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glish Colonies after the Conquest of Canada. 8vo. pp. 630. Boston, 1851. 2 25 6552 Pattie. The Personal Narrative of James O. Pattie, of Kentucky, during an Expedition from St. Louis through the vast region between that place and the Pacific Ocean, and thence back through the City of Mexico to Vera Cruz, during journeyings of six years; in which he and his father, who accompanied him, suffered unheard-of hardships and dangers; had various conflicts with the Indians, and were made captives, in which captivity his father died. Together with a description of the country and various nations through which they passed. Edited by Timothy Flint. 12mo. pp. 300, boards. Cincinnati, 1833. 6 00 6553 Paul (Col. James). A Narrative of the Wonderful Escape and Dreadful Sufferings of Col. James Paul. By Robert Sherrard. 8vo. pp. 22, paper, uncut. Cincinnati, 1869. 75

calf. 1771.

6554 P[auw] M. de). Recherches Philosophiques sur les Americains, ou Memoires intercessants pour servir a l'Histoire de l'Espece Humaine. 2 vols. 16mo., old 2 50 6554A Another edition. 3 vols. 18mo., calf. Berlin, 1770. 3 50 6555 Peabody Museum of American Archæology and Ethnology. Fourth Report for 1871. 8vo. pp. 147.


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6565 Peet (Stephen D.) The Pre-historic Architecture of America; & Clue to the Early Stages of Historic Architecture in 25 other Lands. 8vo. pp. 16.

6566 Penhallow (Samuel). The History of the Wars of New England with the Eastern Indians; or, A Narrative of their continued Perfidy and Cruelty, 1703-1726. 250 4to. pp. 174. Cincinnati, 1859.

6567 Pidgeon (William). Traditions of De-coo-dah, and Antiquarian Researches. Comprising extensive explorations, surveys, and excavations of the wonderful and mysterious earthen remains of the Mound Builders in America, etc. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 334. New York, 1858.


6568 Pierce (M. B.) Address on the present Condition and Prospects of the Aboriginal Inhabitants of North America. With particular reference to the Seneca Nation. By M. B. Pierce, a Chief of the Seneca Nation. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Steele's Press, 1838.


6569 Pimentel (F.) Memoria sobre las causas que hau originado la Situacion Actual de la Raza Indigina de Mexico. 8vo. pp. 245, paper. Mexico, 1864. 2. 00

6570 Plongeon (Augustus Le). Vestiges. of the Mayas, or, Facts tending to prove that Communications and Intimate Relations must have existed, in very remote Salem, Times, between the Inhabitants of Mayab 75 and those of Asia and Africa. 8vo. pp. 86, New York. 1881. paper.



Sixth Report for


same. 8vo. pp. 114. Salem, 1874. 6558 The same. Tenth Report for 1877. 150 8vo. pp. 167. Cambridge, 1877.

6559 The same. Twelfth and Thirteenth Reports. 8vo. pp. 460 to 775. Cambridge,


6560 The same. 1881. 8vo. pp. 41.

6561 The same.



Fourteenth Report for
Cambridge, 1881.


Fifteenth Report for

75 6571 Poole (Capt. D. C.) Among the Sioux of Dakota. Eighteen Months' Experience as an Indian Agent. 12mo. pp. 235. New York, 1881.


6572 Priest (Josiah). American Antiquities and Discoveries in the West; with a Copious Description of many Stupendous Works now in Ruins; with Conjectures concerning what may have become of them. Folding plates. 8vo. pp. 400, sheep. Albany, 1835.

2 75 6573 Putnam (F. W.) Notes on Copper 1882. 8vo. pp. 42 to 148. Cambridge, Objects from North and South America. 100 15th Report, Peabody Museum. 8vo. pp. 6562 Peet (Stephen D.) The Delaware 42 to 148, paper. Boston, 1882. Indians of Ohio. The Location of their Villages at the Time of the Revolutionary War. 8vo. pp. 13.


6574 Putnam (F. W.) Reports upon 20 Archæological and Ethnological Collections 6563 Peet (Stephen D.) The Location from vicinity of Santa Barbara, California, of the Indian Tribes in the North-west and from ruined Pueblos of Arizona, New Territory at the Date of its Organization. Mexico, and certain Inferior Tribes. With an Appendix of Indian Vocabularies by A. 8vo. pp. 14. G. Gatschel. 20 plates and 135 cuts. 4to. 750 PP. 497. Washington, 1879.


