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Bigelow, rev. jacob. iii. 269. of sud- | Blackbourne, rev. gideon, missionary
bury. iv. 59.

to cherokees. ii. 13. his manner
Biggs, john. vii. P. 86.

of teaching indians. 14. 21. 22.
Bigelow, william. ii. 252.

iv. 66-68.
Billerica, table of its marriages, births Black fox, an indian. ii. 13.

and deaths; granted by henry dun- Blake, benjamin. iii. 119.
ster and others to ralph hill and Blake, john. vii. 121.
others. ii. 162. iv. 76. settled. vi. Blake, rev. vii. 167.

372. or shashin, settled. vi. 545. Blake, sergeant major. viji. 235.
Billingsgate, cape cod. iv. 283. Blake, nathan. x. 177.
Billington, francis. iv. 93. discovers Blackfeet indians, their residence,
billington sea. ix. 37. 44.

language and number. ii. 42.
Billington, john, executed at plymouth Blackliston, john. vi. 349.

for murder. 5. 101. being the first Blackman, mrs. rebecca. iv. 101.
execution there. vii. P. 2.

Blackman, rev. adam. iv. 234.
Billington sea. in. 170. 180. 181. iv. Blackman, peter. iv. 259.

88. discovered by francis billington. Blackınan, or black, rev. iv. 234.
ix. 44.


iv. 260. 294.
Bills issued by massachusetts to pay Blackmer, capt. iv. 261.

the expense of expedition to canada. Blackowitz, charles, surveys plymouth
iii. 259. form of. 261.

harbour. iii. 197.
Bingham, caleb. ii. 175.

Black point, maine, planted by capt.
Biography of rev. charles morton. i. cammocks, mr. gains and others.

158. 161., of rev. john lothropp of v. 224. vi. 600. attacked by in-
scituate and barnstable. i. 163. dians and resolutely defended.
of rev. dr. john eliot, of boston. 532. 533.
i. 211. of gov. james sullivan. i. Black rock. iii. 75.
252. of rev. william emerson, of Blackstone, rev. william. ii. 70. 86.
boston. i. 254. of isaac lothrop, iii. 285. his sale of boston. iv.
esq. i. 258. of edward johnson. 202. 203. v. 113. vii. P. 4. X.
ii. 95. of rev.

joseph s. buckmin. 171. sworn a freeman. P. 29.
ster, of boston. ii. 271. of major episcopal minister, found by massa-
general benjamin lincoln. iii. 233. chusetts colony at boston ; removes
of joshua scottow, esq.

iv. 100. to pawtucket, now cumberland ri-
of master ezekiel cheever. vii. ver; is said to have had the first or-
129. of rev. peter whitney. vii. chard in boston ; had the first or-
177. of rev. dr. joseph mackean. chard that bore fruit in rhode
viii. 157. of father ralle, or rasles. island; his “yellow sweetings ;”
viii. 250. of caleb gannet, esq. used to preach often at providence,
viii. 277. of hon. william tudor. and to travel on a bull. ix. 175.
viii. 285. of hon. joshua thomas. memoirs of. x. 170. 171. 172. in-
x. 1. of hon. james winthrop. x. yentory of his estate. 172.
77. of professor william dandridge Blackstone, mrs. sarah.

x. 171.
x. 161.

of rev. william Blackstone, john. x. 171.
blackstone. x. 170.

Blackstone's meadow. x. 172.
Bird, sir william. vii. P. 44.

Blackstone's point. ij. 86. iv. 203.
Bird, thomas. iv. 240. 242.

Blackstone's spring, in boston.
Bird, rev. samuel, of dunstable. x. 55. 175.
Bird island. iv. 253.

Blackwater, in rochester. iv. 253.
Bird's hill. i. 180.

Black water. iii. 163.
Birds in virginia, a list of. ix. 121. Blackwater brook. iii. 207.
Bisbee, thomas. iv. 222.

X. 57.

Blackwater river. vii. 66. viii. 173.
Bishop, enos.

174. x. 36. 72.
iv. 260.

