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if its voice could be heard across the ocean, "to you grateful America attributes that she is reinstated in her former liberties. The universal joy of America, blessing you as our father, and sending up ardent vows to heaven for you, must give you a sublime and truly godlike pleasure ; it might, perhaps, give you spirits and vigor to take up your bed and walk, like those cured by the word of Him who came from heaven to make us free indeed. America calls you over and over again her father ; live long in health, happiness, and honor. Be it late when you must cease to plead the cause of liberty on earth."


Our country first, our glory and our pride.
Land of our hopes—land where our fathers died,
When in the right, we'll keep thy honor bright;
When in the wrong, we'll die to set it right.



HERE are old trees, tall oaks, and gnarled pines, That stream with grey-green mosses ; here the ground Was never touch'd by spade, and flowers spring up Unsown, and die ungather'd. It is sweet To linger here, among the flitting birds And leaping squirrels, wandering brooks and winds That shake the leaves, and scatter as they pass A fragrance from the cedar thickly set With pale blue berries. In these peaceful shades— Peaceful, unpruned, immeasurably oldMy thoughts go up the long dim path of years, Back to the earliest days of Liberty.

O FREEDOM! thou art not as poets dream, A fair young girl, with light and delicate limbs, And wavy tresses gushing from the cap With which the Roman master crown'd his slave, When he took off the gyves. A bearded man, Arm'd to the teeth, art thou : one mailed hand Grasps the broad shield, and one the sword; thy brow, Glorious in beauty though it be, is scarr'd With tokens of old wars; thy massive limbs

Are strong and struggling. Power at thee has launch'd
His bolts, and with his lightnings smitten thee;
They could not quench the life thou hast from Heaven.
Merciless Power has dug thy dungeon deep,
And his swart armorers, by a thousand fires,
Have forged thy chain ; yet while he deems thee bound,
The links are shiver'd, and the prison walls
Fall outward ; terribly thou springest forth,
As springs the flame above a burning pile,
And shoutest to the nations, who return
Thy shoutings, while the pale oppressor flies.

Thy birth-right was not given by human hands :
Thou wert twin-born with man. In pleasant fields,
While yet our race was few, thou sat'st with him,
To tend the quiet flock and watch the stars,
And teach the reed to utter simple airs.
Thou by his side, amid the tangled wood,
Didst war upon the panther and the wolf,
His only foes; and thou with him didst draw
The earliest furrows on the mountain side,
Soft with the Deluge. Tyranny himself,
The enemy, although of reverend look,
Hoary with many years, and far obey'd, !
Is later born than thou; and as he meets
The grave defiance of thine elder eye,
The usurper trembles in his fastnesses.

Thou shalt wax stronger with the lapse of years,
But he shall fade into a feebler age ;

Feebler, yet subtler; he shall weave his snares,
And spring them on thy careless steps, and clap
His wither'd hands, and from their ambush call
His hordes to fall upon thee. He shall send
Quaint maskers, forms of fair and gallant mien,
To catch thy gaze, and uttering graceful words
To charm thy ear; while his sly imps, by stealth,
Twine round thee threads of steel, light thread on thread,
That grow to fetters or bind down thy arms
With chains conceald in chaplets. Oh! not yet
Mayst thou unbrace thy corslet, nor lay by
Thy sword; nor yet, О Freedom ! close thy lids
In slumber ; for thine enemy never sleeps.
And thou must watch and combat, till the day
Of the new Earth and Heaven. But wouldst thou rest
Awhile from tumult and the frauds of men,
These old and friendly solitudes invite
Thy visit. They, while yet the forest trees
Were young upon the unviolated earth,
And yet the moss-stains on the rock were new,
Beheld thy glorious childhood, and rejoiced.


On the 1st of September, the Enterprise, Captain Burroughs, sailed from Portsmouth on a cruise. On the 5th, early in the morning, they espied a brig in-shore, getting under way. They reconnoitered her for awhile to ascertain her character, of which they were soon informed by her hoisting three British ensigns, and firing a shot as a challenge. The Enterprise then hauled upon a wind, stood out of the bay, and prepared for action. A calm for some time delayed the encounter ; it was succeeded by a breeze from the southwest, which gave our vessel the weather-gage. After man@uvering for a while to the windward, in order to try her sailing with the enemy, and to ascertain his force, the Enterprise, about three, P. M., shortened sail, hoisted three ensigns, fired a gun, tacked and ran down with an intention to bring him to close quarters. When within half pistol-shot, the enemy gave three cheers, and commenced the action with his starboard broadside. The cheers and the broadside were returned on our part, and the action became general. In about five minutes after the battle had commenced, the gallant Burroughs received a musket-ball in his body and fell;

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