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1982, D. The Musical Miscellany: a select collection of songs set to Music. Perth, 1796.

2027, O. 15. The Diverting Muse, or the Universal Medley. London,


2027, O. 16. 1419, D. 1888, O. 7. 1861, O. 1. 1764.

St. James's Park, a Satyr. London, 1708.
The Anglers. Eight Dialogues in Verse.
The Controversiad, a poetical Epistle.
Resignation; in two parts and a postscript.

London, 1758.
London, 1788.

317, F. 3. borough's late 2094, O. 8. 2094, O. 13.

The Triumph of Infidelity.

1861, O. 6. tember 28, 1774. 1855, O. 3. A Poem. Philad. 1788. 456, F. 5. St. Ignatius's ghost, appearing to the Jesuits, upon the king's signing the act against the growth of popery. A Satyr. London, 1700. 2083, O. 1. An Extempore Prayer, for the use of Conventicles. London, 1710.


A poem. Philad.

A Poem on Divine Revelation: delivered at Nassau Hall, Sep-
Philad. 1774.

A poetical letter to Mr. Prior, occasioned by the duke of Marl-
victory at Ramilly. London, 1706. L.
The Junto, a poem. London, 1712.

The Mohocks, a poem. London, 1712.

2030, O. 6. Liberty Regain'd, set forth in the remarkable life of W... Š... London, 1755.


7, 0. 7. The Kite; a heroi-comical poem. Oxford, 1722.

7, O. 8. 1729. L. 913, Q. 4. 913, Q. 5. 913, Q. 7. 909, Q. 6. 909, Q. 3. 909, Q. 4. 909, Q. 8. Mr. Pinchbeck. 909, Q. 9. 909, Q. 10. 1861, D. 9.


The art of politicks, in imitation of Horace's art of poetry. London,

An Ode to Mr. Pitt. London, 1760.

Friendship: a poem, and an Ode. London, 1769.
State Necessity, a poetical sketch. London, 1767.
Ode to the People of England. London, 1769.

Ode to Mr. Pinchbeck, by M'Gregor. London, 1776.
The Milesian, a poem. London, 1779.

An Elegiac Epistle from an Unfortunate Elector of Germany, to
London, 1776.

An Epistle from Edward to Harriet. London, 1779.
An Ode to Peace. London, 1778.

The History of Sir Eger, Sir Graham and Sir Gray Steel, a


1810, O. 4. 1850, O. 1. heroic poem.

919, Q. 5. The Manners of the Times; a Satire. By Philadelphiensis. Philadelphia, 1762.

919, Q. 6. Liberty; a poem, said to be written by an Hermit in New Jersey. Philadelphia, 1769.

The Rights of Monarchy; a poem. Birmingham, 1792.

The Battle of Bangor; or, the Church's Triumph. A comicLondon, 1797.

919, Q. 7. Liberty; a poem. By Rusticus. Charlestown, 1770. 919, Q. 8. The American Village, and other poems. No date.

919, Q. 9. The Diaboliad; a poem. Lor don, 1777.

919, Q. 10. Liberty; a Pindarick Ode. Philadelphia, 1783.
919, Q. 11. The Glory of America; a poem. Philadelphia, 1783.

1861, O. 7. The Present Situation of Affairs in North America; a poem. Philadelphia, 1775.

1860, D. 9. A Poetical Epistle to General Washington, from an inhabitant of the State of Maryland. Philadelphia, 1781.

2228, O. 4. Democracy; an epic poem. New York, 1794.

1847, D. 3. Fragment, addressed to the

By a Citizen. Philadelphia, 1796.

1847, O. 11. Crambe repetitia: a second course of Bubble and Squeak, &c. London, 1799.

Sons and Daughters of Humanity.

1848, O. 8. A Poem on reading the President's Address, &c. Philadelphia, 1796.

Philadelphia, 1799.

1847, O. 12. Fever; an Elegiac poem, &c. 2208, O. 1. The Times; a poem, addressed to the inhabitants of New England and New York. By Miles Standish, Jr. Plymouth, 1800.