Black will, an indian, hung for the
Black, or blackman, rev. —. iv. 234. murder of walter bagnall at rich-
Blackberries. i. (xxi.)

mond's island. vii. P. 83.
Blackbourne, rev. francis, arch-deacon Blanchard, timothy. viii. 45.
of cleaveland. ii. 190.

Blanchard, john. X. 54.


x. 76.

habeas corpus




Bland and carver sent to accomack, / Books and manuscripts deposited in
virginia. i. 47.

the library of massachusetts histo-
Blaxton. See blackstone, rev. william rical society by old south church.
Blazing star seen in new england, vii. 179.
1619. v. 51.


viii. 242.
Bledsoe, col isaac. vii. 63.

Borland, john, impeached; claims
Blessing of the bay, a bark launched

in massachusetts.
by gov. winthrop, 4 july, 1631.

viii. 240—242.
171. at mistick. vii. P. 31. Boscawen, new hampshire, account
Blinman, rev. richard, arrives; settles of.

x. 71.

its boundaries. 71.
at green's harbour; removes with its rivers, ponds, aspect and soil.
his people to gloucester, cape ann

72. its intervale. 72. its health
vi. 408. 663. vii. 32.

and mortality ; its schools, societies
iv. 215.

and library. 73. its population
Block island channel. iv. 232.

at different periods ; its villages and
Blodget, samuel, judge, notice of. iv. ecclesiastical history. 74. its in-
153. his project for raising sunken

dian name. 74. 75.

its history ;
vessels; his canal. 154.

its original grant from massachu-
Blood indians. ii. 42.

setts. 75. its indian troubles, fort,
Bloody point, origin of its name. and incorporation; origin of its

name. 76.
Bloody tenent, by roger williams. Boston. (ix.) account of fires in,

from 1701 to 1800. i. 81. its alms-
Bloody tenent washed, by rev. mr. house. i. 126. its church gather-
cotion, quoted. vi. 402.

ed; its fairs; johnson's description
Blossom, thomas, a pilgrim, dies. vii. of its buildings, trade, etc. ii. 91.
P. 96.

92. remonstrates against the in-
Blueberry island. viii. 174.

corporation of brookline. 143.
Blue hills. iii. 163.

opinion of its ministers on the sub-
Blue mountain. iii. 285.

ject of episcopacy. 133-137.
Blue river. x. 62. 70.

called by the indians shawmut.
Boar, (bear ?) a great black one, eight 141. its first baptist church gath-

feet in length, killed at dedham. vi. ered at charlestown. 1665. 172.

copy of a letter of its ministers, in-
Boardman, rev. andrew, of chilmark. tended to have been sent those of
iji. 74.

connecticut. 257. a place of trade.
Boerhaave. i. 108. 138.

iii. 142. iv. 71. sale of, by black-
Bohonnon, andrew. x. 75.

stone. 202. named
Bohonnon, tabitha. x. 177.

count of rev. john cotton; set-
Boiling rock iv. 71.


v. 134. 135. 158. its fort
Bolton, rev. robert, notice of; his ordered to be finished. 162. its

works esteemed in new england. military company made the first.
vii. P. 54.

165. its church flourishes. 190.
Bolas river, virginia. ix. 110.

its deputies sent home, having been
Boluxas indians, their residence and illegally chosen.

259. meeting
number. ii. 26.

of ministers at, about church diffi.
Bond, dennis. ix. 185.

culties. 286. discussions in
Bonham, george. iii. 187.

its church relative to settling rev.
Bonitham, capt. obtains a grant from mr. wheelwright. 287. 288.

sir f. gorges, of land about saco rours in its church. 291. 292, 294.

in and about, go to rhode
Bonney, thomas. vii. 138.

island with mrs. hutchinson. vi.
Book savouring of fifth monarchy spi- 336.

its church sends messengers,
rit creates disturbance in new eng- with letters to mr. coddington about
land. vi. 575.

communicating with excommuni.
Books distributed among indians. ii. cated

persons. 340. its forti-

fications erected. 445. its har-





v. 224.




