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HYMN 389. L. M. 1. THIS feast was Jesus”

high behest, This cup of thanks his last request. Ye, who can feel his worth, attend :

Eat, drink, in mem’ry of your friend. 2. Around the patriot's bust ye throng;

Him ye exalt in swelling song;
For him the wreath of glory bind,

Who freed from vassalaye his kind. 3. And shall not he your praises reap,

Whọ rescues from the iron sleep?"
The great Deliverer, whose breath

Unbinds the captives ev'n of death? 4. Shall he, who sinful men to save,

Became a tenant of the grave,
Unthank'd, uncelebrated, rise,

Pass unremember'd to the skies !
5. Christians ! unite with loud acclaim,

To hymn the Saviour's welcome name. On earth extol his wondrous love, Repeat his praise in worlds above.

HYMN 390. S. M.
JESUS invites his saints

To meet around his board :
Here those he died to save may hold

Communion with their Lord. 2. Our heav'nly Father calls

Christ and his members one; We are the children of his love,

And he the first-born Son. 3. We are but sev'ral parts

Of the same broken bread: One body with its sev'ral limbs,

But Jesus is the head. 4. Let all our pow'rs be join'd,

His glorious name to raise : Pleasure and love fill ev'ry mind, And ev'ry voice be praise !

1. YEN

HYMN 391. C. M.
TE foll’wers of the Prince of peace,

Who round his table draw !
Remember what his spirit was,

What his peculiar law,
2. The love, which all'his bosom fill’d,

Did all his actions guide:
Inspir'd by love, he liv'd and taught;

Inspir’d by love, he died.
3. And do you love him ? do you feel

Your warm affections move?
This is the proof which he demands,

That you each other love.
4. Let each the sacred law fulfil;

Like his be ev'ry mind;
Be ev'ry temper form’d by love,

And ev'ry action kind. 5. Let none, who call themselves his friends,

Disgrace the honour'd name;
But by a near resemblance prove
The title which they claim.

HYMN 392. L. M.
JESUS is gone above the skies,

Where our weak senses reach him not, And carnal objects court our eyes,

To thrust our Saviour from our thought. 2. Ile knows, what wand'ring hearts we have,

Apt to forget his lovely face;
And, to refresh our minds, he gave

These kind memorials of his grace.
S. Let sinful sweets be all forgot,

And earth grow less in our esteem ;
Christ and his love fill ev'ry thought,

And faith and hope be fix'd on him. 4. While he is absent from our sight,

'Tis to prepare our souls a place; That we may dwell in heav'nly light,

And live for ever near his face.

HYMN 393. L. M. 1. How rich are thy provisions, Lord,

Thy table furnish'd from above! The fruits of life o'erspread the board ;

The cup o’erflows with heav’nly love. 2. Thine ancient family, the Jews,

Were first invited to the feast; We humbly take what they refuse,

And Gentiles thy salvation taste. 3. Let the vain world pronounce its shame,

And Aling their scandals on thy cause: We come to boast our Saviour's name,

And make our triumphs in his cross. 4. With joy we tell the scoffing age:

He, that was dead, hath left the tomb.
He lives above their utmost rage,
And we are waiting 'till he come.

HYMN 394. L. M. 1. WE praise the Lord for heav'nly bread,

With which his favour'd sons are fed; We praise thee for that heav'nly feast,

Which Jesus with delight could taste. 2. He, while he sojourn’d here below,

Had meat which strangers could not know. That meat he to his people gives;

And he, that tastes the banquet, lives. 3, So let us live, sustain'd by grace,

Regal'd with fruits of righteousness.
Enter our hearts, all-gracious Lord !

And sup with us, and deck thy board. 4. Devotion, faith, and zealous love,

And hope that bears the soul above:
Be these our dainties, 'till we rise,
And taste the joys of paradise.

HYMN 395. L. M.
1. My God! and is thy table spread ?

And does thy cup with love o'erflow? Thither be all thy children led,

And let them all its sweetness know.

2. O let thy table honour'd be,

And furnish'd well with joyful guests ; And may each soul salvation see,

That here its sacred pledges tastes. 3. Let crowds approach, with hearts prepard;

With warm desire let all attend;
Nor, when we leave our Father's board,

The pleasure or the profit end. 4. Revive thy dying churches, Lord !

And bid our drooping graces live; And more that energy afford,

A Saviour's death alone can give. 5. Nor let thy spreading gospel rest,

'Till through the world thy truth has run, Till with this bread all men be blest Who see the light or feel the sun!

HYMN 896. C. M. 1.“ :

"He promise of my Father's love He said, and gave his soul to death,

And seal’d the grace with blood. 2. To this dear cov’nant of thy word

I set my worthless name;
I seal th’ engagement to my Lord,

And make my humble claim. 3. The light, and strength, and pard’ning grace,

And glory, shall be mine ;
My life and soul, my heart and flesh,

And all my pow'rs are thine.
4. Sweet is the mem'ry of his name,

Who blest us in his will, And to his testament of love Made his own life the seal.

HYMN 397. C. M. 1. PITY the nations, O our God!

Constrain the earth to come. Send thy victorious word abroad,

And bring the strangers home,


2. We long to see thy churches full,

That all thy faithful race
May, with one voice and heart and soul,

Sing thy redeeming grace.




HYMN 398. L. M.
1. My God, how endless is thy love !

Thy gifts are ev'ry ev’ning new ;
And morning mercies from above

Gently descend like early dew.
2. Thou spread'st the curtains of the night,

Great Guardian of my sleeping hours !
Thy sov’reign word restores the light,

Ånd quickens all my drowsy pow'rs.
3. I yield myself to thy command ;

To thee devote my nights and days.
Perpetual blessings from thy hand
Demand perpetual hymns of praise.

HYMN 399. C. M,
1. HOSANNAH with a cheerful sound

To God's upholding hand !
Ten thousand snares our path surround,

And yet secure we stand.
2. How wondrous is that mighty pow'r,

Which form'd us with a word !
And ev'ry day, and ev'ry hour,

We lean upon the Lord.
3. The ev’ning rests our weary head,

And mercy guards the room.
We wake, and we admire the bed

That was not made our tomb,

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