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16mo. paper.

New York.


32mo. pp. 299. New York. Cloth, $1 00; L. Emery. leather, tuck, 6181 Masonic Library. Vol. 1, Nos 1 6195 Morgan (William). A Narrative to 9 inclusive. Being Geo. Oliver's An- of the Facts and Circumstances Relating to tiquities of Freemasonry. Philadelphia, the Kidnapping and Murder of. 16mo. 1854. 1 50 paper. Chicago, 1873.

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50 6196 Newhall (G. D.) A Sprig of Acacia, a Musical Service for Masonic Blue Lodges. 16mo pp. 32. Cincinnati.


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6198 New Jersey Oddfellowship. Nine
Pamphlets relating to the R. W. Grand
Lodge of New Jersey. Constitution, Min-
utes, etc. The lot.
1 00
Proceedings of
8vo. PP.

6199 North Carolina.
Songs the Grand Lodge, Dec.
Occa- 192+92. Releigh, 1872.

6185 Michigan. Transactions of Grand Lodge, Jan. 1858. 8vo. pp. 60. troit, 1858.


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6200 Nova Cesarea Harmony Lodge, No 2. By-Laws of, with a History of its Organization and the Rules and Regulations of the Grand Lodge of Ohio. 16mo. cloth. Cincinnati, 1853.


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6203 Odd Fellows. Journal of Proceedings of the Right Worthy Grand Lodge of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows. 1821-1855. 4 vols. 8vo. sheep. Baltimore, 8vo. 3 1852-56. And 20 annual volumes comBoston, plete to 1877, lacking 1856 and 1859. 10 00 6204 Odiorne (Jas. C.) Opinions on Speculative Masonry, relative to Its Origin, Nature, and Tendency. 12mo. boards, pp. 280. Boston, 1830.


2 50

6191 Morgan's Masonry. Printed for the Proprietor. 8vo., paper. 1826. 40 6192 Another edition, with Key to the Higher Degrees. 8vo., paper. Cincinnati, 6205 Oliver (Rev. George). The Antiqui1850. 40 ties of Freemasonry, Comprising illustrations of the Five Grand Periods of Ma

6193 Morgan's Freemasonry, Exposed and Explained. Showing the Origin, His-sonry, from the Creation of the World to tory, and Nature of Masonry, and Contain- the Dedication of King Solomon's Temple. ing a Key to all Degrees of Freemasonry; 8vo. pp. 242. New York, 1855. with the Verdict of the Jury in Relation to the Abduction and Murder of the Author, Capt. William Morgan. 8vo. paper, pp. 122. New York.

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6208 Oliver (Rev. George). The Symbol ings, June, 1872. 8vo. pp. 313. Houston. of Glory. Showing the Objects and End of Freemasonry. 8vo. pp. 298. New York,


1 50 6209 (Rev. George). The Star in the East. Showing the Analogy which Exists between the Lectures of Freemasonry, the Mechanism of Initiation into its Mysteries, and the Christian Religion. 8vo. pp. 102. New York, 1855.


6210 Oregon. Proceedings of the Grand Lodge, June, 1872. 8vo. pp. 261. Salem, 1872.


6211 Rantoul (Robt., Jr.) Oration before the Democrats and Antimasons, at Scituate, July, 1836. 8vo. pp. 58. Boston, 1836.

6223 The same. 255. Houston, 1874.

June, 1874 8vo. pp.


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Dec., 1879. 8vo. pp. 525. 50

6228 The same. Dec., 1880. 8vo. pp. 450. Houston, n. d.


Grand Royal Arch Chapter.
Transactions, June, 1875. 8vo. pp. 175.
Houston, 1875.
June, 1876. 8vo. PP.