6564 Peet (Stephen D.) The Origin of the Architectural Orders. Comparison be

tween the Historic and Pre-historic Works of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. Wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 20.


6575 Rafinesque (C. S.) The Ancient Monuments of North and South America. Second edition, corrected and enlarged,

with some additions.

8vo. pp. 28, paper, parts; large folio; 10 splendid colored Phila- plates in each part. Twelve parts now ready. 1 00 Each.

uncut.' Printed for the Author. delphia, 1838.

6576 Another copy. Half bound..

7 50 1 25 6592 Remarks on the Indians of North 6577 Rau (Charles). Ancient Aboriginal America in a Letter to an Edinburgh Re8vo. pp. 49, paper. viewer. 12mo. pp. 64, paper. London, 1822.

Trade in America.
Washington, 1873.

10 6578 The Archæological Collection of the United States National Museum in charge of the Smithsonian Institute. Numerous wood-cuts. 4to. pp. 104, paper. Washington, 1876.



6593 Report of a Committee (of Friends) on the Gradual Civilization of the Indian Natives. 8vo. pp. 26, paper. Philadelphia, 1838. 2.00 6594 Reville (Albert). The Native Religions of Mexico and Peru. Translated by P. H. Wickstead. 12mo. pp. 213. New York, 1874.

6579 Articles on Anthropological Subjects, contributed to the Annual Reports of the Smithsonian Institution, 1863 to 1877. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 180, paper. Washington, 1882.



Artificial Shell-deposits
New Jersey. Wood-cut. 8vo. pp. 6, paper.
Washington, 1865.


6581 A Deposit of Agricultural Flint Implements found in Southern Illinois. Wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 9, paper. Washington, 1868. 10 6582 Drilling in Stone without the Use of Metal. Wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 11, paper. Washington, 1869. 10 6583 North American Stone Imple ments. Wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 16, paper. Washington, 1873. 10 6584 Observations on a Gold Ornament found in a Mound in Florida. Wood

cut. 8vo. pp. 6, paper. Washington,


1 50

6595 Richards (J. A.) Tallulah and Jocassee; or, Romances of Southern Landscape and other Tales. 12mo. pp. 255.

Charleston, 1852.

6596 Riggs (Stephen R.) Forty Years with the Sioux. Chicago, 1880.

1 25

Mary and I. 12mo. pp. 388.

1 50 6597 Rink (Henry). Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo, with a Sketch of their Habits, Religion, and Language. Edited by Dr. Robert Brown. Illustrated. 12mo. London, 1875. 2.00

6598 Rivero (M. E.) and Von Tschudi (J. J.) Peruvian Antiquities. Translated by F. L. Hawks. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 306. New York, 1853.

6599 The Same. 12mo.



New York,

2.00 Essai sur le

10 6600 Rosny (Leon de).
Dechiffrement de L'Ecriture Hieratique de
L'Amerique Central. Large folio. Fine
plates, some colored and numerous cuts in
the text, complete in 4 parts. Paris,

6585 The Palenque Tablet in the United States National Museum at Washington. Wood-cuts and 2 plates. 4to. pp. paper. Washington, 1879. 300


6586 Prehistoric Fishing in Europe and North America. Profusely illustrated. Folio. pp. 342, paper. Washington, 6 00



6587 The Stock-in-Trade of Aboriginal Lapidary. Wood-cuts. 8vo. pp. 9, paper. Washington, 1878. 10

6589 Red Jacket. Hubbard (J. Miles). An Account of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, or Red Jacket and his People, 1750-1830. Portrait. Small 4to. pp. 356. Albany, 1886. 5 00 6590 Red Jacket. Stone (W. L.) Life and Times of Sa-go-ye-wat-ha, or Red Jacket. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 510. Albany, 1866.