bour frozen over from jan. 18 to
feb. 21. vi. 421.

a coinpany of
its people incorporated for discover-
ing the great lake, and carrying on
the beaver trade; who are op-
posed by the swedes of delaware.
442. 443. a ship captured in its
harbour, under a pretended corn-
mission from the admiralty court in
england ; disturbances
quence. 474. 476.


some of its
merchants trade with la tour.
478. court of commissioners at.
542. meeting of commissioners at,
op account of rumours of war.
546. its church forbidden by ge-
neral court to settle mr. powell, in
consequence of which he is made
ruling elder. 551. convention of
ministers at, and their answers to
questions proposed by the general
court about baptism, etc. 587.
relieves 250 people who had been
driven from st. christopher's, and
sends them to the caribbee islands.
592. its merchants send provi-
sions to his majesty's fleet in distress
at the caribbee islands. 592. its
church disputes about the settle-
ment of rey. j. davenport. 602.
sypod at on account of public ca-
lamities. 621. fire at, in 1676.
648. 649. fire at, in 1679. 649.
its meeting house burnt. 649. its
batteries, &c. vii. 24. 54. its
castle built and rebuilt, cost £4000.
56. 57. account of small pox
in. 71. methods taken in, to
prevent small pox, and the effica-
cy of them. 72.

deaths in, by
inoculation and by the natural
small pox. 74. its bill of mor-
tality for 1816. 134. its votes
in 1635, relating to new comers,
law suits;

etc. 136. contained
but one congregation in 1635. 136.
appoints allotters. 136. taxed
£11 out of £50 in massachusetts.
yii, P. 1. its first burying ground.
P. 2. its first baptism. P. 5. its
ferry to charlestown proposed; its
taxes for the support of ministers.
P. 6. its neck proposed for a for-
tified town. P. 7. goy. Winthrop
the first member of its church. P.
12. ice in its harbour breaks up
for seven years on feb. 10. P. 19.

its people die of scurvy. P. 19.
fires at. P. 22. 29. its ferry to
charlestown regulated. P. 30. an
alarm at. P. 24. the neck of land
between pullen point and powder
hill annexed to it. P. 72. 73. its
tax. P. 57. & P. 31. viii. 230. its
church advises with plymouth,
whether a magistrate can be a ruling
elder, and whether there can be
several pastors to the same church.
P. 64. its fortification or fort on
cornhill begun. P. 61. its meet-
ing house begun by contributions
made there and at charlestown,
then being one congregation. P.
65. its



prepare soldiers
against the indians. P. 67.
house for the beadle ordered to be
built at. P. 68. ordered to be the
place of all publick meetings. P. 68.
list of 151 members who had joined
its church whilst joined with
charlestown. P. 68. 69. its church
dismisses rev, mr.

james and others
of charlestown people, to form a
church in the latter place. P. 69.
70. its church admits members,
P. 70. corn sent to its windmill
from piscataqua P. 70. its church
ordains rev. john wilson as pastor,
and mr. th. oliver as ruling elder.
P. 73. its harbour frozen over. P.
76. its fort ordered to be complet-
ed. P. 84. its tax. P. 85. its
second church gathered, being the
30th in massachusetts. viii. 16.
its bill of mortality, 1817, with the
disorders of which persons died.
40. 41. its batteries and fort.
72. its petition to general court
against disloyalty, and in favour
of appeasing charles i. ; with
the names of the petitioners. 103
-105. entreats its representatives
to abolish slavery. 184. its
beaver trade.

list of its
donations from different towns,
states and individuals during its
port bill. ix. 158–166. its num-
ber of dwellings and stores ; its
publick buildings, and its streets, in
1789, with their names at that time,
and some of the changes made in
them prior to 1822.

list of its representatives before the
revolution. X. 23. 24. its repre-


sentatives dismissed by general Bowdoin, james, esq. X. 192.
court. 23. 24. allowed but two re- Bower, george. iv. 100.
presentatives, who are chosen semi. Bowers,

viii. 112.
annually. 24. allowed four repre- Bowles, deacon william. ii. 153.
sentatives. 26. its springs, pote Bowman, nathaniel. vü. P. 4.
on. 175. its siege. 161. its indian Boyer, capt. viii. 156.
name; sold by w. blackstone to Boyle, sir robert, friendly to new eng-
massachusetts colony. 170. 171. land. i. (xxvii.)

x. 125.

