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New York, etc. 8vo. pp. 337, paper.
York, 1856.

New 1 50 6047 Kidd (Captain William). The Arraignment, Trial and Condemnation of, for Murder and Piracy. Folio, pp. 60, London, 1701.


6059 Myers (Mrs. Virginia). Letters, etc., to D. M. Hoyt, who was murdered at Richmond, Sept. 28, 1846, by W. R. Meyers and others. 8vo. pp. 63, paper. Philadelphia, 1847.



3 50 6060 Onderdonk (Rt. Rev. Benj. T.) A 6048 Kring (Chas. F.) Trial, for the Mur- Statement of Facts and Circumstances Conder of Mrs. Dora C. J. Broemser. 8vo. pp. nected with the Recent Trial of the Bishop of New York. 100 200, limp cloth. St. Louis, 1882. 8vo. pp. 31, York, 1845. 6049 Lapage (Joseph). Le Jugement de, le Meutre de Josie Langmaide. 8vo. pp. 60. Philadelphia, 1876. 50

6050 Lincoln (President). The Great Conspiracy. With Biographical Sketches of J. B Booth and John Wilkes. 8vo. pp. 201, paper. Philadelphia, 1866. 100

New 50

6061 Onderdonk (Rt. Rev. Benj. T.) Trial of Bishop of New York, on a presentment made by the Bishops of Virginia, Tennessee, and Georgia. 8vo. pp. 333, New York, 1845. 1 50 6062 Onderdonk (Bp.) The Trial Tried. By Laicus. 8vo. pp. 24, paper. New York, 30



6063 Onderdonk Richmond (Jas. C.) The Conspiracy against the late Bishop of New York unravelled by one of the Conspirators. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. New York,

6051 Lincoln (President). The Assassi-
nation of, and the Trial of the Conspirators,
David E. Herold, Mary E. Surratt, Louis
Payne, G. A. Atzerodt, Edward Spangler,
S. A. Mudd, S. Arnold, and M. O'Laughlin,
Compiled and Arranged by Benn Pitman,
Recorder to the Commission. 8vo. pp. 423 1845.
Cincinnati, 1865.


3.00 6064 Packard (Mrs. E. P. W.) Trial 6052 Lee. Proceedings of a General and Self Defense from the Charge of InCourt-Martial, by order of General Wash-sanity. 8vo. pp. 137, paper. Hartford, ington, for the Trial of Major-General 1866.

Charles Lee, July 4, 1778. 139, sewed, uncut edges. copies privately reprinted. 1864.

Royal 8vo. pp.
One of twenty
New York,
3 00

6053 Loring (Capt. Joseph, Jr.) Facts and Documents Respecting, including the Substance of the Last Trial, the Proceedings of the Legislature in his favor, and the Governor's Objections. 8vo. pp. 59. Boston, 1807.

6054 Lowell (James M.) Murder of his Wife. 8vo. sheep. Portland, 1875.

6055 Lowenstein (Emil). Murder of John D. Weston. paper. Albany, 1874.


Trial for the pp. 260, half

2 00

Trial, for the
8vo. pp. 352,


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6069 Prescott (Abraham). Trial for the 6056 Maffitt (Rev. John M.) Life of, Murder of Mrs Sally Cochran, of Pemand a History of his Marriage to Miss Smith, | broke. 12mo. pp. 46, paper. Manchester, of Brooklyn, and the Causes of her Death. 1869. 8vo. pp. 31, paper. New York, 1850.

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the Murder of Sarah Alexander. With the B. W. Thomas. pp. 127. Review of the Evidence, Arguments, etc. 8vo. pp. 331, Argument of the Judge Advocate by F. W. paper. New York, 1876. 2 00 Smith. pp. 144. 8vo. Boston, 1865. The two.

1 25

6074 Rutgers (Elizabeth), versus Joshua Waddington. The Case of. Determined 6087 Vallandigham (C. L.) The Trial in the Mayor's Court, New York, Aug. of. By a Military Commission, and the 7, 1786. With an Historical Introduction Proceedings under his application for a by Henry B. Dawson. 8vo. pp. 46+47, Writ of Habeas Corpus. 8vo. pp. 272, sheep. Morrisania, 1866. 175 Cincinnati, 1863. 6075 Selfridge (Thos. O.) Trial for the Murder of Charles Austin on the Public Exchange in Boston, August 4, 1806. pp. 175. Boston, 1806.


8vo. 150


6088 Voorhees (D. W.) Speech in Defence of Capt. Edward T. Johnson, indicted for the Murder of Major Edwin Henry. 8vo. pp. 74. 1885.