6233 The same. Dec., 1879. 8vo. pp. 197. Houston, 1880.

50 6229 The same. Dec., 1881. 8vo. pp. 398. 50 Houston, n. d. 6230 Monitor of 6212 Richardson (Jabez). Freemasonry. Being a Practical Guide to the Ceremonies in all the Degrees. 12mo. 6231 The same. New York. Paper, .75; cloth, pp. 192. 2 00 110. Houston, 1876. $1.25; pocket style, leather. 6313 Ritual and Illustrations of Free6232 The same. Dec., 1877. 8vo. pp. 252. masonry, and the Orange and Odd Fel- Houston, 1877. lows' Societies; accompanied by Numerous Engravings and a Key to the Phi Beta Kappa; also a account of the Kidnapping| and Murder of William Morgan, [etc.] By a Traveler in the United States. Illus trated. 16mo. pp. 260. Devon, 1835. 2 50 6214 Row (Augustus). Masonic Biography and Dictionary, with List of all Lodges in the U. S. 12mo. pp. 365. Philadelphia, 1868. 3 00 6215 Sheville (J.) and Gould (J. L.) Manual of the Chapter. 32mo. pp. New York. [1864.]



6216 Snodgrass (Chas. E.) History of Lodge Francaise, No. 53, A. F. & A. M. 8vo. pp. 44. Richmond, Va., 1874.




Grand Commandery Knights Templars, Feb., 1880. 8vo. pp. 200. Houston, 1880.

6235 I. O. O. F. Grand
ment. Proceedings, Feb., 1881.
86. Houston, 1881.

6235A The same.
53. Galveston, 1873.


Encamp8vo. pp. 25 Constitution. Svo. pp. 15

6236 Grand Lodge. Constitution. 25 18mo. pp. 86. Houston, 1868. 6237 I. O. O. F. Grand Lodge. 12mo. pp. GalProceedings, Feb., 1874.

100 veston, 1874.

6217 South Carolina. Constitution of the Grand Lodge. 8vo. pp. 23. Charles

ton, 1860.


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6237 The same. Feb., 1881. 12mo. pp. 210. Houston, 1881.


6238 Text Book of Freemasonry. Also the Ceremony of Exaltation, Selection of Masonic Songs, etc. 16mo. pp. 192. Phila100 delphia, 1871. Proceedings of Grand 8vo. pp. 166. Rich50

6239 Virginia.
Lodge, Dec., 1858.
mond, 1859.
75 6240

The same. Dec., 1860. Svo.

6220 Templar Manual (The). Contain- PP. 152. Richmond, 1860. ing a Comprehensive System of Tactics and etc. 16mo. pp. 259. Chicago,

[blocks in formation]

6222 Texas. Grand Lodge. Proceed- 75. Richmond, 1867.

50 The same. Dec., 1869. 8vo. pp. 50 Richmond, 1869. 6242 Proceedings of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter, Dec., 1865. 8vo. pp. 47. 30 Richmond, 1866. 6243 The same. Dec., 1867. 8vo. pp.


1 00 6221 Tennessee. Proceedings of the Grand Lodge, Nov. 1871. 8vo. pp. 154. 50 Nashville, 1872.

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6257 American Antiquarian Society. 30 Transactions and Collections. Vol. 1. Atthe water's Antiquities of the Ohio and the West. Vol. 2. Gallatin's Indian Tribes of North America, etc. Vol. 3. Record of the Company of Massachusetts Bay, etc. Vol. 4. Sir Walter Raleigh's First American Colony; Wingfield's Discourse on Virginia, etc. 4 vols. 8vo. boards. Worcester, 18201860. 16 00

6246 Walker (Amasa) Oration (Anti Masonic), at Stoughton, Mass., July 5, 1830 8vo. pp. 31. Boston, 1830.


6247 Washington (George). A Masonic Eulogy on. St. John's Lodge. 4th Feby, 5800 By Brother George Blake. 12mo. pp. 23. Boston, 5800. 2.00

6248 Webb (T. S.) Freemasons' Monitor. To which is added Monitor of the Ancient and Accepted Rite, by E. T. Carson. New edition: large type. 12mo. pp. 298+120. Cincinnati, 1882.


6258 The same. Vol. 1. Atwater's Antiquities. 5 00 6259 American Book of Indians. Containing the most Interesting Narratives of Indian Chiefs and Indian Wars. 12mo. pp. 384, half sheep. Cincinnati, 1852. 1 50 6260 American Ethnological Society Transactions. Vols. 1 and 2. 8vo., half New York, 1845–8. 10 00 INDIANS AND ARCHEOLOGY. The same. Vol. 1. Paper un6249 Abbott (C. C.) Primitive Industry; 5 00 or, Illustrations of the Handiwork in 6261 Anales del Museo Nacional de Stone, Bone and Clay of the Native Races Mexico. Numerous fine Plates of the Anof the Northern Atlantic Seaboard of tiquities, etc., of Mexico, some colored. America. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 560. Salem, 14 parts, forming Vols. 1 and 2 complete. 1881. Large 4to. Mexico, 1877–1882.

