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Cicero and M. Brutus, representing evident marks of forgery; in answer to the pretences of Conyers Middleton. By James Tunstall. To which is added, a letter from Dr. Chapman on the ancient numeral character of the Roman legions. London, 1744. Tytler, 1441, O. Essay on the Principles of Translation. By Alex. Fraser


Tytler. Edinburgh, 1813.

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Letter to Mr. Bryant, concerning his Dissertation on the War of Troy. By Gilbert Wakefield. London, 1797.

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like Music, by visible signs. By J. Walker. London, 1787. Watkins, 2260, O. 2. Anniversary Discourse before the Columbian Institute. By Tobias Watkins. Washington, 1826.

Webster, 2234, O. 11. Address at the laying of the Corner-Stone of the Bunker
Hill Monument. By Daniel Webster. Boston, 1825.
Winchester, 1849, O. 6. An Oration on the Discovery of America, October 12,
1792. By Elhanan Winchester. With an Appendix, &c. Plate.
London, 1792.

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Wotton. Second edition.

Conciones et Orationes ex historicis Latinis excerptæ. Oxoniæ,

669, D. 1667.


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Oracion con motivo de la Muerte de Don Carlos III. Madrid,


961, F.

Oracion con motivo del Nacimiento del Infante. Madrid, 1780.

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1271, D. Letters to Richard Heber, Esq. containing critical remarks on the series of novels beginning with "Waverley," &c.

Boston, 1822.


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vol. II.

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edidit Janus Berkelius. Lugduni Batavorum, 1707. L. Bossu, 1773, O. & 400, D. Traité du Poëme Epique, par le R. P. le Bossu. Augmente de Remarques, de la Vie de l'Auteur, &c. A La Haye, 1714. Hazlitt, 1207, O. Lectures on the English Poets, delivered at the Surrey Institution. By William Hazlitt. Philadelphia, 1818.

Principes pour la Lecture des Poetes, par l'Abbé Mallet. 2
A Paris, 1745. M.

Prælectiones Poetica: in Schola Naturalis Philosophiæ Oxon.
Authore Josepho Trapp, A. M. &c. Oxonii, 1711. M.

Gerardi Joannis Vossii, Poeticarum Institutionum libri tres.
Amstelodami, 1647.
662, Q.


Gerardi Joannis Vossii, de Artis Poeticæ natura ac constitutione. Amstelodami, 1648. L.

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Mallet, 1087, D.


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Euvres de Maitre Adam (Billaut,) Menuisier de Nevers.— Avec des Notes et une Notice historique sur cet homme extraordinaire. Par N. L. Pisot. Portrait. A Paris, 1806.


1204, D. Le Vilebrequin de Maistre Adam, Menuisier de Nevers. A Paris, 1663. M.

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The Mvses Welcome to King James, on his returne to his Kingdome of Scotland, in the year 1617. By John Adamson. Edinbvrgh, 1618. L.

Poems. By Anna Lætitia Aikin.

Aikin, 898, Q.

London, 1773.

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Josuæ Barnes. Cantabriæ, 1721. L.

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Græce ac Latine. Parisiis, 1580. L.

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Aralus, 373, O. Arati Solensis, Phænomena et Prognostica, cum Scholiis

Theonis; Eratosthenes et Dionysii Hymni Græce cum annotationibus in Eratosthenem et Hymnos Dionysii per Joannem Fell. Oxoniæ, 1672. L. Ariosto, 676, D.

Ludovico Ariosto, Rime et Satire. In Venetia, 1518. L.

715, Q. Orlando Furioso de M. Ludovico Ariosto, traduzido en romance Castel por el S. Don H. Urrea, asi mismo se ha anadido una breve introduccion para saber e pronunciar la lengua Castellana, hecho todo por el S. A. Ulloa. En Leon, 1556.


1710, O. The Satires of Ludovico Ariosto. In English Verse.
his life. By Temple Henry Croker.
1336, O.

London, 1759.

Orlando Furioso: translated from the Italian of Ludovico Ariosto; with Notes. By John Hoole. Plates. 5 vols. London, 1799.

Armstrong, 1859, D. 2. The Art of Health, a Poem, By John Armstrong, M.

D. Philadelphia, 1786.

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notis variorum. Amstelodami. 1671.


1760, O. D. Magni Ausonii Burdigalensis Opera. Ex editione in usum Delphini. Mannhemii, 1781.

1127, D. Œuvres d'Ausone, en Latin et en Francois, avec des Remarques. Par M. l'Abbé Jaubert. 4 tom. A Paris, 1769. M.

Tom. III. Madrid, 1808.

