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12540 A Sermon Preached at the Opening of the General Assembly of The Church of Scotland, IN THE HIGH CHURCH OF EDINBURGH, Upon the 8th Day of May, 1735. Before His Majesty's High Commissioner. By JAMES GORDON A.M., Moderator of the former General Assembly. Edinburgh, Thomas Lumisden, 1735. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.


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12541 The Famous History of the Renown'd and Valiant Prince, Robert Surnamed, The Bruce, King of Scotland, etc., AND OF SUNDRY OTHER VALIANT KNIGHTS, BOTH SCOTS AND ENGLISH. ENLARGED WITH AN ADDITION OF THE SCOTTISH KINGS, Lineally descended from Him. To Charles now Prince. Together with a Note of the Beginnings of the Most Part of the Ancient and Famous Nobility of Scotland. A HISTORY BOTH PLEASANT AND PROFITABLE, SET FORTH AND DONE IN HEROIC VERSE. By PATRICK GORDON, Gentleman. At Dort, Printed by George Waters, 1615. Reprinted at Edinburgh by James Watson, His Majesty's Printer, 1718. 12mo, old calf. £4 4s Dedication to William Earl of Angus &c., Preface, To the Author (poems) (16 pp.). GORDON (THOMAS).

12542 An Apology for the Danger of the Church, PROVING, THAT THE CHURCH IS, AND OUGHT TO BE ALWAYS IN DANGER; and that it would be dangerous for her to be out of Danger. Being a Second Part of the Apology for Parson Alberoni. By the same Author. J. Roberts, 1719. 8vo, sewn (32 pp.).

10s 6d

12543 The True Crisis. Shewing the Name, Origin and Power of Parliaments, WITH THEIR PARTICULAR USE AND BUSINESS. As Also What Sort of Persons are most properly qualified to be chosen to serve in Parliament. By Mr. Gordon. J. Wilford, 1730. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.


10s 6d


12544 Collins (William) The Poetical Works of Mr. William Collins. WITH A PREFATORY ESSAY, By MRS. BARRAULD. Cadell, Jr., 1797. Charming steel engravings by Thomas Stothard. 8vo, dark blue morocco, blind border around sides, richly gilt back, and with tooling of imitation clasps extending on to sides, pink silk flyleaves, gilt edges. A VERY NEAT GÖSDEN BINDING, WITH HIS BOOK PLATE, on inside of front cover.


£12 12s

12545 Love given over; or, A SATRYE AGAINST THE PRIDE, LUST, AND INCONSTANCY, &c., OF WOMAN. [POEM.] Amended by the Author. R. Bentley and J. Tonson, 1699. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, sewn.

To the Reader (2 pp.).

£3 3s

12546 Love given over, or, a Satyr Against the Pride, Lust and Inconstancy, &c.. of Woman. WITH SYLVIA'S REVENGE, OR A SATÝR AGAINST MAN. In Answer to the Satyr against Woman. Amended by the Author. H. Hills, 1710. 8vo, sewn.

£1 1s


12547 To the Society of the Beaux Esprits. A PINDARICK POEM. BY THE AUTHOR OF THE LATE SATYR AGAINST WOMAN. Joseph Knight and Francis Saunders, 1687. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, sewn. £5 5s To Fleetwood Sheppard, Esq. (Poem, 1 p.).


12548 [Ames (Richard)] The Folly of Love; OR, AN ESSAY UPON SATYR AGAINST WOMAN.

Motus doceri gaudet Ionicos

Matura Virgo, & frangitur artubus
Jam nunc, & incestos amores
De tenero meditatur ungui.

Hor. Ode 6, Lib. 3.


London, Printed for E. Hawkins, 1691. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, half calf, neat.

Preface (2 pp.).

£8 8s

12549 [?Egerton (Mrs)] The Female Advocate: OR, AN ANSWER TO A LATE SATYR AGAINST THE PRIDE, LUST, AND INCONSTANCY OF WOMAN. Written by a Lady in Vindication of her Sex. H. C. for John Taylor, 1687. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, half calf, £5 15s


GRAHAM (JOHN, Third Earl of Montrose). 12550 Julius (Alexander) Pietas Illustrissimi Domini, Principis Generoso Graemorum Familiae, Comitis Montif-rosarum IN PATREM É VITA PLACIDÉ DECEDENTEM 9. NOVEMB., 1608, qui Regis vices in Britannia septentrionali feliciter gesserat, & in supremo regni foro Senatoru principem integerrimè egerat, Pioque filü morentis dolori adhibita Consolatio. Edinburgi, Excudebat Robertus Charteris, Typographus Regis, 1609. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, II pp., latin poem, sewn, VERY RARE.