2 50

6250 Abbott (C. C.) Second Report on the Paleolithic Implements, from the Glacial Drift in the Valley of the Delaware River, near Trenton, N. J. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 31, paper. Salem, 1878. 25 6251 Abbott (C. C.) The Stone Age in New Jersey. 58 plates. 8vo. pp. 134, paper. Washington, 1877. 100 6252 Abbott (Jacob). Aborignal America. History of the Indian Tribes of America. 12mo. 288. pp. New York, 1862. 1 00 6253 Abbott (Jacob). History of the Indian Wars of the Thirteen Colonies. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 288. New York, 100



6254 Adair (James). The History of the American Indians, particularly those Nations adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina, and Virginia. Containing an Account of their Origin, Language, etc. With Observations on Former Historians, etc. Map. 4to. pp. 464, half bound. London, 15 00 Geschichte der 12mo. pp. 419, 2 00 6256 Allen (L. L.) A Thrilling Sketch of the Life of the Distinguished Chief, Okah Tubbee, alias William Chubbee, Son of the Head Chief, Mosholeh Tubbee, of the Choctaw Nation of Indians. 16mo. pp. 43, paper. New York, 1848.

6255 Adair (James). Amerikanischen Indianer. boards. Breslau, 1782.




20 00 6262 Apes (William). The Experience of a Native of the Forest. Comprising a Notice of the Pequod Tribe of Indians. Written by Himself. 18mo. pp. 216. New York, 1829.

1 25

[blocks in formation]

6265 Bancroft (H. H.) Native Races of the Pacific States. Vol. 1. Wild Tribes; Vol. 2. Civtheir Manners and Customs. ilized Nations of America and Central America. Vol. 3. Mythology and Language of both Savage and Civilized Nations. Vol. 4. Antiquities and Architectural Remains. Vol. 5. Aboriginal History and Migrations; Index to the entire work. 5 vols. 8vo. San Francisco, 1882. 22 50

6266 Bandelier (A. F.) Historical Introduction to Studies among the Sedentary Indians of New Mexico, and Report on the Ruins of the Pueblo of Pecos. 138, boards. Boston, 1881.

8vo. pp. 2.00

6267 Bandelier (A. F.) Report of an Archæological Tour in Mexico in 1881, under the auspices of the Archæological In

stitute of America. 26 Heliotype and lithographic plates. 8vo. pp. 326. Boston, 5 00


6268 Bartram (Wm.) Observations on the Creek and Cherokee Indians 1789. With Prefatory and Supplementary Notes by E. G. Squier. 8vo. pp. 81, paper, n. p., 1851. 1 25



6269 Bates (Isaac C.) Speech on Indian Bill. 8vo. pp. 24, n. p. n. d. 6270 Battey (Thomas C.) The Life and Adventures of a Quaker among the Indians. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 339. Boston, 1876. 1 00

embracing the Life and Exploits of this Celebrated Chieftain. By Elbert A. Smith. 12mo. pp. 299. New York, 1849. 1 25

6279 Bollaert (W.) Antiquarian, Ethnological, and other Researches in New Grenada, Ecquador, Peru, and Chili. With Observations on the Preincarnal, Incarnal, and other Monuments of Peruvian Nations. Plates. 8vo. pp. 279. London, 1860. 4 50 6280 Boller (Henry A.) Among the Indians. Eight Years in the Far West, 1858-66. Embracing Sketches of Montana and Salt Lake. 12mo. pp. 428. Philadelphia, 1868. 250 6281 Boudinot (Elias). A Star in the West; or, A Humble Attempt to Discover the Long-Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, preparatory to their return to Jerusalem. 8vo.