25 00

6601 Rowlandson (Mrs. Mary). Narrative of the Captivity and Removes of, who was taken by the Indians at the Destruction of Lancaster, 1676. 18mo. pp. 100, boards. Lancaster, 1828. 1 25


6602 Ruttenber (E. M.) History of the Indian Tribes of the Hudson River. Their Origin, Manners, and Customs, Tribal and Sub-Tribal Organizations, Wars, Treaties, etc. Portraits. 8vo. pp. 415. New York, 3 50 6603 St. Clair. A Narrative of the Manner in which the Campaign against the 4 00 Indians, in the Year 1791, under the Command of Major-General St. Clair, was Conducted. With Reports of the Committees, etc. 8vo. pp. 273, half bound. Philadelphia,

6591 Reiss (W.) and Stubel (A.) Peruvian Antiquities; The Necropolis of Ancon. A Series of Illustrations of the Civilization and Industry of the Empire of the Incas; being the Results of Excavations made on the Spot. To be completed in Fourteen


5 00

6604 Schoolcraft (H. R.) Historical and Statistical Information respecting the His

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tory, Condition, and Prospects of the In-
dian Tribes of the United States, Collected
and Prepared under the Direction of the
Bureau of Indian Affairs. Numerous col-
ored engravings and steel plates. 6 vols.
Royal 4to. Philadelphia, 1851-7.
6605 The Same. Vols. 1 to 5.
Philadelphia, 1853.

65 00

Imp. 8vo.

25 00 6606- The Indian in his Wigwam, or Characteristics of the Red Race of America, 8vo. pp. 416. Buffalo, 1848. 2 50 6607 The Myth of Hiawatha, and other Loyal Legends, Mythological and Allegorical, of the North American Indians. 12mo. pp. 343.


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6620 Shea (John G.) History of the Catholic Missions among the Indian Tribes of the United States, 1529-1854. Numerous portraits. 12mo. pp. 514. New York, 1882. 2.00

6621 Shepard (Thomas). The Clear Sunshine of the Gospel Breaking Forth upon the Indians in New England, 1648. Reprinted, New York, 1865. 4to. pp. 15+56, sewed, uncut, large paper. (Only 50 copies printed.) 2.00

6622 Short (John T.) The North AmeriPhiladelphia, cans of Antiquity; their Origin, Migration, 125 and Types of Civilization Considered. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 548. New York,



6623 Simon (Mrs. B. A.) The Ten Tribes of Israel historically identified with the Aborigines of the Western Hemisphere. Folding plate. 8vo. pp. 370. London,



6624 Simpson (General J. H.) Coronado's March in Search of the "Seven Cities of Cibola," and discussion of their probable location. 8vo. pp. 34, paper. Washington, 1884.

6608 Notes on the Iroquois; or, Contributions to American History. Antiquities, and General Ethnology. Colored plates. 8vo. pp. 498. Albany, 1884. 4 50 6609 Another edition. 8vo. pp. 287. New York, 1846. 3 00 6610 Personal Memoirs of a Residence of Fifty Years with the Indian Tribes on the American Frontiers, 1812 to 1842.8vo. pp. 703. Philadelphia, 1851. 3 00 6611 Seaver (J. E.) Deh-he-wa-mis; or, A Narrative of the Life of Mary Jemison, otherwise called the White Woman, who was taken Captive by the Indians in 1755, Also the Life of Hiokatoo and Ebeetc. 1.00 nezer Allen. Historical Sketches of the 6626 Slafter (Rev. E. F.) Prehistoric Six Nations, etc. By Ebenezer Mix. 18mo. Copper Implements. An Open Letter to pp. 184, boards, uncut. Devon, 1847. 1 75 the Historical Society of Wisconsin. 8vo. 6612 Another edition. 12mo. pp. 312. PP. 15, paper Boston, 1879. York, 1860.


150 6613 Seminole War. Debate in the House of Representatives on the. 8vo. PP: 591, boards, uncut. Washington, 1819. 2 25 6614 Seminole War. Message of the President in relation to, and Measures which have been adopted by the Government in consequence thereof. 8vo. pp. 29, paper. Washington, 1818. 25

[blocks in formation]


6625 Sketches of Aboriginal Life. By V. V. Vide. 12mo. pp. 250. New York, 1846.


6627 Smith (Col. James.) An Account of the Remarkable Occurrences in the Life citizen of Bourbon County, Ky.), during and Travels of Col. James Smith (now a his Captivity with the Indians in the years 1755, '56, '57, '58, and '59. In which the Customs, Manners, Traditions, Thelogical Sentiments, Mode of Warfare, Military Tactics, Discipline, and Encampments, Treatment of Prisoners, etc., are better explained and more minutely related than has heretofore been done by any author on that subject. Together with a description of the Soil, Timbers and Waters where he traveled with the Indians during his Captivity. To which is added a Brief Account of some Very Uncommon Occurrences, which transpired after his return from Captivity; as well as of the different campaigns carried on against the Indians to the Westward of Fort Pitt, since the year 1755 to the present date. Written by Himself. With an Appendix of illustrative Notes by Wm. H. Darlington, of Pittsburg, and a Biographical Sketch of Col. Smith, 8vo. pp. 190. Cincinnati, 1870. 2.50