£12 12s

12551 Henley (John, M.A.) The Compleat Linguist, Or, An Universal Grammar of all the Considerable Tongues in Being. IN A SHORTER. CLEARER, AND MORE INSTRUCTIVE METHOD THAN IS EXTANT. Collected from the most Approv'd Hands. To be publish'd Monthly, One Distinct Grammar each Month, till the whole is perfected: With a Preface to every Grammar, relating to each Tongue. Numb. I. For the Month of August, 1719. BEING A GRAMMAR OF THE SPANISH TONGUE. By JOHN HENLEY, M.A. J. Roberts, 1719.— Numb. II. For September. THE ITALIAN TONGUE. Ib., 1719. -Numb. III. For October. THE FRENCH TONGUE. Ib., 1719. -Numb. IV. For November and December. THE GREEK TONGUE. Ib., 1720.-Numb. V. For January and February. THE LATIN TONGUE. Ib., 1720. Numb. VI. For March, April, and May. THE HEBREW TONGUE. Ib., 1720. 8vo, original calf,

GRANVILLE (GEORGE, Lord Lansdowne).

12552 British Enchanters; or, No MAGICK LIKE LOVE. A DRAMATICK POEM. J. Tonson, 1732. 12mo, sewn.


12553 Poems upon Several Occasions. J. Tonson, 1712. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, old calf, GOOD COPY.

The Bookseller to the Reader, Contents (5 pp.).

£4 4s

12554 The She-Gallants: A COMEDY. Written by the Hon. GEORGE GRANVILLE, Now Lord Lansdown. Printed for the Company (c. 1720). 8vo, sewn.



Another Edition. S. Tooke, 1724. 12mo, sewn.
Another Edition. B. Lintot, 1732. 12mo, sewn.




3s 6d

12558 Considerations upon The Second Canon IN THE BOOK ENTITULED CONSTITUTIONS AND CANONS ECCLESIASTICAL, &c. Printed in the Year 1693. FIRST EDITION. Sm. 4to, sewn, several foredges cut into.



12559 The Farmer's Son. A MORAL TALE. Inscribed to MRS. HANNAH MORE. By the Rev. P. P., M.A. Bath, R. Crutwell, 1795. FIRST EDITION. 4to, sewn, UNCUT.

To Mrs. Hannah More (2 pp.).

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£2 2s

12560 Senilites; or, Solitary Amusements: IN PROSE AND VERSE. With A CURSORY DISQUISITION ON THE FUTURE CONDITION OF THE SEXES. By the Editor of "The Reveries of Solitude, "Spiritual Quixote, "Columella,' etc Printed for T. N. Longman and O. Rees, 1801. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half morocco neat. For Shakespeare matter see 58, 87, 89, 90, 97 and 169, etc.

£1 1s


12561 An Elegy written in A Country Church Yard. THE ELEVENTH EDITION. R. and J. Dodsley, 1759. 4to, sewn.

£4 4s

12562 Norbury (John) Elegeia Thomæ Gray, GRÆCE REDDITA. Etona: Excudit T. Pote; Veneunt itiam Londini apud T. Payne, Mews Gate; J. Fletcher, Oxon, et J. et J. Merrill, Cantab, 1793. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, 12 pp., sewn, SCARCE. £1 1s Dedication to John, Earl of Darnley.

12563 The Grave. A POEM. By ROBERT BLAIR. The Sixth Edition. To which is added, AN ELEGY, WRITTEN IN A COUNTRY CHURCH YARD. By MR. GRAY. Edinburgh: Printed for William Gray, Bookseller in the New Exchange, 1761. 12mo, sewn. £1 10s A very scarce edition.

12564 Green (Edward Burnaby) The Latin Odes of Mr. Gray. LISH VERSE, with AN ODE ON THE DEATH OF A FAVORITE J. Ridley, 1775. FIRST EDITION. 4to, sewn, RARE.


£5 5s


12565 Poems BY MR. GRAY.

Pall-Mall, 1768.


London: Printed for J. Dodsley, in FIRST EDITION. 8vo, original calf, FINE COPY,

£21 12566 The Poems of Mr. Gray. TO WHICH ARE PREFIXED MEMOIRS OF HIS LIFE AND WRITINGS BY W. MASON, M.A. SECOND EDITION. London: Printed by H. Hughes and sold by J. Dodsley, 1775. Engraved portrait of Gray. 4to, original calf, rebacked.


12567 The Poems of Mr. Gray. WITH NOTES BY GILBERT WAKEFIELD, B.A. Late Fellow of Jesus-College, Cambridge. G. Kearsley, 1786. 8vo, diced calf.