1964, D. Patent Right Oppression; or, Knavery Detected. By Patrick N. L. Elisha, Esq., Poet Laureate. Philadelphia, 1813.

2022, D. 3, The Independency of the Mind Affirmed; a poem, with notes. Wheeling, 1807.

1953, D. The Fudge Family in Washington. Edited by Harry Nimrod. Baltimore, 1820.

2253, O. 4. Ode, suggested by Rembrandt Peale's National portrait of Washington. Philadelphia, 1824.



Hodgkinson, 1847, O. 2. A Narrative of his Connection with the Old American
Company, from 1792 to 1797. By John Hodgkinson. New York,
Langbaine, 2046, O. An Account of the English Dramatic Poets. By Gerard

Langbaine. Oxford, 1691.

Pellicer, 2318, D. Tratado historico sobre el origen y progresos de la Comedia y del Histrionismo en España y con la noticia de algunos celebres Comediantes. Por D. Casiano Pellicer. Madrid, 1804.

Prynne, 567, Q. The Histrio Matrix; or, the players scovrge, wherein it is proved, that stage-plays are repugnant to the Holy Scriptures, and to the opinion of the Primitive Church. By William Prynne. London, 1633.


247, O. The Stage Acquitted; being a full answer to Mr. Collier, and the other enemies of the Drama; with a vindication of King Charles the Martyr, and the clergy of the Church of England. London, 1699. L.

1833, O. 4. Extracts from Treatises by the Prince of Conti, with the Sentiments of the Fathers, and some Decrees of the Councils, concerning Stage Plays. Philadelphia, 1754.

2050, O. 10. The Beauties of Mrs. Siddons; or, a review of her performance of several characters. London, 1786.

2051, O. 7. The Theatrical Censor, No. 9-17. Philadelphia, 1806.


Addison, 2067, O. 1. The Drummer. By Mr. Addison.


419, Q. Il Catone Tragedia tradotta dall originale Inglese di Addison. In Firenze, 1715. L.

Eschylus, 473, D. Æschyli Tragœdiæ. Parisiis, 1552. L.

50, Q.
rici Stephani.

433, F. Æschyli Tragædiæ cum Scholiis Græcis omnibus, versione et commentariis Thomæ Stanleii. Londini, 1663.

Eschyli Tragœdiæ Græce cura Petri Victorii ex officio Hen1557. L.


332, D. Æschyli Tragœdiæ, quæ extant cum versione Latina. Tomi II. Glasguæ, 1746. L.

1615, O. Tragédies d'Eschyle. Avec sa Vie. A Paris, 1770. Alarcon, 2276, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Juan Ruiz de Alarcon y Men

doza. Tom. 2. Madrid, 1826.

Andrews, 2053, O. 2. The Election. By Miles Peter Andrews. London, 1774. 2051, O. 1. The Reparation. A comedy. By Miles Peter Andrews. London, 1784.

Aristophanes, 298, F. Aristophanis comœdiæ Græcè

et Latinè, operâ Æmili

Porti. Orleans, 1607. L.

50, F. Aristophanis opera, cum notis variorum per Ludolphum Kusterum. Amstelodami, 1710.


Arne, 2050, O. 6. Artaxerxes, an English Opera. By Dr. Arne. London,


Atkinson, 2049, O. 3. The Mutual Deception. A comedy. By Joseph Atkinson, Esq. Dublin, 1785.

Baillie, 2078, O. 3. Basil. A tragedy. By Joanna Baillié. Philadelphia.

2079, O. 3. The Election. A comedy. By Joanna Baillié. Philadelphia.

2079, O. 5. The Tryal.

A comedy. By Joanna Baillie. Philadelphia. Banks, 2076, O. 3. The Earl of Essex, or the Unhappy Favourite. By John

Banks. London, 1735.

Barptolomæus, 1098, O. 5. Nicolai Barptolomæi, Lochiensis, Christus Xylonicus, Tragoedia. Antverpiæ, 1537. M.