6271 Beach (W. W.) The Indian Miscellany. Containing Papers on the History, Antiquities, Arts, Languages, Religious Traditions, and Superstitions of the American Aborigines. With Descriptions of pp. 212, sheep. Trenton. 1816. their Domestic Life, Manners, Customs, Traits, Amusements, and Exploits; Travels and Adventures in the Indian Country; Incidents of Border Warfare; Missionary Relations, etc. Edited by W. W. Beach. 8vo. pp. 490. Albany, 1877.


96, paper, 6273 Beckwourth (James P.) The Life and Adventures of. Mountaineer, Soldier, and Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Indians. Written from his own Dictation by T. D. Bonner. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 537. New York, 1856. 1 50


6282 Boquet's Expedition. An Historical Account of the Expedition against the Command of Henry Boquet, Esq., Colonel Ohio Indians in the Year 1764 Under the 350 of Foot, and now Brigadier-General in America. Including his Transactions with 6272 Beckwith (II. W.) The Illinois the Indians, relative to the delivery of and Indiana Indians. 12mo. pp. their Prisoners, and the Preliminaries of Chicago, 1884. Peace. With an Introductory Account of the Preceding Campaign and Battle at Bushy-Run. To which are annexed Military Papers, containing Reflections on the War with the Savages; a method of forming frontier settlements; some account of the Indian Country, with a list of nations, 6274 Beeson (John). A Plea for the In- fighting men, towns, distances, and different dians. With Facts and Features of the routes. The whole illustrated with a map Late War in Oregon. 18mo. pp. 144, paper. and copper-plates. Published from AuNew York, 1858. Poor copy. 75 thentic Documents by a Lover of his Coun6275 Belden (George P.) Belden, the try [Prof. William Smith]. Plates. 4to. White Chief; or, Twelve Years Among the pp. xiii, 71, hf. mor. Lon., 1766. 12 00 Wild Indians of the Plains. From his 6283 Another edition. Maps and plates in diaries and manuscripts. Edited by Gen. fac-simile. Sewed. Phila., 1765. James S. Brisbin. Illustrated. 12mo. pp. 513. Cincinnati, 1875. 1 50

6284 Another edition. 16mo. pp. calf. Dublin, 1769.

3 00 99, half 4.00

6285 Another edition (in French). Map. 8vo. pp. 157, half bound. Amsterdam,



6276 Blackett (W. S.) Research into the Lost Histories of America; or, the Zodiac shown to be an old terrestrial Map in which the Atlantic Isle is delineated, so that light can be thrown upon the obscure 6286 Another edition. With a Preface by Histories of the Earth Works, and Ruined Francis Parkman, author of "Conspiracy Cities of America. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. of Pontiac," etc., and a translation of Dumas' 336. Philadelphia, 1883. 350 Biographical Sketch of Gen. Boquet. Map and plates reproduced by the photo-lithographic process. 8vo. pp. 162. Cincinnati,

6277 Black Hawk. Life and Adventures of. With Sketches of Keokuk, the Sac and Fox Indians, and the late Black Hawk | 1868. War. By Benjamin Drake. 12mo. pp. 288. Cincinnati, 1850.

1 25 6278 Black Hawk. Ma-ka-tai-me-shekai-kiak; or, Black Hawk, and Scenes in the West. A National Poem in Six Cantos,

3 00

6287 The same edition. Large paper. Imp.


6 00

6288 Bourke (J. G.) An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre. An Account of the Expedition in Pursuit of the Hostile

Robert Clarke & Co., Cincinnati.

Chiricahua Apaches in the Spring of 1883.
Illustrated. 16mo. pp. 112. New York,
6289 Bourke (J. G.) The Snake Dance
1 00
of the Moquis of Arizona; being a Narra-
tive of a Journey from Santa Fe to the
Villages of the Moquis Indians of Arizona;
with a Description of the Manners and
Customs of this Peculiar People, and espe-
cially of the Revolting Religious Rite-the
Snake Dance; to which is added a Brief
Dissertation upon Serpent Worship in Gen-
eral; with an Account of the Tablet Dance
of the Pueblo of Santa Domingo, New
Mexico, etc.
tifully colored. 8vo. pp. 371. New York,
With 31 plates; some beau-
6290 Boyer (Lieutenant). A Journal of
5 00
Wayne's Campaign. Being an Authentic
Daily Record of the Most Important Occur-
rences during the Campaign of Major-Gen-
eral Anthony Wayne against the North-
western Indians; commencing July 28, and
ending November 2, 1794.
cut. Cincinnati, 1866.
4to. pp. 23, un-
6291 Bradford (A. W.) American An-
1 00
tiquities and Researches into the Origin and
History of the Red Races. 8vo. pp. 435.
New York, 1841.
3 00


Half calf.

