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While sorrow, with a weeping eye,

Counts up our comforts gone?
2. Be thou our comfort, mighty God!

Our helper and our friend ;
Nor leave us in this dang’rous road,

'Till all our trials end.
3. O may our feet pursue the way

Our pious fathers led; While love and holy zeal obey

The counsels of the dead. 4. Let us be wean'd from earthly joys;

Let hope our grief dispel : The dead in Jesus shall arise, In endless bliss to dwell.

HYMN 445. C. M.

On the death of a young person. 1. WHEN blooming youth is snatch'd away

By death's resistless hand : Our hearts the mournful tribute pay,

Which pity must demand.
2. While pity prompts the rising sigh,

O may this truth, imprest
With awful pow'r, - I too must die,

Sink deep in ev'ry breast.
3. Let this vain world delude no more;

Behold the gaping tomb:
It bids us seize the present hour;

To-morrow death may come. 4. The voice of this alarming scene

May ev'ry heart obey ;
Nor be the heav'nly warning vain,
Which calls to watch and pray.

HYMN 446. C. M.

On the death of a child. 1. ·L'FE is a span, a fleeting hour;

How soon the vapour Aies ! Man is a tender transient flow'r,

That ev'n in blooming dies.

2. Death spreads like winter's frozen arms,

And beauty smiles no more.
Ah! where are now those rising charms,

Which pleas'd our eyes before ?
3. The once lov'd form, now cold and dead,

Each mournful thought employs, And nature weeps her comforts fled,

And wither'd all her joys.
1. But wait the interposing gloom,

And lo! stern winter flies;
And drest in beauty's fairest bloom,

The flow'ry tribes arise.
5. Hope looks beyond the bounds of time;

When what we now deplore Shall rise in full immortal prime,

And bloom to fade no more.
6. Then cease, fond nature ! cease thy tears ;

Religion points on high :
There everlasting spring appears,
And joys that cannot die.

HYMN 447. C. M. 1. YE mourning saints, whose streaming tears Say not in transports of despair,

That all your hopes are ffed.
2. While, cleaving to that darling dust,

In fond distress ye lie;
Rise, and with joy and rev'rence view

A heav'nly Parent nigh.
3. “I'll give the mourner,” saith the Lord,

“In my own house a place ; “No names of daughters and of sons

“ Could yield so high a grace. 4.“ Transient and vain is ev'ry hope

“ A rising race can give. “In endless honour and delight,

“My children all shall live." 5. We welcome, Lord ! those rising tears,

Through which thy face we see ;

And bless those wounds, which, thro’our hearts, Prepare a way for thee.

HYMN 448. L. M.

On the death of a parent. 1.

Think, while your swelling griefs o’erflow, That hand, which takes your joys away,

That soy’reign hand can heal your wo. 2. And, while your mournful thoughts deplore

The parent gone, remov'd the friend With hearts resign'd, his grace adore,

On whom your nobler hopes depend. 3. Does he not bid his children come

Through death's dark shades to realms of light? Yet, when he calls them to their home

Shall fond survivors mourn their flight ? 4. His word-here let your souls rely

Immortal consolation gives : Your heav'nly Father cannot die,

Th’eternal Friend for ever lives. 5. O be that test of friends your trust;

On his almighty arm recline.
He, when your comforts sink in dust,
Can give you comforts more divine

HYMN 449. L. M.

The Orphan's prayer. 1. O hear me, Lord ! on thee I call,

And prostrate at thy footstool fall; Propitious in my cause appear,

And bow to my request thine ear.
2. Look down, my only hope ! look down;

Behold me, but without a frown:
And ne'er to my desiring eye

Thy presence, heav'nly Lord ! deny. 3.0 let me, on thy aid reclin'd,

Thee still my great salvation find;
Nor leave me helpless and forlorn,
The absence of thy grace to mourn.


4. Though, doom'd the orphan's lot to bear,

No father's kind concern ( share,
Nor o'er me wakes a mother's eye

My wants attentive to supply :
5. Adopted by thy care, in thee

The Parent and the Friend I see;
And, nourish'd by thy fost'ring hand;
Within thy courts secure I stand.


HYMN 450. L. M.

Youth instructed.
1. CHILDREN, in years and knowledge young,

' ,
Attend the counsels of my tongue:

Let pious thoughts your minds employ.
2. If you desire a length of days,

And peace to crown your mortal state:
Restrain your feet from wicked ways,

Your lips from slander and deceit.
3. The eyes of God regard his saints ;

His ears are open to their cries :
He sets his frowning face against
The sons

violence and lies.
4. To humble souls and broken hearts,

God with his grace is ever nigh:
Pardon and hope his love imparts,
When men in deep contrition lie.

HYMN 451. c. M.
1. HAPPY is he, whose early years

Who hates the sinner's path, and fears

The road that leads to hell.
2. 'Tis easier-work, if we begin

To serve the Lord betimes;
While sinners who grow old in sing

Are harden'd by their crimes.

3. It saves us from a thousand snares,

To mind religion young:.
With joy it crowns succeeding years,

And makes our virtue strong. 4. To thee, almighty God! to thee

Our hearts we now resign: 'Twill please us, to look back and see,

That our whole lives were thine! 5. Let the sweet work of pray'r and praise

Employ our daily breath:
Thus we're prepar’d for future days,
Or fit for early death,

HYMN 452, L. M.
Now, in the heat of youthful

blood, Remember your Creator, God. Behold, the months come hast’ning on,

When you shall say,“ my joys are gone." 2. God from on high beholds your thoughts ;

His book records your secret faults :
The works of darkness men have done

Must all appear before the sun. 3. Behold, the aged sinner goes,

Laden with guilt and heavy woes,
Down to the regions of the dead,
With bitt'rest curses on his h

head. 4. The dust returns to dust again ;

The soul in agonies of pain,
Ascends to God, not there to dwell,
But hears her doom, and sinks to hell.
5. God of the young ! turn off their eyes

From earth’s alluring vanities;
And let the warnings of thy word
Awake their souls to fear the Lord !

HYMN 453. s. M.
1. WITH humble beart and tongue,

My God! to thee I pray:
Q let me learn, whilst I am young,

How I may cleanse my way.

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