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The Fuller worthies' library.

76. DONNE, JOHN. The works of John Donne

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life, by Henry Alford ... London, 1839. 6 v. front. (port., v.1)

CONTENTS.-V. 1. Life of Dr. Donne. General index to the texts.
Sermons. v. 3. Sermons. Devotions upon emergent occasions. V. 4-5.
Sermons. Letters. Poems.

77. EVELYN, JOHN. The miscellaneous writings of John Evelyn

Sermons. V. 2.


v. 6.


first collected, with occasional notes, by William Upcott ... London, 1825. 26, 849 p. front., pl., facsims.

With reprints of original t.-p.

CONTENTS (Tracts).-Of liberty and servitude, 1649. Tr. from the French of M. de la Mothe le Vayer.-The state of France, 1652.-The golden book of St. John Chrysostom, 1659; tr. from the Greek.-A character of England, 1659; tr. from the French.-An apology for the royal party, 1659.-The late news from Brussels unmasked, 1660.-Fumifugium, 1661.-Sculptura, 1662.-An account of architects and architecture.-Kalendarium hortense; or, The gardener's almanack, 1664.-Public employment preferred to solitude, 1667.-History of the three late famous impostors, 1669.-Navigation and commerce, 1674.-Mundus muliebris; or, The ladies dressing-room unlocked, 1690.-Acetaria: a discourse of sallets, 1699.

78. FULLER, THOMAS. The collected sermons of Thomas Fuller

by the late John Eglington Bailey



completed by William E. A.

Axon ... London, 1891. 2 v. fronts. (ports.)

79. GRAHAME, SIMION. The anatomie of humors, and the passionate sparke of a relenting minde ... Edinburgh, 1830. 8, 8, 69, 36 p. Bannatyne club.

A reprint of two tracts, the first pub. in 1609, the second in 1604.

80. HALIFAX, GEORGE SAVILE, 1st marquis. The complete works of George Savile, first marquess of Halifax, ed. with an introduction by Walter Raleigh. Oxford, 1912. 30, 256 p. front. 80a. HALIFAX, GEORGE SAVILE, 1st marquis. Miscellanies by the late Lord Marquis of Halifax: viz. I. Advise to a daughter. II. The character of a trimmer. III. The anatomy of an equivalent. IV. A letter to a dissenter. v. Cautions for choice of Parliament men. VI. A rough draft of a new model at sea. VII. Maxims of state, &c. London, 1704. 364 p.

81. HALL, JOSEPH, bp. of Norwich.


and cor. with some additions, by Philip Wynter




A new ed., rev.
Oxford, 1863.

82. HARRINGTON, JAMES. The Oceana and other works. count of his life by John Toland ... London, 1771. front., port., pl.


George Herbert



[London] 1874. 3 v.

With an ac40, 598, 16 p.

The complete works in verse and prose of
Ed. by the Rev. Alexander B. Grosart

The Fuller worthies' library.

"Essay on the life and writings of George Herbert": v. 11, p. [xi]-cxlii.


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84. HOBBES, THOMAS. Thomae Hobbes Malmesburiensis Opera philosophica quae latine scripsit omnia, in unum corpus nunc primum collecta studio et labore Gulielmi Molesworth .. Londini, 18391845. 5 v.

85. HOBBES, THOMAS. The English works of Thomas Hobbes of Malmesbury; now first collected and ed. by Sir William Molesworth, bart. London, 1839-1845. II V. port., diagrs., map., facsim.


CONTENTS.-V. 1. Logic; The first grounds of philosophy; Of the proportions of motions and magnitudes; Of physics, or the phenomena of nature. v. 2. Of liberty; Of dominion; Of religion. v. 3. Leviathan, or Matter, form, and power of a commonwealth. V. 4. Tripos; in three parts: I-Human nature, 2-De corpore politico, or, The elements of the law. 3-Of liberty and necessity. An answer to Bishop Bramhall's book, “The catching of the Leviathan"; ... Heresy and the punishment thereof; Considerations upon the reputation, loyalty, manners, and religion of Thomas Hobbes; Answer to Sir Wm. Davenant's preface before "Gondibert"; Letter to the Rt. Hon. Edw. Howard. V. 5. The questions concerning liberty, necessity, and chance, clearly stated and debated between Dr. Bramhall and Th. Hobbes. v. 6. A dialogue of the common laws of England; Behemoth: the history of the causes of the civil wars of England; The whole art of rhetoric; The art of rhetoric, plainly set forth The art of sophistry. v. 7. Seven philosophical problems. Decameron physiologicum; Proportion of a straight line to half the arc of a quadrant; Six lessons to the Savillian professors of the mathematics; etc. v. 8-9. The history of the Grecian war, written by Thucydides. tr. by Hobbes. v. 10. The Iliads and Odysses of Homer, tr. out of the Greek into the English by Hobbes, with a large preface concerning the virtue of an heroic poem. v. 11. Index, port., diagrs., maps, etc.