6089 Vosburgh (Rev. Geo. B.) alleged Wife Poisoning.



Trial for pp. 122,


6076 Sharp (Jacob). The Proceedings before Hon. D. P. Ingraham, at the Chambers of the Supreme Court in the City of paper. Jersey City, 1878. New York, in the case of Jacob Sharp 6090 Walworth (Frank H.) Trial for against the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com-the Murder of his Father, M. T. Walworth. monalty of the City of New York. 8vo. pp. 8vo. pp. 80. New York, n. d. 87, paper. New York, 1859.


6077 Sherman (Lydia). Life, Crimes and Convictions of, for Prisoning three Husbands and eight Children. 8vo. pp. 96, paper. Philadelphia, 1873. 60

6078 Sickles (Daniel E.) Trial for Shooting Philip Barton Key. 8vo. pp. 106, paper. New York.

25 6079 Smith (Chas. S.) Trial and Conviction of, for Bastardy. 8vo. pp. 60. Otego, 1874.

50 6080 Smith and Ogden. Trial of William S. Smith and Samuel G. Ogden, for Misdemeanors in New York, July 1806, 8vo. pp. 287, sheep. New York, 1807. 2 00 6081 Strang (Jesse). Trial, for the Murder of John Whipple. 8vo. pp. 35, paper. Albany, 1827.

1 25

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6091 Webster (Prof. John W.) Trial for the Murder of Dr. George Parkman. The Official Report of George Bemis. With Notes by a Member of the New York Bar. 8vo. pp. 713, law sheep. New York, 1879.

4.50 6091A Another edition. 8vo. pp. 92, paper. Boston, 1850. 50

6092 Winans (Ross) vs. N. Y. and E. R. R. Co. Points of Closing Argument for the Railroad by Wm. Whiting. 8vo. pp. 116. Boston, 1858.


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6095 Zenger. The Trial of John Peter Zenger, of New York, Printer, who was charged with having printed and published a Libel against the Government and acquitted. With a Narrative of his Case. Also the Trial of Wm. Owen, Bookseller, on 50 a similar charge. 8vo. pp. 59, paper. London, 1775.

6085 Twitchell (Geo. S., Jr.) Trial for the Murder of Mrs. Mary E. Hill, his Mother-in-law. 8vo. pp. 90, paper. Philadelphia, 1869.


6086 United States vs. Franklin W.


2. 00

6096 Acacia (The). Wm. Mellen, Ed

Smith. Argument for the Defence. By itor. Natchez. April and June, 1856. 25

6097 Adams (J. Q.) Entered Apprentices Oath. Boston, 1832.


Letters on the 16mo. pp. 32. 25 6098 Adams (John Q.) Letters and Opinions of the Masonic Institution. 8vo. pp. 276, paper, uncut. Cin. 1851. 1 25 6099 Ahiman Rezon (The). Containing a View of the History and Polity of Free Masonry; together with the Rules and Regulations of the Grand Lodge and of the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania. 8vo. pp. 274. Philadelphia, 1 75 6100 Allyn (Avery). A Ritual of Free Masonry; to which is added a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa. The Orange and Odd Fellows Societies. 12mo. pp. 269. New York. 500 6101 American Masonic Record and Albany Literary Journal. Vol. 4-lacks some numbers. 4to. Hf. bound. Albany, 1830-31. 4 00 6102 American Quarterly Review of Free Masonry. Albert G. Mackey, Editor. Vol. 11, Nos. 1 and 2. New York.

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6117 Constitutions of the Ancient and

Honorable Fraternity of Free and Accepted Maaons: Containing their History, Charges, Addresses etc., collected and digested from their old records, faithful traditions, and lodge-books. To which are added the History of Masonry in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, etc. 4to., sheep. Frontispiece and pp. 288. Worcester, Mass. Printed by Isaiah Thomas, 1798. 8 00

6118 Corry (Wm. M.) Eulogy on Wm, McMillan, Esq., before N. C. Harmony L., Cincinnati, October 28th, 1837. 8vo., paper. Cincinnati, 1838.


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6. 00 6122 Creigh (Alfred). Masonry and Kilwin- Anti-Masonry. A History of Masonry as it 11 plates. has existed in Pennsylvania since 1792. 1 00 12mo. pp. 321. Philadelphia, 1854.