4 25

6292 Another copy. 6293 Brainard (Rev. David). Life of Missionary to the Indians. By Jonathan Edwards. 8vo. pp. 500, boards, uncut, London, 1818. 2.00

6294 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 507. Haven, 1822.

1 50

sions in Guiana.
6299 Brett (Rev. W. H.) Indian Mis-
12mo. pp. 301. London,

Half' calf.





Tribes of Guiana, their Condition and Habits, with Researches into their Past 6300 Brett (Rev. W. H.) The Indian History, Superstitions, Legends, Antiquities, Languages, etc. pp. 500. London, 1868. Illustrated. 6301 Another copy. Myths of the Aboriginal Indians of British 6302 Brett (Rev. W. H.) Legends and Myths. A Study in the Native Religions 12mo. pp. 206. Lond., 1880. 2 00 6303 Brinton (Dan'l G.) American Hero of the Western Continent. Philadelphia, 1882. 8vo. pp. 251.


the New World. A Treatise on the Sym6304 Brinton (Dan'l G.) The Myths of 175 bolism and Mythology of the Red Race of America. 12mo. pp. 331. New York,


The 2.00

6305 Brownell (Chas. de Wolf). Comprising an account of the principal Indian Races of North and South America. Aboriginal Races, their Customs, Mythology, Ceremonies, etc. Colored illustrations. 8vo. pp. 640. New York, 1857.


the Tangible Records of the Aborigines of 6306 Brunner (D. B.) The Indians of Berks County, with Cuts and Descriptions Berks County, Pa., being a Summary of all New ing, 1881. of the Varieties of Relics found in the County. 34 plates. 8vo. pp. 110. ReadA History of the Great Massacre by the Sioux Indians in Minnesota, including the 6307 Bryant (C. S.) and Murch (A. B.) 2. 00 Personal Narratives of many who escaped. 12mo. pp. 504. Cincinnati, 1864. the History, Manners, and Customs of the 6308 Another copy. Morocco. 6309 Buchanan (James). don, 1824. North American Indians. for their Melioration. 8vo. pp. 371. LonWith a plan

6295 Bransford (J. F.) Archæological Researches in Nicaragua. Numerous woodcuts, and 2 plates. 4to. pp. 96, paper. Washington, 1881. 6296 Brant (Joseph). Life of Thayen2 50 danega. Including the Border Wars of the American Revolution, and Sketches of the Indian Campaigns of Harmar, St. Clair, and Wayne, etc. By W. L. Stone. Portraits and maps. 2 vols. 8vo. Albany,


4 50

6297 Brant (Joseph). distinguished Mohawk Indian Chief, SaMemoir of the chem, and Warrior, Captain Joseph Brant. Portrait. 12mo. pp. 89, flexible cloth. Brantford, 1872. 6298 Brasseur de Bourbourg. Histoire 100 des Nations Civilisees du Mexique et de 'Amerique-Centrale, durant les siecles anterieurs a Cristophé Colomb, ecrite sur les documents originaux et entierement inedits, puises aux anciennes archives des indigenes. 4 vols. royal 8vo., paper. Paris, 1857. 12 00

[blocks in formation]

boards, uncut.
6310 Another edition.
nual Report, 1879-80. Containing Evolu-
2 vols.
New York, 1824.
6311 Bureau of Ethnology. First An-
and Limitations of the Use of some An-
tion of Language; Mythology of North
thropological Data.
American Indians; Wyandot Government,
Mortuary Customs of North American In-
Central American Picture Writing. By E.
By J. W. Powell.
S. Holden. Cessions of Land by the In-
By H. C. Yarrow.
dian Tribes.
Studies in
Language among North American Indians
By. C. C. Royce. Sign

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