86. JAMES I. Workes. Published by Iames [Montagu], bishop of Winton. London, 1616. 36, 621 p.

86a. JENKINS, DAVID. The works of that grave and learned lawyer, Judge Jenkins, prisoner in Newgate. Upon divers statutes concerning the liberty and freedom of the subject. London, 1648. 22, 199 p. port. 87. JOHNSON, SAMUEL. The works of the late Reverend Mr. Samuel Johnson, sometime chaplain to the Right Honourable William Lord Russel. The 2d ed. London, 1713. 20, 476 p.

"Some memorials of the Reverend Mr. Samuel Johnson": p. iii-xiii.

88. LANSDOWNE, GEORGE GRANVILLE, baron. The genuine works in verse and prose, of the Right Honourable George Granville, lord Lansdowne. London, 1732. 2 v. front.

89. LAUD, WILLIAM, abp. of Canterbury. The works of the most reverend father in God, William Laud ... Oxford, 1847-1860. 7 v.

in 9.

Library of Anglo-Catholic theology [no. 25]

v. 1-2. editor's pref. signed: William Scott; v. 3-7, editor's pref. signed: James Bliss. With reproductions of original t.-p.

CONTENTS.-v. 1. Sermons. v. 2. Conference with Fisher. v. 3. Devotions, diary, and history. v. 4. History of troubles and trial, etc. v. 5, pt. 1. History of his chancellorship, etc. pt. 2. Accounts of province, etc. v. 6, pt. 1. Miscellaneous papers. Letters. pt. 2. Letters. Notes on Bellarmine. v. 7. Letters.

90. MARVELL, ANDREW. The complete works in verse and prose of ed., with memorial-introduction, essay, and [London] 1872-75. 4 v.

Andrew Marvell

notes by


A. B. Grosart

The Fuller worthies' library.


91. MILTON, JOHN. The works of John Milton, in verse and prose, printed from the original editions, with a life of the author by the Rev. John Mitford ... London, 1851. 8 v.

A mask.

"The Life is formed on that which appeared by the same writer in the Aldine edition of the Poetical works of Milton, 1831, with some additions and alterations." CONTENTS.-Poetical works (2 v.): 1. Life of Milton. Samson Agonistes. Lycidas. Il penseroso. Miscellaneous poems. Sonnets. Elegarium liber primus. Sylvarum liber. 2. Paradise lost. Paradise regained.

L'allegro. Arcades.
Epigrammatum liber.

Prose works (6 v.): 111. Of reformation touching church discipline in England, and the cawses that hitherto have hindred it. Of prelaticall episcopacy. The reason of churchgovernment urg'd against prelaty. Animadversions upon The remonstrants defence against Smectymnuus. An apology against a pamphlet call'd A modest confutation of the animadversions upon the Remonstrant against Smectymnuus. Eikonoklastes. In answer to a book intitl'd Eikon basilike. The portrature of His sacred Majesty in his solitudes and sufferings. IV. The doctrine and discipline of divorce. Tetrachordon: expositions upon the foure chief places in Scripture, which treat of mariage, &c. The judgment of Martin Bucer, concerning divorce. Colasterion: a reply to nameless Answer against the doctrine and discipline of divorce. Of education. Areopagitica; a speech for the liberty of unlicens'd printing. The tenure of kings and magistrates. Observations on the Articles of peace between James, earl of Ormond, for King Charles the First on the one hand, and the Irish rebels and papists on the other hand. v. The history of Britain to the Norman conquest.


