inserted in the above volume were several autograph letters and signatures of C. H. Daniel, J. A. Symonds, etc., MS. verses of Andrew Lang, proofs of Andrew Lang's contributions to the work, and other matter.-Catalogue.] 2545 Daniel Press. The Shorter Poems of Robert Bridges (150 copies), original wrappers, uncut, Oxford, 1893-4, 4to. (83)

Parker, 18s.

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