6628 The same. Large paper. 6629 Another edition. Philadelphia, 1831.


5 00 6638 Another copy. Half morocco. 1 25
162. 6639 Spencer (Oliver M.) Narrative,
2 00 comprising an Account of his Captivity
the Mohawk Indians (1792).
18mo. pp. 281. London, 1842.
6640 Sproat (G. M.) Scenes and
Studies of Savage Life (in Vancouver's Is-
land). 12mo. pp. 317. Lon., 1868.

6641 Squier (E. G.)

1 50

1950 Aboriginal Monu

Contributions 6630 Smithsonian Knowledge. Vol. 22. Containing Jones' Explorations of the Aboriginal Remains of Tennessee; Habel's Sculptures of Santa Lucia Cosumalwhuapa; Rau's Archæological Collections of the United States Museum; Rau's Palenque Tablet; and ments of the State of New York. ComDall on the Later Remains of Prehistoric prising the Results of Original Surveys and Man. Illustrated. 4to., cloth. Washington Explorations. With an illustrative Ap1880, 750 pendix. 14 plates. 4to. pp. 188, paper. 4 50 6631 Snowdon (James Ross). The Washington, 1849. Antiquities of the State of Cornplanter Memorial. Sketch of Gyantwachia, the Cornplanter, New York. . Being the Results of Extenand of the Six Nations of Indians. 8vo. sive Original Surveys and Explorations. pp. 115, paper. Harrisburg, Penn., With a Supplement on the Antiquities of 1867. 2 00 the West. Illustrated. 8vo. pp. 343. Buffalo, 1851. 3 50 6632 Society for Propagating the Gospel among the Indians and others in North America. Brief Account of. 4to pp. 7, paper. Boston, 1798.

An Historical 6642


6633 The same. Discourses delivered before the Society. By John Lathrop, Jan., 1804; Levi Frisbie, Nov., 1804; Joseph Eckley, 1805; Thomas Barnard, 1806; Eliphalet Porter, 1807; Abiel Holmes, 1808; Jedidiah Morse, 1810; James Kendall, 1811; Joshua Bates, 1813; Elijah Parish, 1814; John Foster, 1817; Charles Lowell, 1820; Joseph Tuckerman, 1821; Thaddeus Mason Harris, 1823; John Codman, 1825; Ebenezer Porter, 1827; Benjamin B. Wisner, 1829; all uncut except 6 00 Lowell. 8vo. Boston, v. d.



Observations on the Aborginal Monuments of the Mississippi Valley; the Character of the Ancient Earthworks, and the structure, contents, and purposes of the Mounds. With illustrations and maps. 8vo. pp. 79, paper. New York, 1847.


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6645 and Davis (E. H.) Ancient Monuments of the Mississippi Valley; comprising the results of extensive origi 48 fine full nal surveys and explorations. page plates, and 207 illustrations. 4to. pp. 306. Washington, 1848. 28 00

6634 The same. Duplicates of Frisbie, 6646 Stevens (E. T.) Flint Chips, a Eckley, Porter, Holmes, Morse, and Ken-Guide to Prehistoric Archæology, as illustrated by the (American) Collection in the Blackmore Museum, Salisbury. 8vo. pp. 652. London, 1870.

dall. Cut. Each.
6635 Society for the Propagation of the
Foreign Parts. Sermons
Gospel in
Preached before. By Bishop of Norwich,
1709-10, cut; by Bishop of Bangor, 1737-8,
uncut; by Henry Stebbing, 1741-2, uncut;
by Lisle Lord, Bishop of St. Asaph, 1747,
cut; by Lord Bishop of Lincoln, 1768, cut;
by Shipley, Lord Bishop of St. Asaph, 1773,

cut. 12mo. London, v. d.


[blocks in formation]

4 50

6647 Stone (Wm. L.) Uncas and Mian18mo. tonomah. A Historical Discourse. 1.00 pp. 209. New York, 1842.

6648 Strong (Nathaniel T., Chief). Appeal to the Christian Community on the Condition and Prospects of the New York Indians. 8vo. pp. 63, paper. Buffalo, 1841.