A treatise of civil power in ecclesiastical causes. Considerations touching the likeliest means to remove hirelings out of the church. Brief notes upon a late sermon, titled The fear of God and the King; preach'd and since publish'd by Matthew Griffith. A letter to a friend, concerning the ruptures of the commonwealth. Of true religion, heresie, schism, toleration, and what best means may be us'd against the growth of popery. The ready and easy way to establish a free commonwealth. The present means, and brief delineation of a free commonwealth ... In a letter to General Monk. VI. Pro populo anglicano defensio. Joannis Philippi Angli responsio ad Apologiam anonymi cujusdam tenebrionis pro rege et populo anglicano infantissimam. Defensio secunda pro populo anglicano. Authoris pro se defensio contra Alexandrum Morum, ecclesiasten, libelli famosi Authoris ad Alexandri Mori supplementum responsio. Accedence commenc't grammar, supply'd with sufficient rules ... to attain the Latin tongue. VII. Artis logicæ plenior institutio, ad Petri Rami methodum concinnata. Praxis logicæ analytica ex Dounamo. Petri Rami vita ex Joanne Thoma Freigio ... descripta. Literæ Senatus anglicani; nec non Cromwellii, etc. Literæ Oliverii Protectoris nomine scriptæ. Literæ Richardi Protectoris nomine scriptæ. Scriptum Dom. Protectoris reipublicæ Angliæ, Scotia, Hiberniæ, &c. Autoris Epistolarum familiarium liber unus. Autoris Prolusiones quædam oratoriæ. In collegio, &c. VIII. A defence of the people of England, in answer to Salmasius's Defence of the King. Letters of state during the administration of the commonwealth, and the protectors Oliver and Richard Cromwell. Letters written in the name of Oliver the Protector. Letters written in the name of Richard the Protector. A manifesto of the Lord Protector of the commonwealth of England, Scotland, Ireland, &c. against the Spaniards. A declaration, or, Letters patents for the election of this present King of Poland, John the Third, elected on the 22d of May last past, anno Dom. 1674. A brief history of Moscovia, and of other less known countries lying eastward of Russia as far as Cathay.

92. MILTON, JOHN. Selected prose writings


With an introductory

essay by Ernest Myers. New York, 1904. 30, 258 p.

CONTENTS.-Of reformation in England, and the causes that hitherto have hindered it.— The reason of church government.-Animadversions upon the remonstrant's defence against Smectymnuus.-The doctrine and discipline of divorce.-On education.-Aeropagitica.-The tenure of kings and magistrates... -Eikonoklastes.-The ready and easy way to establish a free commonwealth


[blocks in formation]

CONTENTS.-Advice to a son, in two parts.-Political reflections upon the government of the Turks.-Nicholas Machiavel.-The King of Sweden's descent into Germany.-The conspiracy of Piso and Vindex against Nero.-The greatness and corruption of the court of Rome. The election of Pope Leo x1.-The defection from the Church of Rome.-Martin

Luther.-Historical memoirs on the reigns of Queen Elizabeth and King James.-A miscellany of sundry essays, paradoxes, and problematical discourses, letters and characters; together with political deductions from the history of the Earl of Essex





The miscellaneous works in prose and

now first collected. Edited with notes, and a biographical account of the author, by Edward F. Rimbault. London, 1890.

309 p. front. (port.)

Library of old authors.

95. PETTY, SIR WILLIAM. The economic writings of Sir William Petty, together with the Observations upon the bills of mortality, more probably by Captain John Graunt, ed. by Charles Henry Hull Cambridge, 1899. 2 v. fronts.

Paged continuously; v. 1: xci, 313 p.; v. 11: 3 p. 1., [315]-700 p.
Contains reproductions of original t.-p.


CONTENTS.-I. Introduction. A treatise of taxes and contributions. London, 1662. Verbum sapienti. [1664.] London, 1691. The political anatomy of Ireland. [1672.] London, 1691. Political arithmetick. [1676.] London, 1690. 11. Natural and political observations upon the bills of mortality. By Capt. John Graunt. 5th ed. London, 1676. Sir William Petty's Quantulumcunque concerning money, 1682. London, 1695. Another essay in political arithmetick concerning the growth of the city of London, 1682. London, 1683. Observations upon the Dublin-bills of mortality, 1681, and the state of that city. London, 1683. Further observation upon the Dublin-bills: or, Accompts of the houses, hearths, baptisms, and burials in that city. London, 1686. Two essays in political arithmetick, concerning the people, housing, hospitals, &c. of London and Paris. London, 1687. Observations upon the cities of London and Rome. London, 1687. Five essays in political arithmetick. London, 1687. A treatise of Ireland. 1687. From the additional ms. in the British museum. Appendix. Bibliography of the printed writings of Sir William Petty. Supplement to the bibliography of Petty's works. Bibliography of the Natural and political observations. List of books and manuscripts used. Index. 96. PETTY, SIR WILLIAM. Several essays in political arithmetick: the titles of which follow in the ensuing pages. By Sir William Petty London, 1699. 2, 276 p.