Les Jeux et aussi les Passetems de Jan Antoine de Baïf-portr.
2 tom. A Paris, 1572. M.
Balbuena, 2290, D. El Bernardo, Poema Heroyco del Doctor Don Bernardo
de Balbuena.
Barbauld, 1305, D.
Barclay, 566, D. 2.
Barlæus, 809, D.

Eighteen hundred and eleven; a Poem. By Anna Lætitia
Philadelphia, 1812.

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Casparis Barlai Poemata. Lug. Bat. 1631. L.

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cum Latina versione. Londini, 1679. L.

Baïf, 994, O.

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817, F. Du Bartas, his Divine Weekes and Workes, with a compleate collection of all the other most delightfull Workes translated and written by that famous Philomusus, Joshua Sylvester, Gent. London, 1621. M.

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dami, 1638.


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Bigne, De la, 131, F. Patrum Bibliothecæ; sive scriptorum ecclesiasticorum, tomus octavus, continens poemata, quæ de variis rerum theologicarum argumentis Poetæ Christiani Scripserunt. Per Margarinum de la Bigne. Parisiis, 1624. L.

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with an Essay on the Education of the Blind. With an Account of

the Life and Writings of the Author, by Mr. Mackenzie. Edinburgh, 1793.

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Bland, 1328, O.
1193, O.

Edwy and Elgiva, and Sir Everard, with other Tales and
By the Rev. Robert Bland. London, 1809.

The Four Slaves of Cythera, a romance, in ten cantos. By the Rev. Robert Bland. London, 1809.

Boccacio, 2253, D. Comedie delle Ninfe Fiorentine di G. Boccacio de Certaldo.

In Venetia, 1586.

Boileau, 19, Q. 134, & 1559, D. Œuvres de Nicolas Boileau Despréaux. Avec des Eclaircissemens historiques, donnéz par lui-même. Avec Figures. 4 tom. A Amsterdam, 1717-1718-1722.

1929, D. 3. The art of Poetry. Translated from the French of Boileau. Glasgow, 1755.

1194, Q. Euvres de Boileau Despréaux. 2 tomes. Paris, 1789. 2142, D. Euvres diverses du Sieur Boileau. Tom. 2. A Paris, 1694. Bojardo, 1741, O. Orlando Innamorato di Matteo Ma. Bojardo, rifatto da FranVenezia, 1785.

cesco Berni. 5 tom. Bonaparte, 698, Q. Charlemagne, ou l'Eglise Delivrée, Pöeme épique; en vingt quatre chants, par Lucien Bonaparte. 2 tom. Rome, 1814. Gift of Dr. Parke.

Brathwait, 2186, D. Drunken Barnaby's Four Journeys to the North of

England. By Richard Brathwait. London, 1805.

Brown, 913, Q. 8. The Cure of Saul, a sacred ode. By John Brown. London,


Browne, 1736, D. The Works of William Browne:-containing Britannia's Pastorals; with Notes, &c. by the Rev. Wm. Thompson. The Shepherd's Pipe, and other Poems. With his Life. 3 vols. London, 1772. Buchanan, 810, & 2258, D. Georgii Buchanani, Scoti, poemata. Amstelodami,


1772, O. Georgii Buchanani, Scoti, Poetarum sui sæculi facile Principis, Paraphrasis Psalmorum Davidis Poetica. Glasguæ, 1750. Buchler, 500, & 511, D. Sacrarum, Profanarumque Phrasium Poeticarum thesaurus. Opera Joanne Buchler. Londini, 1679. 1636. L. Burns, 1385, D. The Poetical Works of Robert Burns: with his Life, &c. Philadelphia, 1811.

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Byles, 1860, D. 7. Poems on Several Occasions. By Mather Byles. Boston,


Byron, 2253, O. 3. Odes by Lord Byron. New York, 1816.

Calaber, 165, O. Quinti Calabri, prætermissorum ab Homero libri XIV. Græcè
cum versione Latina Laurenti Rhodomanni et notis Dausqueii; curante
Joanne Cornelio de Pauw. Lugduni Batavorum, 1734. L.
Caldwell, 2224, O. 2. An Elegiac Poem on the Death of General Washington.

By Charles Caldwell, M. D. Philadelphia, 1800.

Callandar, 1371, & 2276, O. Two Ancient Scottish Poems; the Gaberlunzieman, and Christ's Kirk on the Green. With Notes and Observations; by John Callandar, Esq. &c. Edinburgh, 1782. Callimachus, 359, Q. Callimachi Cyrenæi Hymni, Epigrammata et Fragmenta Græcé et Latiné. Parisiis, 1675. L.

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