10s 6d 12568 Thomas Gray. (A LECTURE DELIVERED BEFORE THE ETON LITERARY SOCIETY, Oct. 16, 1886). [For Private Circulation.] Sm. folio, blue paper covers, presentation copy with inscription. 10s 6d

12569 Young (John) A Criticism on the Elegy written in a Country Church-Yard. BEING A CONTINUATION OF DR. J- -N'S CRITICISM ON THE POEMS OF GRAY. G. Wilkie, 1783. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, old calf, rebacked, SCARCE.

Advertisement (7 pp.).


£2 10s

12570 The Spleen, An Epistle (POEM) inscribed to his particular Friend, Mr. C. J., by the late MR. MATTHEW GREEN, of the Custom-House. A. Dodd, 1737. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, sewn.

Preface (2 pp.).

£4 4s

Published posthumously, and the best piece by this witty writer. It contains a preface by his friend, RICHARD GLOVER. POPE praised its originality, and Gray and many other good judges openly expressed a warm admiration for it; it is written in Swift's favourite octosyllabic metre, and is undoubtedly one of the best poems of its class.


12571 A True State of the Case of the Reverend Mr. Greenshields, NOW PRISONER IN THE TOLBOOTH IN EDINBURGH, For Reading Common-Prayer, in an Episcopal Congregation there; tho' qualify'd by taking the Oaths, and praying for the Queen and Princess Sophia. With copies of Several Original Papers relating to his Accusation, Defence, Imprisonment, and Appeal, first to the Lords of the Session in North-Britain, and since to the House of Lords. Jonah Bowyer, 1710. FIRST EDITION. Folio, sewn, 27 pp., UNCUT. £1 1s

Advertisement (2 pp.).


12572 Tauronomachia: OR, A DESCRIPTION OF A BLOODY AND TERRIBLE FIGHT BETWEEN TWO CHAMPIONS, Taurus and Onos. At Gresham-College. [POEM.] Tho. Bickerton, 1719. FIRST EDITION. Narcissus Luttrell's copy, who has written on title-page the original cost "2d.," the day " 13 June," and "Between Dor. Mead and Dor. Woodward"; the blanks in the text are also filled in by him. Folio, 5 pp., sewn, A VERY RARE POEM. £2 2s


12572a Amana.
·Harrison, 1764. FIRST EDITION, 4to, sewn.


£5 5s

A very rare piece by the authoress of The Morality of Shakespeare's Drama. The present poem, HER EARLIEST ATTEMPT, WAS ISSUED TO SUBSCRIBERS, and, from the List prefixed, we find that she was supported by some of the best literary people of her time, (BLAIR, EDMUND BURKE, MRS. BOSWELL, DAVID GARRICK, DR. JOHNSON, MRS. SHERIDAN, MRS. TIGHE, &c., &c.

For SHAKESPEARE matter see Preface.


12573 The History of the Imperiall Estate of the Grand Seigneurs: THEIR HABITATIONS, LIVES, TITLES, QUALITIES, EXERCISES, WORKES, REVENUES, HABIT,~ DISCENT,' CEREMONIÉS, MAGNIFICENCE, JUDGEMENTS, Officers, Favourites, Religion, Power, Government, and Tyranny. Translated out of French by E.G., S.A. William Stansby, for Richard Meighen, 1635.—THE HISTORY OF THE SERRAIL, AND OF THE COURT OF THE GRAND SEIGNEUR, EMPEROUR OF THE TURKES. Wherein is seene the Image of the Othoman Greatnesse,, A Table of humane passions, and the Examples of the inconstant prosperities of the Court. Translated out of French by EDWARD GRIMESTON, Serjant at Armes. William Stansby. [1635.] FIRST EDITION. Small 4to,

old calf, scarce.

Dedication to Sir Harbottell Grimeston, Kt., Bt. (3 pp.).


£8 8s

12574 Greenwood (James) Legends of Savage Life. By JAMES GREENWOOD. With 36 illustrations, drawn on wood, by ERNEST GRISET, from his original designs. John Camden Hotter, 1867. FIRST EDITION. Amusing coloured illustrations by Ernest Griset. Sm. 4to, original cloth,



£3 3s

12575 A Guide to Health, Beauty, Riches, AND HONOUR. Printed for S. Hooper, 1785. FIRST EDITION. 8vo, half calf, RARE. £1 10s Preface (8 pp.).

A very humourous book.


12576 The Effigies of the Pope, the Devil, and Others, that are now to be seen at the Roe-buck in Bow-Lane, AND ARE TO BE BURNT ON THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER, 1718. With a True Explanation. Sold by J. Roberts in Warwick-Lane. (1718). BROADSIDE (12 in. by 8 in.), WITH ROUGH ENGRAVING, with figures representing the Pope, Devil, Pretender, Cardinal Gueltieri, Earl of Mar, a late exiled English General (James Butler, Duke of Ormond), General Foster, Guy Faux, Gray Fryar, Jesuit, etc. £1 1s

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