CONTENTS.-An essay concerning the multiplication of mankind, together with another essay ... concerning the growth of the city of London. Further observations upon the Dublin bills.-Two essays concerning the people, housing, hospitals, &c., of London and Paris. Observations upon the cities of London and Rome.-Five essays in political arithmetick, viz.: I. Objections from the city of Rey in Persia, and from Mons. Auzout, against two former essays, answered, and that London hath as many people as Paris, Rome and Rouen put together. II. A comparison between London and Paris in 14 particulars. III. Proofs that at London, within its 134 parishes named in the Bills of mortality, there live about 696 thousand people. IV. An estimate of the people in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Rome, Dublin, Bristol and Rouen. v. Concerning Holland and the rest of the seven United Provinces.-Political arithmetick.

96a. RALEIGH, SIR WALTER. The works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt. Now first collected: To which is prefixed the lives of the author by Oldys and Birch. Oxford, 1829. 8 v.


CONTENTS.-V. I. The lives. v. 2-7. The history of the world. v. 8. Miscellaneous
With a memoir and annotations by



Robert Ashton ... London, 1851. 3 v.

98. SELDEN, JOHN. Joannis Seldini jurisconsulti opera omnia, tam edita quam inedita ... collegit ac recensuit, vitam auctoris, praefationes et indices adjecit, David Wilkins ... Londini, 1726. 3 v. in 6.

99. SIDNEY, ALGERNON. The works of Algernon Sydney. A new ed. London, 1772. [8], 540, [267] p. front. (port.)

Various paging.


CONTENTS.-Memoirs of the life of Algernon Sydney.-Discourses concerning govern. ment.-Letters taken from Thurloe's State papers.-The Protector's advice to A. Sydney, when he went to the king of Sweden in Poland.-Letters ... to his father. His letters to Henry Savile.-His trial.-His apology in the day of his death.-A general view of gov. ernment in Europe.

100. SPELMAN, SIR HENRY. The English works of Sir Henry Spelman, kt., published in his life time; together with his posthumous works relating to the laws and antiquities of England; first published by the present Lord Bishop of Lincoln in the year 1695; together with the life of the author, now revised by his Lordship. To which are added two more treatises of Sir Henry Spelman London, 1723. 2 v. in 1. front. (port.)

101. TAYLOR, JEREMY. The whole works of



Jeremy Taylor


with a life of the author, and a critical examination of his writings, London, 1828. 15 v. front. (port.)



Reginald Heber


Indexes at end of v. I. CONTENTS.-V. 1. The life of Taylor; Funeral sermon, by Bishop Rust; Correspondence with Mr. Henry Jeanes; Christian consolations. v. 2-3. The history of the life and death of the holy Jesus. v. 4. The rule and exercises of holy living and dying. v. 5-6. Sermons. v. 7. Episcopacy asserted; An apology for authorized and set forms of liturgy; and A discourse on the liberty of prophesying. v. 8. A discourse of the liberty of prophesying, and The doctrine and practice of repentance. v. 9. The doctrine and practice of repentance; Deus justificatus; and The real presence of Christ in the holy sacrament. v. 10. The real presence of Christ in the holy sacrament; and The dissuasive from popery. V. II. A dissuasive from popery; Letters; A discourse of confirmation; A discourse of friendship; and Ductor dubitantium; or, The rule of conscience. V. 12-13. The rule of conscience. V. 14. The conclusion of the rule of conscience; The divine institution and necessity of the office ministerial; and, Rules and advices to the clergy. v. 15. The golden grove; the Psalter; A collection of offices... Devotions for various occasions; and The worthy communicant.

102. TAYLOR, JOHN. Works of John Taylor the Water-poet, comprised in the folio edition of 1630. [Manchester] 1869. 3, 630 p. illus. (incl. ports.)

Publications of the Spenser soc. Issue no. 2-4.

With reproduction of t.-p. of 1630 ed.: All the Workes of Iohn Taylor the WaterPoet. Being Sixty and three in Number. Collected into one Volume by the Avthor: With sundry new Additions, corrected, reuised, and newly Imprinted, 1630. At London, Printed by J. B. for Iames Boler; at the signe of the Marigold in Pauls Churchyard. 1630.

Has also reproduction of the engr. t.-p. of the 1630 ed., containing portrait of Taylor.

103. TAYLOR, JOHN. Works of John Taylor the Water poet not included in the folio volume of 1630 [Manchester] 1870-78. 5 v. illus. Publications of the Spenser soc. Issue no. 7, 14, 19, 21, 25.

With reproductions of original t.-p.



[blocks in formation]

The life and character of Sir William Temple, written by a particular friend (Jonathan Swift). London, 1750. 2 v. front.

(v. I, port.)

Each part has added t.-p.
"The collection of the ...

Publisher's epistle to the reader.

letters is owing to the diligence of Mr. Thomas Downton."

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