Batterelli, 2070, O. 6. La Buona Figliuolo. A comic opera. By Batterelli.

London, 1765.

Beaumont, 1610, O. The Works of Mr. Francis Beaumont, and Mr. John Fletcher. With some Account of the Lives and Writings of the Authors. Plates. 7 vols. London, 1711.

2062, O. 5. The Humorous Lieutenant. By Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1734.

- 2076, O. 2. The Royal Merchant, or the Beggar's Bush. By Beaumont and Fletcher. London, 1735.

Bellay, De, 1664, O. 1. Le Siege de Calais, Tragedie, par M. de Bellay, suivie

de Notes historiques. A Paris, 1769.

Bethlius, 1098, O. 4. Susanna, comœdia tragica. Per Xystum Bethlium, Augustanum. Cum variis aliorum carminibus. Coloniæ, 1539. Betterton, 2075, O. 3. The Prophetess, or the history of Dioclesian. An opera. By Thomas Betterton. London, 1759.

Bickerstaffe, 2065, O. 5. The Padlock. By Isaac Bickerstaffe. London, 1708. 2065, O. 9. The Spoil'd Child. By Isaac Bickerstaffe. London,


2066, O. 2. Love in a Village. By Isaac Bickerstaffe. Glasgow, 1765.

2054, O. 2. Daphne and Amintor. A comic opera. By Isaac Bickerstaffe. London, 1766.


2058, O. 4. The Maid of the Mill. By Isaac Bickerstaffe. don, 1767. Boindin, 1568, D. Boissy, De, 1073, D.

Euvres de Monsieur Boindin. 2 tom. A Paris, 1753. Euvres de Théatre de M. De Boissy, de l'Academie Françoise. 8 tom. A Paris, 1773. M.

Euvres de Mr. Boursault, contenant les pieces des theatre. Avec figures. 2 tom. A Amsterdam, 1721. M. Bridges, 2057, 0. 3. Dido. A comic opera. By Thomas Bridges. London,


Boursault, 1228, D.

Brome, 2054, 4. & 2066, O. 3. The Jovial Crew. By Richard Brome. Corke,

1761. London, 1767.

Brooke, 2064, O. 5. The Earl of Sussex. A tragedy. By H. Brooke. Edinburgh, 1761.

Brown, 2075, O. 1. Athelstan. A tragedy. By John Brown. London, 1756. Buckingham, 2073, O. 2. The Chances. By the Duke of Buckingham. Lon

don, 1755.

Bullock, 2076, O. 1. Woman is a Riddle. A comedy. By C. Bullock. Dub

lin, 1732.

Burgoyne, 2053, O. 6. The Maid of the Oaks. By General Burgoyne. Lon

don, 1774.

2049, O. 5. The Heiress. A comedy. By Gen. Burgoyne. 1786. 2051, O. 2. Richard Cœur de Lion. An historical Romance. By Gen. Burgoyne. London, 1786.

Byron, 1158, O.

Marino Faliero, Doge of Venice, a tragedy, with notes. The Prophecy of Dante, a poem. By Lord Byron. London, 1821. Cailhava, 1662, O. 1. Le Tuteur dupé, comedie, par M. de Cailhava. Paris,


Calderon, 1138, Q. Comedias del celebre poeta Español Don Pedro Calderon

de la Barca. Tom. 10. En Madrid, 1760, 1761.

1139, Q. Autos Sacramentales Alegoricos, y historiales del phenix de las poetas, el Español, Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca. Tom. 6. Madrid, 1759.

2274, D. Las Comedias de Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca. Tom. 3. Madrid, 1826.

Campillo, 2023, D. 8. Apologia de la Comedia intitulada la virtud consiste en

medio. Por Ramon Campillo. Madrid, 1800.

Canizares, 2280, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Jose de Canizares.


Primero. Madrid, 1829.

