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Banfill (S.) Letters to Sir T. D. Acland, Bart., on the
Laboring Classes, 1828.

Barnes (R.) On the Tithe Composition Bill, 1830.

Brief Reply to a Letter by R. Barnes to H. Gervis, on
Agricultural Labor, Wages, and Tithes, 1831.

Palmer (W.) On a Country Asylum for Pauper Lunatics,

A Letter on Agricultural Labour, 1831.

Woollcombe (R.) On the Railway from Torrington to Okehampton, 1831.

Hopkins (R.) On the Okehampton and Bideford Railway,


Edgecumbe (E.) Transactions with the Duke of Bedford, 1832.

Copleston (J. G.) Observations on Compulsory Apprentice-
ship, 1832.

Correspondence between Lord Ebrington, Mr. Pendarves,
and Mr. T. Woollcombe on the Election at Devonport,
Woollcombe (R.) Letter to the Hon. Newton Fellowes on
the Bideford and Okehampton Railway Company, 1832.
Escott (B.) Speech at the Taunton Agricultural Association,

Vol. 53. Smyth (Prof.) A List of Books on Modern History, 1817.
Paris (J. A.) Life of the Rev. Wm. Gregor, 1818.

Holroyd (E.) Observations on the Case of Abraham Thornton, tried for the Murder of Mary Ashford, 1819. Coronation Ceremonies of the Kings of England, 1820.

A Letter from the King to his People, 1821.

Selections from the Queen's Answers to Various Addresses, 1821.

Flindell (T.) Trial for a Libel on the Queen, 1821.

Memorandum of Two Conversations between Napoleon and
Viscount Ebrington at Porto Ferrajo, 1814.

Report of a Trial-Dawe versus Sir Charles Hamilton,
Bart., 1824.

Lingard (J.) A Vindication of Certain Passages in his History
of England, 1826.

Life of Niebuhr.

Letter to Earl Grey on the Coronation Oath, 1833.


Vol. 54.-Pargeter (W.) On Maniacal Disorders, 1792.

Report of the Committee of the London Eye Infirmary respecting Sir Wm. Adams's Letter, 1818.

Reply of Sir Wm. Adams, 1818.

Adams (Sir W.) Reply to Dr. Veitch on Ophthalmia, 1818.
Sigmond (G.) Medical Dissertation, 1828.

Smyth (Jas. C.) On Cholera Morbus, 1832.

Vol. 55.-Stevenson (J.) Address to Ad. Keppel, 1730.

Blake's Remarks on Com. Johnstone's Account of his
Engagement with a French Squadron, 1782.

Pulteney (W.) On Johnstone and Sutton's Trial, 1787.
The Judges' Speeches on the Trial, 1786.

Sinclair (J.) On the Naval Strength of Britain, 1782.
Two Addresses to the Lords of the Admiralty, 1784-7.
Observations on Reduced Officers, 1773.

An Address to Capt. Sutton.

Copy of an Order for trying Capt. S. Graves, 1781.

Vol. 56.-Letter to Lord Howe on a Prize Cause, 1787.

Reflexions upon the late Promotion of Sixteen Admirals, 1788.
Transactions of the Fleet under Lord Howe in America, 1779.
English Green Box.

Voyage to the North Pole, 1774.

Method of extracting Foul Air from Ships.

Vol. 57. Schomberg (Sir J.) A Sea Manual, 1789.
Le Roi, Sur le Vaisseau long des Anciens, 1786.
Koudou (G.) Théorie du choc des Corps, 1780.

Leguin (S.) Description of Instruments for facilitating the
Knowledge of the Longitude, 1790.

Taylor (H.) Instructions for Young Mariners, 1792.

Vol. 58.-Wilson (D.) A Defence of the Church Missionary Society, 1818.

Carwithen (J. B. S.) First and Second Letter to Wilson, 1818.

Wilks (S. C.) On Christian Missions, 1819.

Isaacs (H.) Address to the Jews.

Platt (T. D.) On certain Versions of the Scriptures, 1827.

Vol. 58.-Bishop of Exeter's Primary Charge, 1833.

Examination of the Bishop's Charge, by a Unitarian Minister, 1834.

Letters on the Established Church, 1835.

Vol. 59.-The Cæsars, a Satyr, translated into English from the Italian of Albani, 1711.

A Vindication of the Faults on Both Sides, 1710.

Faults in the Fault Finder, 1710.

Answer to part of a Pamphlet entituled "Faults on Both
Sides, 1710.

Most Faults on One Side, 1710.

A Supplement to Faults in the Fault Finder, 1711.

An Account of the State and Progress of the Present Negotiation of Peace, with Reasons for and against a Partition of Spain, 1711.