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6651 Swan (James G.) The Indians of
Cape Flattery, at the entrance to the Strait
of Fuca, Washington Territory. Wood-
cuts. 4to. pp. 108, paper. Washington,
3 00
6652 Tanner (John). A Narrative of
the Captivity and Adventures of, during
Thirty Years Residence among the Indians
in the Interior of North America. Edited

by Edwin James. Portrait. 8vo. pp. 426.
boards, uncut. London, 1830.
5 00
6653 Taopi and his Friends, or the In-
dians, Wrongs and Rights. 12mo. pp. 125.
Philadelphia, 1869.

[blocks in formation]

6667 Uricoeches (Ezequiel). Memoria 75 sobre las Antiquedades Neo Granadinas. 6654 Taylor (James W.) The Sioux 4 plates. Small 4to. pp. 76. Berlin, War. What shall we do with it? The 1854. Sioux Indians. What shall we do with


them? 8vo. pp. 16, paper. St. Paul,
6655 Texas. An Appeal to the People
of Texas for Protection against the Savages
of Coahuila, Mexico. 12mo.
Corpus Christe, 1878.

pp. 40.


6656 Thatcher (B. B.) Biography of Distinguished Indians; or, A Historical Account of those Individuals who have been Distinguished among the North American Indians as Orators, Warriors, Statesmen, and other Remarkable Characters. 2 vols. 18mo. New York, 1832. 1 00 6657 Thatcher (B. B.) Tales of the Indians; being prominent passages of the History of the North American Natives. 18mo. pp. 253. Boston, 1831.


1 50

6668 Vansickle (Capt. S. S.) Thrilling Adventures with the Indians, and Miraculous Escape from Death during the Terrific Storm of January, 1875, on the Plains. 8vo. pp. 36, paper. Chicago, 1876.


6669 Vaux (Roberts) Memoir on the Locality of the Treaty between Wm. Penn and the Indians, 1682. 8vo. pp. 50, paper. London, 1839. 1 00

6670 Walker (C. B.) The Mississippi Valley and Prehistoric Events; giving an account of the original formation and early condition of the Great Valley. Of its Vegetable and Animal Life. Of its First Inhabitants. The Mound Builders, etc. 8vo. pp. 3 25 752, sheep. Burlington, 1879.

6671 Washburn (C.) Reminiscences of the Indians. By the Rev. Cephas Washburn, many years Superintendent of the Dwight Mission among the Cherokees of 5 00 the Arkansas. 12mo. pp. 236. Richmond. n. d.

6658 Thiersant (P. Dabry de). De l'Origine des Indiens du Nouveau-Monde et de leur Civilisation. Wood-cuts. Imp. 8vo. pp. 360. Paris, 1883.


6659 Thompson (D. P.) Gant Gurley; or, The Trappers of Umbagog. A Tale of 6672 Watson (Henry C.) Six Nights in Border Life. 12mo. pp. 360. Boston, a Block House; or, Sketches of Border 1857. Life. Embracing Adventures among the Indians, Feats of the Wild Hunters, etc. 12mo. pp. 448. Philadelphia, 1854.

1 00 6660 Thurn (E. F. im.) Among the Indians of Guiana, being Sketches chiefly Anthropological from the Interior of British Guiana. 53 illustrations, and a map. 8vo. pp. 445. London, 1883. 600 6661 Traits of the Aborigines of America. A Poem. [By Mrs. Sigourney.] 12mo. pp. 285, boards, uncut. Cambridge, 1 25 6662 Traits of American Indian Life and Character. By a Fur Trader. 12mo. pp: 218. London, 1853.



1 00

[blocks in formation]

6674 Weeden (Wm. B.) Indian Money as a Factor in New England Civilization. 8vo. pp. 51, paper. Baltimore, 1884. 50

to the Sioux and Ponca Indians on the 6675 Welsh (Wm.) Report of a Visit Missouri River. 8vo. pp. 36, paper. Philadelphia, 1872.


6663 Trumbull (Henry). History of the Indian Wars, the Discovery of America by 6676 Western Scenes and ReminiscenColumbus, the Landing at Plymouth, etc. Illus. 8vo. pp. 320. Boston, 1841. 1 75 ces, together with Thrilling Legends and Traditions of the Red Men of the Forest. 6664 Tylor (Edward B.) Researches | 8vo. pp. 495. Auburn, 1853.


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