6109 Cabala; or, the Rites and Ceremonies of the Cabalist. Arranged in accordance with the Standard Formula. 16mo. pp. 102. New York, 1881. Russia, $3.00; tuck. 2 50

6110 Carter (James G.) Address at the Consecration of "Plymouth Lodge," September 6. A. L. 5826. 8vo. pp. 37. Plymouth, 1826.


1 25

6123 Cross (Jeremy L.) The True Masonic Chart, or Hieroglyphic Monitor; containing all the Emblems, explained. PorSecond edition. trait and illustrations. 16mo. pp. 196. New Haven, 1820. 3 00 6124 Cross' Masonic Chart. Revised 1869. Containing the Degrees of the Ancient York Rite. Historical Sketch of Free Masonry, Collection of Masonic Songs,

Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati.

etc. By Will. M. Cunningham. 12mo.
pp. 332. Philadelphia. 1869.

Morally Considered.
6138 Ernst (Jacob). Illustrations of the
Symbols of Masonry, Scripturally and
cinnati, 1868.
8vo. pp. 356. Cin-
3 00

6125 Cross' Masonic Text-Book. Re1 75 vised. Containing the Degrees of the Ancient York Rite, as worked in the United States of America, the Orders of the Editor. Knights of the Red Cross, Knights Tem6139 Evergreen (The). T. S. Parvin, plar, and Knights of Malta, etc. Davenport. Vol. IV., No. 12. 20 340, tuck. Philadelphia, 1872. 32mo. pp. Gouly, 6140 Freemason (The). George Frank 6126 Cross' Templar's Chart, thoroughly 150 No. 7, July, 1873. Editor. 4to. St. Louis. Vol. 7, revised to correspond with the regulations of the Grand Encampment, together with Tactics and Drill. ham. 12mo. pp. 280. Phila., 1873. By Will. M. Cunning


eral Miscellany, Vol. I. Philadelphia,
1811. Stained.
6141 Freemason's Magazine and Gen-


Boston. Vol.

3, half calf. Complete. 1884. 175 6142 Freemason's Monthly Magazine. Charles W. Moore, Editor.

6127 Cunningham (Will. M.) Manual
of the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite,
arranged to correspond with the Ritual of
the Supreme Council of the 33d Degree for
the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the
United States.
phia, 1867.
12mo. pp. 286. Philadel-

6129 Davis (Gustavus F.) Freemasonry,
1 50
an Honorable Institution.
Haverhill, Mass., June 25, A. L., 5827.
An Address at
8vo. pp. 16. Boston, 1827.


6130 Dennison (Charles). Expose of the Signs, Tokens, Pass-Words, and Grips of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 8vo. pp. 24. Boston, 1843.

50 Proceed

6131 District of Columbia. ings of the Grand Lodge, for 1869. Svo. pp. 209. Washington, 1870.


6132 Donaldson (P.) The Odd-Fellows' Text-Book and Manual. Embracing a detail of the Order in all its branches. vised by P. G. George Bertram. 366. Philadelphia, 1873. Re12mo. pp. 2 00

Vol. 3, 4, cloth, complete. 1844–1845.
Vol. 11, complete, unbound.
Vol. 11, Nos. 7, 10.

Vol. 17, complete in numbers.
Vol. 17, No. 10.

Vol. 18, No. 1-12-wanting 5, 7, 12.
Vol. 19, No. 1-12-No. 3 wanting.

Vol. 19, No. 7, 9, 10, 11.

Vol. 20, No. 1, 2, 3.

Vol. 21, No. 3, 4, 6.

Vol. 22, No. 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11.
Vol. 23, No. 4, 5.

Each number 25 cts.

Complete vols.


posed in faithful extracts of its Standard 6143 Freemasonry. Its Pretensions exAuthors, with a Review of Town's Speculative Masonry, its Dangerous Tendencies Exhibited, etc. By a Master Mason [H. Dana Ward]. 8vo. pp. 399, paper. New York, 1828.



6133 Duffey (Frank M.) Thoughts; or, Freemasonry Demonstrated Original through the medium of Geometry. 32mo. pp. 138, paper. Nashville, 1876. 6144 Grant (H. B.) Tactics and Manual 6134 Duncan (M. C.) Masonic Ritual Signals, Rules for Camps and Drills, Burial 30 for Knights Templar. Sword and Bugle and Monitor; or, Guide to the Three Sym- 16mo. pp. 405. Cincinnati, 1882. bolic Degrees of the Ancient York Rite; and Religious Services, etc. and to the degrees of Mark Master, Past Master, Most Excellent Master, and the Royal Arch, etc. 16mo. pp. 284. New York, 1866.


and American Hand-book of Masonry. Portrait and numerous engravings. pp. 6145 Gray (Geo. H.) The Mystic Circle, 2 50 472, roan. Cincinnati, 1852.