Memoirs of Count Tariff, &c., 1713.

A Representation of Matters of Fact concerning the late
War, 1715.

Some Methods to supply the defects of the late Peace,
without entering into a New War, 1715.

Fuller (W.) A Letter to the Earl of Oxford in the Tower, 1716
A Letter to the Same, directing him how to make his
Peace, and obtain his Pardon, 1716.

A Letter to Walpole, occasioned by his promotion to the
Offices of First Lord of the Treasury, and Chancellor of
the Exchequer, 1715.

Vol. 60.-The Conduct of Robert, Earl of Oxford, 1715.

Some Reasons offered by the late Ministry in defence of their Administration, 1715.

A Letter from a Country Whig, wherein it appears who are the truest Friends to their King and Country, 1714.

A Vindication of Queen Anne, the Duke of Ormonde, and
the late Ministry, 1715.

Queen Anne Vindicated from the Aspersions of some late
Pamphlets, 1714.

Memoirs of the Conduct of her late Majesty and her last
Ministry, 1715.

An Address to the Good People of Great Britain, occasioned
by the Report from the Committee of Secrecy, 1715.

Vol. 60.-A Roman Catholick System of Allegiance, 1715.

Some Account of Two Nights Court at Greenwich, 1716.

Vol. 61.-A Catechism, with Dr. Hincke's Thirty-nine Articles, 1710.
Seldom comes a Better, or a Tale of a Lady and her
Servants, 1710.

A Letter from a Gentleman at the Court of St. Germains, 1710.
Mr. Asgill, de Jure Divino, 1710.

A Letter to Dr. Sacheverell, 1710.
Faults on Both Sides, 1710.

The Management of the War, 1711.

The Conduct of the Allies, 1711.

An Account of the South Sea Trade, 1711.

The Allies and Late Ministry Defended, 1712.

Remarks on some Extracts, published in a Paper called the
Supplement, 1712.

A New Project, &c., 1712.

The Offers of France Explained, 1712.

The Earl of Mulgrave's Speech, 1812.

Remarks upon Remarks, 1712.

Reflections upon the present Posture of Affairs, 1712.

And What if the Pretender should come? 1713.

The Life and Miracles of St. Wenefrede, 1713.

The Character of Richard Steele, Esq., 1713.

The Character of a Modern Tory, 1713.

Vol. 62.-The Bishop of Exeter's Answer to Mr. Hoadley's Letter, 1709.

Hoadly (B.) Some Considerations offered to the Bishop

of Exeter, 1709.

A Supplement to Faults on Both Sides, 1710.

The Fears and Sentiments of all True Britains, 1710.

Bouchain, in a Dialogue between the late Medley and

Examiner, 1711.

The D of M

-h's Vindication, &c., 1711.

The old French Way of managing Treaties, 1711.

The History of the Jacobite Clubs, 1712.

Law is a Bottomless Pit, 1712.

Vol. 62.-The Impossibility of Witchcraft, 1712.

Five Extraordinary Letters to Dr. Bentley, 1712.
Predictions for the Year 1712.

A Layman's Creed, 1713.

Reasons against the succession of the House of Hanover, 1713.
Testimonies of several Citizens of Fickleborough, 1713.

Les Soupirs de l'Europe, &c., 1713.

Letter to an Elector, 1713.

The Pretender's Declaration, 1713.

Some New Proofs by which it appears that the Pretender is truly James the Third, 1713.

A complete Key to the Tale of a Tub, 1713.

A Meditation upon a Broom-stick, 1710.

The Dutch better Friends than the French, 1713.

The Importance of Dunkirk considered, 1713.

The Secret History of the White-Staff, 1714.

An Account of the Form and Ceremony of His Majesty's
Coronation, 1714.

Considerations of the History of the Mitre and Purse, 1714.
The Secret History of the White-Staff, part 2, 1714.
Vol. 63.-Lawn (B.) The Corn Trade investigated, 1801.

Malthus (T. R.) Observations on the Corn Laws, 1814.
Considerations on the Importation of Foreign Corn, 1814.
A Letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel on the Increase
of Pauperism, 1819.

Banfill (S.) A Letter to Sir T. D. Acland on the Condition
of the Laboring Classes, 1828.

Wrongs of Man, 1830.

Austin (J. V.) A Voice from Scotland, tne English Poor
Law Considered, 1841.

Nine Letters on the Corn Laws, 1842.

Three Prize Essays on Agriculture and the Corn Law, 1842.
Ashburton (Lord) The Financial and Commercial Crisis
Considered, 1847.

Vol. 64.-Acland (H. D.) A Sketch of the History and Situation of the Valdenses in Piedmont, 1825.

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