Boston dispensary. i. 127.

* particular acquaintance and
Boston athenæum. i. 138. contains correspondent of gov. j. winthrop

many rare works on america. viii. of massachusetts ; his letter to gov.

endicott, acknowledging the honour
Boston anthology. i. 255.

conferred on him by massachusetts,
Boston magazine. ij. 169.

and advising a more guarded lan-
Boston news-letter, quoted. iv. 173. guage to be used towards the

iv. 282. 294. english government. vii. 49–52.
Bosworth, haniel. viii. 107.

eliot's dedication of the “indian
Botanical catalogue of plants in mid- grammar begun to him. ix. 245.

dlebury, vermont. ix. 146--158. Boys, antipas. vii. 105.
Botany of plainfield, with the times of Boylston, dr. zabdiel, introduces in-
flowering. viii. 168–171.

oculation for small pox into massa-
Botta, m. carlo. X. 192.

chusetts. i. 106. encounters op-
Bottomless pond. iv. 55.

position on account of it; is made a
Boudinot, elias. viji. 167. X. 192. member of the royal society. ii.
Bouillon, sieur, makes a treaty be- 159. dies. i. 106. j. 159.

tween charles i. and louis xiii. vii. Boylston, ward-nicholas. i. 118.
P. 78.

Boylston medical society. i. 127.
Bouithillier, counsellor to louis xii. Boylston, town of. i. 162.
vii. P. 78.

Boylston, peter. ii. 144.
Bound Brook. iii. 235. vii. 117. Boy Iston, nicholas, presents a bell to
Bourne, richard, procures a patent for the church in brookline. ii. 151.

mashpee indians. jii. 11. his suc- Boylston, richard. ii. 181.
cess in teaching indians. vi. 659. Boylston, thomas. ii. 181.


v. 109.
Bourne, rev. shearjashub, of scituate. Brackett, james. iii. 103.
jy, 233. 234.

Brackett, joseph-warren. iji. 103.
Bourne, henry. iv. 239. 247. Brackett, joshua. iii. 119.
Bourne, thomas. iv. 247.

Brackett, dr. x. 163. 164.
iv. 294.

Bradbury, thomas. iv. 170.
Bourne, ezra. vii. 165.

Bradbury, k.

Braddock, edward, commander in
Bourchier, sir john, a patentee of new chief of the king's forces in north
england, v. 217.

america, killed. viii. 155. 156.
Bourchier, henry, a patentee of new his defeat on the banks of the mo-
england. y. 217.

nongahela - an original account of
Boutell, deacon joseph. x. 176.

british and american officers killed
Boutell, rebecca.

and wounded. viii. 153-157.
Boutell, hannah. x. 177.


iii. 66. iv. 284.
Boutle, thomas. iv. 110.

Bradford, william, governour of ply-
Bowdoin, james, governour of massa- mouth colony. i. (vi. xxix.) his
chusetts. ji. 46. ij. 193.

manuscript history. i. 170. ii.
29. his residence. iii. 197. his 260. v. (vi.)" iii. 164. 100. 184.
letter from gen. washington. viii. 220. jv. 249. 291. v. 67. 90. P.

70. assists in organizing the church
Bowdoin, hon. james. i. 127. iii. 76. at salem. y. 119. 168. dies. vi. 329.
iv. 256.

555. vii. 138. deputy governour
Bowdoin, william. iii, 193.

of plymouth colony. ii. 164. 190.