6135 Eastman (Luke). odies. Being a Choice Selection of the Masonic MelMost Approved Masonic Songs, set to musick. 8vo. pp. 204, sheep. 1818. Boston, 6136 The same. Half bound. 1818. 2 00 2 25


Seal; or, Personal Reminiscences of the
Morgan Abduction and Murder. With an
6146 Greene (Samuel D.) The Broken
12mo. pp. 304.


6147 Another

copy. With

Boston, 1 25 Portrait. 175


6148 Hall's Master Workman and Ma-
12mo. tuck, pp. 83.
A Complete Guide to Mas-

6137 Ecce Orienti; or, Rites and Ceremonies of the Essenes. Arranged in accordance with the Standard Formula. sonic Monitor. 16mo. pp. 121. New York, 1882. tuck, $3 00; roan. Russia ters of Lodges. 2 50 ton, 1869.


6149 Hardie (James). The New Freemason's Monitor, or Masonic Guide. 2d edition, 16mo. pp. 346, sheep. New York, 1819.

2 50


6163 The same. Feb., 1857. 8vo. pp. 283. New Orleans, 1857. 6164 The same. Feb., 1869. 8vo. pp. 434. New Orleans, 1869.


New Orleans, 1875.



6150 Harris (Thadeus Mason). Dis- 6165 The same. Feb., 1875. 8vo. pp. courses Delivered on Public Occasions, Illustrating the Principles, Displaying the Tendency, and Vindicating the Design of Freemasonry. 8vo. pp. 164. New York,



6166 The same. Feb., 1877. 8vo. pp. 444. New Orleans, 1877.


6167 Louisiana Grand Royal Arch
Chapter. Proceedings, Feb., 1859. 8vo. pp.
106. New Orleans, 1859.
Feb., 1878. 8vo. pp.

6168 The same.
149. New Orleans, 1878.




6151 Heard (John T.) A Historical Account of Columbian Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons, of Boston, Mass. With the Charter, By-Laws, Catalogues of Officers, Members, and Initiates, etc. 12mo. 6169 Mackey (A. G.) A Manual of the pp. 592. Boston, 1856. 2 50 Lodge; or, Monitorial Instructions in the 6152 Holly (Myron). Address delivered Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow at Lyons, Sept. 11, 1829, in Commemora- Craft, and Master Mason. To which are tion of the Outrages Committed on that added the Ceremonies of the Order of day, and Subsequently on William Morgan Past Master. New edition. 12mo. pp. 254, and other Citizens, by Freemasons; exhib- New York, n. d. iting the Dangerous Principles and CrimA Manual of the Lodge; or, inal Conduct of the Fraternity, etc. 8vo. Monitorial Instructions, etc. 8vo. Fronpp. 23. Rochester, 1829. 2 00 tispiece and wood engravings. Cloth, pp. 6153 Huntoon (Benj.) Eulogy in Com-210. New York, 1862. memoration of R. W. Thadeus M. Harris 6171 and R. W. Samuel Thaxter, May 4, 1842. risprudence, illustrating the Unwritten 8vo. pp. 16. Boston, 1842. Stained. 25 Laws of Freemasonry. Seventh edition. 6154 Indiana. Proceedings of the Grand 12mo. pp. 570. New York, 1882. Lodge, May, 1872. 8vo. pp. 207. Indianapolis, 1872.

50 6155 Kansas. Proceedings of the Grand Lodge, October, 1862. 8vo. pp. 309. Leavenworth, 1872. 50

6156 Kilwinning Lodge, No. 356, of Free and Accepted Masons. By-Laws of. 32mo. pp. 22, paper. Cin'ti, 1866.


6157 Knights of the Orient; their Rites and Ceremonies. Arranged in accordance with the Standard Formula. 16mo. pp. 67. New York, 1882. Russia tuck, $3 00; 2 50


6158 Knights Templar of the United States of America. Proceedings of the Grand Encampment, from its Organization, 1816, to 1856 inclusive. 8vo. pp. 361, paper. New Orleans, 1860.

150 6159 Lester (R. P.) Look to the East. A Ritual of the First Three Degrees of Masonry. 16mo. pp. 201. New York, 1876.


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6160 Louisiana Grand Lodge. Annual Statement of, for 1848. 8vo. pp. 32. New Cloth, plain, soiled, pp. 524.

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