Carey, 2060, 4. & 2068, O. 2. The Contrivances. By Henry Carey. Dublin,


Celissa, 2055, O. 5. Almida. By a Lady (Mrs. Celissa.) London, 1771. Centlivre, 1928, D. The Works of the celebrated Mrs. Centlivre. With an

account of her Life. 3 vols. London, 1761.

- 2064, 3. & 2073, O. The Basset Table. By Mrs. Centlivre. London, 1735.

2072, O. 4. The Wonder; a Woman Keeps a Secret. By Mrs. Centlivre. Dublin, 1758.

Cibber, 2063, & 2073, O. 4. The Double Gallant, or the Sick Lady's Cure. By

Colley Cibber. London, 1769.

Cibber, 2079, O. 1. Love Makes a Man; or the Fop's Fortune. By Colley

Cibber. Philadelphia.

2079, O. 4. She Would and She Would Not. A comedy. By Colley Cibber. Philadelphia.

A comic opera.

By James Cobb.
Dublin, 1789.

By James Cobb.
Songs in the Haunted Tower. By James Cobb. London,

Cobb, 2050, O. 1. The Strangers at Home.
London, 1786.
2061, O. 3. The Haunted Tower.
2050, O. 5.


Coffey, 2053, O. 4. The Beggar's Wedding. An opera. By Charles Coffey.

London, 1763.

2060, O. 5. The Devil to Pay. A farce. By Charles Coffey. London,

Collé, 1664, O. 2. La Partie de Chasse de Henri IV., comedie. Par M. Collé.
A Paris, 1768.
Colman, 2052, 2053, & 2063, O. 3. The English Merchant. A comedy. By
George Colman. London and Dublin, 1767.
Polly Honeycombe.

2053, O. 7.

By George Colman.


2068, O. 6. The Deuce is in Him. By George Colman.

2050, O. 2. Inkle
London, 1789.

2058, O. 2. The Jealous Wife. By G. Colman. Oxford, 1761.
2079, O. 2. The Africans, or War, Love and Duty. A play. By
George Colman, jr. Philadelphia.

and Yarico. An opera. By George Colman, jr.



2061, O. 4. The Mountaineers. By George Colman, jr. London, 1794.

A comic opera. By G.

2061, O. 5. John Bull or an Englishman's Fireside. By G. Colman, jr. Baltimore, 1803. 2065, O. 3. Colman, jr. Corneille, 1198, Q. 10 tomes. 865, O. Theatre de Pierre Corneille, avec des Commentaires. Figures. 12 tom. A Paris, 1764. M.

Theatre de P. Corneille, avec les commentaires de Voltaire.
A Paris, (Didot.) 1795, 1796.

Love Laughs at Locksmiths.
Baltimore, 1804.

677, & 678, D. Theatre de Pierre Corneille. Tomi IV. A Amsterdam, 1701, and 1723. L.

1857, D. 4. Melite; a comedy. From the French of P. Corneille. London, 1774.

Cradock, 2056, O. 1. Zobeide. A Tragedy. By John Cradock. London,


Crocus, 1098, O. 3. Comœdia sacra, cui titulus Joseph, ad Christianæ inventutis institutionum iuxta locos inventionis, veteremque artem per Cor. Crocum. Cum quibusdam, Lactantii Carminibus. Coloniæ, 1537. M. Cubillo, 2281, D. Comedias Escogidas de Don Alvaro Cubillo de Aragon.

Tomo Primero. Madrid, 1826.

Cumberland, 2062, & 2063, O. 4. The Fashionable Lover. A comedy. By Richard Cumberland. London, 1772.

2052, O. 5. The Choleric Man. A comedy. By Richard Cum

berland. London, 1775. Cuningham, 2054, O. 3. The Royal Shepherds. By J. Cuningham. London,


Da Ponte, 2025, D. 1. Il Don Giovanni. Drama Buffo. Di Lorenzo da Ponte. Nova Jorca, 1826.

Dell, 123, Q. Martini Dellii, ex societate Jesu, syntagma tragœdiæ latinæ in tres partes distinctum. Antwerpiæ, 1593. L.

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