X. 69.

X. 69.

X. 176.

X. 28.

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iv. 266. vii. 144. 148. governour Bradford, hannah. x. 180.
of plymouth, notice of. vi. 550. Bradford, john. vii. 138.
661. vii. 117. 190. vii. P. 3. (in Bradley, isaac, taken prisoner by in-
prince's advertisement), quoted. dians. iy. 128.
P. 48. 62. vii. P. 58. his mistake Bradley, joseph, his garrison taken by
corrected. P. 62. 74. sends sir indians. iv. 129.
christopher gardiner a prisoner to Bradley, mrs. kills an indian with
boston; letter to, from governour boiling soap. iv. 129.
winthrop. vii. P. 27. comes to Bradley, rev. caleb,' of falmouth,
boston. .vii. P. 38. after being go. maine. iv. 181.
vernour of plymouth colony nearly Bradstreet, simon, first secretary of
12 years, requests to be excused, massachusetts. ii. 87. vii. P. 29.
and is chosen assistant. vii. P. 83. iv. 22. 104. 110. with others,
his letter from governour winthrop,

plants andover.

viii. 14. gover-
giving an account of the hearing nour of massachusetts. iv. 203.
before the privy council, morton assistant. v. 124. arrives. 133.
and others against massachusetts. vi. 363. commissioner. 466. ditto
P. 89. his history ends at 1647. to naine. vi. 542. sent to eng-
P. 92. his letter from james sher- land to represent the loyalty of
ley, one of the partners of the massachusetts to charles ii. vi.
profits of plymouth colony. P. 576. · elected governour of massa-
93. comes to boston about a chusetts several years in succession.
company to trade to


612. vii. 129. 190. assistant. vii.
ticut. P. 94. viii. 182. ix. 38. P. 5. 6. 21. notice of ; governour
is vehemently taken with to lord rich, at college ; steward to
grief and pain, and so shot to his earl of lincoln, and to the countess
huckle bone,” but recovers. 44. of warwick; an assistant. vii. P.
supposed to be the author of a part 15. 21. 23. 25. 27. 30. 31. 32. 34.
of mourt's relation. 73. his letters 35. 58. 60. 61. 63. 65. 66. 68. 69.
referred to. x. 2. 61. declines a 72. 85. 86. 91. 92. 93. builds at
re-election; his reasons. x. 70. 65. newtown. vii. P. 36.

agent ot
67. 68. 69.

massachusetts to england. viii. 53.
Bradford, alden, letter from. i. 103. 55. 56. protests against an answer

vii. 181. his letter about duxbury of the massachusetts general court
and plymouth. x. 57.

to charles ii. viii. 108. 88. 91. 99.
Bradford, gamaliel, warden of state 100. his letter from roger williams,
prison. ii. 175.

concerning a book he was about to
Bradford, rev. john, of roxbury. ii. publish, and an answer to gorton.

196. 198. viii. 2.29.
Bradford, gershom. iii. 209.

Bradstreet, rev. simon, of charles.
Bradford, major john. iii. 214.

town. ii. 171. 178.
Bradford, israel. iii. 208.

Bradstreet, samuel. viii. 105.
Bradford, hezekiah. iii. 208. Bradstreet, rev. nathan, of chester,
Bradford, perez. iii. 208.

new hampshire. ix. 368.
Bradford, ephraim. iii. 208.

Bragdon, arthur, ensign at york. vi.
Bradford, william. iii. 208.

Bradford, david. iii. 208.


printer of haverhill
Bradford, john. iii. 190. 209. x. 67.

paper. iv. 126.
Bradford, elisha. iii. 209.

Brainford, conn. settled. vi. 319.
Bradford, capt. william. iv. 86. Braintree, formerly mount wolaston.
Bradford, nrs. alice. iv. 243. vii. v. 102.

ordination at.

v. 276.

petitions for leave to begin a plan-
Bradford, hon. william, of bristol, tation at showamet. vi. 414. 20th
rhode island. iv. 285.

church in massachusetts planted
Bradford, rev. ephraim-p. of new bos- at. vii. 24. 25. company, by or-

ton, new hampshire. viii. 177. der of court, remove to newtown.
Bradford, joseph. x. 67.

vii. P. 66. persons in england en-

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