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16. In that day

Shall Egypt be as a woman, and shall fear and tremble
At the shaking of the hand of Jehovah,

Which he shaketh against it: 17. And the land of Judah shall be an object of terror to Egypt, Every one that maketh mention thereof shall tremble be

cause of it. *

From prophecies already considered, we can easily account for the panic of Egypt at “ the shaking of the hand of Jehovah ;” and why the mention of the land of Judah should be a terror to Egypt. We have learned that Egypt and Ethiopia will be in the hand of the last adversary, and he will of course recruit in these countries his armies, when he advances on his fatal expedition, and falls on the mountains of Israel. Egypt will, therefore, deeply share in the calamities of the last times; but happy is the issue.

18. In that day

There shall be five cities in the land of Egypt,
Speaking the language of Canaan,
And swearing by Jehovah Sabaoth;
The city of destruction shall one be called.

The reader may see, in Bishop Lowth's note, an inti

• Chap. xix.

,ההרס ,cording to the received text

· Bishop Lowth, reading anno, render“ city of the lion.” Heliorenders“ city of the sun." Ac polis, and Leontopolis, were both

, , names of cities in Egypt. I would we must render“ city of destruc merely ask the question, Is not El tion,” or “ city of the destroyer.” Arish, the modern name of RhinoSome, however, understand 09., as cocerus, referred to? It seems but an epithet of the lion, and would


.ההרס another way of writing

mation of the manner in which the schismatical Jews, who in a later age were settled in Egypt, applied this prophecy to themselves; but with very little appearance of truth. Neither will the profession of the Christian religion in Egypt, at a still later period, afford events corresponding with the language of the prediction - we are compelled to look to a future season.

19. In that day, There shall be an altar to Jehovah in the midst of the land

of Egypt, And a pillar on its border to Jehovah : 20. And it shall be for a sign, and a witness

To Jehovah Sabaoth in the land of Egypt.

This verse seems to describe such a sort of intercourse between Israel and Egypt, as was intended to exist between the main body of the former nation, and the two tribes and a half that were situated beyond Jordan, when they built their“ altar of testimony” on the banks of that river.

When they shall cry to Jehovah, because of oppressors,
Then shall he send them a Saviour, even a mighty one,'

and he shall deliver them:
And Jehovah shall be known to the Egyptians,
And Egyptians shall know Jehovah in that day:
And they shall serve him with sacrifice and oblation,
And shall make and perform vows to Jehovah:
And Jehovah shall smite Egypt, smiting and healing;
And they shall turn to Jehovah, and he shall be supplicated,

and will heal them.

Or, a Saviour, and one to contend for them; an advocate. See Bp. Stock.

23. In that day,

There shall be an highway out of Egypt to Assyria,
And the Assyrian shall come into Egypt;
And the Egyptian shall come into Assyria,

And Egypt shall serve with Assyria. 24. In that day,

Shall Israel be a third,
Together with Egypt and with Assyria;
A blessing in the midst of the earth,
Which Jehovah Sabaoth shall bless :

25. Saying,

Blessed be Egypt my people,
And Assyria the work of my hands,
And Israel mine inheritance.

Like most unaccomplished prophecies, much here remains to be explained by the event; but we seem to gather, that in the promised reign of Messiah, peculiar blessings are destined for the countries of Assyria and Egypt. The land of Israel has still the honour of the divine inheritance :" but these two nations are to be considered next to it in honour; and, as it should seem, are to be eminent as instruments in communicating blessings to the rest of the world. 1

I “The terms of the prophecy ages, and the succeeding prosperity are such as cannot be naturally of the church in the end of the expounded of any thing less than world."-BP. HORSLEY. the general tribulation of the last


Remarks on Chapter xxiii. Verse 18. In pursuit of our inquiry, a similar notice is demanded of the close of the prophecy respecting Tyre, in the twentythird chapter :

18. But her merchandise and her gain shall be holy to Jehovah,

It shall not be treasured nor laid up:
For her merchandise shall be for them that dwell before

For food in abundance, and for durable clothing.

One cannot but feel a disappointment when this is explained merely of the establishment of a Christian church among the remnant of the population of Tyre, after her great commerce had been long lost. Especially as we have seen it already marked in prophecy, that at a future period, when Zion shall appear in the character of the bride of the glorified Messiah, “The daughter of Tyre shall be there with a gift.”. We may, indeed, be held in suspense, whether to understand this of Tyre literally, or of some future daughter of commerce, that shall then appear as her antitype. But, as in the last prophecy, to Assyria and to Egypt, literally and territorially, were


'piny, vel diu duraturus, et (v. Alb. Schultens), vel nobilis, tamen nitoris integri, et illibati (öüc nobilis.)

• Psalm xlv.

assigned a most honourable relation to the future reign of the King of Zion, why should the literal Tyre be excluded from the blessings of that kingdom?


Remarks on the Twenty-fourth and Three following


We next come to a prophecy, contained in the twentyfourth and three following chapters, which will demand our more fixed attention. This prophecy might justly be entitled “the burden of the whole earth, in prospect of the immediate approach of Messiah's kingdom.” That many eminent commentators, both Jewish and Christian, have viewed the prophecy in this light, may be seen in Vitringa's Exposition.

The oracle commences with a description of an universal and indiscriminate destruction of the inhabitants of the world. The world, we may remark, in this connexion, generally signifies, in the prophetical writings, that part of the human race with which the church of God is concerned — the nations among whom they are mingled in whose temporal interests they are involved-among whom they are exposed to temptation and corruption, if not to hatred and persecution.

1. Behold, Jehovah emptieth the earth, and rinseth it out; And he turneth it upside down, and poureth out its inhabit

ants !

2. And it shall be as with the people, so with the priest;

As with the servant, so with his master;

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